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A weekly podcast speaking to coaches, consultants, therapists and healers from the conventional to the more wu wu, who share what inspired them to help others from either a mental, physical or spiritual perspective and how podcasting or guesting on podcasts can help them attract their dream clients.


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A weekly podcast speaking to coaches, consultants, therapists and healers from the conventional to the more wu wu, who share what inspired them to help others from either a mental, physical or spiritual perspective and how podcasting or guesting on podcasts can help them attract their dream clients.




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Strategies for Accelerated Personal and Professional Growth, Excellence, and Success

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com/podcast-profits Special Guest Tony J. Selimi In this podcast episode, host Karen Roberts engages in an insightful and thought-provoking conversation with the remarkable Tony J. Selimi. A true Renaissance figure, Tony's journey from adversity to empowerment serves as an inspiring testament to the potential of the human spirit. Tony J. Selimi’s life story is one of resilience and determination. Born in war-torn Yugoslavia during a tumultuous era, Tony's early experiences of inequality and injustice ignited a quest for understanding the deeper mysteries of life. Despite the horrors he witnessed during the Civil War, his unwavering belief in equality and the unity of all beings became his guiding light. Tony shares his extraordinary transition from dire circumstances to empowerment, revealing how he navigated homelessness upon arriving in London to eventually secure multiple jobs and pursue higher education. His unique blend of science and spirituality forms the foundation of his transformative approach to helping individuals reshape their lives and unlock their fullest potential. Tony J. Selimi’s impactful work spans across various books, including A Path to Wisdom, Hashtag Loneliness, and The Unfakeable Code. He unveils the profound insights contained within The Unfakeable Code, a book born out of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Tony explains the book's title and methodology, which empowers individuals to navigate uncertainty by shedding masks and embracing authenticity. He highlights the importance of exploring the unknown, finding mentors and guides to navigate challenges, and parenting with conscious awareness. Tony's philosophy of holistic well-being underscores the interconnectedness of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of healing, leading to a more harmonious existence. Tony delves into the transformative potential of conscious leadership, urging a shift from divisive and fear-based approaches to leadership that prioritizes empathy, compassion, and unity. He emphasizes the role of authenticity, vulnerability, and heart-centered decision-making in creating positive societal change. Drawing parallels between conventional education and holistic learning, Tony envisions a world where individuals are empowered to realize their true potential. He discusses the consequences of choices based on lies, as exemplified by the Brexit decision, and advocates for heart-centered leadership that fosters collaboration and inclusivity. Tony provides captivating insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI). He reflects on AI's evolution from science fiction to reality, highlighting its potential to overtake human intelligence and reshape various industries. Tony shares his observations of AI's current capabilities and predicts monumental changes within the next 10 years, cautioning against complacency and emphasizing the need for responsible development and regulation. He underscores the intricate interplay between AI and human consciousness, envisioning a future where AI amplifies human potential and creativity while advocating for continuous education and growth. As the inaugural episode draws to a close, listeners are left with a profound sense of empowerment and possibility. Tony J. Selimi's journey from adversity to empowerment, his unique blend of science and spirituality, and his insights into conscious leadership and AI's impact provide a rich tapestry of inspiration and guidance. The episode concludes with a call to embrace authenticity, navigate the uncharted waters of life with curiosity, and unlock the extraordinary potential that resides within each individual. Thank you for joining us for this transformative conversation with Tony J. Selimi on The Coffee with Karen podcast. Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for future episodes where we explore a wide range of topics, from personal...


Hope after Loss

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com/podcast-profits Special Guest Frances O’Brien Our guest for this episode is the remarkable Frances O'Brien, a certified hypnotherapist, advanced emotional freedom technique therapist, and counselor. With over a decade of dedication, Frances has been guiding individuals through the intricate journey of grief, helping them find hope amidst profound loss. Frances shares her personal transformation from a profound fear of death, rooted in her father's early passing, to becoming an advocate of healing and hope. Her journey was shaped by a college class exploring death through literature, music, and film, as well as volunteering at a suicide helpline, support group, and hospice. The hosts, Karen and Frances, discuss how our society struggles to address the inevitability of death, leaving us unprepared to support those in grief. Grief, they highlight, is a unique and intricate process influenced by various factors. Open conversations about grief are emphasized as crucial. The conversation delves into the spiritual dimension of death, with Frances sharing her belief in death as a transition rather than an end. The interconnectedness of science and spirituality is explored, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of death. Frances introduces the concept of death doulas, guiding both the departing and their loved ones through a peaceful transition. Frances is working on two books, "Finding Hope After Loss" and "Giving Hope After Loss," offering guidance for navigating grief and supporting others. The episode concludes with a poignant reminder of the importance of open conversations about death and grief, fostering a culture of support and understanding. In a profound segment, Karen and Frances explore the connection between human experience and the spiritual realm. They discuss embracing the spiritual connection that remains after a loved one transitions, and delve into Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) rooted in ancient Eastern beliefs. EFT and acupuncture's convergence of science and spirituality is reflected upon, along with the power of the subconscious mind and hypnotherapy for healing. The hosts emphasize healing from within and the correlation between physical and mental well-being. They explore societal conditioning, self-imposed limitations, and the value of hypnotherapy in addressing deep-rooted issues. The segment closes with a reminder to practice self-compassion and embrace different paths to healing. The final segment centers on personal growth, self-discovery, and positive transformation. The hosts discuss the role of hindsight, the desire to control the future, and the power of the subconscious mind. Frances shares insights on hypnosis and its transformative potential. Listeners are encouraged to embrace their inner strength, recognize their potential, and connect with Frances for tools and techniques. Subscribe, like, and share The Coffee with Karen podcast for insightful conversations that illuminate the path to holistic healing and growth. Until next time, may your journey be guided by self-awareness and the infinite potential within. You can connect with Frances: https://www.facebook.com/relieveyourmind https://www.linkedin.com/in/frances-o-brien-photo-by-liz-barlak-19749710/ https://www.instagram.com/frances_obrien_cht/ https://twitter.com/RelieveYourMin1 https://relieveyourmind.com/ Your Host Karen Roberts At Mintwave Radio Station and the ‘Raising Vibrations’ podcast network on Podbean, we provide a comprehensive range of services to coaches, consultants, therapists, healers, and experts who want to share their message with a wider audience. Our offerings include a complete podcast production service and an advanced AI-powered sales and marketing system that takes care of lead generation and nurturing for online course sales. We assist our clients in designing, creating, marketing, and selling their courses...


