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026: Why Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Innovation and Leadership in an Organization

Sarah Zink is on a mission to teach people how to discover and use their ‘superpowers’ to be more productive, profitable and powerful. As a multi-dimensional businesswoman and a “multi-preneur” with a background in education, psychology, and community development, Sarah uses her education and experience to work with individuals, businesses, corporations and municipalities across the country to increase effective communication, develop emotional intelligence and escalate productivity. Sarah...


025: The Science Behind Storytelling with Master Storyteller and Author, Kendall Haven.

Kendall Haven is an internationally recognized Subject Matter Expert on the cognitive neuroscience of story and helped create the study of the Neuroscience of Story. A performing master storyteller, Haven has, for over 30 years, led the research effort for the National Storytelling Assn. and International Storytelling Center into effective story structure and into the process of story-based influence and persuasion and has been designated as a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford...


024: The value of water through the lens of adventure with Adventure Hydrology founder, Chris Wolff

Christopher Wolff is a Hydrologist, Adventurer and Storyteller who is using his passion for the environment and his love for exploration to change the way we learn about this little blue planet we all call home. For over decade, Chris worked as a Hydrologist for organizations such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, New Mexico Environment Department, and County of San Diego. Seeing the need for a new way to communicate water and natural resource science, Chris founded Adventure Hydrology...


023: Affordability, leadership, and the impact of showing up with Greg Wukasch

Greg Wukasch, our mentor, previous speaker at Catalyst 2018, guest on episode 3, and current manager of the External Affairs Department with the San Antonio Water System. Beginning in 1998, as an Education Coordinator and now as the External Affairs Manager. Greg really considers himself more of a “story teller” putting together water stories for citizens across the city he loves. When not talking H2O, this self-professed water nerd also enjoys talking strategic planning and corporate...


022: Communication-the Baseline for Conservation with Robb Barnitt, CEO and Founder of Dropcountr

Robb Barnitt is the Founder and Chief Executive at Dropcountr, a water SaaS (software-as-a-service) company that transforms data into actionable information for utility staff and their customers. Robb has spent his career working at the intersection of technology and sustainability in roles with Arthur D. Little, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and several Silicon Valley startups. He holds a Masters degree in Engineering from Stanford and an MBA from UC-Berkeley. Top Takeaways: The...


021: Podcast piracy–a take over by the seadog, Travis Loop, who interviews the H2duO

Water In Real Life co-hosts, The H2duO, aka Stephanie Zavala and Arianne Shipley, have received many questions from listeners about who they are, their relationship and their business, Rogue Water. During a recording of the Water Nerd’s Guide to Happy Hour episode, their pod was pirated by none other than the scallywag, Travis Loop. Blimey!! As a podcast host himself, the privateer (pirates who are sponsored by the government #fitting) took over as captain and made the duo walk the plank aka...


020: The Value of Water, More than a Metric

Todd Danielson’s social media information states his blood type is H2O positive because water is core to him, which is definitely important in his role as the Chief Utilities Executive for Avon Lake Regional Water. A 20-plus-year veteran of the industry and a professional engineer by training, Todd most enjoys asking, "what if," and helping to implement better ways to serve the public, improve the environment, and spur the economy. Top Takeaways: Avon Lake Regional Water rolled out a...


019: Part 2- A Case Study in Revolutionizing Community Engagement in Utility Master Planning

Bio: Tom Hickmann is a civil engineer with over 25 years’ experience in wastewater, stormwater, water supply, water rights, system design, hydraulic modeling, utility management, and utility master planning. Mr. Hickmann is the City of Bend Engineering & Infrastructure Planning Department Director focusing on oversight and implementation of all master plans and capital improvement projects. He has been credited with bringing innovative ideas to the City, solving challenging issues and...


018: Part 1- A Case Study in Revolutionizing Community Engagement in Utility Master Planning

Bio: Tom Hickmann is a civil engineer with over 25 years’ experience in wastewater, stormwater, water supply, water rights, system design, hydraulic modeling, utility management, and utility master planning. Mr. Hickmann is the City of Bend Engineering & Infrastructure Planning Department Director focusing on oversight and implementation of all master plans and capital improvement projects. He has been credited with bringing innovative ideas to the City, solving challenging issues and...


017: The Transformative Power of Education with MSU Dean, Chris Long

Dean Christopher P. Long is a Professor of Philosophy and Dean of the College of Arts & Letters at Michigan State University who is committed to expanding the transformative power of liberal arts research and teaching and creating new opportunities for collaboration among community partners. He began his tenure as Dean on July 1, 2015. Under his leadership, several advances have been made including the creation of the Center for Interdisciplinarity. He has successfully established the...


