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E29 - Battle Born Part 2

The season is off to a strong start and Chad has a panel to discuss it! Chad is joined by his brothers Clint and Clay, as well as good friends Alex Crosby and Les Naisbitt to discuss their recent big game hunts. However, the discussion begins with remembering the September 11, 2001 attacks, 17 years from the time of this recording. Getting back into their big game hunts, these guys work hard and study the landscape to get in an live with the animals they are pursuing including Mule Deer,...


E28 - Lake Tahoe Trager BBQ with Whiskey Bent BBQ Chad Ward

Chad Ward of Whiskey Bent BBQ and Traeger Grills joins the team up at Lake Tahoe for a night of BBQ steaks, brisket (minus a few from the beer), veggies and more. The 2 Chads talk about recipes and give grilling tips for fish, chicken, beef, wild game and more. Joining the conversation is Jared Ellenberger, a construction owner, hunter, fisherman and friend. Plus, Clay Belding recalls his Nevada mule deer hunt this year, where his monster typical muley scored scored 201 2/8. Instagram finds...


E27 - Dan Henderson - UFC Hall of Famer

E27 - Dan Henderson - UFC Hall of Famer by Chad Belding


E26 - Bobby Johnson, Dean James Jr & Ben Ratliff - Music City

Nashville is referred to as Music City. It is home to Music Row and to thousands of number one radio hits. It inhabits singer/songwriters who have made the move to Music City to follow their dreams! Chad has lots of friends in Nashville and he is humbled to be joined by three of them on this edition of This Life Ain’t For Everybody! Ben is a singer and songwriter and tour manager. Dean is a singer and a songwriter and a bad ass guitarist and pianist and drummer and bassist! Bobby is a singer...


E25 - Mitch Petrie - Vice President Programming at The Outdoor Channel

Mitch is an experienced producer and an avid hunter and fishermen. As VP of Programing at The Outdoor Channel, Mitch is a key player in the hunting industry. On the podcast Mitch shares his thoughts on the future of outdoor programming, advice for independent producers, and talks about his passion for the outdoor lifestyle.


E24 - Laura Schara - Hunting, Fishing, TV Host and Fashion with ease

A passion for the great outdoors courses through Laura Schara’s veins. Quite truly, it’s in her blood. She got it from her dad, consummate outdoorsman and Minnesota Bound host Ron Schara. Laura has hosted and appeared in numerous shows like Survival Science and Minnesota Bound, Fox Sports Network Due North Outdoors and Wild In The Kitchen. After college Laura worked her way into the world of high fashion with companies like Marshall Field’s then Macy’s. But her roots kept her coming back to...


E23 - Chris Green - Owner of Migration X Outfitters and Prairie Sky Ranch in South Dakota

The unique habitat, amount of waterfowl and wild pheasants in North Dakota and South Dakota offers some of the most challenging and enjoyable game bird hunts. Now here is Chris Green, with his hunting lodge and knowledge of the area, has been delivering unreal hunting experiences for over 25 years. Chris shares some of his experiences and perceptions on the hunting guide industry.


E22 - Joey Gilbert and Matt Pendola - Fitness and Nutrition

Joey Gilbert, a professional boxer, and Matt Pendola, a professional fitness coach, combine their experiences as athlete and coach to give the listener valuable information on reaching fitness goals and improve nutrition.


E21 - Joey Gilbert

Joey Gilbert is a retired professional boxer out of Reno, Nevada. As a collegiate boxer, Joey was a 3-time National Champion, 4-time Regional Champion and 4-time All American. He won the Nevada State Golden-Gloves Super-Middleweight Champion in 2000. In 2004, Joey was cast in NBC’s The Contender, working alongside Sylvester Stallone, Sugar Ray Leonard and other talented boxers. Joey’s love of prizefighting ultimately led him to become ranked #3 in the world by the World Boxing Organization...