Designing and Living your Dream Life

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com/podcast-profits Special Guest Steve Bacon In this episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast, host Karen Roberts engages in a compelling conversation with Steve Bacon, a renowned life coach and master of personal development. The episode delves into Steve's inspiring journey, from overcoming adversity to achieving empowerment and success. The hosts discuss the significance of self-realization and the journey to uncover one's untapped potential. Drawing parallels to the teaching methods of Jesus, they emphasize the importance of arriving at one's own conclusions and understanding. Steve and Karen explore the profound impact of belief systems on personal growth. They challenge the conventional approach of external advice and evidence, highlighting the necessity of inner conviction and self-discovery. The conversation shifts to the influence of materialism in Western culture and its role in attraction marketing. Steve discusses how material desires can lead individuals to deeper self-improvement work, transcending surface-level attractions. Steve challenges traditional coping mechanisms and suggests that true healing involves addressing deep-seated issues. He introduces the "You Ain't Shit Principle," emphasizing the impact of societal conditioning on self-worth and success. The hosts underscore the importance of unraveling unconscious decisions made in childhood for personal growth. Karen and Steve discuss the duality of perspectives that shape the world, exploring the role of fear-driven constructs and conditioning. They highlight the influence of education and media in perpetuating societal norms and challenge listeners to define and design their desired lifestyles. The hosts address doubt, worry, and fear as obstacles to living one's dream life. Steve encourages listeners to challenge ingrained beliefs and societal norms, emphasizing the importance of simplicity, authenticity, and embracing childlike qualities. Karen and Steve emphasize the importance of embracing personal transformation and prioritizing self-care. They discuss the shift in collective consciousness and the acceptance of concepts rooted in quantum physics and spiritual growth. The hosts inspire listeners to focus on self-discovery and authenticity for a fulfilled life. The episode concludes with a passionate call to challenge perspectives, embrace change, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Steve's empowering message resonates as a reminder that personal growth and transformation lie within one's power. Tune in to the Coffee with Karen podcast for more enlightening discussions and insights into personal development, entrepreneurship, and living a life of purpose and fulfillment. You can connect with Steve: https://www.facebook.com/bacon.bits.5 https://www.linkedin.com/in/belieftheoryceo/ https://www.instagram.com/coachstevebacon https://www.coachstevebacon.com/ Your Host Karen Roberts At Mintwave Radio Station and the ‘Raising Vibrations’ podcast network on Podbean, we provide a comprehensive range of services to coaches, consultants, therapists, healers, and experts who want to share their message with a wider audience. Our offerings include a complete podcast production service and an advanced AI-powered sales and marketing system that takes care of lead generation and nurturing for online course sales. We assist our clients in designing, creating, marketing, and selling their courses through various strategies such as educational funnels, podcast funnels, appointment funnels, sales pages, and membership areas. Our “Done 4 you” service encompasses editing podcasts, optimizing sound quality by removing filler words, crafting engaging show notes, producing intros and outros, creating podcast ads and snippets for social media marketing, and helping our clients achieve their first 50,000 downloads. ATTN: Coaches, Consultants & Experts STUCK at 5-10k Months,...


From Introvert to Influential

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com/podcast-profits Special Guest JK Shaulis Host Karen Roberts engages in a captivating conversation with JK Shaulis, an influential figure, bestselling author, and dynamic speaker known as "The Excitable Introvert." Throughout the episode, JK Shaulis's transformative journey from introversion to empowerment takes center stage. Drawing from her diverse background as an award-winning performer, newspaper columnist, broadcast journalist, and college instructor, JK Shaulis founded Awesome Enterprises, LLC. The discussion challenges common misconceptions about introverts and extroverts, highlighting the unique strengths introverts possess for excelling in leadership and public speaking roles. The episode unfolds as a journey of self-discovery, as JK Shaulis shares her experiences as a quiet yet ambitious child, unearthing her true potential through authenticity. The hosts emphasize the importance of stepping out of comfort zones to foster personal and professional growth. Nuances of introversion and the power of authentic communication are explored. The hosts shed light on how introverts can manage interaction overwhelm by creating intentional breaks, facilitating more profound one-on-one engagements. They discuss introverts' remarkable ability to excel in patron-facing roles by leveraging their observation skills and deep connections. The conversation delves into the impact of societal perceptions on individual behavior, with insights into the complexities of introversion in diverse contexts such as race and family dynamics. The hosts advocate for self-awareness, trusting instincts, and breaking free from societal limitations to unleash impactful contributions. An emphasis is placed on fostering genuine connections and collaborations, with anecdotes highlighting introverts' unique ability to pick up on subtle cues and connections often missed by others. The hosts stress the potential for harmonious relationships through understanding and appreciating the intricacies of introversion. Exploring the origins of introversion, the hosts pose thought-provoking questions about its development and its interplay with societal norms. The implications of research and the approach to "fixing" introversion are discussed, offering a fresh perspective on the topic. The podcast concludes with an invitation for listeners to connect with JK Shaulis where resources and insights await. Her book, "Yes, Introverts Can," is introduced, showcasing the achievements of introverted trailblazers and providing actionable insights for embracing introversion. Listeners are left empowered with the understanding that embracing their authentic introverted selves can lead to impactful and meaningful lives, fostering positive interactions and collaborations. You can connect with JK Shaulis: https://www.facebook.com/JKShaulis https://www.instagram.com/JKShaulis/ https://twitter.com/JKShaulis https://www.linkedin.com/in/JKShaulis http://iEmbraceAwesome.com Your Host Karen Roberts At Mintwave Radio Station and the ‘Raising Vibrations’ podcast network on Podbean, we provide a comprehensive range of services to coaches, consultants, therapists, healers, and experts who want to share their message with a wider audience. Our offerings include a complete podcast production service and an advanced AI-powered sales and marketing system that takes care of lead generation and nurturing for online course sales. We assist our clients in designing, creating, marketing, and selling their courses through various strategies such as educational funnels, podcast funnels, appointment funnels, sales pages, and membership areas. Our “Done 4 you” service encompasses editing podcasts, optimizing sound quality by removing filler words, crafting engaging show notes, producing intros and outros, creating podcast ads and snippets for social media marketing, and helping our clients achieve their...


Jumpstart Your Business

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com/podcast-profits Special Guest Katrina Sawa In Episode 190 of our podcast, we engage in a thought-provoking discussion with Katrina, a seasoned business and marketing coach, and a 12-time international bestselling author. Our host, Karen Roberts, delves into Katrina's remarkable journey, from humble beginnings selling ice cream to becoming an influential figure in advertising sales and business coaching. Katrina's foray into entrepreneurship was ignited by her natural sales acumen, leading her to excel in advertising sales. Witnessing the marketing challenges faced by fellow business owners ignited her passion for helping others navigate the intricacies of effective marketing strategies. The conversation delves into the unique challenges faced by new entrepreneurs, especially coaches and therapists, as they transition from qualification to attracting clients. Katrina provides valuable insights into the evolving marketing landscape, stressing the importance of selecting strategies that align with individual personalities and strengths. A key takeaway from our conversation is Katrina's emphasis on choosing a focused marketing approach, a "lane" that resonates with your strengths. Stepping beyond comfort zones, particularly in crucial aspects like setting rates and mastering sales conversations, is essential for fostering business growth. We explore Katrina's journey to becoming a bestselling author, unveiling her gradual progression from contributing chapters to compilation books to penning her own full-length works. Her experience highlights the transformative power of determination and persistence. As the conversation evolves, Katrina imparts sage advice on overcoming overwhelm and attaining clarity in business endeavors. She advocates for concentrating on core strategies while gradually incorporating advanced techniques, a recipe for sustainable growth and long-term success. Katrina's insights into the impact of frequent book releases are illuminating. Enhanced visibility, expanded email lists, and media features like TV appearances and podcasts are just a few of the benefits authors can enjoy. By repurposing content, authors can effortlessly create valuable resources, expanding their reach and audience engagement. We explore the synergy between books and courses, exemplified by Katrina's book "Jumpstart Your New Business Now." This seamless transition from book content to course material underscores the flexibility and versatility of leveraging written works for educational purposes. Katrina encourages authors to create books with diverse lessons, tailoring each to address specific challenges and solutions. By catering to various audiences, authors can attract readers seeking specialized guidance, thereby expanding their impact effectively. A recurring theme throughout our discussion is the importance of intuition and striking a balance between "being" and "doing" in entrepreneurial ventures. Katrina's personal journey underscores the benefits of intuitive work and mindful decision-making, offering a fresh perspective on business growth. Katrina introduces the concept of collaborative book projects, where authors collaborate to create compilation books. This innovative approach simplifies the publishing process while amplifying collective influence, resulting in wider reach and greater impact. In summary, Katrina's insights shed light on embracing diversity, avoiding overcomplication of strategies, and the power of collaboration. Her advice encompasses essential aspects of entrepreneurship, including marketing, book publishing, and personal development. Listeners are encouraged to trust their intuition, seek guidance from mentors, and adopt a proactive approach to business growth. Katrina's expertise serves as a guiding light for aspiring entrepreneurs and authors, offering actionable strategies for expanding influence and achieving...


