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Emer Coleman

We chat to Emer Coleman, Technology Engagement lead at Co-Op Digital in Manchester where she is helping to build The Federation; an open community of digital innovators based on Co-operative principles. Emer shares her extensive experiences working as a senior leader in the public and private sector, first in the liberal arts industry in Ireland and then across all levels of government in the U.K. We discuss the dark side of technology and the challenges of embedding ethics into regulation,...


Dawn Duhaney

We talk to Dawn Duhaney, Data Partnerships Manager at the Wellcome Trust, and formerly of the U.K. government and the Open Data Institute, about all things data, diversity and ethics. Dawn shares her experiences coming from a liberal arts background and getting into a career in data. We discuss the challenges of establishing data skills within traditional organisations, why data science is not a magic bullet, and the realities of embedding ethics into service delivery. We also chat about...


Pran Patel

In our first foray into the frontline of public service, we're honoured to chat to Pran Patel, Physics Teacher and Assistant Principal in a London secondary school. Pran is a passionate educator dedicated to serving students. We talk about the impact of increasing workload and reporting placed on teachers, and why the schools funding crisis in the U.K. needs to be addressed urgently. We discuss how politics is an intrinsic part of empowering young people towards making positive change, and...


Dan Hon

We’re catching up with Dan Hon, Principal at Very Little Gravitas, and Code for America Advisor and Co-Chair. Dan is a tech startup veteran, and now works with governments across the United States to build digital services that are easy to understand and copy. We talk to Dan about his journey into digital, via a law degree and a career in brand advertising with Nike, Sony and Facebook. We reflect on the nature of product delivery in the networked age, and discuss how storytelling can create...


Genevieve Gaudet

We're back Stateside chatting to Genevieve Gaudet, Program Manager at Nava Public Benefit Corporation, and former co-founding member of the service design studio in the New York Major's Office. A medic-turned-designer, Genevieve is a people-centred feminist working to improve services for the most vulnerable groups in the USA. We chat to Genevieve about her early years in the medical profession, and hear about how she became a public sector service designer as a way to help the people who...


Tom Loosemore

In the final interview hosted at the OneTeamGov Global event in London, we're incredibly excited to speak to Tom Loosemore, co-founder of the Government Digital Service (GDS) and partner at Public Digital. We get the inside story on how GDS radically disrupted the workings of U.K government and started a worldwide movement to bring public services into the internet age. We chat to Tom about his early career at Wired and the BBC, and how he co-authored the report with Martha Lane Fox that...


Pablo Fernández Vallejo

In the third of four interviews hosted at the OneTeamGov Global event in London, we talk to Pablo Fernández Vallejo; Service Designer at Laboratorio de Gobierno Argentino; part of the Argentinian Ministry of Modernisation. We discover how international service design principles translate in Latin America, and how LabGovAr is tackling deep societal issues in partnership with government departments. We chat to Pablo about his transition from industrial design into service design, through his...


Ligia Teixeira

In the second of four interviews hosted at the OneTeamGov Global event in London, we talk to the Director for the Centre for Homelessness Impact; Ligia Teixeira. With the recent publication of a new rough sleeping strategy, we learn how data and evidence can make the UK government’s vision to eradicate homelessness by 2027 a reality. We chat to Ligia about her background in academia at the London School of Economics, and hear how her conversations with homeless people in London inspired her...


Sarah Hurcombe

In the first of four interviews hosted at the OneTeamGov Global event in London, we chat to FutureGov Australia's Studio Director, Sarah Hurcombe. Having worked across all levels of public sector, private sector, consulting, and charities, Sarah shares her unique perspective on how these organisations can work together to improve outcomes for citizens. From working within the heart of UK government in the Cabinet Office through to the local levels in Australia, we hear how Sarah's legal...


Lena Trudeau

We're in North America talking to Lena Trudeau, co-founder and CEO of Nuage Cloud Strategies, formerly of the Canadian Digital Service in Ottawa and 18F in Washington DC. A passionate public sector leader, Lena has served many tours of duty in government technology, and also spent time at Amazon Web Services growing cloud adoption within government. We chat to Lena about her long career in public service, including at the Presidential Innovation Fellows program in the White House, and how...


Ahana Datta

We're in London at the BSides conference chatting to our former colleague Ahana Datta, Head of Cyber Security at the Financial Times newspaper. The first ethical hacker hired in UK Government; Ahana went on to lead the security profession within the civil service, working with the Ministry of Justice, the Foreign Office and the National Cyber Security Centre. We chat about her time doing security for the greater good, the practicalities of securing the prison system in a traditional risk...


Adrian Solitander

We go on the road to Gothenburg for the launch of One Team Gov Sweden! In this show we chat to Adrian Solitander; programme manager at the research and innovation agency Vinnova, and co-founder of the Swedish One Team Gov community. Adrian is passionate about helping people engage digitally in government and society. We chat about Adrian's background in European policy, his transition into the digital space, and how it feels to be working at the forefront of Swedish innovation. We hear...


Kit Collingwood

In our first ever show we talk to Kit Collingwood; co-founder of the One Team Gov public sector reform movement. Kit is a senior civil servant who is passionate about public services that work for everyone, and about modernising government. She cares deeply about new leadership models based on radical empathy, humility, and vulnerability. We chat about how One Team Gov got started, and how it's bringing together disparate communities to take practical action for public sector reform. We hear...