E20 - Team Benelli, Monty, Merlo and Beldings in Argentina Part 3

Argentina is truly a high volume duck hunting destination, a place all duck hunters need to visit. The team is on final day 3 of hunting with Argentina Duck Hunting Adventures Outfitter. Chad and the guys talk about the challenges of hunting the Rossy-bill duck and the other topics to consider when hunting in Argentina.


E19 - Team Benelli, Merlo and Beldings in Argentina Part 2

On day 2 the guys realize how good Argentina duck hunting really is, as they recall the day's hunt. We've got George Thompson and JP Fischer from Benelli, Roc Merlo from California Waterfowl Association and Clay Belding from Team Banded sharing their thoughts on Argentina Duck hunting and the food Monty and his team have been serving at Argentina Duck Hunting Adventures camp.


E18 - Team Benelli, Merlo and Beldings in Argentina Part 1

We are live from Argentina with George Thompson and JP Fischer from Benelli, Roc Merlo from CWA, and Clay Belding from Team Banded. They all sit down with Chad to discuss their trip so far as well as topics ranging from shotguns to duck camp. Stay with us throughout the week for more episodes from Argentina!


E17 - Clay Charlton - Take-Em Outfitters Alberta Canada

Clay Charlton owns and operates Take Em Outfitters in Alberta, Canada. He makes his living in the woods and he is good at it. He sits down with Chad to discuss their friendship and past hunts, the migration, as well as upcoming hunts. Join us as we talk to our brother from the Great White North!


E16 - Chad At It Again With His Duck Calls

Chad gives us some duck calling tips to practice during this off season. He goes into detail explaining the science and the inner workings of creating realistic duck sounds. Definitely a good podcast if you're wanting to improve your duck calling skills!


E15 - Randy Birdsong - Head Hunters TV

Fellow Outdoor Channel TV host, Randy Birdsong of Head Hunters TV joins Chad to discuss the hunting industry and more.


E14 - UFC Hall Of Famer Urijah Faber & Chad Mendes

We visited Urijah Faber's Ultimate Fitness gym in Sacramento, California to talk with "The California Kid" about his past MMA career and his new focus on mentoring new athletes on Team Alpha Male. Chad Mendes also joins the conversation to talk about his training routine and his upcoming fights. Visit:


E13 - Clay Guida - Professional MMA fighter

In between training sessions, Clay "The Carpenter" Guida sat down with Belding for a cool discussion on Clay's past and future UFC fights as well as the family life of the Carpenter. Clay trains with Team Alpha Male at Urijah Faber's Ultimate Fitness and has the reputation of being one of the most explosive and exciting fighters in all of Mixed Martial Arts! It was a pleasure to learn how truly humble Clay is. We hope you enjoy!


E12 - Terry Denmon - Founding partner of Mojo Outdoors

Chad is big on giving back as well as to paying homage to those who have given to him. When it comes to influence and mentorship, nobody has been more important in Chad’s career then Mr. Terry Demon, Founder and CEO of MOJO Outdoors. Terry sits down with Chad to cover his illustrious career, discuss his Hall of Fame Induction, talk about the current state of the hunting industry, as well as touch on a variety of other different topics. Terry helped revolutionize the way people chase and hunt...


E11 - Chad Ward, Competition Pitmaster Traeger Grills, Co-founder of Whiskey Bent BBQ

"BBQ is a great way to bring people from all walks of life together" –Chad Ward. Chad's outlook on life is very similar to ours as hunters. Chad’s passion for BBQ comes from his belief that it’s more than just food—it’s a language that everyone can understand. He’s co-founder of Whiskey Bent BBQ, a competitive BBQ team that is quickly running out of space in their trophy case. They’ve collected 7 state championship titles, 5 reserve state championship titles and over 200 top 10 overall and...


E10 - Leith Loftin - Nashville singer-songwriter publisher

This podcast has the feeling of sitting around a campfire telling stories and listening to music and guitar playing by Leith Loftin. Leith talks about the life of a musician in Nashville and his stories behind writing his songs like 50 Years Too Late, Wingman, When the Money's All Gone and other favorites. Find Leith on Instagram at @leithalweapon1