How to get your brain to actually WORK while at work!

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com/podcast-profits Special Guest Ryan J Mayer In a thought-provoking episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast, Ryan Mayer and Karen Roberts engage in a candid conversation that challenges preconceived notions about ADHD and encourages listeners to embrace their unique cognitive attributes. At the heart of their discussion lies the groundbreaking concept put forth by Dr. Ned Hollowell and Dr. Ratey in their book "ADHD 2.0," suggesting that ADHD should be seen as a trait rather than a disorder. The conversation kicks off with an exploration of the analogy proposed by Dr. Hollowell and Dr. Ratey, drawing parallels between ADHD and inherent traits like height. This fresh perspective revolutionizes the traditional understanding of ADHD, shifting the focus from deficiency to diversity. By likening ADHD to something as inherent and unchangeable as height, Ryan and Karen inspire listeners to celebrate their ADHD as an integral part of their identity, complete with its own set of strengths and virtues. The dynamic duo delves into the multifaceted nature of ADHD, acknowledging that strengths and challenges coexist within this cognitive trait. Ryan generously shares his personal journey of leveraging his strengths and building a supportive team to flourish in his career. This narrative resonates with Karen's experiences, reinforcing the idea that the right path often aligns with one's inherent strengths and passions. A significant theme emerges as Ryan and Karen underline the importance of unconditional self-acceptance. They drive home the message that a person's worth transcends professional performance, urging listeners to embrace their individuality without judgment. Ryan's revelation about the limitations of the corporate world in assessing human value serves as a powerful reminder that true fulfillment comes from holistic growth, encompassing personal passions, meaningful relationships, and self-discovery. Listeners are invited to explore Ryan's wealth of resources, accessible through platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. He introduces a groundbreaking text message-based course tailored to provide daily guidance, practical takeaways, and strategic solutions for navigating the challenges often associated with ADHD. A special treat awaits Coffee with Karen listeners as Ryan offers an exclusive 30% discount, using the code "Karen30," to access this transformative course. In a poignant conclusion, Ryan and Karen reflect on the silver linings that emerged from the lockdown period. They highlight the increased awareness and reassessment of life's priorities as positive outcomes of challenging times. The episode wraps up with heartfelt gratitude and a call to action for listeners to embark on a journey of self-acceptance, tapping into their potential, and uncovering their unique strengths. To engage in this enlightening conversation and embark on a transformative journey of embracing individuality, cultivating strengths, and fostering self-love, listeners are encouraged to tune into the Coffee with Karen podcast. Through Ryan and Karen's dynamic dialogue, a path towards holistic self-discovery and empowerment awaits. You can connect with Ryan: https://www.facebook.com/ADHDcoachRyan/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanmayerpeopleconnector/ https://www.instagram.com/adhd_coach_ryanmayer/ https://twitter.com/adhd_coach_ryan https://ryanmayercoaching.com/ Your Host Karen Roberts At Mintwave Radio Station and the 'Raising Vibrations' podcast network on Podbean, we provide a comprehensive range of services to coaches, consultants, therapists, healers, and experts who want to share their message with a wider audience. Our offerings include a complete podcast production service and an advanced AI-powered sales and marketing system that takes care of lead generation and nurturing for online course sales. We assist our clients in designing, creating,...


Attract the Love You Desire

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com/podcast-profits Special Guest Kristi Price In this enlightening podcast episode, we are honored to be joined by the remarkable Kristi Price – a certified matchmaker, dating coach, and a beacon of success mindset expertise. Together, we embark on a captivating journey into the art of attracting the love you desire, a journey that resonates deeply with many hearts. As our conversation unfolds, we unravel the intricate world of modern dating – a blend of excitement and uncertainty that often tugs at our emotions. Kristi shares her own personal voyage, one marked by a life-altering divorce that set her on a transformative path within the realm of relationships. Driven by empathy and a spiritual perspective, she has since dedicated herself to guiding others in their pursuit of genuine love. Kristi's wisdom traverses the landscapes of both online and offline dating, acknowledging the unique allure and challenges that each avenue presents. Together, we explore the profound power of energy and intention within the realms of the law of attraction. A deep understanding emerges – the energy we radiate shapes the quality of connections we draw into our lives. This revelation prompts us to embrace vulnerability and self-awareness as the cornerstones of this transformative process. In our discourse, we attentively address the notion of red flags – those subtle, often overlooked signals that can potentially steer us away from misaligned paths. Kristi expertly offers pragmatic advice on spotting these indicators early on, arming us with the tools to avert heartache and wasted time. With astute insights, we navigate the labyrinth of modern dating, demystifying misconceptions and illuminating a pathway to empowered navigation. Delving deeper, our conversation probes the fears and reservations that may hinder our quest for meaningful relationships. The world of online dating, while convenient, is not without its pitfalls. Kristi delves into concerns surrounding scammers, deceptive profiles, and personal safety, imparting invaluable guidance to ensure a secure and enriching experience. As we step into the realm of singles, especially those emerging from long-term relationships, apprehensions may loom large. The fear of attracting the wrong partner or retracing past mistakes can be paralyzing. Kristi champions the essence of self-love and healing, asserting them as vital prerequisites to embarking on wholesome and fulfilling connections. Drawing from her own profound transformation, she stands testament to the incredible potency of personal growth. This conversation's echoes resound through all aspects of life, transcending dating and encapsulating the universality of the law of attraction. We venture into the territories of forgiveness, releasing the burdens of yesteryears, and the paramount significance of leading with love. As we courageously embrace vulnerability and authenticity, the potential for profound connections and enduring love materializes before us. Kristi Price's journey – from personal tribulations to emerging as a luminous guide of hope and direction – serves as an inspiring call to embark upon a path of self-discovery and intentional connections. Tune in to this episode to be embraced by insights that seamlessly bridge the practical expanse of dating advice with the profound frontiers of personal growth. Whether you seek love or aspire for personal evolution, Kristi's words chart a roadmap to enrich your journey. Join us for this enlightening and empowering conversation that has the power to transform the trajectory of your own narrative. You can connect with Kristi: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristidprice/ https://www.instagram.com/matchmakerkristidprice https://www.kpmatchmaking.com/ Your Host Karen Roberts At Mintwave Radio Station and the 'Raising Vibrations' podcast network on Podbean, we provide a comprehensive range of services to...


