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Want to know what is the secret is to aging well? To live with quantity AND quality of life? To live independently, with vitality, vigour, energy, enthusiasm and complete love for your life? Well, there are hundreds of “secrets”, you can have both quantity and quality, and on 100 Not Out Dr Damian Kristof and wellness coach Marcus Pearce interview the people that are living their lives with all of the above.




Want to know what is the secret is to aging well? To live with quantity AND quality of life? To live independently, with vitality, vigour, energy, enthusiasm and complete love for your life? Well, there are hundreds of “secrets”, you can have both quantity and quality, and on 100 Not Out Dr Damian Kristof and wellness coach Marcus Pearce interview the people that are living their lives with all of the above.




100NO 558: 8 ways to slow your biological ageing

It is quite disgusting – and concerning – that research on slowing down biological ageing has descended to this. You’re about to listen to us take the mickey out of the latest findings in slowing down biological ageing, which were presented to the American Heart Association (AMA). Damo plays the role of research scientist and Marcus, well he dabbles in between AHA Chairman and heckler and host of the podcast! In any case, we hope you see just how flawed the mainstream recommendations are on what it takes to live a great, long life. Here’s just one article outlining this “groundbreaking” research.


100NO 557: The Highs & Lows of Christmas – Grinches not welcome

We are both self-proclaimed Christmas lovers. Carols, Christmas trees, the coming together of friends and family, and all that it means. But that’s not the case for everyone. Financial stress and family friction are just two factors that see a lot of people dreading this time of the year. Longevity cultures do special occasions in an extremely ceremonial manner. They are revered and treated with due respect. We touch on this in the context of our own upbringings in this Christmas edition of 100 Not Out.


100NO 556: The 6th Blue Zone + Live to 100 Review #5

Singapore has officially been unveiled as the 6th Blue Zone on planet earth, which makes our final instalment of our Live to 100 review even more poignant. In this conversation we discuss what makes Singapore so special … and the confidence it can give urban dwellers in living with quantity and quality of life. 2024 LONGEVITY EXPERIENCES – IKARIA AND SARDINIA Our small groups are taking shape for our trips to Ikaria and Sardinia in 2024. If you would love to join us then go to www.100notout.com for all the info.


100NO 555: Damo turns 50 and chats to 40 year old Damo

Damo is 50! (Well not quite at time of recording but he is now that you’re listening!) It was Damo turning 40 that had him say YES to starting the podcast 100 Not Out. And now, all these years later – what does Damo have to say to the younger version of himself? The answers may surprise you – we talk about the speed of life, the focus (or lack thereof) on movement, the amount of eating out we do in Australia, and the things we care – or stress – about. IKARIA & SARDINIA 2024 Perhaps you have a special birthday coming up?! Our trips to Ikaria and Sardinia are often birthday celebrations for attendees. We are in Ikaria August 22-31 and Sardinia September 1-10. All the details at 100notout.com


100NO 554: Genes, Gene Therapy & Longevity

Have certain members of the longevity movement lost their mind?! We’re quite taken aback by Dave Asprey’s invitation to his community to undergo Gene Therapy in a bid to prolong life. Follistain Gene Therapy to be exact, which he invites people to partake it at a cost of $US 25k. We’re not joking, you can see it all here It’s fair to say this approach to longevity – and gene therapy – completely goes against our ethos on 100 Not Out. In the comments of his post on Instagram, Dave tells naysayers that they are undergoing gene therapy every time they eat hot chips, and so we are already doing it anyway. He references epigenetics – the environment that we place our genes in – as the key. On that point we agree, however we take a more macro look at epigenetics, and reference our chat with Mimi Kirk on episode 11, where she took us through her family history, her genes, and her determination to live a lifestyle completely opposite to her family. 2024 Longevity Experience Care to join us in Ikaria and/or Sardinia in August & September 2024 for our 100 Not Out Longevity Experience? We’ve been going since 2016 and it’s fair to say these trips are a bucket lis trip of a lifetime. All the details at 100notout.com Image source: Instagram @dave.asprey


100NO 553: Breaking diet rules | To eat meat or go vegan | Inside Sardinia & Ikaria diets

Part 2 of Dr Damian Kristof’s recent presentation at our 100 Not Out Longevity Evening focuses on breaking the rules that we often get indoctrinated with. From honey and seed oils, to animal protein and vegan diets, Damo takes you in to the longevity hotspots of Ikaria and Sardinia to explore what they eat, why they eat it, how they prepare it and so much more. If you love all of this and want to experience the real thing with us in 2024, you’re invited to join us in Ikaria and Sardinia (pick one or both) for our 2024 100 Not Out Longevity Experience. All the details at www.100notout.com