016: Combating PR Crisis with PIO Pro Mike McGill, WaterPIO

Mike McGill has spent his entire career as a communicator, having served as a leader in journalism and public relations. Before founding WaterPIO, a communications firm specifically aimed at helping water and sewer operations, he served as a Director of Communications and Customer Service for water utilities for a dozen years including Chief Communications Officer for Cape Fear Public Utility Authority in Wilmington, North Carolina; Director of Customer Relations and Communications for...


015: Water Nerds Guide to Millennials with Erin Ruszkowsi, Rogue Water Intern

Erin Ruszkowski is a sophomore at the University of Alabama studying environmental engineering and policy and Spanish. Beginning in 7th grade she attended summer programs through Duke University TIP (talent identification program) program which helps gifted students discover their abilities, explore new academic challenges, and celebrate their accomplishments. Erin is a self proclaimed water nerd and has loved water since she was seven years old when she began asking her aerospace...


014: Coming in hot with truth bombs from Samantha Villegas, President of SaVi PR

Samantha Villegas, APR is an award-winning communications strategist, committed to using her powers for good. For more than 20 years, Sam has worked to expand recycling, promote water conservation, increase investments in energy efficiency, enhance opportunities for veterans, foster immigrants’ rights to work, support common-sense gun legislation and much more. Throughout her career, Sam has been an active volunteer in the Public Relations Society of America, the largest public relations...


013: Talking leadership, communication and branding with Blue Drop’s Alan Heymann

Alan Heymann is President of Blue Drop and the Chief Marketing Officer of DC Water. Blue Drop is the non profit arm of DC Water. Alan led the team that conceived, planned and launched Blue Drop in November 2016. At DC Water, Alan lead the utility’s effort to expand its revenue base by marketing products and services to new customers. Earlier in his career, Alan was a television reporter, producer and anchor in this native Illinois. He was previously Vice President of Communications for a...


012: Water Nerd’s Guide to Storytelling

Storytelling has become buzzword that is even permeating the water industry conferences. It can conjure up memories of having a story read to you at bedtime. This episode provides legit cognitive facts that back up the way the human mind is hardwired to respond to and retain information from stories. In their first installment of the Water Nerds Guide, the H2duO focus on the science behind storytelling. They’re going to discuss why we need to reframe the way we handle communication in the...


011: The Seven Superpowers

Tom Ferguson is the Vice President of Programming for Imagine H2O, charged with developing the accelerator model as well as building out the policy and leadership capabilities as they scale. Tom comes to Imagine H2O from strategy roles at Project Frog (a San Francisco green buildings company) and Tamar Energy (an AD network developed in London). Prior to business school, he spent three and a half years with ERM, the sustainability consultancy, where he was an engagement manager. Tom holds an...


010: Catalyst Mastermind Summit Recap w/ Rogue Water

The H2duO recap the Catalyst Mastermind Summit in their first solo show. Stephanie and Arianne, co-founders of Rogue Water, their public communication consulting company, recently co-hosted Catalyst in San Antonio, TX. Over sixty people attended the inaugural non-traditional summit. This summit literally traveled from a hotel ballroom, to a rooftop bar, to a jazz lounge and ending at a desalination plant. Catalyst is a mastermind program for water educators and communicators. The goal is to...


009: Catalyst Mastermind Speaker Series Dr. Rudi Thompson

Dr. Ruthanne “Rudi” Thompson is a UNT Distinguished Teaching Professor, Director of the Science Education Research Laboratory, and Director of the Dallas Environmental Education Initiative (EEI). Rudi worked as a high school Biology teacher, created and taught an AP Environmental Science course and co-developed the Elm Fork Environmental Education Center on the Campus of the University of North Texas. All of these experiences culminated twelve years ago when the City of Dallas Water...


008: Catalyst Mastermind Speaker Series Lynne Christopher

Lynne Christopher has been a youth educator in the San Antonio Water System’s (SAWS) Communications Department for ten years. Ms. Christopher coordinates school education programs for the company to include Impact, SAWS award-winning high school service learning program. Her duties in addition to coordinating Impact, include classroom presentations, conducting field trips, curriculum development, managing the SAWS mini-grant program and teacher training. Top Takeaways: Clearly defining your...


007: Catalyst Mastermind Speaker Series Megan Yoo Schneider

Megan is a bridge builder. Over the last 12 years, she has had the opportunity to work for a myriad of private sector consulting firms and for several public agencies. She has also served on several boards of directors, and she currently serves as the elected Director of Division 7 for the Municipal Water District of Orange County, in addition to her role as Policy Director to 5th District Supervisor Lisa Bartlett in Orange County. Megan has also served on dozens of committees for the Water...