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Inside Plano takes you behind the scenes of our city. We introduce you to the faces and places who help make this a great place to live and give us all lots of reasons to #loveplano.

Inside Plano takes you behind the scenes of our city. We introduce you to the faces and places who help make this a great place to live and give us all lots of reasons to #loveplano.
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Inside Plano takes you behind the scenes of our city. We introduce you to the faces and places who help make this a great place to live and give us all lots of reasons to #loveplano.




Lots of Spooky Fun and Help for Managing Your Water Use

October means Halloween fun for adults, children and pets alike. Steve and Shannah have the details for your spooktacular schedule. They also share this month’s can’t-miss music events. Katie Masucci, Plano’s Water Educator, joins the podcast to talk about smart ways to manage your water use.


#21: The Food Episode

September means cooler temperatures and festival season. Steve and Shannah explain why it’s a big anniversary year for the Plano Balloon Festival and Harrington Library. Jim Dingman, Environmental Health Manager, joins the podcast to talk about everyone’s favorite subject – food. He also shares how three little words can make a big difference.


#20: About Collin Creek Mall and Downtown Plano

August is here and so are the dog days of summer. Steve and Shannah have plenty of ways for you to have fun and stay cool. Plano has money on the mind and wants you to join the conversation about the City budget. Peter Braster, Director of Special Projects, joins the podcast to talk about Collin Creek Mall, Downtown Plano and what the city is doing to help with traffic.


#19: Meet the New Man in Charge at the City of Plano

July feels like one giant party. From Independence Day to Harry Potter’s birthday, Steve and Shannah will tell you where to find the fun. They also have some important news regarding potholes on Plano’s streets and those pesky mosquitoes in your backyard. Plano’s new City Manager, Mark Israelson joins the podcast to talk about his leadership philosophy and priorities for Plano.


#18: Fill Your Mind and Body this Summer, Plus Where to Soak Up Vitamin D

June has arrived and school is officially out for the summer. No worries! Plano has you covered with plenty to keep busy, regardless of your age and stage. Steve and Shannah answer listener mail and debate their favorite hang-out patios around the city. Tammy Korns, Community Outreach Manager for Plano Public Library joins the podcast to explain why you might see the #MoreThanBooks van and how partnerships make the library better.


#17: Bluebonnets, Beatles and Busy Schedules

April showers bring May bluebonnets! With the end of the school year on the horizon, Plano’s got plenty of things planned for family fun. Steve and Shannah talk about all of the things happening in Plano in May, from concerts to festivals and plenty of activities to keep your kids busy. Warmer weather makes us crave cold treats. Michelle Hawkins, Arts and Culture Manager, joins the podcast to talk about the must-see events and activities happening around the city.


#16: Because We’re Happy and Everyone Knows It

Plano’s officially the happiest city in America. Steve and Shannah talk about all of the things happening in Plano in April. You’re sure to find something planned to make you and your family happy. And there’s also big news on the food scene. Kelley Crimmins, Community Outreach Specialist with Parks and, joins the podcast to talk about all the ways you can take advantage of Plano’s award-winning parks and recreation system.


#15: A Little Bug Could Bring Big Problems to Plano

Spring is here and along with it comes compost, chlorine maintenance and a critter with the potential to cause big problems for Plano’s trees. Steve and Shannah talk about all the fun to be had in Plano, from concerts to classes and festivals for every interest. Angela Kralik, Plano’s Urban Forester, joins the podcast to talk about our tree canopy and how you can protect this valuable natural resource.


#14: What You Need to Know About Water and Chlorine Maintenance

It may be cold but spring in on the horizon. For those in North Texas, that means our water system will undergo chlorine maintenance. Steve and Shannah talk about what you need to know for this 28-day period. They’ll also cover the fun (and free) classes for Plano residents and a budget-friendly suggestion for keeping up with your New Year’s Resolution. Jack Carr, Deputy City Manager, joins the podcast for an in-depth discussion about water quality and our water system.


#13: Happy New Year, Plano! Have You Heard the News about Collin Creek Mall?

It’s a new year in Plano and lots of new things are on the horizon! Collin Creek Mall has new owners, prompting Steve and Shannah to take a walk down memory lane. Don’t miss out on the fun things coming to Plano this January, including some valuable free resources for your family. They also have some cool news about Plano’s restaurant scene. Nicole Warhoftig, Sustainability and Environmental Education Supervisor, joins the podcast to talk about recycling right in 2019.


#12: A Look Back at 2018 in Plano and Ways You Can Get Involved

December is here and so is the end of 2018. Steve and Shannah look back at their first year of podcasting and their favorite Inside Plano episodes. They also cover the many family activities to keep Plano families busy this December. Plus they share their New Year’s wishes for their fellow Planoites. Corina Sadler, Volunteer Resources Supervisor, joins the podcast to talk about the incredible impact volunteers make in Plano.