Reinventing Yourself After a Tragedy

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com Special Guest Lori Keesey Welcome to an extraordinary episode of our podcast! Today, we are thrilled to have Lori Keesley, an accomplished author and inspirational blogger, joining us. Lori's journey of reinvention after a devastating tragedy is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Get ready for a heartfelt conversation as she shares her personal story and imparts valuable insights on finding redemption and meaning in the face of despair. Lori's passion for storytelling was ignited at a young age when she impressed her first-grade teacher with a short story about lost puppies. Inspired by Harper Lee's masterpiece, "To Kill a Mockingbird," she dreamt of creating captivating characters like Scout. Now, after years of devouring countless novels, Lori is on the verge of releasing her debut novel, "Always Think of Me," a unique love story exploring life's purpose and second chances. However, tragedy struck Lori's family with the sudden loss of their oldest son, shattering their world and forcing them to confront unimaginable grief. Join us as Lori candidly shares the emotional turmoil that followed and the invaluable lessons she learned along the way. From the shock of his passing to the painful realization of how a compromised immune system led to his untimely demise, she takes us through the challenging journey her family endured. Throughout this remarkable conversation, Lori emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and moving forward. She delves into the complexities of grief, touching on denial, anger, and regret, while highlighting the need to allow these emotions to pass naturally. By openly sharing her own story, Lori hopes to inspire empathy and help others navigate their own grief journeys. The conversation also explores the power of unexpected connections and the role they play in our healing process. Lori shares her own encounter with the host, underlining the significance of these encounters and the spice they bring to our existence. By sharing stories, we can find solace and understanding in the experiences of others. Moreover, Lori addresses the lack of awareness and societal discomfort surrounding grief, shedding light on how individuals can become stuck in their pain without proper support. Through her blog, "The Accidental Blogger," she strives to create a safe space where inspiring stories of resilience and triumph over adversity can be shared, fostering empathy and helping others navigate their own grief. As the conversation unfolds, Lori's faith emerges as a powerful source of healing and acceptance. She reflects on the devastating impact of the opioid crisis on grieving families and shares her belief in the healing power of spirituality. Her unwavering faith has allowed her to find solace and embrace the belief that her son's time on Earth was a precious gift from a higher power. Prepare to be moved and inspired as you listen to Lori's raw and poignant journey of reinvention after tragedy. Her personal experience serves as a reminder that forgiveness, understanding, and the willingness to share our stories can bring solace to those navigating the difficult path of grief. Don't miss this insightful and heartfelt conversation on reinventing oneself after a tragedy. So, tune in now and embark on this transformative journey of healing and the power of empathy. Discover how the guest's personal journey can empower you to find your own purpose, leave a lasting legacy, and navigate the twists and turns of life with courage and resilience. Get ready to be inspired! You can connect with Lori: FB https://www.facebook.com/ljkeesey Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/lori-keesey-4222081/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/keesey.lori Twitter https://twitter.com/LoriKeesey Your Host Karen Roberts At Mintwave Radio Station and the 'Raising Vibrations' podcast network on Podbean, we provide a comprehensive range of...


Conquer your stress and discover who you really are

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com Special Guest Dr. Kathy Gruver Welcome to an inspiring episode of The Coffee with Karen podcast! Today, we are honored to be joined by the remarkable Dr. Kathy Gruver, a true embodiment of wisdom and vitality. With an impressive background spanning over three decades in MINDBODY medicine and human behavior, Kathy is not just an award-winning author, but also a dynamic professional speaker, certified coach, and a force to be reckoned with. Her journey has taken her across continents, cruise ships, and even to the prestigious world of TEDx talks. Beyond her impressive accolades, Kathy's journey is a testament to her resilience and determination. From her early days discovering her dual passions for acting and healing, she embraced a nonlinear path that eventually led her to a fulfilling career in holistic well-being. Her ability to say "yes" to life's opportunities propelled her through diverse experiences, from Hollywood to Santa Barbara, and expanded her expertise to include reiki, homeopathy, hypnosis, and more. Today, Kathy brings her wealth of knowledge to our podcast, delving into the omnipresent challenge of stress in our modern lives. In a world fueled by gadgets, gizmos, and ceaseless connectivity, stress has become a constant companion. Her insights shine a light on the crucial practice of acknowledging stress while mastering our reactions to it. Drawing parallels between stress and our innate fight-or-flight response, she offers guidance on reshaping our narrative and finding balance. Mindfulness emerges as a powerful tool as Kathy shares the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. By embracing the present moment and accepting its essence, we gain the ability to transform our reactions to stressors, fostering positive outcomes. The conversation also navigates through the profound impact of stress on various dimensions of our lives, highlighting its influence on relationships, financial health, and self-image. In the era of social media dominance, Kathy and Karen explore the shadow side of technology, underscoring the importance of self-awareness and establishing boundaries to safeguard our mental well-being. Kathy's journey from actress to healing expert underscores the multifaceted nature of true health, emphasizing the integration of mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects for a vibrant life. As we wrap up this enlightening episode, Kathy invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-care. By recognizing our unique stress triggers and understanding our individual responses, we gain the tools to conquer stress and live authentically. Kathy delves deeper into the crucial realm of self-awareness, shedding light on how external influences often lead us to relinquish our power to outside authorities. The conversation centers on the foundation of personal growth – introspection. By looking within, we can recognize the signs of stress that manifest physically and behaviorally. The rise of social media and digital distractions, while offering connectivity, has diminished genuine self-awareness. Our host urges listeners to reconnect with the present moment and prioritize their inner well-being over external validation. The concept of internal family systems takes center stage, offering a new lens through which to view our behaviors and reactions. Through relatable examples, the host illustrates how various ego states or "parts" influence our actions. The key lies in understanding and harmonizing these parts for a balanced life. Balancing ego states proves pivotal; embracing the multifaceted aspects of our personalities fosters equilibrium. Kathy shares personal anecdotes that shed light on the intricate nature of ego states, demonstrating how they trigger different behaviors and even alter handwriting. The interaction between these states and their potential to lead to misunderstandings and conflicts is explored. The segment delves into...


Intuition with Tarot and Coaching

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com Special Guest Denise Richards In this captivating episode of our podcast, Karen welcomes a special guest, Denise Richards, who is not only a psychic medium coach but also a hypnotherapist. Together, they embark on a fascinating exploration of intuition, tarot, and coaching, diving deep into the realms of self-discovery and personal transformation. Denise begins by sharing her own extraordinary journey, which started with a life-altering road accident at the age of 14. This accident awakened Denise's innate ability to see auras and tap into the energy field surrounding the body, both on an emotional and archetypal level. Despite initially repressing her intuitive gifts, the trauma from the accident persisted. It was through the guidance of a chiropractor that Denise discovered reflexology, igniting her fascination with energy healing. Karen emphasizes the importance of treating the body holistically, acknowledging that humans are complex beings comprised of mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects. The conversation takes an intriguing turn as they delve into the shifting paradigm of recognizing intuition and energy as fundamental parts of our existence, supported by scientific advancements and the principles of quantum physics. The hosts then delve into the power of accessing our higher selves and intuition. They challenge the conditioning that has led us to disregard our inner voice and hand over our power to external forces. Instead, they advocate for trusting our intuition and gut feelings, highlighting how these internal compasses can guide us in profound and meaningful ways. Meditation and the alpha brain frequency emerge as potent tools in quieting the ego mind and accessing the intuitive state. The discussion emphasizes the importance of raising one's vibration through practices like meditation and hypnotherapy. To illustrate the potency of intuition, Karen and Denise share personal anecdotes that demonstrate its remarkable abilities. One particular example involves using meditation to tap into higher consciousness, leading to the retrieval of a lost mobile phone. They also address the common challenges people face with meditation, such as the notorious "monkey mind" and the struggle to quiet racing thoughts. Introducing the Joe Dispenza Silver Method, they present a unique approach that involves using meditation to solve problems and engage the mind, thereby enabling the manifestation of goals and dreams. The conversation takes an intriguing turn as the hosts explore the use of tarot cards in coaching sessions. They discuss how tarot can serve as a powerful tool for gaining additional insights and intuition when making important decisions, whether in business negotiations or career advancements. Tarot cards can reveal timing, energies, and archetypal fears tied to the questions at hand. To illustrate this, they share a compelling case study of a client who had subconscious limiting beliefs about her worth, hindering her from attaining a promotion. Through tarot readings and hypnosis, she was able to break free from those beliefs and achieve the career advancement she desired. Throughout this captivating episode, the hosts highlight the vital importance of trusting one's intuition, accessing the higher self, and incorporating practices like meditation and tarot to gain deeper insights and overcome limiting beliefs. They offer a compelling invitation to explore the profound potential that lies within each of us, waiting to be unleashed. But that's not all! The conversation delves further into the techniques used in healing and overcoming limiting beliefs, shedding light on their applicability in healing trauma and anxiety. The hosts discuss various methods, such as reading a person's aura, utilizing cards, and unraveling blockages, all of which facilitate opening up and sharing experiences. This approach proves to be more targeted...


