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In this show, Karen and her guests share what inspired them to do what they do and give actionable strategies that they share with their communities to improve people’s lives on either a mental, physical or spiritual perspective - from the conventional to the more wu wu. For entrepreneurs who want to get to 6 figures and beyond, get inspired, change your beliefs, be more confident and create a business and life that resonates with you. Podcasting is a fun way to grow your business, either as a guest or a host whilst freeing you up to live life on your terms.


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In this show, Karen and her guests share what inspired them to do what they do and give actionable strategies that they share with their communities to improve people’s lives on either a mental, physical or spiritual perspective - from the conventional to the more wu wu. For entrepreneurs who want to get to 6 figures and beyond, get inspired, change your beliefs, be more confident and create a business and life that resonates with you. Podcasting is a fun way to grow your business, either as a guest or a host whilst freeing you up to live life on your terms.




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Unlocking Passive Profit Potential: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Unlocking Passive Profit Potential: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs Special Guest Karen Davies - CLICK HERE Welcome to the "Podcast ProfitsUnleashed" podcast, where today we delve into the world of digital entrepreneurship and uncover strategies to maximize profits. I'm your host, Karen Roberts, and today I'm joined by the incredible Karen Davies, a passive profit mentor empowering female entrepreneurs to create impact, influence, and income through online courses. In this episode, Karen Davies shares her journey from graphic designer to online course creator and the pivotal moments that led her to transition her business focus. The onset of the 2020 lockdown highlighted the necessity of diversifying income streams, prompting Karen to delve deeper into the digital realm. Through her own experiences, she realized the power of packaging knowledge into digital products for long-term sustainability. Karen emphasizes the importance of embracing the digital space, particularly for service providers, to build resilient and flexible businesses. By leveraging her five-step framework and extensive free resources, she guides aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of overcoming tech overwhelm and bringing their ideas to life in the online sphere. Furthermore, Karen sheds light on the critical role of self-care, especially for women navigating the challenges of perimenopause and entrepreneurship. By prioritizing mental and physical well-being, entrepreneurs can enhance their creativity and productivity, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling business journey. For listeners eager to explore the world of digital entrepreneurship, Karen offers access to the Digital Creators Hub—a repository of free resources, guides, and templates designed to kickstart their digital journey. Visit The Creators Hub to access these invaluable resources and embark on your digital adventure today. Thank you for tuning in to the "Podcast ProfitsUnleashed" podcast. Join us next week for more insights and inspiration to unlock the full potential of your podcasting journey. Until then, keep innovating and maximizing your podcast profits!


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Unlocking Peak Performance: A Guide to Success

Special Guest Hilary DeCesare - In this episode, Hillary DeCesare, a neuro performance master coach, shares her journey from the corporate world to becoming an expert in helping midlifers relaunch their lives for success. With her 3HQ framework focusing on the head, heart, and highest self, Hillary emphasizes the importance of aligning personal desires with actions and dispels misconceptions around the law of attraction. Host Karen Roberts also shares her experiences with the law of attraction and its practical impact on her life decisions and business ventures. Hillary introduces her "tune in" process, a simple four-step method to tap into success on demand, and concludes with the reminder that relaunches are inevitable in life but can be navigated successfully with the right mindset and tools. Listeners are encouraged to apply these principles in their own lives and access resources provided by Hillary DeCesare for further support and accountability, ultimately empowering them to embrace transformation and achieve success on their terms.