#11: Blame it on the Rain. And We’ll Tell You How to Get in the Holiday Spirit.

November has arrived with all of the holiday trimmings. But first, Steve and Shannah pull their waders on to talk about the damage and troubles from the record-breaking fall rain storms. Plano’s gearing up for the holiday season, with classes to help you manage stress and learn gratitude, seasonal craft markets and the tree lighting at Dickens in Downtown. Plus, we get down and dirty about sewers. Peggy Harrell, Fire and Life Safety Education Manager for Plano Fire-Rescue, joins the podcast...


#10: What About Traffic in Plano? Plus Where to Have a Scary Good Time

October brings fall fun and family events to Plano. Steve and Shannah explore all of the spooktacular options. In October you can tour of a Plano Fire Station, experience the region’s largest cultural event at the Plano International Festival, and return unused/expired drugs during the DEA Drug Take Back Day. The Library brings in specialized training for area veterans. Brian Shewski, Transportation Manager, joins the podcast to talk about one of the hottest topics in Plano: Traffic.


#9: Declaring War on Mosquitoes and Praising the Power of Peanut Butter

September signals the return to school in Plano and the arrival of the Plano Balloon Festival. Hot air balloons aren’t the only things on our minds. McCall Plaza hosts a fun tribute band series while Oak Point Recreation Center welcomes #PlanoPups to a giant doggo swim party. Meanwhile the 5th Annual Peanut Butter Drive gets underway to meet the very real needs of the hungry in Plano. Rachel Patterson, Director of Environmental Health and Sustainability, joins #InsidePlano, the City Podcast,...


#8: It’s the Dog Days of Summer. Talking Trash, Budgets and Some Dog-Gone Good Fun in Plano

The dog days of summer are the perfect description for August in Plano. It’s hot but there’s plenty to do, from concerts to book sales. Don’t forget to leash up Fido because Plano has some fun things in the works. Ryan Delzell, Environmental Waste Services Manager, joins #InsidePlano, the City Podcast, to talk about trash, recycling and locally-produced compost. Steve and Shannah talk about their favorite hot summer day cool down beverage: A nice glass of iced tea.


#7: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream … It’s Summer in Plano with Ice Cream, Home Renovations and Tour de Plano

It’s July and the summer heat has arrived. Stay cool with summer learning at the library. Steve and Shannah explain why Plano Parks and Recreation want your stories, and Plano Police and Fire departments want your blood donations. Selso Mata, the city’s Chief Building Officer, joins #InsidePlano to talk about permits and the role of building inspections. As you might guess, Steve and Shannah talk about why ice cream is one of the best ways to stay cool in Plano.


#6: Happy Birthday Plano! Celebrating summer, dance parties and fun at the library

It’s June and along with summer heat comes family fun, including pool time, summer learning at the library, and parties for humans and dogs alike. Steve and Shannah look at Plano’s busy calendar of activities, including a very special birthday, on the June edition of #InsidePlano, the City Podcast. Libby Holtmann, the city’s library director, joins the show to explain why the library is “more than books.” Steve and Shannah share fun facts about the city’s infrastructure and new technology...


#5: Money’s on our mind - Talking taxes, the city budget and why those firefighters will be standing at Plano’s intersections.

May means property tax appraisal time in Plano. Steve and Shannah dig into the details of taxes and government budgets on the May edition of #InsidePlano, the City Podcast. Karen Rhodes-Whitley, the city’s budget director, joins the show to explain more. But there are lots of other things going on in Plano. Get details on the upcoming water safety fair, senior wellness fair, summer classes through Parks and Recreation and the Library and all about Plano Fire-Rescue’s Fill the Boot campaign....


#4: Meet the most trusted police officer in America (according to Nextdoor)

Steve and Shannah are back at the mic for April’s edition of #InsidePlano, the City Podcast. They're celebrating spring with farmer's markets, outdoor concerts and arts events. A very well-known name in Plano joins the podcast - Officer David Tilley. You'll get to know more about the person Nextdoor says is the "Most Trusted Police Officer in America." You'll also learn more about the state of safety in Plano. This month the team previews the upcoming Town Hall meeting on property taxes,...


#3: Storm season approaches

Steve and Shannah celebrate the return of sunshine in the March edition of #InsidePlano, the City Podcast. With springtime in North Texas on the way, they discuss the return of free outdoor concerts and activities, as well as the return of storm season. Emergency Management Department director Carrie Reyes joins the show to talk about emergency sirens and how your family can be better prepared for unpredictable weather. This month the team explains how to receive text and email alerts from...