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Successful Nonprofits Podcast brings you fresh ideas and featured conversations with nonprofit thought leaders.

Successful Nonprofits Podcast brings you fresh ideas and featured conversations with nonprofit thought leaders.
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Successful Nonprofits Podcast brings you fresh ideas and featured conversations with nonprofit thought leaders.




Building Resilience, Practicing Forgiveness: Exploring Appreciative Inquiry with Jeanie Cockell and Joan McArthur-Blair

Appreciative inquiry is a strengths-based approach to facilitating positive change in human organizations. Dolph talks with two seasoned practitioners of this method, Jeanie Cockell and Joan McArthur-Blair, about the intersection of hope, despair, and forgiveness that leads to resilience. Lots of inspiration ahead! Links: Building Resilience with Appreciative Inquiry: A Leadership Journey through Hope, Despair, and Forgiveness ...


Maurya Couvares Shares the Code to Exponential Nonprofit Growth!

We take a deep dive into nonprofit growth with Maurya Couvares, founder of Code Nation, formerly known as ScriptEd. Having successfully grown ScriptEd from $0 to $3 million in under five years, Maurya gives us the scoop on what that phenomenal growth entailed. Spoiler alert: data collection and deep impact with fundraising are key! Links: ScriptEd’s site: ScriptEd’s Twitter: ScriptEd’s annual reports:...


The No Bricks, No Mortar, 100% Virtual Nonprofit: A Conversation with Barbara Van Dahlen, PhD, Founder of Give an Hour

9/11 and her daughter’s outrage were the inspiration for Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen to pick up a copy of Nonprofits for Dummies and launch Give an Hour, her Craigslist-style nonprofit that links volunteer mental health service providers with those who need them. Join Dolph and Barbara as they discuss the background and lessons learned in the creation of Give an Hour, as well as newly formed The Campaign to Change Direction, Barbara’s recent project. *****Timestamped Highlights***** (2:27) Give...


The Government Does the Talking, Your Nonprofit Does the Walking, and Other Lessons from Evan Marwell, Founder of EducationSuperHighway

Dolph talks with Evan Marwell, successful serial entrepreneur, about his move into the nonprofit world with the creation of EducationSuperHighway. Evan compares and contrasts his experiences starting for-profit companies with the startup of a nonprofit organization. *****Timestamped Highlights***** (2:20) The wifi problem that launched EducationSuperHighway (4:30) F.E. #1 – Learning from Bold Endeavors by Felix Rohatyn (6:00) F.E. #2 – Expanding a school’s bandwidth for...


Cracking the Corporate Gifts Code: A Conversation with Former Director of Corporate Giving Joe Vella

Dolph talks with Joe Vella, former Director of Corporate Giving at Macy’s, to learn how nonprofits can position themselves for corporate gifts in an era of more restricted giving. *****Timestamped Highlights***** (2:10) A happy accident: How Joe began community engagement (4:50) Massaging the numbers fairly, judiciously, and strategically (9:36) Securing funds from a corporation by showing tangible results (11:48) Cause marketing vs corporate giving (13:32) Doing your homework BEFORE...


Set the Goals, Secure the Funding, Prepare for Lift-Off! Mini Program Planning Series, Part Two

In Part Two of his Mini Program Planning Series, Dolph outlines the steps to set goals, track program outputs vs outcomes, secure initial funding, and obtain sustaining funding. He also throws in a few out-of-the-box ideas to consider and shares a real-deal timeline for program planning. Links: Lean more about the MVP (Most Viable Product) in episode 106 *****Timestamped Highlights***** (2:41) Outputs vs. outcomes, and examples that help you remember the difference (6:13) How will...


So You Want to Develop a Program, Here's Where You Start - Program Planning Series Part One

Flood waters of Biblical proportions have forced Dolph to go solo for a few podcast episodes! It’s all good, as Dolph kicks of a Mini Program Planning Series today. In part one, Dolph provides step-by-step check points of the crucial components involved in creating a successful program plan. *****Timestamped Highlights***** (3:19) Dolph’s cautionary tale about program design (8:37) Back to the drawing board (10:52) 1st step: figure out what need your program is going to...


Engage Your Board with Rob Acton

Board builder Rob Acton joins us to discuss specific strategies and tactics to optimize your board. He offers actionable tactics that you can implement today. Acton, founder of Cause Strategy Partners, discusses the three categories of tactics: making better use of board meeting, treating board members as individuals not “the board” and reshaping board culture. ****Timestamped Highlights***** (10:00) Designing board meetings that are not snooze fests (11:30) An alternative to simply...


I've Seen Your Resume, Show Me YOU. Strategies to Get the Director-Level Job with Executive Search Consultant Kevin Chase

In part one of his episode, Kevin Chase shared the importance of honing your professional development to prepare for a director-level job. In part two, Kevin discusses how resume building, negotiation skills, and your personality can help you secure the executive-level position you’ve been after. Links: Kevin’s Instagram: Kevin’s LinkedIn: Kevin’s Firm, Kevin Chase Executive Search Group:...


