Statesmen explores all fifty states with the five senses of perception every Tuesday, smelling, tasting, seeing, hearing and feeling how these states touch our hearts. Hosted by Chicago comedians Tim Ferrari, Anthony Rossi, and Stuart Hicar.

Statesmen explores all fifty states with the five senses of perception every Tuesday, smelling, tasting, seeing, hearing and feeling how these states touch our hearts. Hosted by Chicago comedians Tim Ferrari, Anthony Rossi, and Stuart Hicar.


United States


Statesmen explores all fifty states with the five senses of perception every Tuesday, smelling, tasting, seeing, hearing and feeling how these states touch our hearts. Hosted by Chicago comedians Tim Ferrari, Anthony Rossi, and Stuart Hicar.




Iowa 2 with Andy Rowell

Here's a question for you folks, what does IOWA actually stand for? International orb whipping association? Is that what these people call Baseball? Sure those players do "whip" an "orb" around a "diamond," but is that what Iowa folk say about the national pastime? Someone should look into this worrying rumor. Anyways, notch an arrow, pull back with your funny bone, and hit a bullseye in honor of our latest visit to the Hawkeye State. We're joined by the local boy himself, Andy Rowell....


States On Screen - Sweet Home Alabama

This week is the inaugural episode of a new and weird format for the Statesmen. Don't be scared by a podcast concept where white guys talk about old movies! INSANE! REVOLUTIONARY! BRAVE! Jokes aside, we had a lot of fun with this new format, and we're affectionately calling it: States on Screen! (or S.O.S. for short.) In this episode we'll examine the 2002 romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama, starring the perky chipmunk herself, Reese Witherspoon. Does this film do a good job at...


Colorado 2 with Vinny Thomas

When you're at altitude, feet planted on the summit of a mighty fourteener, it's easy to slip right back into the Rocky Mountain State of mind. So light up a legal blunt and enjoy the fresh air, baby, because we're back in the mutha flippin' SEE-OH. Join us for an adventure through the Centennial State with Denver native, Vinny Thomas! He'll help us better understand Mile High culture, Patagonia white people, and we'll even discover the secret of the double golden domes! With a lead in...


Texas 2 with Brad Pike

Everything's bigger in Texas. Even the podcasts! That's why this episode is longer than usual. And I guess that's also why all of our other episodes are also too damn long. Texas has somehow retroactively embiggened the length of this podcast for the last three years... yeah... that's what it is. This week we have the wonderful podcaster and comedian Brad Pike joining us on the show to rustle up some laughs in the Lone Star State. If you want to visually summarize this episode, just imagine...


Indiana 3 with Shelby Jo Plummer

Over two thousand years ago a humble carpenter was savagely nailed to a cross and now, in 2021, we remember his sacrifice by rating our segments out of 30 pieces of silver! How many silver coins do we receive? As many as the cursed Judas? You'll have to listen to find out! ;) Oh boy, this is a crazy episode. And not just because of the heretical stuff about the silver! We dive deep into the Indiana kiddy pool with guest and Indy Local, Shelby Jo Plummer! Shelby helps us understand why...


The State at Home Special with Zoe Agapinan

Tier 1? Tier 2? Well how about we tier you a new bum-hole from laughing too hard at this hilarious special episode?! (is this too crass? Maybe, but it's also crass to force service workers to attend their jobs indoors during a pandemic. So eat my little shorts, Lori Lightfoot.) This week we're joined by the FANTASTIC Chicago writer and comedian, Zoe Agapinan! We all missed out on our holiday travels but Zoe helps us live out our dreams by recreating state vibes right from our own homes. If...


Massachusetts 3 with Kelsey Judge Buckley

The state outline of Massachusetts sort of looks like a cartoon gun, which is good because you'll need all the firepower you can get to survive this THRILLING return to the state whose slogan declares, "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty." Now that's a threatening sentence to print on your 'Welcome to Massachusetts' signs. The actual state motto is originally written in Latin (a dead language,) which is fitting because The Statesmen have so much fun on this one we...


South Dakota 2 with Sean Jordan

There are a handful of states that are divided into North and South. The Carolinas, The Dakotas, and even Virginia has a western half. To be honest, sometimes it can even feel like the nation itself is a little divided as well. Maybe it's time to fully unify as a country, coming together to announce that, "We all agree on one thing. Middling comedy podcasts are the indelible threads that make up the fabric of our modern society. Facts B." This week we're talking South Dakota with the son of...


New York 2 with Ellory Smith

I know what you're thinking, "Isn't New York City kind of played out? The greatest city in the world? Yeah right! It's just rats, thin pizza, and the setting for You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Is there really more for me to learn?" YOU FOOLISH FOOL OF COURSE THERE IS! This week we're joined by Comedian and Robot Chicken writer Ellory Smith, who teaches us that New York isn't just a city! In fact. the empire state has some backwoods too! (not the blunt wraps. But to be honest, it probably...


