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What To Say When You're Talking to Sellers

Don't be afraid when it comes to talking to sellers. After you listen to this podcast, you'll be able to answer your own calls and talk to the property owners with confidence! No more stuttering, being at a loss for words, or BLOWING the deal because you didn't know what to say when you got on the phone. Visit me on my website for more Real Estate Marketing Ideas.


The Best Way To Handle Seller Calls from a Yellow Letter Campaign

There is no doubt that once you kick off a serious yellow letter campaign, the phone calls from sellers will start to flood in. This can be overwhelming to even the most experienced investors in the bunch. While one of the most awesome features of a yellow letter campaign is the incredibly high response rate, you still have to manage to pre-screen each and every seller that calls. If you miss some, you may miss the one that could make you several thousand dollars.So what is the best way to...


Why Does The Yellow Letter Work?

I know it's hard to believe that the yellow letter can be such a dynamic and powerful real estate marketing tool. After all, it's only a simple hand written note on a piece of yellow legal pad paper that is slipped into a personalized invitation envelope. So why does it work so well? It's easy! Follow along. Every day in the lives of every single person, young and old, thousands of marketing advertisements are flashed in front of your face as you are given reasons to do business with that...