From Leads to Sales: Mastering YT Advertising and Business Challenges

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com Special Guest Marcus Svedin Welcome to The Coffee with Karen podcast! Get ready for an enlightening and inspiring episode as we dive into the world of YouTube ads and entrepreneurship with our special guest, Marcus Svedina, a YouTube ads specialist and co-founder of Titan Marketer. In this episode (Episode 184), Marcus shares his incredible journey from being an industrial electrician to venturing into advertising after a knee injury. Alongside his partner Ben, Marcus has helped over 500 business owners add six to seven figures to their businesses through the power of YouTube ads. Join us as Marcus opens up about the challenges they faced when starting their own business, including a significant income drop and the temptation to give up. Discover how they persevered, burning all bridges and continuing to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Marcus reflects on the rollercoaster of emotions, the late nights, and the sacrifices made to turn their business around. You'll be inspired by their resilience and determination in the face of adversity. The conversation takes an exciting turn as Marcus compares YouTube advertising to Facebook advertising, highlighting the superior targeting capabilities and untapped potential of YouTube. Learn how YouTube ads allow for precise targeting based on user behavior, interests, and search terms, providing a unique opportunity to reach the right audience. Discover the quality of traffic on YouTube, where users actively seek answers and solutions, making your ads more authentic and relatable to viewers hungry for authenticity and truth. You'll be relieved to hear that professional-looking ads are not necessary – being genuine is what truly matters. But that's not all! The hosts of The Coffee with Karen podcast also share their personal experiences with creating YouTube ads, including a story of a simple ad that generated six figures in just two months. They debunk misconceptions and fears surrounding YouTube ads, encouraging you to overcome the fear of being on camera and highlighting the importance of authenticity in your content. Learn how to create effective YouTube ad campaigns, optimize your sales process, and convert traffic into leads through their coaching approach. Discover their profitable sales funnel, where they run YouTube traffic to a landing page offering training on YouTube ads, and convert interested viewers into valuable clients. In addition to the YouTube ads discussion, this episode also delves into the often-overlooked importance of understanding the sales process. The hosts stress the necessity for business owners to learn sales and how it can positively impact their success. Gain valuable insights into dealing with objections, the significance of pricing, and the role of self-valuation. They recommend two impactful books that have helped them increase profitability and provide practical advice for applying the knowledge to your own sales efforts. Overall, this episode of The Coffee with Karen podcast is a goldmine of knowledge, inspiration, and actionable tips for entrepreneurs, marketers, and professionals in the helping industry. Tune in to learn from Marcus Svedina, a YouTube ads specialist, as he shares his journey, the power of YouTube advertising, and the rewards of embracing new opportunities. Gain insights from the hosts' experiences, overcome your fears, and unlock the potential of YouTube ads and the sales process. Get ready to take your business to new heights! You can connect with Marcus: FB https://www.facebook.com/marcussvedinofficial Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcus-svedin-68405a126/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/marcussvedinofficial/ Website https://titanmarketer.com/services/funnel/home/ Your Host Karen Roberts At Mintwave Radio Station and the 'Raising Vibrations' podcast network on Podbean, we provide a comprehensive range of services to coaches,...


A Peak Performance Power Process

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com Special Guest Todd Taylor ​​Welcome to another captivating episode of our podcast! In this episode, we have a special guest, Todd Taylor, who is an esteemed business success and mental fitness coach. Todd will be sharing his invaluable insights on the peak performance power process. Todd Taylor is an expert in identifying the saboteurs that hinder personal growth. He takes a process-driven approach, delving into the root causes rather than just addressing the symptoms. By doing so, he helps individuals cultivate new habits and tap into the dormant powers that lie within all of us. Prepare to be inspired as Todd shares his intriguing backstory. From a business venture after high school to discovering his potential in video production and marketing, Todd's journey is filled with valuable lessons. Drawing inspiration from his father's experience in the industry, he ventured into various business ventures, including digital marketing and DVD authoring. He even had the opportunity to work with renowned fitness expert Billy Blanks. Recently, Todd made a transition to coaching, driven by his desire to unlock people's hidden potential. Through his own transformative experience with the Positive Intelligence program, he discovered a powerful tool to address the ten saboteurs that affect our happiness and success. These saboteurs, ingrained survival mechanisms from childhood, often hinder personal growth without our awareness. Todd emphasizes the importance of empowering individuals to shape their future and choose happiness. In this episode, Karen and Todd delve into the concept of saboteurs and sage powers. They highlight the significance of recognizing and addressing negative emotions that we all possess, such as anxiety, stress, anger, or depression. On the flip side, they discuss the sage powers within us, including empathy, curiosity, innovation, navigation, and activation with clear focus. By going through a specific process, individuals can label and anchor their saboteurs, effectively shifting to a sage perspective. This rewiring of neurological pathways enables automatic reactions that move from saboteur to sage, allowing us to discover gifts and opportunities in every situation. To illustrate the power of sage perspective, the hosts share a captivating Chinese fable called the white stallion story. This tale underscores the unpredictability of events and teaches us not to judge whether something is good or bad. It reinforces the idea that there are gifts and opportunities in everything, a key lesson taught by sage perspective. The hosts also discuss the challenge of taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, rather than getting caught up in the moment's story. They acknowledge that humans are emotional beings, and transitioning from saboteur mode to sage perspective can be difficult. However, they introduce a program that helps individuals develop three core muscles: saboteur interceptor, sage perspective, and self-command (meditation). This combination of mental and physical techniques serves as a pattern interrupt, allowing individuals to be more present and shift their focus from negative to positive. By practicing and changing the neurological pathways in the brain, one can choose their reactions to thoughts and emotions. Throughout the episode, the hosts present scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of the program. They mention MRI scans showing a decrease in gray brain matter in the left quadrant and an increase in the right quadrant, indicating the shift from saboteurs to sage perspective. Over 500,000 people, including CEOs, Stanford students, and Fortune 100 companies, have benefited from this approach, further emphasizing its effectiveness. In summary, this episode explores the power of recognizing and addressing negative emotions, rewiring the brain through specific techniques, and embracing the sage perspective...