100NO 552: Longevity Diets, Gluten & Blood Types with Dr Damian Kristof

Did you know that the Mediterranean diets of Ikaria and Sardinia are extremely different! In Ikaria you won’t find much pasta at all, and yet in Sardinia you will find it in spades. Sardinians love lamb and even eat horse! You won’t find a horse on Ikaria! Such differences open the conversation of what a longevity diet looks like – and what it doesn’t. This episode (and next weeks) features Dr Damian Kristof presenting at our recent 100 Not Out Longevity Evening in Melbourne. The last two weeks have been Marcus’s presentation around lifestyle. Today and next week focus heavily on nutrition. If all of this fascinates you as much as it does us, you’re invited to join us in Ikaria and Sardinia in 2024 for our next 100 Not Out Longevity Experience. Come to one or both longevity hotspots – all the details at www.100notout.com


100NO 551: Preventing Dementia the Ikaria & Sardinia Way – Live Recording Part 2

In Ikaria they experience 80% less dementia than the rest of the world. Not to mention 50% less heart disease and 20% less cancer. But today we look into dementia, as shared by Marcus in a recent 100 Not Out Longevity Evening. This recording from the event discusses some of the hidden clues that our lifestyle gives us – namely cholesterol and blood pressure, which are for many people precursors to dementia. To complete the Exceptional Life Quiz Marcus references – click here To find out more about our 2024 Longevity Experiences in Ikaria and Sardinia – click here.


100NO 550: Australia’s Longevity Crisis - Live Recording Part 1

We recently ran an evening event in Melbourne where we discussed some of our recent findings from our trip to Ikaria and Sardinia, the two European Blue Zones as discoverd by National Geographic and Dan Buettner neary 20 years ago. We start the evening discussing the confronting issue Aussies face – our longevity and the huge gap we experience in our quality of life in the final years. IKARIA & SARDINIA 2024 For all the details on our upcoming Longevity Experiences in 2024, head over to www.100notout.com


100NO 549: Getting ripped off - when supporting local goes too far

Damo has recently moved house and he’s been doing everything he can to spend his money in his new neighbourhood. New cafes, new grocers, new clothes stores, new everything! Including a new barber. Community is built on supporting each other – including financially – so when Damo visited his new barber only to be ripped off and have an average customer experience – well let’s just say it challenged Damo. What are the best ways to support local? And what do we do when it all goes a little pear-shaped? Ikaria & Sardinia 2024 Our Longevity Experiences to Ikaria and Sardinia are now taking expressions of interest. We head off in late August 2024 – to find out more and to express your interest go to www.100notout.com Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash


100NO 548: Damo’s Frustration - Live to 100 – Secrets of the Blue Zones Review Part 4

Damo’s not happy at the way the Nicoyan diet has been portrayed in Live to 100 – Secrets of the Blue Zones. “Let’s start off by saying they’re probably not using the Monsanto corn,” Damo begins. The way they produce and process their beans and corn is very different to the way we do it in the more modern world. And not only that, Damo’s angry that it’s been made so easy to replicate the diet local to the Nicoyans. All of this and more on part 4 of our review of Live to 100 – Secrets of the Blue Zones (which we really are big fans of on an overall basis). Ikaria 2024 and Sardinia 2024 are now open to enrolments If you’d like to join us in one or both of the European Blue Zones in 2024, you can now officially express your interest. Ikaria is August 22-31 and Sardinia September 1-10. Come to one, come to both. Just remember, group sizes are strictly limited and may be full by the time you see this. All the details at www.100notout.com Photo by Wouter Supardi Salari on Unsplash


100NO 547: Live to 100 - Secrets of the Blue Zones Review Part 3 - Ikaria

Part 3 of Live to 100 – Secrets of the Blue Zones is the one we have the biggest soft spot for. Not only does the series visit the village of where we stay during our Longevity Experience, but it features the people we spend time with each year and have come to know and love. So, putting to one side our bias due to our relationships, we discuss how Ikarians love herbal tea, wine, family, their gardens, and even being somewhat alternate. From painters who developed terminal cancer in their 60s and went on to live past 100, to nonagenarians who continue to live with a vibrancy that many of us have lost, this episode will reinvigorate your thirst for living. If you’re someone who wants to LIVE like an Ikarian with us for 10 days, then check out our 2024 Longevity Experience to the Greek island where people forget to die. And if you want even more, look at our trip to Sardinia as well. All the details at www.100notout.com


100NO 546: Secrets of the Blue Zones Review Part 2 – Sardinia & Loma Linda

Family, faith and food. These are the big topics we dive into on this second part of our review of Live to 100 – Secrets of the Blue Zones. If you haven’t watched the series on Netflix do not despair, there is plenty in here which we think is extremely relevant. We focus on Sardinia and Loma Linda.