ReRelease: Scrooge Returns with Joe Cariola

We've been too hungover from holiday partying out in public without masks on, so we're taking the week off! Enjoy reliving the horrific deep lore and confusing cannon of last year's Christmas special! --- Scrooge needs a stiff drink to enjoy this holiday season and the Statesmen boys are here to help! We time travel and unravel one of the greatest twisting narratives of the last 200 hundred years. Listen up and take notes during the episode, there will be a short talk back with the cast...


Socially Distant Santa with Joe Cariola

Spend your Christmas morning on the couch listening to your favorite podcast, while contemplating the empty spot in the home that you thought you might fill with a tree this year, but which you ultimately put off too long to actually buy. The holidays are full of Drama like that, so why not listen to this episode for a little comedy instead? For the third year in a row, the Statesmen are joined by sweet Chicago comedian Joe Cariola to celebrate another tipsy holiday season, but this time...


Minnesota 2 with Tom Dyke

The Mall of America has over 500 stores, and this episode has over 500 laughs! (although some of those stores/laughs have adjusted hours due to the pandemic.) This week we're joined by Minnesota native, and gaming savant, Tom Dyke! He'll be our guide to the frozen north as we cover the finer points of mac and cheese shapes, what it means to be a chicken guy, and the answer to life's greatest question: "what's that sound you make when you die in Roblox?" The state is unforgettable, and so...


Missouri 3 with Caleb Hearon

This episode is better than sliced bread! But I know that's not saying much... I promise, it's like so much better than sliced bread... This week we're joined by historically gay internet celebrity (he told us to say that) Caleb Hearon! He'll walk us through life growing up in a small Missouri town, and how it helped to shape the man he is today! (Statesmen Media LLC does not support or condone the views of Anthony Rossi in relation to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede.) Find Caleb ...


Vermont 2 with Shelby Wolstein

Winter is coming and you need a hefty coat to stave off that frigid ice witch when she inevitably knocks on your door. Better head to the place where coats are practically grown on trees... Burlington Vermont! (Burlington like the coat factory I guess? that's fucking hilarious!) This week we're joined by Podcaster, Comedian, and High Jumper, Shelby Wolstein, who walks us through the culture of her college town. We talk celebrity ice cream, put sugar on our snow, and discuss the possibly...


New Jersey 3 with Chuck Sutton

The Sopranos Finale cut to black and New Jersey culture let out perfect synchronized scream, "WOAH! WHAT'S THIS OVER HERE?" If only that finale could go on forever. Instead of one hour long, how about 2 hours long? How about longer than that?! WHO COULD EVER CREATE CONTENT THAT LONG?! (hint: it's us.) This week the Statesmen are joined by the New Jersey native, beat-cutting verse-mixer and seriously friendly boy, Chuck Sutton. He helps us explore the fancy northeastern corners of The...


State Match Maker with Laura Maynard

Once every 10 years the powerful hex surrounding Mount Love is broken in twain, allowing the mountains inhabitant to visit us mortals. Now, for only the second time in Statesmen (and world) history, we've got a damn love expert on the show! It's officially cuffing season throughout The 50! This week the Love Master herself, Laura Maynard, returns to the show to help us pick the perfect State First Date couples. We talk and Holograms on this "lovely" special episode ;) Find Laura...


Pennsylvania 2 with John DelViscio

"Commonwealth?" the gruff old man questioned to the universe. "Sounds like socialism to me." He quipped, before putting on a dunce cap and making boom boom in his diaper. This week The Statesmen are joined by Pennsylvania native John DelViscio to finally return to the birthplace of American Freedom. Does the liberty bell smell like a bell pepper? Which Jonas brother is actually hot? Can a southern rooster get pregnant? Listen up for at least SOME of these answers! Find John HERE. Find...


Washington D.C. 2 with Christopher Isaacson

The Heart of America? Is it beating in the chests of our citizens, or found literally at the geographical center of our nations borders? Nope, it's behind the gleaming white pillars and air head politicians in the nation's capital, Washington D.C.! This week The Statesmen are joined by D.C. native, and comedy weirdo, Christopher Isaacson. Chris helps us set the record straight on this (almost) state! So participate in your civic duty, cast your vote, and make sure you fill in the bubble all...


Haunted House Party with Fraxiom

Happy Hyperpop Halloween my little Ghouls and Goblins! This year we celebrate the scariest holiday of all with musical artist, big time CEO, and child of the internet, Fraxiom! They help us create the scariest Haunted House attraction this side of Halloweentown using just the five senses and our terrible jokes as building materials! So keep your costume on but forget the candy bags! Just grab the rave candy on your wrist and enter into an audio foam party the likes of which have never been...


California 2 with Grace Kuhlenschmidt

Let’s go Surfin' now, everybody’s learnin' how, Please listen to Statesmen with me! That’s right folks, this week we’re going going, back back, to Cali Cali on our most exciting sequel episode yet! Joined by boho LA beach queen (and hilarious comedian) Grace Kuhlenschmidt, the boys tour the west coast... but is it really the best coast? Listen to find out! Find Grace HERE. Find Tim HERE. Find Stuart HERE. Find Anthony HERE. Find Camden HERE.