How to Overcome Victim Mindset

Host Karen Roberts - https://karenrobertscoaching.com Special Guest Matt Findora In today's show, we have a very special guest, Matt Findora, a mindset coach who will be sharing invaluable insights on how to overcome the victim mindset. Matt's journey from being a former US Marine Corps air traffic controller to becoming a mindset coach is truly inspiring. He now devotes his life to coaching young men and helping them overcome the victim mindset, allowing them to achieve their purposeful life goals. In this episode, Matt opens up about his personal experiences, including his upbringing in a negative atmosphere and a pivotal event during his senior year of high school that changed his life forever. The conversation dives deep into the power of being open to opportunities and the significance of identifying your purpose to fuel motivation and commitment. Matt emphasizes the need for an action plan, goal setting, and creating daily routines that establish positive habits aligning with your vision. We also explore the effectiveness of vision boards in visualizing your desired outcomes. But it doesn't stop there. We go further into the importance of mindset and overcoming the victim mindset. Many people resist change and prefer to remain on autopilot, blaming external circumstances for their lack of progress. We discuss how weight loss companies capitalize on this and delve into the concept of a victim mindset, where individuals struggle to take responsibility for their actions and constantly blame circumstances, viewing life as happening to them rather than for them. Self-accountability and acceptance of one's current situation are highlighted as the first steps towards personal growth. Throughout the episode, we explore various factors contributing to the victim mindset, such as unresolved trauma, feelings of betrayal, codependency, and manipulation. These experiences can lead to a negative perception of oneself and a lack of self-confidence. However, the hosts encourage breaking free from these patterns and taking charge of personal growth. To develop a growth mindset, we suggest asking the question, "What makes your heart sing?" This helps identify passions and purpose. We emphasize the importance of emotional intelligence, including practices like meditation, visualization, journaling, and gratitude, which cultivate self-acceptance and allow individuals to focus on the positive aspects of life. We acknowledge that society, education systems, and conditioning often discourage the development of a growth mindset, making it crucial for individuals to actively practice daily gratitude, journaling, and other mindset-shifting techniques. We highlight the transformative power of gratitude and how it fosters a ripple effect of positivity, benefiting not only oneself but also others. Transitioning from a victim mindset to a growth mindset requires love as a starting point. By cultivating self-love, individuals witness a transformative shift in their perception of themselves and their surroundings. We emphasize the significance of celebrating even the smallest wins in life, regardless of societal norms discouraging acknowledgment of accomplishments. Intentional actions and achievements allow individuals to break free from the victim mindset. We also explore the benefits of establishing morning and evening rituals, including listing essential tasks the night before and avoiding phone usage upon waking up. Incorporating self-care into morning routines is essential, and we share personal practices like reading a chapter from a book, meditation, and creating space for relaxation. Self-care should never be accompanied by guilt; it allows individuals to replenish their energy and continue pouring into others from a full cup. The unique challenges men face in prioritizing self-care are discussed, including societal expectations and limited emotional range. Vulnerability is often seen as a weakness, hindering...


The Impacts of Clutter in Life and Business

Special Guest Aldreama Harper We delve into the fascinating world of decluttering and its profound impact on our lives and businesses. Our guest, Aldreama Harper, is a certified organizational specialist and declutter coach who empowers female entrepreneurs to achieve clarity, hope, peace, and sustainability through the power of decluttering. Host Karen Roberts introduces Aldreama, emphasizing the importance of having a productivity strategist and declutter coach in our lives. During this thought-provoking conversation, we explore the reasons behind our tendency to hold onto more things than we should. Aldreama shares personal experiences and reveals that clutter can stem from various factors such as upbringing, significant losses, sentimental attachments, and a desire to repurpose items. Together, we discuss the significance of asking challenging questions to discern what is truly useful versus what is simply clutter. Aldreama emphasizes that decluttering is not a one-time task but a commitment to maintaining a clutter-free environment. We uncover how clutter can reflect deeper issues in our lives, such as feeling overwhelmed or lacking boundaries. Aldreama encourages us to examine all areas of our lives that may be impacted by clutter, including major life transitions like moves and divorces. Drawing parallels to Feng Shui, we acknowledge the similarities in principles but highlight the importance of individualized organization approaches. We share personal experiences and emphasize the need to avoid overwhelming ourselves with extensive decluttering tasks that hinder progress. Our conversation delves into the effects of clutter on our minds, productivity, and overall well-being. We discuss how clutter acts as visual noise, constantly distracting and hindering our focus. This disruption can significantly impact our ability to generate ideas, make decisions, and ultimately cost us financially. We share a success story from one of our clients who, after participating in a five-day decluttering challenge, gained clarity and successfully launched her own business. This story exemplifies how clutter can obstruct progress and hinder the realization of lucrative opportunities. Exploring the subconscious impact of clutter, both physical and emotional, we define clutter as things that no longer serve us, including people in our lives. We highlight the concept of external clutter and its contribution to visual noise, especially in a work-from-home environment. With constant distractions and tasks vying for our attention, productivity and focus suffer. Addressing the impact of clutter on home-based work, we acknowledge that the rate of impact has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home brings additional challenges as various activities and responsibilities compete for our attention, creating constant mental chatter that hampers productivity. We share our personal experiences with organization and the satisfaction we derive from a well-organized space. We discuss our dislike for wasting time searching for things, emphasizing the importance of quick and easy access to items. To stay on top of clutter, we suggest regular check-ins with a professional organizer or accountability partner. These check-ins allow us to address any clutter accumulation, reassess our organizational systems, and maintain a clutter-free environment. We also highlight the benefits of having a clutter buddy, someone who can offer support and accountability during the decluttering process. Overall, this engaging podcast episode explores the profound impact of clutter on various aspects of our lives and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clutter-free environment to enhance productivity, clarity, and financial success. We encourage you to examine your clutter, commit to decluttering, and incorporate strategies to ensure the long-term maintenance of a clutter-free lifestyle. Join us in uncovering the...


How to bring on the biggest names on the planet to your podcast

Special Guest Laban Ditchburn Welcome to an extraordinary episode of our podcast, where Karen Roberts sits down with Laban Ditchburn, the world's best courage coach. Get ready to be inspired as they dive into the fascinating topic of bringing influential guests to your podcast, regardless of its size. Laban's personal journey is a testament to the transformative power of courage and determination. In this captivating conversation, Laban shares his incredible story of triumph over addiction and his remarkable transformation into an inspiration for others. He takes us back to his rock-bottom moment, where he found the strength to seek help and embark on a path of recovery. Through sheer determination and conscious effort, Laban conquered his addictions, overcame physical challenges, and ultimately discovered his purpose. One of the key lessons Laban imparts is the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive and like-minded individuals. He highlights the profound impact we can have on others, even if we don't immediately receive engagement or feedback on social media. This thought-provoking discussion sets the stage for an inspiring and transformative podcast experience. But Laban's journey doesn't stop there. He goes on to share his personal experience of starting a podcast and overcoming significant challenges along the way. Despite facing financial setbacks and personal struggles, Laban's passion and commitment never wavered. He used every opportunity to learn and grow, even when he didn't know what he was doing. Laban's turning point came during a period of strict lockdowns when he felt an undeniable urge to share his voice with the world. With only 10 subscribers, he reached out to his idol, Les Brown, and to his surprise, Les agreed to be a guest on his show. Laban poured his heart out during the interview, sharing his own story of transformation. During their conversation, something magical happened. Les Brown recognized Laban's potential and encouraged him to write a book based on his gambling background, titled "Bet On You." Les outlined a blueprint for success, including turning the book into a keynote speech and a three-day retreat. In a moment of audacity, Laban promised to deliver the book by a specific date, despite never having written anything significant before. Within a mere six weeks, Laban fulfilled his promise and delivered the first draft of the book to Les Brown. This process completely changed his life as Les followed through with his commitment, wrote a remarkable forward, and endorsed the book. Laban's newfound momentum and confidence led to connections with other influential individuals, including Nobel Prize winners, Olympic gold medalists, and renowned personalities. Laban emphasizes the power of creating a platform and inviting heroes into it. He highlights the importance of approaching these opportunities from a place of service, adding value to others' lives rather than solely seeking personal gain. Through this approach, Laban formed meaningful relationships, friendships, partnerships, and joint ventures. Although Laban is not yet famous or a millionaire, he shares his deep gratitude for being mentored and inspired by extraordinary people. He emphasizes that his success did not come from luck but from taking action and overcoming fears and imposter syndrome. Laban encourages listeners to pursue their own dreams and reminds them that there is ample room for like-minded individuals to connect and make an impact. As the podcast draws to a close, Laban acknowledges that everyone has the potential to achieve similar success if they take action and refuse to let self-limiting beliefs hold them back. He highlights the importance of overcoming the fear of rejection and the notion that "little old me" isn't worthy of approaching influential individuals. Laban's story is a testament to the fact that anyone can achieve greatness by overcoming obstacles and taking...