100NO 545: Live to 100 - Secrets of the Blue Zones Review Part 1

The new Netfliex series Live to 100 – Secrets of the Blue Zones has given us some spine-tingling warm and fuzzies. If you haven’t watched it we recommend it highly! Today we discuss Episode 1, Okinawa. And more specifically – the role of purpose (Ikigai), purpose sweet potato, gardening and the power of a social peer group. If you love this type of conversation, we are coming together in Melbourne for 1 night only – Wednesday September 20. All the details are here. And then in 2024, we go to the Blue Zones ourseleves – returning to Ikaria for the 5th time and Sardinia for the 2nd. All the details at www.100notout.com


100NO 544: We’re coming to Melbourne! Longevity & Laughs on the menu

100 Not Out has been going strong for more than 10 years and it’s a little embarrassing to say that we have done more events overseas together than in Australia! That’s just not on! So on Wednesday, September 20, we are coming together in Melbourne for a 100 Not Out Lifestyle evening. We’d love to have you join us as we discuss – The What Ifs of Lifestyle, Longevity & Nutrition, including – Why our attitude to ageing is cutting more than a decade off our life. Why it’s important to be wary of the next trendy fad diet or exercise. The longevity crisis engulfing Australia that no one seems to be talking about. What to really focus on over the next 10-20 years in order to age gracefully. What to be wary of and not get sucked into as wellness brands and fad diets begin to go under. And so much more. To join us, simply click here and grab yourself a ticket!


100NO 543: 81-year-old triathlete & aerospace strategist Peter Smith

At 81 years of age, Peter Smith is Australia’s oldest Aerospace Strategist … but that is not the main reason why we are chatting to Peter today. You’re about to listen to a human being that has more pep and vigour for life than most people half or even a quarter of his age do. His secrets – or his superpowers – you could say, are his commitment to movement, to work that he loves to do, his pleasing personality, and insatiable curiosity – not to mention also his love of wine. Peter has known pain and grief – he is a widower after the death of his wife Marilyn in 2021 – and he has also known physical pain – having completed an insane 600 + triathlons! We chat to Peter about work, exercise, food, wine and love – and if you’re anything like us Peter Smith will make you smile, laugh, and maybe even shed a tear. You’ll find Peter in Adelaide at the Australian Masters Games competing in the triathlon. All the details on joining Peter or enrolling in another sport can be found at https://australianmastersgames.com/ Ikaria & Sardinia 2024 – Our 100 Not Out Longevity Experiences for 2024 are beginning to fill up. Ikaria is August 22-31 and Sardinia is September 1-10. For all the info go to www.100notout.com


100NO 542: The danger of mixing diets

If you’re on a low calorie diet, what happens if you put some Keto Crema on your coffee? If you’re low carb, what happens if you eat bread? On this episode we discuss the dangers of mixing diets. Having spent over 30 years helping people find what works for them, Damian shares his experiences and his learnings. This one not to be missed and one that you may choose to share with family and friends. Ikaria & Sardinia 2024 is happening! We are beginning to put our groups together – if you would like to join us, go to www.100notout.com for all the information. Photo by Jamie Matociños on Unsplash


100NO 541: People pleasing, identity and defining who we are

In our first recording back on Australian soil, we discuss the importance of making decisions that define who we truly are, rather than who people want us to be. We might wear many hats – child, sibling, spouse, golfer, netballer, accountant, friend, etc – but living congruently with who we are, and who we expect other people to be, is perhaps one of the most important elements of ageing gracefully. If you enjoy this episode and would like to learn more about our 2024 trips to Ikaria and Sardinia, please visit 100notout.com We also briefly mentioned 7-year cycles, which you can learn more about here.


100NO 540: Mediterranean Diets are NOT created equal!

For the last 5 weeks we’ve been sharing conversations we’ve been having in Ikaria and Sardinia with local elders as well as local authorities. Today we share with you a summary conversation we had together in Cala Gonone, a small coastal town in Sardinia where we worked for the last couple of days before returning to Australia. We discuss the Mediterranean Diet – and how it changes from Ikaria to Sardinia. We discuss the changing face of longevity (from an ancestral perspective), the Blue Zones and their futures (are the Blue Zones dead), and the generational change happening as centenarians and elders die and the younger generation takes over the baton of good health and good living. If this and our recent conversations have really resonated with you, consider joining us in 2024 in Ikaria or Sardinia, or both. All the details are at www.100notout.com


100NO 539: I live alone yet I am not lonely, with 91yo Ikarian elder Vasso

Community. It’s a word used all too often without the real power of what it represents. 91 year old Vasso shares with us just some of what she’s learnt living 91 years upon this year. One of 10 children, Vasso shares her insights on coastal living, gardening, her daily rituals, reading, nature, community, friends and family. If you have loved our chat with Vasso and would like to spend time with us in Ikaria and/or Sardinia in 2024, all the details of our 2024 Longevity Experiences are at www.100notout.com