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Each week a panel of journalists from South Florida and around the state discuss the week in news.

Each week a panel of journalists from South Florida and around the state discuss the week in news.
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Each week a panel of journalists from South Florida and around the state discuss the week in news.




MSD Commission Report: Better Law Enforcement, Stronger School Security Needed To Protect Schools

Better law enforcement and stronger school security are the big takeaways from the draft report released this week by the state commission investigating the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. “We know that bad things will happen anywhere, and that no school is exempt," Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, who heads the commission, said at the commission meeting. "The idea that ‘it can’t happen to me’ is dangerous and for those who don’t take this seriously and...


Putting A Price On Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Three Florida lawmakers want to put a price on carbon dioxide emissions. They have recently introduced legislation, called the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act , which would charge $15 per metric ton of carbon dioxide produced by oil refineries and coal producers. The fee would then increase by $10 per metric ton each year. A carbon fee is different from a carbon tax. The money from this fee would be given to taxpayers in a kind of dividend to offset the increased cost of fossil...


Fort Lauderdale's Downtown Tent City Gets Cleared, New Housing Transition Programs Kick Off

This week, Broward County and Fort Lauderdale officials, along with business partners, cleared out a homeless camp in downtown Fort Lauderdale where about 80 people were living in tents. Monday morning there was a press conference to announce the "Home for the Holidays" initiative. By Thursday afternoon, all of the tents had been cleared out of the county Main Library's plaza. A fence and a sea of barricades were all that was left by Friday morning. It’s not the first time officials have...


Miami Book Fair Authors Respond To Florida Recount

November isn’t just Thanksgiving and elections in South Florida. It's also when the Miami Book Fair sets up shop at Miami Dade College’s downtown campus.


Experts Warn: Expect To See Magnifying Glasses As Broward County Braces For Another Election Recount

Florida is once again counting ballots. The election has lasted three more days in at least three major statewide races: U.S. Senate, governor and agriculture commissioner. They’re likely heading for recounts because of close margins. And caught in the middle is Broward County , whose canvassing board is meeting again Friday to reviewing 238 more provisional ballots. As of Thursday afternoon, the Supervisor of Elections Office had accepted 205 of more than 600 provisional ballots. State...


The Final Countdown To Election Day In South Florida

Candidates are revving up their campaigning in the final days before Nov. 6. The momentum can be felt in South Florida and across the country. More than 800,000 people have already voted across the region – surpassing those who voted early or by mail four years ago. WLRN asked listeners about their motivations for going to vote. Lisa Silvers of Parkland says she’s worried about the country’s direction. “Now more than ever we need our voices and votes to reinforce tolerance,” she says....


Understand The 2018 Ballot: Miami Voters To Decide On Beckham Soccer Stadium

Voters are facing a long ballot this general election – 105 different questions across the region. City of Miami voters will be deciding on a few land-related deals. There’s the fate of David Beckham’s soccer stadium – whether to build the stadium on Miami’s only municipal golf course near the airport. There’s another proposed public land deal involving waterfront real estate . On the South Florida Roundup, WLRN’s Jessica Bakeman spoke about the details of these Miami ballot questions with...


Voter's Guide: Navigating The Amendments, Referenda On The 2018 Ballot

It’s going to be a marathon for South Florida voters this general election. They’ll run into a long ballot: several candidates for state and local office, a dozen proposed constitutional amendments and all the local referenda.


The Problem With Affordable Housing In Broward County

Broward County is the most cost-burdened area in the country, according to a Harvard study . Residents are paying more than 30 percent of their monthly income on rent alone. The county commission met this week to discuss the problem of affordable housing. Commissioners are considering creating a trust fund – sort of like a “lock box” specifically targeted for housing programs. Broward voters will vote on a county amendment that would create the trust fund. WLRN’s Broward County reporter...


The High Cost Of Living By The Water

Floridians pay a price for living on the coast. Hurricane Michael, which made landfall just shy of a Category 5 storm, ravaged the Panhandle and Big Bend area. The storm destroyed neighborhoods and washed out roads – changing lives forever. Meanwhile, South Florida faced the peak of king tide season. This year, the highest of high tides brought spotty flooding across the region. WLRN’s environment reporter Kate Stein explains how king tides are seen as a sign of sea-level rise and how South...