The importance of clearing past trauma from our lives, and the how to

Special Guest Claudia Rickard In today's episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming Claudia Ricard, a certified consulting hypnotist with a wealth of expertise. Claudia's impressive titles include emotional intelligence specialist, Nightingale memory consultant, and sleep talk consultant. She combines various modalities such as EFT, kinetic shift, NLP, and advanced Blast Technique in her practice. Claudia's passion lies in improving the quality of life for anyone seeking positive change. Join us for this enlightening conversation as we delve into the power of clearing past trauma and building a path to healing. Discover how Claudia's diverse range of modalities can help you create positive change in your life. In this episode, Karen and Claudia explore the importance of curiosity and intuition in their work. They stress the significance of clearing past trauma and how it affects the body. Claudia believes in getting to the root of the issue and releasing it through various techniques, rather than simply numbing or suppressing trauma with medication. Claudia also sheds light on her expertise as a memory consultant, utilizing the principles of Nightingale dementia training to help clients improve their memory and cognitive functions. She explains the plasticity of the brain and how it can be rewired through practices such as hypnosis and NLP. The conversation delves into the challenges and regulations surrounding hypnotherapy and brain coaching in the state of North Carolina. The host and guest emphasize the importance of semantics and finding alternative techniques to assist individuals with neurocognitive disorders and memory issues. They discuss the use of guided imagery, relaxation, and the Havening technique to help people relax and strengthen their brain synapses. Stay tuned for the full episode, and remember, you always have a choice to transform your life and find the answers within. Don't miss out on this empowering discussion that will inspire you to release past trauma and embrace a path of healing and growth. You can connect with Claudia: FB https://www.facebook.com/rickardclaudia Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudia-rickard-206411197/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/Claudiarickard/ Website https://www.claudiarickardhypnosis.com/ Your Host Karen Roberts At Mintwave Radio Station and the 'Raising Vibrations' podcast network on Podbean, we provide a comprehensive range of services to coaches, consultants, therapists, healers, and experts who want to share their message with a wider audience. Our offerings include a complete podcast production service and an advanced AI-powered sales and marketing system that takes care of lead generation and nurturing for online course sales. We assist our clients in designing, creating, marketing, and selling their courses through various strategies such as educational funnels, podcast funnels, appointment funnels, sales pages, and membership areas. Our "Done 4 you" service encompasses editing podcasts, optimizing sound quality by removing filler words, crafting engaging show notes, producing intros and outros, creating podcast ads and snippets for social media marketing, and helping our clients achieve their first 50,000 downloads. If you’re a coach who sells online courses and would like to learn How To Use AI To Build A List And Sell Your Coaching Program Fast......... >> https://karenrobertscoaching.com/ai ATTN: Coaches, Consultants & Experts STUCK at 5-10k Months, How to Turn Your Podcast into a Sales Machine......... check out this free on demand class “Podcast Profits Unleashed” >>https://karenrobertscoaching.com/podcast-profits


Connecting to the soul and inner wisdom

Special Guest Nina Guatama Welcome to episode 178 of our podcast! In this captivating episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Nina Guatama, a soul coach and energy healer, who takes us on a profound journey of soul healing. Nina shares her fascinating story, from growing up in the UK to embracing a nomadic lifestyle. Her transformative experience in Bali in 2022 led her to a mission of supporting others on their healing journeys. Drawing from her passion for yoga and personal growth, Nina channeled her skills into coaching, empowering individuals through their unique healing experiences. In the first 15 minutes, Nina bravely opens up about her troubled childhood marked by abuse and trauma. She candidly discusses how these experiences led her down a path of behavioral issues, addiction, and toxic relationships. But her journey of self-discovery ultimately challenged societal labels and the belief that something is inherently wrong with individuals. Together, Karen and Nina explore the harmful impact of labeling and the importance of recognizing that everyone's experience is different. They stress the need to shift away from victimhood and survival mode, encouraging individuals to embrace their unique strengths and transform their perceived weaknesses into powerful assets. As a heart-centered coach, Nina offers unwavering support and guidance to those who feel lost, different, or disconnected. Her intuitive approach, influenced by energy healing and psychic readings, allows her to tap into her clients' higher selves, providing the grounding and release they seek. Nina's ultimate goal is to help individuals navigate their awakening, let go of labels and trauma, and find empowerment through self-acceptance and understanding. Join us for an enlightening conversation as we explore the transformative power of soul healing and the importance of embracing our individuality. Together, we can foster awareness, compassion, and a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. But there's more! The conversation takes a deeper dive into the significance of tuning into our inner wisdom and intuition. Karen emphasizes that as a healer, her role is not to provide advice from a perceived higher place but to help individuals reconnect with their innate ability to heal and guide themselves in life. They discuss the conditioning that has led people to distrust their intuition and give their power away to external authorities. The hosts also shed light on the overwhelming amount of information and distractions in today's world, particularly the impact of social media. They encourage listeners to take a break from the noise and reconnect with themselves. The intention is not to provide quick fixes, but to teach people how to trust themselves and listen to their own inner voice. They emphasize the importance of selective consumption of information, books, and technology. Finding balance in a world filled with distractions is a shared experience for the hosts. They acknowledge the challenge of relying on external solutions and quick fixes, highlighting the importance of patience. They discuss the need for daily practice and conscious choices, urging listeners to cultivate trust in themselves and take intuitive action for personal growth and well-being. In their thought-provoking discussion, the hosts tackle the concept of healing and the misconception of seeking instant fixes. They emphasize that healing is a process that takes time and the importance of removing the expectation of immediate results. They draw parallels to physical fitness, where the body's response to exercise varies, just like the healing process. Practice and patience are key aspects of emotional healing and personal growth. The conversation then explores the idea of returning to a more intuitive way of living, inspired by cultures that prioritize natural movement and mindful eating. The hosts emphasize the significance of asking the right questions...