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Knowing Vs Doing

In today's episode, we delve into the critical distinction between knowing and doing, a topic that resonates deeply with many entrepreneurs and podcasters. As your host, Karen Roberts, my mission is to help coaches and experts design, create, launch, and grow their podcasts into powerful sales tools. Today’s discussion is about bridging the gap between what we know we should do and what we actually do. When I launched my podcast, despite knowing all the right strategies, my business wasn't growing as fast as I had hoped. I realized that while I was busy behind the scenes, I wasn’t being visible enough. This realization led me to examine why I wasn’t taking the actions I knew I needed to take. Reflecting on my journey in the online space since 2017, starting as a coach for an online education company, I learned that the strategies for growing a business online are remarkably consistent. Whether you’re selling high-ticket affiliate programs, helping network marketers, or growing a podcast, the fundamental steps remain the same: grow your audience daily, build influence within that audience, and make offers regularly. Yet, knowing these steps is different from doing them consistently. The conscious mind, where our ideas and critical thinking reside, is different from the unconscious mind, which drives our habitual actions and behaviors. Often, we know what to do, but our unconscious mind, driven by past experiences and ingrained habits, can hold us back. This dichotomy is why people frequently find themselves not taking the necessary actions to achieve their goals. For me, learning to get out of my own way marked a significant shift. Many clients face the same challenge—they are aware that they’re not staying visible or taking the right actions but struggle to change this pattern. Recognizing this is the first step; accepting it is the second. The crucial third step is finding ways to shift behavior and mindset to allow for consistent action. Being present and conscious in the moment is essential. It’s not about being in a meditative state but rather about being fully engaged in the now. This focus allows for better productivity. When we feel good about taking action, we are more likely to follow through. Conversely, negative feelings can lead to procrastination and avoidance. Practical steps involve daily actions like growing your audience on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, sharing content, and making offers. For example, I send out 15 connection requests daily on LinkedIn, share video snippets of my podcast, and consistently post testimonials or reviews. These actions are simple yet often avoided due to overthinking or distractions. The conscious mind helps us plan, but the unconscious mind—where habits and beliefs reside—often dictates our actions. Our beliefs, shaped by repetitive thoughts and past experiences, can either support or hinder our progress. This unconscious programming is why change can be difficult. We experience thousands of thoughts daily, many of which are repetitive. These thoughts can create a program that runs in the background, influencing our actions and decisions. Becoming aware of this programming is crucial for making changes. The unconscious mind, which operates our basic life functions, also influences our decision-making and actions. Trusting this system for essential functions like breathing, we should also trust it to guide our business actions. To do this effectively, we must plan our actions consciously and then find ways to unthink—engage in activities that get us out of our heads and into a positive state, ready to take action. Balancing thinking, unthinking, and taking action can lead to consistent results. Fear of judgment often holds us back, but remember, people are not as focused on us as we think—they are scrolling through their feeds. Consistency is key; over time, your target audience will notice and engage. Taking an hour each day to focus on visibility and action is...


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Uncovering Hidden Revenue: The Power of YouTube and Email Marketing

Special Guest Dan Bagniuk - In this episode of the podcast, host Karen Roberts interviews Dan Bagnuk, founder of, who specializes in creating new acquisition and sales channels for seven to eight figure brands. They delve into the fusion of YouTube and email marketing to maximize sales potential. Dan shares his journey from copywriting to founding his agency, emphasizing the untapped potential in email marketing. He highlights the importance of focusing not only on lead generation but also on the often neglected back end of sales. Through a compelling case study, Dan illustrates how strategic email campaigns can lead to substantial revenue growth, even with a dormant email list. Compliance and re-engagement sequences are essential components of his approach, ensuring effective communication despite challenges like Gmail's stringent rules. The conversation expands to the role of YouTube in building trust and credibility. Dan argues that long-form content, whether on YouTube or podcasts, allows coaches and experts to showcase their authenticity and expertise, setting them apart in a saturated market. Karen and Dan emphasize the synergy between long-term content strategies and email marketing, debunking the misconception that these approaches yield slow results. By combining YouTube visibility with targeted email campaigns, businesses can expedite sales and foster stronger customer relationships. Listeners are encouraged to embrace these strategies for sustainable growth, understanding that investing in long-term brand building pays dividends in the competitive landscape of online coaching and consulting. Tune in to uncover the hidden revenue potential of YouTube and email marketing, and learn how to transform your business into a sales powerhouse. If you’re a coach who wants to explore podcasting as a way to drive your business get your FREE blueprint


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Podcast Guesting - Show Up and Shine!

Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Podcast Profits Unleashed Podcast on If you're a coach, consultant, therapist, or healer with an online program looking to grow your business through the power of podcasting, you’re in the right place. Visit to discover how you can turn your podcast into a sales machine while having fun in the process. In today’s episode, Karen Roberts, an expert in helping coaches and consultants design, create, launch, and grow their podcasts, shifts focus from hosting to guest appearances. If you’ve ever felt nervous or uncertain about guesting on podcasts, this episode is packed with valuable insights to help you show up and shine. Karen shares her own experience of transitioning from a confident host to a nervous guest, emphasizing that feeling out of your comfort zone is normal and can be overcome with the right approach. She highlights the importance of crafting a concise and impactful bio that succinctly states who you help and the end results you deliver. Avoid lengthy resumes and focus on what truly matters to the listeners. For example, "Karen helps coaches and experts design, create, launch, and grow their podcasts to turn them into sales machines." The power of storytelling is a major theme in this episode. Information alone doesn't engage; stories do. Karen breaks down the elements of a compelling story, starting with setting the scene by describing the moment when you realized something needed to change. Including sensory details draws listeners in. She also emphasizes the importance of emotional engagement by sharing how you felt physically and emotionally to create a connection with your audience. Highlighting what you did to overcome challenges and how it led to your current success is crucial for demonstrating transformation. Authenticity and vulnerability are key, and Karen shares her own vulnerable moment of realizing her business model needed a change when several hosts left her podcast network. This honesty fosters trust and relatability. She advises structuring your story with bullet points for your key stories and tying them back to your core message, regardless of the questions asked. This ensures you cover all essential points to convert listeners into leads. When prompted about where listeners can find more information, Karen suggests avoiding overwhelming them with multiple links. Instead, offer a single, immersive call to action that lets them experience your value, such as a free workshop or a power hour session. Karen also shares her personal transformation story, recounting how she hit a low point in her business, sought a coach, aligned her branding, and transformed her podcast strategy. This journey highlights the importance of alignment, clear messaging, and stepping out of comfort zones to achieve growth. Join us next week for an exciting conversation with Dan Bagniuk, an expert in creating new acquisition sales channels for seven to eight-figure brands. We’ll dive into uncovering hidden revenue and the power of YouTube and email marketing. Don’t miss out—hit the subscribe button. Thank you for listening to today’s episode of the Podcast Profits Unleashed Podcast. Want to book a Power Hour for just £99 to walk you through the complete process?


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Mastering Podcasting for Influence and Revenue

Special Guest Adam ‘Triple A’ Adams In this episode, Adam shares invaluable insights and strategies for leveraging podcasts to build influence and generate revenue. From handling podcast link requests to nurturing audience relationships, Adam provides actionable advice for podcasters and business owners alike. Adam begins by discussing the challenge of managing podcast link requests efficiently. He emphasizes the importance of personalized interaction over simply dropping links in chats, highlighting the role of his virtual assistant in crafting engaging responses. By offering multiple delivery options and nurturing connections, Adam maximizes engagement and builds trust with his audience. Drawing on his experience, Adam delves into the three pillars of influence: thought leadership, social media presence, and face-to-face interaction. He underscores the equal importance of these pillars, likening them to the legs of a stool essential for stability and growth. Through strategic utilization of these pillars, podcasters can expand their reach and impact. Adam dispels the myth that listener numbers determine podcasting success, emphasizing the significance of effective marketing and relationship-building. He shares how strategic podcasting can lead to significant revenue, regardless of listener count. By focusing on building trust and delivering value, podcasters can achieve tangible results and grow their businesses. Throughout the episode, Adam addresses common concerns around podcasting, including overwhelm and uncertainty. He encourages listeners to begin with the end in mind and adopt a strategic approach to podcasting. By leveraging podcasts as tools for growth and influence, podcasters can unlock their full potential and achieve impactful results. As the episode concludes, Adam offers actionable advice for listeners, urging them to implement learned strategies immediately. He invites listeners to visit for collaboration opportunities and to tune in to his podcast on podcasting for further guidance and inspiration. With practical tips and expert insights, this episode equips listeners with the tools they need to master podcasting, build influence, and generate revenue. Adam's expertise and guidance pave the way for podcasters to elevate their craft and achieve their goals in the ever-evolving landscape of podcasting.


