A podcast featuring real conversations with awesome people doing interesting stuff in government and the public sector. Connecting passionate public sector reformists from around the world with inspirational content.

A podcast featuring real conversations with awesome people doing interesting stuff in government and the public sector. Connecting passionate public sector reformists from around the world with inspirational content.


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A podcast featuring real conversations with awesome people doing interesting stuff in government and the public sector. Connecting passionate public sector reformists from around the world with inspirational content.








Sam Shah

We chat to Sam Shah; Director of Digital Development at NHS England, and part of NHSX - a new unit driving forward the digital transformation of health and social care. Starting his professional life as a clinician, Sam chats to us about his experiences in the health service and what inspired him to take special interest in technology. We hear about his work in the private sector, where he learned from how the retail, banking, and communications sectors tackled common issues around...


Molly Watt

We chat to Molly Watt, Accessibility and Usability Consultant at Sigma. Molly has Usher Syndrome, a genetic condition that leads to deaf blindness, which she developed at a young age. We hear from Molly about her experiences of school as someone with accessibility needs, and the challenges she experienced with inaccessible ways of teaching. We get an insight into her trip to Apple HQ in Cupertino, and why this inspired her to pursue a career in accessibility consultancy. We learn about the...


Julia Salasky

We chat to Julia Salasky, founder and CEO at CrowdJustice; a crowd funding platform working to democratise justice by helping people access the courts and the legal system. A graduate of prestigious universities, and a former “magic circle” lawyer, Julia tells us about why she decided to leave her enviable career as a lawyer for the United Nations to found her own tech startup. We how her experiences working in the justice system inspired her to do something radically different, in using...


Vimla Appadoo

We chat to Vimla Appadoo, Service Designer at FutureGov and organiser of SheSaysManchester. A rising young star in the U.K digital and technology sector, Vim is passionate about the tech for good agenda and bringing user-centred services to the forefront of public sector innovation. We hear about Vim founding her consultancy at the age of 21, and discuss the disparity in how young men and women experience their early careers. We explore the application of service design methodologies in...


Aimee Whitcroft

We chat to Aimee Whitcroft, Open Data Establishment Lead at the New Zealand Transport Agency, and co-founder of GovWorks NZ. Beginning her career in science and academia, we hear about Aimee’s passion for knowledge and continual learning. With an impressive energy for side hustles, we chat about Aimee’s many community projects including organising open source meet-ups, government hacks, and Nerd Nite events. An advocate of ethical and human-centred technology, we discuss what it means to...


Areeq Chowdhury

We chat to Areeq Chowdhury, founder of WebRoots Democracy and Head of Think Tank for Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology at Future Advocacy. Beginning his career in U.K. government and Parliament, we hear what inspired Areeq to found his think tank WebRoots Democracy at the age of 21. Areeq shares his expertise on the topic of online voting, and argues for the urgency of engaging the modern generation of voters in political participation. We discuss the role of technology,...


Cate McLaurin

We chat to Cate McLaurin, Head of Delivery at Hackney Council in London, U.K, about her role bringing public sector reformists together to deliver public services with users at the heart. Beginning her career in marketing and communications, we explore why those skillsets are so valuable and translatable into user-led service delivery roles. Cate talks about her 14 years as a job-share, and we discuss how everyone can benefit from more flexible ways of working. Leading the OneTeamGov...


Halcyon Hamilton

Welcome to our OneTeamGov Mother’s Day special episode! We chat to Halcyon Hamilton, former senior manager at Cafcass children’s services in England...and also Kamala’s mum! Our longest standing public servant to date, Halcyon has been on the frontline of social work and children’s services for 40 years. We hear about how she got started in the sector, and what it was like to operate in such challenging situations whilst balancing her own family life. Halcyon shares stories of her...


James Plunkett

We chat to James Plunkett, Executive Director at Citizens Advice, a U.K. charity that helps 20 million people every year facing times of uncertainty. James shares his experiences working at Number 10 Downing Street during the Gordon Brown era, and explains the fascinating dynamics of power in the U.K. political system. We talk about his time influencing public policy in a number of leading think tanks, and how the debate on living standards and low pay was driven by the use of data and...


