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Everything and anything Toastmasters. Also our advocacy as part of the LGBTQIAP+ community. Our opinions do not necessarily reflect that of Toastmasters International and/or District 75. They are solely our own based on our personal experiences


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Everything and anything Toastmasters. Also our advocacy as part of the LGBTQIAP+ community. Our opinions do not necessarily reflect that of Toastmasters International and/or District 75. They are solely our own based on our personal experiences




Ep 01: Getting the Most Out of Your Toastmasters Membership

It's not cheap to be a Toastmaster. And because it takes a lot of money and time, let's make sure that you get the most out of your investment. PAD JK Lopez, EC2 and IPAD Ron Ednalan, Jr., DL5, SR1 talks to us about how much really does it cost to be a Toastmaster, how you get your ROI out of it and what you need to bring to your membership.


EP 16: Language and the LGBTQIAP+ Community

In this episode, we talk about the intricacies of language and how we can use this to identify and empower ourselves as members of the community. We are joined by Angel Yagin, DTM of Nielsen IQ Philippines TMC and Mr. Joey Santos, a socio-cultural linguist and Ph.D. student from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.


Ep 15: The Problem with Toastmasters

There are a ton of articles out there that talk about Toastmasters being a great place to learn public speaking. In the same token, there are also a ton that disagree. Let's talk about one that says there are some things that we need to look at and solve as an organization and discuss what we can do as members to get over these hurdles.


Ep 14: Stereotypical

In this conversation, we have Polo Enriquez and Dr. Ryan Pesigan Reyes. We talk about stereotypes, specifically that of gay men, how we navigate around it, how it affects us and others within our community and how it can hold us back from getting our agenda across.


Ep 13: When you get asked THE question...

What if you were asked to step out of the club and lead at the district level? We discuss how we answered it, how we experienced it and how we help others answer the same question. We are joined by incoming Area B1 Director Kim Regala of Alpha One TMC.


Ep 12: PRIDE 101 - Beyond June

It's PRIDE month but do we really know what it is and why it came to be? We also talk about how to bring PRIDE to our Toastmasters Club. Listen in on our discussion with Angel Yagin, DTM, Mary Solina, TM, Polo Enriquez of "We Bare Bears" and Dr. Mikee Inton-Campbell.


Ep 11: Toastmasters - Good for Business

In this episode, we talk about corporate clubs and how we can leverage Toastmasters in your organization. We also talk about what District and Division officers can do to ensure that we put our best foot forward when presenting Toastmasters to stakeholders. PS. Jeff's mic went kaput for today's episode. We were also enjoying the new immersive view function on zoom as we were doing this session. So go ahead and try it on your Zoom accounts. :)


Ep 10: That First Gay Encounter

For this episode, we bring back our friends Gus Agustin of "The Gus Station" and Councilor Jom Bagulaya of Tacloban City as we talk about how you can best interact when you get to meet someone who is part of the LGBTQIA+ for the first time, whether it be at work or outside of work. PAD Angela Yagin, DTM of Nielsen IQ TMC joins us for this episode.


Ep 09: The Member Experience and the DCP

Are you currently working on your DCP points? Stressed over it? Stressing your members over it? We think a positive member experience ensures that you achieve your DCP goals in the best way possible. And if you don't get them points? It's okay. If you did things right, your members are going to tell otherwise and that's the most important. Jeff, Ron and JK talk about this and why we shouldn't view the DCP goals as the end all, be all measure of club success.


Ep 8: The Icebreaker Experience

We all have to start somewhere, right? Join Jeff, Ron and JK as they talk about their own Icebreaker experiences, what clubs can do to support their new speakers and what kind of power evaluators have over this experience.


Ep 7: Hear ye, hear ye! We Queers are Here!

In this episode, we get into a discussion (one of many) on communication and how it is able to forward the advocacies of the LGBTQIAP+ community. Full-packed episode as we are joined by PAD Angel Yagin, DTM, Councilor Jom Bagulaya of Tacloban City, Gus Agustin of "The Gus Station" and "Kalat Hours", Polo Enriquez of "We Bear, Bears", actor and advocate Phi Palmos and Mikhail Quirino of Metro Manila Pride. PS. We tried our best to drown out some of the background noise but hey, that's just...


Ep 6: League of Leaders

We talk about leadership this episode and who better to talk about it with than our District Trio. We are joined by District 75 Director Nene Legaspi, DTM, D75 Program Quality Director Richard Cua Ho, DTM and D75 Club Growth Director Jazz Encarnacion, DTM.


Ep. 5: Find Me A Mentor

In this episode, we talk about mentoring and how it can make or break the course of your Toastmaster journey. We also share how to choose your mentor, how to know if you are ready to mentor and what clubs can do to support their mentors. We are joined by PAD Melany Domondon, DL5, PM2 and AD Wrhovie Penaranda, LD3 both from After6 Toastmasters Club.


Ep 4: The Adventures of Lotlot and Friends

It's contest season! This episode we talk to "konteseros" and "konteseras" who continue to join contests in Toastmasters. We talk about why you should join the contests, when you should join the contests and many more. Our guests are TM Karen Menez-Rodil from PNB Toastmasters Club, newly-minted Area B3 Humorous Speech Champion TM Hannah Valensoy of Human Energy Toastmasters Club and our personal favorite from last year's District Humorous Speech Contest and placed 2nd, TM Adelle...


Ep 3: Toastmaster Resolutions for the New Year to Up Your Meeting's Game

Its the first episode for the year! Today, we are joined by TM Hannah Valensoy of Human Energy TMC and TM Kat Ferrer for SunLifePH TMC as we take a look back at 2020 and offer up some resolutions so that your club can up the quality of your meetings and the overall TM experience.


Ep 2: Skills to Bring this 2021

Our Toastmasters in Quarantine talk about the skills sets that will be essential in 2021 and how you all can find them when you join After6 or PRIDE Toastmasters Club. Joining us for this episode is Division B's Club Growth Director and from Executive TMC, IPAD Doreen Cooper, DTM.


Ep1. Why Toastmaster? Why After6?

Our Toastmasters talk about their Toastmaster story, why they still choose to continue and why you should too.