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Trusting The Process

In this episode, Karen Roberts delves into the importance of trusting the process and detaching from the outcome in the journey toward success. She begins by emphasizing the need for consistent effort, noting that showing up regularly is key to achieving results. Karen reflects on her early days in self-development, particularly an impactful Bob Proctor event she attended 23 years ago. There, she was introduced to essential self-development books like "Who Moved My Cheese," "Think and Grow Rich," and "Psycho-Cybernetics," which significantly influenced her life. Karen shares a pivotal moment when she set three major goals: owning a fitness studio, buying a house, and acquiring a 4x4. Despite living in London and the seeming improbability of owning a fitness studio at that time, she moved to the Algarve, Portugal, four years later, fully committing to her goals despite the challenges, including being seven months pregnant and having a young child. This bold move was inspired by Bob Proctor's advice to "burn the boats," eliminating any escape routes and ensuring full commitment. Through detaching from the outcome and focusing on daily actions, Karen achieved all three goals within five years. She attributes her success to trusting the process and emphasizes the importance of having a clear daily strategy. By establishing non-negotiable tasks and maintaining a consistent routine, she found that progress became inevitable. Karen contrasts this with her previous scattered approach, which led to procrastination and lack of focus. Addressing the common fear of not getting enough clients, Karen advises listeners to trust the process and avoid a scarcity mindset, which can repel potential clients. She explains the benefits of leveraging a podcast to build a business, sharing her strategy of using podcast content across various formats and platforms to attract clients organically. By directly asking for the sale and incorporating specific calls to action, she created a seamless ecosystem that drives engagement and conversions. Karen also discusses the importance of work-life balance and stress management, advocating for a structured work schedule that fits around personal life. She emphasizes setting boundaries, focusing on short, intense work periods followed by breaks, and maintaining a balance that prevents burnout. Reflecting on Bob Proctor's teachings, she encourages listeners to "let go and let God," highlighting the positive impact of faith in the unseen and detachment from stress and worry. To provide practical advice for coaches, Karen suggests booking specific time slots for daily tasks, sticking to focused work sessions, and repurposing podcast content effectively across various platforms. She stresses the importance of having a complete strategy to ensure daily tasks are completed, which helps maintain focus and drive progress. Karen's core message is clear: do the work, trust the process, and the results will come. By committing to daily actions, maintaining a positive mindset, and leveraging the power of podcasting, listeners can achieve their business goals and create a fulfilling work-life balance. She acknowledges that it might be challenging to detach from the outcome, especially when financial returns are not immediately evident, but insists that this approach ultimately leads to less stress and greater success. Karen also touches on the misconception of attraction marketing, explaining that simply posting on social media is not enough. A proactive approach, including asking for the sale and engaging directly with the target audience, is necessary to drive business growth. By incorporating testimonials and creating daily calls to action, Karen has built an effective marketing strategy that attracts clients without feeling pushy or salesy. The episode wraps up with Karen offering her services to those struggling to see a return on investment from their podcasts or those looking to launch one effectively. She...


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Unleashing Authenticity: A Guide to Memorable Podcast Appearances

Special Guest Nicole Christina If you’re a coach/expert, get your blueprint to launch your own podcast In this episode of "The Podcast Profits Unleashed Podcast," Nicole Christina, an experienced psychotherapist and podcast host of "Zestful Aging," joins Karen Roberts to delve into the art of shining in podcast interviews. Nicole shares insights from her extensive podcasting journey, aiming to help guests stand out in the digital landscape. She emphasizes the importance of preparation, offering practical tips to manage anxiety and convey confidence through body language. Nicole and Karen discuss podcasting as a platform for authentic connection, encouraging guests to embrace their unique voices and overcome imposter syndrome. Transitioning to the second half, Nicole explores the nuances of podcasting, highlighting its transformative power and the value of authenticity. She reveals the impact of tone and energy in communication, stressing the importance of enthusiasm and willingness to learn. The episode celebrates podcasting as a space for genuine expression, where individuals can connect authentically and forge meaningful connections. Nicole shares insights into the art of interviewing, focusing on creating a safe environment for guests to open up authentically. Listeners are inspired to explore podcasting and storytelling, recognizing its potential for personal growth and profound human connections. With curiosity and a commitment to authenticity, podcasting becomes a catalyst for self-discovery and collective understanding.


