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Podcast bringing public procurement issues to a lay audience. Interviews by Dr. Pedro Telles

Podcast bringing public procurement issues to a lay audience. Interviews by Dr. Pedro Telles
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Podcast bringing public procurement issues to a lay audience. Interviews by Dr. Pedro Telles




#32 - Pedro Telles (Swansea University)

What do low value contracts, framework agreements and Brexit have in common? Interview with Pedro Telles about low value contracts, framework agreements and what impact Brexit may have on public procurement in the near future. Pedro is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Swansea University and was previously a Lecturer in Law and Public Procurement Law Specialist at Bangor University's Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies. This is the final episode of the PPP (and a double length one)...


#31 - Francesco Decarolis (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance)

Reputation and corruption in public procurement Interview with Francesco Decarolis, Associate Professor at Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance in Italy. Francesco is currently a Research Fellow of the National Bureau of Economic Research. He was recently awarded ERC Starting Grant to investigate reputation and corruption in public procurement. iTunes Transcript Hello, Francesco, welcome to the podcast. Hello, thank you for this invitation. Francesco, I usually like to start...


#30 - Niels Uenk (Public Procurement Research Centre)

The challenges arising from procuring long term social services Interview with Niels Uenk, part-time Researcher at the Public Procurement Research Centre a joint interdisciplinary research centre of the universities of Utrecht and Twente. Before joining academia Niels worked 5 years as international consultant in supply chain and logistics optimization. He specialises in public procurement of long term / social health care services. iTunes Transcript Hello Niels, welcome to the...


#29 - Suvi Taponen (Aalto University School of Business)

Risk management in outsourcing of health services Interview with Suvi Taponen MPA, a Doctoral Researcher at Aalto University School of Business, who also works as a Procurement Consultant. She will defend her thesis entitled ‘Improving the efficiency of public service delivery through outsourcing and management’ in the beginning of 2017, and she has worked previously at Hansel, the Finnish centralised purchasing body. The conversation is focused on the management of outsourced healthcare...


#28 - Baudouin Heuninckx (Belgian Armed Forces & University of Nottingham)

Defence procurement in the European Union iTunes Interview with Baudouin Heuninckx, Chief Counsel of the Belgian Armed Forces Procurement Division and a part-time academic at the University of Nottingham and also the Belgian Royal Military Academy. He has just published a book on defence procurement as of November 2016 entitled The Law of Collaborative Defence Procurement in the European Union. Transcript Hello Baudouin, welcome to the programme. Thank you, Pedro. Good evening. I’m...


#27 - Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui (Bergen Centre for Competition Law and Economics)

Issues with the centralisation of procurement iTunes Interview with Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui, Ph.D candidate at University of Bergen and member of the Bergen Centre for Competition Law and Economics. Ignacio has been awarded a coveted international Scholar-in-Residence program from the American Bar and significant funding from Statoil for a post-doc. His research interests are related to the interaction of public procurement and competition law in particular buyer power in centralised...


#26 - S. N. Nyeck (Canterbury Christ Church University)

Public procurement governance in Africa iTunes Interview with S N Nyeck from Canterbury Christchurch University on public procurement governance in Africa. She is generally interested in the political economy of development and the role that public procurement plays in transforming institutions and societies and recently edited a book entitled Public Procurement Reform and Governance in Africa, published earlier in 2016 by Palgrave Macmillan. Transcript I found your book when I was...


#25 - Ana Cristina Calderon Ramirez (Maastricht Graduate School of Governance)

Regulating public procurement in Latin America and the Caribbean iTunes Interview with Ana Cristina Calderon Ramirez from the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance on the regulation of public procurement in Latin America and the Caribbean. Ana is currently studying in-depth the creation and establishment of public procurement regulatory and monitoring entities in Latin America. She co-authored a paper entitled ‘Elements of public procurement reform and their effect on the public sector...


#24 - Warren Smith (Digital Marketplace, Government Digital Service)

The UK's Digital Marketplace iTunes Interview with Warren Smith, Director, Digital Marketplace, part of the Government Technology in the Government Digital Service. He enthusiastically and wilfully oversteps the mark to meet user needs in public procurement, in public sector procurement and contracting. He’s currently transforming the way that the public sector commissions products and services by thinking small about big problems, and thinking big about small successes. Transcript It’s...


#23 - Mari Ann Simovart (University of Tartu)

Article 72 of Directive 2014/24/EU and limitations to contract modifications iTunes Interview with Mari Ann Simovart from the University of Tartu about Article 72 of Directive 2014/24/EU and limitations to contract modifications. For her PhD Mari Ann looked into the relations between national private and EU public procurement laws with regards to public contract terms, modification and validity. Transcript In terms of the, the topics that we’re going to be talking today, it’s going to be...