Aya Chebbi

We chat to Aya Chebbi, the first Youth Envoy for the African Union. Recently voted one of the world's top 20 most influential young people in government, Aya first became known for her online activism, running the Proudly Tunisian blog during the Tunisian Revolution in 2010/11. Now the first Youth Envoy for the African Union, Aya is championing the voice of young people and underrepresented groups as part of Agenda 2063. We chat to Aya about her efforts supporting thousands of social...


Tracy Phillips

We chat to Tracy Phillips, Inspector with the New Zealand police force. Since joining the New Zealand Police in 1990, Tracy has delivered a number of projects beyond the call of duty including mounted police and LGBTI-friendly policies within the organisation. Her work has just been recognised with a New Zealand Order of Merit for services to policing and the community. We hear what it was like joining the police force back in the 90s, when attitudes to women and gay people were vastly...


Cassie Robinson

We chat to Cassie Robinson, Head of Digital Grant Making at the Big Lottery Fund. Cassie was also recently Strategic Design Director at DotEveryone; where she led the Digital Society strand of work looking at how the internet is changing society and strengthening and protecting what matters most. We hear what it was like being a service designer before digital was a thing, and why we still need to work just as hard to reach across disciplines and sectors if we're to effect social change....


Jacquelyn Cardinal

Welcome back to the OneTeamGov show for 2019! We're back in Canada chatting to Jacquelyn Cardinal, co-founder of Naheyawin; a strategic digital agency that uses research, systems thinking, and storytelling to find connection to the people and things that matter most. Jacquelyn shares her early experiences growing up as part of an indigenous community in Edmonton, and how she came to be so passionate about harnessing technology to tackle difficult societal problems. We talk about how the age...


Audrey Tang

Transcript of the interview: Our final show for 2018 is an extra special one! We chat with Audrey Tang, Minister for Digital in the Taiwanese Government. An opensource entrepreneur and former political activist, Audrey is now leading Taiwan's efforts to become the most inclusive digital economy in the world. Audrey shares her early experiences in the opensource community, founding several tech startups, and...


Emer Coleman

We chat to Emer Coleman, Technology Engagement lead at Co-Op Digital in Manchester where she is helping to build The Federation; an open community of digital innovators based on Co-operative principles. Emer shares her extensive experiences working as a senior leader in the public and private sector, first in the liberal arts industry in Ireland and then across all levels of government in the U.K. We discuss the dark side of technology and the challenges of embedding ethics into regulation,...


Dawn Duhaney

We talk to Dawn Duhaney, Data Partnerships Manager at the Wellcome Trust, and formerly of the U.K. government and the Open Data Institute, about all things data, diversity and ethics. Dawn shares her experiences coming from a liberal arts background and getting into a career in data. We discuss the challenges of establishing data skills within traditional organisations, why data science is not a magic bullet, and the realities of embedding ethics into service delivery. We also chat about...


Pran Patel

In our first foray into the frontline of public service, we're honoured to chat to Pran Patel, Physics Teacher and Assistant Principal in a London secondary school. Pran is a passionate educator dedicated to serving students. We talk about the impact of increasing workload and reporting placed on teachers, and why the schools funding crisis in the U.K. needs to be addressed urgently. We discuss how politics is an intrinsic part of empowering young people towards making positive change, and...


Dan Hon

We’re catching up with Dan Hon, Principal at Very Little Gravitas, and Code for America Advisor and Co-Chair. Dan is a tech startup veteran, and now works with governments across the United States to build digital services that are easy to understand and copy. We talk to Dan about his journey into digital, via a law degree and a career in brand advertising with Nike, Sony and Facebook. We reflect on the nature of product delivery in the networked age, and discuss how storytelling can create...


Genevieve Gaudet

We're back Stateside chatting to Genevieve Gaudet, Program Manager at Nava Public Benefit Corporation, and former co-founding member of the service design studio in the New York Major's Office. A medic-turned-designer, Genevieve is a people-centred feminist working to improve services for the most vulnerable groups in the USA. We chat to Genevieve about her early years in the medical profession, and hear about how she became a public sector service designer as a way to help the people who...


Tom Loosemore

In the final interview hosted at the OneTeamGov Global event in London, we're incredibly excited to speak to Tom Loosemore, co-founder of the Government Digital Service (GDS) and partner at Public Digital. We get the inside story on how GDS radically disrupted the workings of U.K government and started a worldwide movement to bring public services into the internet age. We chat to Tom about his early career at Wired and the BBC, and how he co-authored the report with Martha Lane Fox that...