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Podcasting Productivity: Beat Procrastination and Get Organized

Book a podcast strategy call In this episode of her podcast, Karen Roberts delves into the essentials of podcasting productivity, sharing strategies to beat procrastination and stay organized. Karen begins by highlighting the critical role of commitment, emphasizing that 80% of success in podcasting comes from consistently showing up and trusting the process. Drawing from her experience as an entrepreneur and a podcaster, she discusses her personal challenges with organization, particularly in light of her self-diagnosed hyper-focused ADHD. This condition, she explains, has significantly influenced her work habits and productivity, making it imperative for her to find effective organizational strategies. Karen shares how her background in the fitness industry, where she worked as a freelance instructor, laid the groundwork for her organizational skills. In this role, she had to adhere to a strict schedule and maintain high levels of accountability, which included being punctual and prepared for early morning classes. This structured environment suited her ADHD, as it left little room for decision-making and procrastination. However, transitioning to working alone as an entrepreneur presented new challenges. Without the external accountability she once had, Karen found herself struggling with procrastination and burnout, often leaving tasks to the last minute and working excessively to meet deadlines. To address these challenges, Karen adopted the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method that involves working in focused 25-minute intervals followed by 5-minute breaks. She has customized this technique to fit her lifestyle, using the breaks to engage in micro workouts or other quick activities that help her stay energized. This approach prevents burnout and keeps her productivity levels high. She emphasizes the importance of having specific times booked in her calendar for various tasks, treating them as non-negotiable appointments. This level of organization allows her to manage her time effectively and ensures that important tasks get done without being overwhelming. Karen also discusses the significance of task management, advising against having a long, daunting to-do list. Instead, she recommends focusing on a few key tasks each day, which makes it easier to stay on track and provides a sense of accomplishment. This method is particularly beneficial for those with ADHD, as it helps reduce feelings of overwhelm and confusion. In terms of practical podcasting tips, Karen outlines a comprehensive process for managing the different aspects of podcast production. This includes preparing content, booking guests, handling post-production tasks, and engaging with the audience. She advises podcasters to mix solo episodes with interviews featuring clients or experts in their niche, and to be clear about the structure and expectations for each episode. Efficient post-production involves editing the episodes, creating graphics and show notes, and promoting the episodes through various channels. Karen highlights the importance of having a well-organized system for these tasks, using tools like calendars and project management software to keep everything on track. Audience engagement is another crucial area Karen addresses. She suggests using newsletters and social media to consistently connect with listeners and promote new episodes. Regular content updates and interactions help grow and maintain the audience, which is essential for the podcast’s success. Additionally, Karen touches on monetization strategies, encouraging podcasters to frequently promote their offers and services through their content. To illustrate the importance of consistent action, Karen points out that simply launching a podcast is not enough; ongoing effort is required to drive leads and sales. By breaking tasks into manageable chunks and incorporating them into a daily routine, podcasters...


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Seeing the Wood Through the Trees

Special Guest Alison Smith In this engaging podcast episode, Karen Roberts welcomes Alison Smith, a seasoned speaker, coach, and author, to delve into the theme of "seeing the wood through the trees." Alison's unconventional approach to coaching stems from her 23 years of experience and her podcast, "Landscaping Your Life with Alison's Alison Smith." She specializes in helping individuals navigate through feelings of being stuck by utilizing metaphorical techniques. Alison's journey into this field began during a challenging period in her life when she sought tools and techniques to overcome obstacles independently. Through her experiences, she discovered the power of metaphors in facilitating personal growth and problem-solving. With the support of her boss, she transitioned into coaching, finding fulfillment in aiding others in similar situations. The conversation unfolds to explore how language reflects our mental states when feeling stuck. Alison emphasizes the importance of reframing narratives and shifting mindsets away from self-limiting beliefs. She shares anecdotes of using nature as a metaphorical tool, guiding clients to recognize patterns and find clarity amidst confusion. The episode highlights common phrases such as "can't see the wood for the trees," revealing deeper insights into psychological barriers. Alison's coaching methodology involves distancing oneself from the narrative and focusing on actionable steps rather than dwelling on the problem. Through engaging dialogue and real-life examples, Alison and Karen underscore the significance of committing to paths, overcoming fear of the unknown, and seeking assistance when needed. They dissect common pitfalls like indecision and half-hearted commitments, urging listeners to embrace clarity and take decisive action. The podcast offers practical advice, encouraging listeners to engage with nature and visualize their obstacles as mountains, then envisioning solutions to overcome them. By reframing perspectives and embracing change, individuals can break free from stagnation and embark on paths towards personal growth and fulfillment. Alison's approach emphasizes empowerment and self-discovery, urging individuals to trust their inner wisdom and embrace the journey towards transformation. The episode concludes with a reminder to check out Alison's podcast for further insights and resources, empowering listeners to navigate life's challenges with confidence and clarity.