#22 - Willem Janssen (Utrecht University)

In-house contracts and public-public cooperation issues under Directive 2014/24/EU iTunes Interview with Willem Janssen, Lecturer and PhD Researcher at the Public Procurement Research Centre of Utrecht University and Twente University. His PhD researches the influence of EU public procurement law on the performance of services by cooperating public authorities and the issues of regulating and enforcing the make-or-buy decision of public authorities. Transcript Thank you very much for...


#21 - Petra Ferk (Graduate School of Government and European Studies)

Status quo for electronic procurement under Directive 2014/24/EU iTunes Interview with Petra Ferk, Assistant Professor for public administration at Graduate School of Government and European Studies and a researcher at the Institute for Public-Private Partnership Slovenia. Petra Ferk is the co-author of legal monograph, several articles and national reports dealing with public procurement, services of general (economic) interest (SGEI), public-private partnerships, state aid, energy and...


#20 - Carlos Arrebola (University of Cambridge)

Do Advocate-General opinions influence decisions by the Court of Justice of the EU? iTunes Interview with Carlos Arrebola, Ph.D candidate at the University of Cambridge and one of the authors of a paper on the potential impact Advocate General's opinions have on decisions taken by the Court of Justice of the European Union. For the final episode of series 1 of the Public Procurement Podcast the interview duties were mostly left in the capable hands of Albert Sanchez-Graells (University of...


#19 - Stephan Litschig (Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

Does an increased audit risk affect corruption practices? iTunes Interview with Stephan Litschig, Associate Professor at the Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, GRIPS, in Tokyo. His research interests are in the area of development, public and political economics. His work has been published in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, the Journal of Public Economics and the Journal of Human Resources. He also serves as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Human Resources....


#18 - Kirsi-Maria Halonen (University of Lapland)

Contractual ineffectiveness in public procurement iTunes Interview with Kirsi-Maria Halonen, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Lapland. Kirsi worked previously for Hansel Ltd, the central purchasing body of the Finnish Government. She concluded in August 2015 her Ph.D at the University of Turku on the consequences of contractual ineffectiveness in public procurement. Transcript Let’s dive in, straight into your research, you finished your PhD last year on contractual...


#17 - Grith Skovgaard Olykke (Copenhagen Business School)

Abnormally low tenders in public procurement Interview with Dr. Grith Skovgaard Olykke, Associate Professor at the Copenhagen Business School about abnormally low tenders in public procurement and mixed methods research (law and economics). Transcript It’s great to finally have you here, and I’m very grateful that you accepted the invitation to be on the programme, and also to be one of the referees in the Early Career Research conference that we’re setting in for early March, and I...


#16 - Guilherme Lichand (Harvard University)

Can a little bit of corruption be good for your health? iTunes Guilherme Lichand's Harvard page and his job market paper. Transcript It’s great to have you here Guilherme. Your paper it’s fascinating and thought provoking. Why did you decide to look into the issue of corruption in the health sector and its potential downstream effects? Great. The idea – not only in health, but more broadly – is that while we have increasing evidence of what tools can most effectively fight...


#15 - Sarah Schoenmaekers (Maastricht University)

Exclusion of candidates under Article 57 of Directive 2014/24/EU iTunes Transcript I’d like to start by talking about generally the regime of Article 57, why is it important? Before you answer, I would like to add a note here, which myself and our colleague, Dr Albert Sanchez Graells, when we commented on the transposition of the directive into England and Wales on our blogs, and, one of the entries that was most popular over the whole series that...


#14 - Richard Craven (University of Leicester)

Research methods in public procurement (law) iTunes Interview with Dr. Richard Craven, Lecturer at the University of Leicester.His research interests lie at the crossroads between law and social sciences, with a particular emphasis in public procurement research methods. Today’s talk will have more of a shared approach to it than usual as we both have something to say about research methods in public procurement. Transcript It’s great to have you here, we’ve known each other for a few...


#13 - Ama Eyo (Bangor University)

Electronic procurement and dynamic purchasing systems Interview with Dr. Ama Eyo, Lecturer in Law at Bangor University and Director of the LL.M in Public Procurement Law and Strategy. Ama has done extensive research on electronic auctions in public procurement and has now turned her attention to dynamic purchasing systems. iTunes Transcript Let’s start with a small introduction to talk about e-procurement. How do you think e-procurement is going to change in the near...