The Makings of a CEO: Pursuing a Director-Level Job. A Conversation with Executive Search Consultant Kevin Chase

Guess who’s back… back again! Executive Search Consultant Kevin Chase returns to our podcast for a two-part episode. In part one, Kevin walks us through how to better position yourself for an executive-level job. A tip: Start by building your skills and investing in your professional (and personal) development. Links: Kevin’s Instagram: Kevin’s LinkedIn: Kevin’s Firm, Kevin Chase Executive...


It is Almost Always Someone You Trust - A Conversation with Tiffany Couch, Author of The Thief in Your Company

Nonprofit fraud is the topic of this conversation with Tiffany Couch, CEO of Acuity Forensics. Sharing true stories of fraud found in her book, The Thief in Your Company, Tiffany breaks down what fraud looks like, who is likely to do it, and how to prevent it from happening to your organization. Links: Tiffany’s Book: The Thief in Your Company Tiffany’s firm: Stop Nonprofit...


All Problems are People Problems, and How to Solve Yours: A Conversation with Brad Wolff, Author of People Problems? How to Create People Solutions for a Competitive Advantage

Brad Wolff, author of the bestseller, People Problems? How to Create People Solutions for a Competitive Edge, joins Dolph to deliver an important lesson: all problems are people problems. Walking us through his origin story, Brad shares the experiences and lessons that have helped him understand that solving any organizational problem starts with taking an honest look at your people – especially yourself! Links: To learn about Habit Technologies, email Brad:...


Be a Standout Candidate, Nail Negotiations and MORE! – Career Advice from Mazarine Treyz, CEO of Wild Woman Fundraising

Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising joins Dolph for a session of career coaching. They share a lot of Amen! moments as they discuss strategies on everything from negotiating a great salary to making the world a better place for all of us. Links: Mazarine’s Book: Get the Job: Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide Wild Social Media: Wild Woman Fundraising: Mazarine’s...


It’s All in the Power of Counting: A Conversation with Shelby Roberts of SSR Advisors

Evaluation consultant Shelby Roberts joins Dolph to discuss how to squeeze the most out of your data by tracking as you go along. Simply put, start counting! Shelby also explains how she helped implement the strategic plan of Intown Collaborative Ministries. Links: Shelby’s LinkedIn: InTown Collaborative Ministries: *****Timestamped Highlights***** (3:30) When a project does not go...


Top 5 Behaviors of High-Performing CEOs: A Conversation with Kim Powell, author of The CEO Next Door

Kim Powell is back and she’s changing the perspective about who can be a successful CEO! Podcast veteran Kim Powell returns to the podcast to discuss key takeaways from her latest book, The CEO Next Door. Kim explains the traits of successful executive directors and debunks CEO myths. Links: Kim’s website: Buy the book: The CEO Next Door: Kim’s debut, Episode 27: ...


Purpose or Profit? Have Both with a B-corp! A Conversation with Rick Alexander

Dolph talks with Rick Alexander, author of Benefit Corporation Law and Governance: Pursuing Profit with Purpose. Rick schools us on the various Bs: B certified, B Lab, and B Corporation. He also outlines the similarities and differences between B corps and nonprofits, and shares instances where nonprofits spin off for-profit entities with B corp legitimacy. Links: Rick’s Book, Benefit Corporation Law and Governance: Pursuing Profit with Purpose Rick’s Website:...


From Recruitment to Recommitment, Building the Board You Need with Kate Hayes

Kate Hayes of Echoing Green, a seed-funding and leadership development program for social entrepreneurs, joins Dolph for a lively discussion about the care and feeding of baby boards. Kate also shares her love of site visits to reignite board members’ passion for the organizational mission. Links: Kate’s firm: Kate’s Article in SSIR: A Roadmap to Better Boards Archive of Kate’s Articles in Forbes:...


Accommodate Your Millennial Workers – or Another Organization Will: A Conversation with Larry Velez of Sinu

We invite Larry Velez, founder and CTO of Sinu, to help us understand and accommodate millennials in the workplace. Top of the list: make sure your organization’s systems and tools are mobile-ready. *****Timestamped Highlights***** (6:58) The trend: Millennials love iPhones! (9:23) Finding balance for seamless integration of devices, data and more (12:45) Yahoo’s semi-cautionary tale (15:47) Being remote but having an office for those who need it (17:07) Trust Issues: Why the older...


Trust Me: I’ve Worked with Hundreds of Nonprofit Finance Teams with Kelsey Vatsaas

Dolph and Kelsey Vatsaas, principal at CliftonLarsonAllen, discuss ways to streamline operations within the nonprofit finance department to improve efficiency, accuracy, and audit results. A good place to start? Step back and ask, “Do we actually use this information?” Learn what to track and what to let go. Links: Kelsey’s Firm CliftonLarsonAllen: Read Kelsey’s Blog: Signs of Finance Department Dysfunction and What to Do About It Freemium: Contact Kelsey for a...


Everyone Must Get On Board the Tech Train…or It’s Not Leaving the Station: A Conversation with Peter Gross of Build Consulting

Peter Gross of Build Consulting is a nonprofit technology expert. And he’s here to tell you that the real issue around technology in many nonprofits is not that they have the wrong system. Nope. It’s the failure of leadership to get behind the system and support its implementation and use across the organization. Peter never wants to hear another ED say, “Well, I’m not a tech guy…” again! Links: Build Consulting: Build Consulting Newsletter:...