Rare Red Tide Outbreak Puts South Florida Beaches On Alert

After almost a year along the beaches on the Gulf Coast, toxic algae has made its way to South Florida. This week, a rare red tide outbreak closed beaches up and down the region’s eastern coastline. Beaches in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties have reopened, but signs are up warning visitors about potential health risks, including itchy eyes and throats. The spread of red tide brings up the role beaches play as more than an economic driver but as a buffer for storms and the threat of...


The Voting Security Issues Florida Is Facing This Election Season

Two years ago, “spearphishing attacks” -emails targeted towards specific individuals with the intent to steal data for malicious purposes- flooded the inboxes of election officials in several Florida counties. This year, as Florida prepares for the general elections in November, issues around voting security have been front and center. In August, Sen. Bill Nelson claimed Russian hackers had gained access to valuable data on state voters. There has been no evidence found that Florida’s voting...


The Trouble With Traffic In South Florida

South Floridians complain a lot about traffic. Jammed expressways, reckless drivers and unreliable public transportation contribute to a perennial dissatisfaction about the state of the region’s roadways – which sometimes not even the best Waze-like app can mitigate. “Traveling from South Dade to North Broward is a pain on I-95. The lanes are so narrow, it feels downright dangerous,” says Jeziel Garcia, who lives in Parkland. Miami-Dade County is responding. Next week, commissioners will...


Drivers Not Living In Miami Could Be Paying More For City Parking

The city of Miami could be hiking the price to park for nonresidents. City commissioners are considering increasing the hourly rate to $3.25 an hour in some neighborhoods. Rates would increase for public parking lots, garages and curbside spots. According to The Miami Herald, Miami residents who register with the city would be spared the extra cost. (They can currently apply for a 20 percent discount through the PayByPhone app .) Read More: Miami's Parking Obesession Has Unforseen...


A Year Later, Hurricane Irma Leaves Lasting Impact In South Florida

A year ago, South Florida was bracing for Hurricane Irma. The Category 4 storm made landfall in the Lower Keys. Irma ripped through islands, damaging thousands of homes and businesses. The storm effectively closed the Keys for a week and scattered lives in its wake. Residents who followed the warnings and evacuated weren’t allowed back in for days. The rest of South Florida was mostly spared from the brunt of Irma’s winds, rain and storm surge. Yet the storm revealed shortcomings in how...


Miami Voters Approve Ballot Questions Concerning Parrots, Shopping Mall

Politicians and property taxes weren’t the only questions on some ballots this primary season . Voters in the cities of Miami and South Miami approved opening the way for the redevelopment of two high-profile properties. In Miami, it’s a 13-story hotel at what used to be called Parrot Jungle — now Jungle Island. In South Miami, it’s a rule change that could mean big changes at The Shops at Sunset Place mall . Brian Bandell , a reporter with the South Florida Business Journal, and Kyra Gurney...


The Environmental Issues Facing Florida This Election Season

The algae-choked waters of Lake Okeechobee and the deadly red tide along the Gulf Coast have dominated the political debate over Florida’s environment. The Republican gubernatorial candidates have focused their environmental positions on the pollution-fueled algae blooms. Earlier this month, during a televised debate on Fox , Congressman Ron DeSantis placed much of the blame for the state’s water woes on the sugar industry, accusing his opponent Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam of doing...


Mobile Showers For Homeless Turned Off In Fort Lauderdale

Mobile showers for the homeless in Fort Lauderdale have been shut down for violating city code. According to the Sun Sentinel , the charity Hope South Florida received a notice from the city at the beginning of this month, saying the use of a portable shower outside of a structure is not permitted. Since last year, Hope South Florida , a homeless services organization, had been offering weekly showers at two locations in Fort Lauderdale and one in Pompano Beach. To continue offering...


How Is Florida's New 'Red Flag' Gun Law Working?

The gun legislation passed after the Parkland mass shooting was historic for many reasons, not the least of which was that it represented the first gun restrictions passed in Florida in more than 20 years. One of the provisions of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, signed into law by Governor Rick Scott on March 9, allows police officers to ask a judge for permission to temporarily take away the guns of someone they believe poses a threat to themselves or others....


The Florida Roundup: Life At The Edge In The Florida Keys

Living in the Florida Keys is life in paradise, but it comes at a cost. Day-to-day life in the Keys can be a struggle despite the natural beauty of the archipelago. Still, the affordability challenges, threast from hurrianes and risk of higher seas can't dilute the Conch spirit of independence, self-resilency and individualism. This week, we head down the 7 Mile Bridge for a special edition of The Florida Roundup: Life at the Edge in the Florida Keys . WLRN's Tom Hudson will be speaking with...