The Transformative Power of Forgiveness

The Transformative Power of Forgiveness Special Guest Alexander Richmond In this episode of our podcast, we have a very special guest, Alexander Richmond, a renowned NLP practitioner, success, and mindset coach. Hosted by Karen Roberts, this episode explores the profound impact of forgiveness on personal growth and well-being. Alexander's remarkable journey, including his experience as a political prisoner in former communist East Germany, serves as the backdrop for a captivating discussion on resilience and forgiveness. His extensive background as an author, international speaker, and leading authority in leadership transformation and performance coaching adds depth and credibility to the conversation. The episode opens with Karen introducing Alexander and sharing his inspiring story of resilience and forgiveness. Alexander recounts a transformative moment during his imprisonment when he found solace in observing ants on the prison wall, leading him to question the root causes of pain and anger inflicted by others. Through personal anecdotes and introspection, Alexander explains how forgiveness became his path to liberation from victimhood. He emphasizes that forgiveness does not condone or excuse the actions of others, but rather acts as a powerful catalyst for self-liberation and growth. The discussion takes a poignant turn as Alexander shares his deeply personal experience of losing his son to an accidental overdose involving a friend. The complexities of forgiveness and the ongoing journey to find peace in such circumstances are explored with vulnerability and compassion. The first 20 minutes of this episode provide a captivating introduction to Alexander's remarkable story and his insights into the transformative power of forgiveness. As the episode progresses, Karen and Alexander delve deeper into forgiveness, its challenges, and its profound impact on personal growth and well-being. The conversation expands to encompass topics such as pain, addiction, self-reflection, and personal growth. Alexander reflects on their personal experience with pain, addiction, and the importance of creating healing centers to help those in need. They discuss the various forms of addiction and highlight the role of forgiveness in overcoming these challenges. Alexander shares their own journey of forgiveness, both towards others and themselves, recounting a powerful coaching session that led to self-forgiveness and the discovery of newfound energy and higher frequencies of operation. The episode also explores the conditioning and limitations imposed by traditional education systems and societal structures. The hosts challenge the status quo, encouraging listeners to look within themselves for understanding and embrace change as a constant force for personal growth and integrity. Honesty, curiosity, and the importance of letting go of judgments are emphasized as key elements in the journey towards self-discovery and personal transformation. The hosts advocate for taking small leaps of faith, discovering one's strengths, and embracing resilience and growth through practice and perseverance. The conversation also touches upon the coaching industry, accountability, and the practice of self-mastery. The hosts discuss the importance of finding the right coach and staying committed to personal growth, emphasizing the power of visualization, meditation, and daily tools for maintaining focus and clarity. Throughout this thought-provoking episode, listeners are invited to explore the power of forgiveness, self-reflection, and personal growth. The episode concludes by providing contact details for the guest, Alexander Richmond, encouraging listeners to reach out and explore the transformative power of coaching and self-mastery. To contact Alexander, reach out via email at mycoachrichmond@gmail.com or visit their website at etiology.com for more information. Stay tuned to future episodes as Alexander becomes a...


Thriving in the Storm

Thriving in the Storm Special Guest Bill Murphy Karen interviews Bill, an author, coach, speaker, and entrepreneur, about thriving through life's storms. Bill's impressive resume includes being a marathoner, ultramarathoner, Ironman finisher, and second-degree black belt in Krav Marga. Not only has he accomplished incredible physical feats, but he has also raised over $500,000 for charities like the Make-A-Wish Foundation and actively supports Fairway Cares, the American Warrior Initiative, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Join us as Bill shares his personal journey and how he overcame challenges to achieve success. Discover how he trained for an Ironman in just six months and the mindset that kept him going. Bill's story is a testament to the power of discipline and resilience in the face of adversity. During the conversation, Karen and Bill delve into the significance of purpose and motivation in achieving our goals. They explore how our initial drive can lose its luster over time, causing us to veer off course. It is crucial to consciously recognize when we are drifting unconsciously and actively search for our purpose once again. Our reasons and goals may change as our lives evolve, shaped by personal experiences like raising a family or reaching new milestones. The hosts encourage listeners to reevaluate their pursuits, considering if the goals they set in the past still hold enough importance to continue pursuing. The hosts also touch upon the common advice of setting written goals but emphasize that it is not enough to merely know about goal-setting; action is essential. They share personal anecdotes, such as the experience of setting out to run a marathon, to emphasize the importance of having a roadmap or training plan to guide progress. Additionally, the hosts highlight the significance of desire, accountability, and overcoming self-doubt in staying committed to our goals. They reflect on the impact of childhood experiences on one's drive, particularly when faced with feelings of unworthiness. In another segment of the episode, the hosts explore how people react to adversity and trauma differently. They discuss how some individuals allow negative experiences to affect them, leading them to give up on their goals. Sharing personal experiences and referencing the Adverse Childhood Experience Test, the hosts shed light on the various coping mechanisms people employ, such as turning to drugs, alcohol, violence, or addictive behaviors. They acknowledge the negative consequences of these behaviors, including tension and neglecting personal relationships. To overcome these challenges, the hosts emphasize the importance of recognizing the need for personal growth and doing inner work. Strategies for thriving in difficult times are discussed, including practices like expressing gratitude, focusing on blessings, helping others, preparing one's day, and setting boundaries with technology. Finding balance and avoiding distractions that hinder productivity and well-being is key. The significance of having a morning routine or ritual is also explored, highlighting its positive impact on productivity and resilience. Discipline is recognized as an essential component in maintaining these routines. Bill, discusses the importance of self-care and routine in overcoming daily challenges. He emphasizes the need to prioritize activities such as meditation, walks in nature, and personal reflection to maintain a sense of balance and resilience. Bill also addresses the societal expectations that often make individuals, especially women, feel guilty about taking time for themselves. The conversation shifts to how personal routines and mindsets are not often taught in schools, leaving people ill-equipped to handle the demands of daily life. The role of childhood experiences and trauma in shaping one's outlook and driving force to overcome obstacles is reflected upon. Bill shares his own experiences and how he...


Self Image

Self Image Special Guest Lu Tandazo Karen Roberts interviews Lu Tandazo, a transformational mindset coach, to dive deep into the topic of self-image and its impact on success and fulfillment. Lu shares her inspiring personal journey, starting as a teacher in France and transitioning to a career in HR through the power of personal development and the influence of renowned mentor Bob Proctor. Lu's story unfolds with a realization of feeling unfulfilled, prompting her to delve back into personal development. Attending Bob's transformative seminars, she discovered the critical role self-image plays in shaping one's destiny. Lu firmly emphasizes that you can never outperform your self-image, and changing it is essential for creating the life you truly desire. Karen and Lu engage in a thought-provoking conversation, emphasizing the significance of self-reflection in uncovering deep-seated beliefs and understanding one's current mindset and behavior. They highlight the power of imagination as a catalyst for shaping a compelling future. Though acknowledging that the journey may not be easy, they discuss the immense value of working with a coach and utilizing tools like writing to your future self to aid in the transformation process. Lu passionately emphasizes that imagination is the foundation of creation, urging listeners to invest time in shaping their mental picture. By understanding the profound connection between imagination and manifestation, individuals can effectively change their self-image and achieve desired outcomes. The hosts further explore the power of aligning thoughts and actions with goals. They stress that the more one thinks about their goal and acts in harmony with it, the more they will transform and become a new person over time. Drawing from personal experiences, one host attributes her achievements to a program she underwent and the goals she wrote down years ago. They delve into the difference between merely wanting something and truly believing that you already possess it, highlighting the pivotal shift from a mindset of lack to one of abundance. Karen and Lu acknowledge that changing one's self-image and thought patterns takes time and practice. They emphasize the significance of shifting perspectives on oneself and the world, as it leads to new habits and behaviors crucial for achieving desired results. They explain that becoming a different person requires raising self-awareness, making new decisions, and adopting the mindset of someone who has already achieved the goal. While discussing the journey towards goals, the hosts caution against impatience and frustration, reminding listeners that progress takes time. They emphasize the importance of perseverance and drawing inspiration from stories like Edison's numerous failures before inventing the light bulb. The hosts advise committing fully to goals and staying motivated by understanding the purpose behind them. Furthermore, they shed light on the need for patience, particularly in a society that demands instant results. The hosts also address the challenges of impatience in the current era of gadgets and instant gratification. They discuss generational differences in patience and stress the importance of investing in personal growth and learning from mentors who can provide guidance and remind individuals of the natural timing of growth and success. They encourage listeners to have faith, allow for growth, and trust in the process, even if timelines fluctuate. The hosts conclude by emphasizing the significance of working with others and seeking support on the journey toward achieving goals. Continuing their conversation, the hosts delve into the power of mindset and the vital role of taking action to achieve goals. They recount a personal story about watching "The Secret" documentary twice a day for a month, which resulted in significant positive changes in their lives. They stress the importance of applying knowledge and...