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#11 – Whistleblowers Reveal Deficient VA Benefit Claims Processing in Oakland

The federal employees who worked the Informal Claims Project were referred to as the "Fab Five". They all served our Country honorably. A majority of the federal employees who worked this project were disabled veterans who had personally experienced processing delays of their own benefits claims. CONTACT: Nick Schwellenbach, (202) 254‐3631; nschwellenbach@osc.gov WASHINGTON, D.C./October 13, 2016 – In a letter sent to the White House and Congress today, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel...


#5 – Why Are VA Managers Allowed To Scrub FOIA Audits?

By Jamie Fox #protectveteranprivacy @veteranprivacy Why? Why are VA managers allowed to scrub FOIA audits of veteran C-files? For that matter, why is Kim Graves, the director of St. Paul Regional Office, allowed to scrub FOIA audits of veteran employee C-files? Can someone please tell me why? Why, why, why? Why is the VA allowed to police itself? I mean who in their right mind thinks this is a good plan? Why don’t we just have the rest of society follow this ideology and have the inmates...


#3 – Help Stop VA Civil Servants Who Abuse Their Positions of Power to Hurt Veterans

Episode 003 By Jamie Fox #protectveteranprivacy @veteranprivacy For a variety of reasons our government has not been able to make VA managers accountable for abusing their positions of power. In my case, my former VA managers at the Oakland VA regional office were able to use the new VA computer program called, Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS), to seek revenge against me, because I came forward as a witness to report harassment of a co-worker I did not know. Since management...


#1 – Amtssprache – The Most Dangerous Language In The World

Amtssprache - The Most Dangerous Language In The World Amtssprache = Bureaucratic or Office Language When Adolph Eichmann was asked, "Was it hard for you to send these tens of thousands of people to their death?" Eichmann replied, "To tell you the truth, it was easy. Our language made it easy." Marshall Rosenberg's voice during one of his lectures on non-violent communication