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Staying In Your Own Lane For Success

If you’re a coach who wants to explore podcasting as a way to drive your business get your FREE blueprint Welcome back to Podcast Profits Unleashed, where we empower you to excel in your passions. In today's episode, Karen Roberts delves into the pivotal concept of staying in your own lane, particularly crucial in the dynamic realm of podcasting. Karen vividly illustrates the analogy of driving amidst lanes on a bustling highway. Just as chaos ensues when cars start swerving, losing focus on our unique path leads to disarray. Staying in your lane fosters specialization, positioning you as an expert in your niche. Karen recounts her journey founding the Raising Vibrations podcast network, initially aiming for broad inclusivity. However, stretching herself thin across various responsibilities left her feeling like a failure. A sobering email from a host abandoning her show was the wake-up call Karen needed. She reflects on her journey, acknowledging her hyper-focused ADHD tendencies, which served her well in fitness instruction but proved detrimental in business. Realizing the need to narrow her focus, Karen embraced podcasting wholeheartedly. Embracing her niche, Karen saw transformative growth. Shedding distractions, she became a digital nomad, relishing newfound freedom. Attraction marketing replaced relentless pursuit, as clients gravitated towards her. Karen emphasizes the importance of a strategic approach to podcasting, offering guidance from setup to promotion. By staying ahead with a comprehensive strategy, hosts reclaim their time and focus on their message. Comparisons and shiny distractions are common pitfalls, but Karen encourages embracing uniqueness. Committing to the long-term journey yields rewards beyond measure, provided one remains steadfast. In conclusion, Karen urges listeners to reflect on their journey—are they staying in their lane or veering off course? Embracing specialization and taking action leads to flourishing podcasts beyond imagination. Ready to thrive in your podcasting journey? Reach out today and embark on a path paved with focus, determination, and staying in your own lane. Tune in next time to Podcast Profits Unleashed for more insights and inspiration.


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Unveiling Transformation: A Journey to Personal and Professional Growth

Special Guest Alan Lazarus - In this episode host Karen Roberts engages in a deep conversation with Alan Lazarus, a business coach dedicated to unlocking productivity and effectiveness in individuals. Alan's journey begins with adversity, having lost his father at a young age and surviving a life-threatening car accident later in life. Despite a successful corporate career, Alan felt compelled to make a significant change, transitioning to coaching to empower others after witnessing the impact of automation on traditional jobs. The discussion delves into the importance of self-belief and recognizing one's potential, highlighting the need to address core wounds such as feeling defective or unlovable. Alan emphasizes the necessity of balancing professional and personal growth, contrasting individuals who excel professionally but neglect personal relationships with those deeply invested in personal development but struggling financially. A key theme of the conversation is the role of humility and self-awareness in personal development, challenging the stigma associated with seeking therapy and presenting it as a valuable tool for self-discovery and healing. Alan shares insights into the transformative modality of "Internal Family Systems" and the power of hindsight in recognizing patterns and shifting perspectives. Practical advice is offered for listeners interested in embarking on their own journey of self-improvement, emphasizing consistent effort and commitment to growth as a continuous process. Overall, the episode explores themes of resilience, self-discovery, and holistic well-being, encouraging listeners to embrace vulnerability and embark on their own path towards personal and professional fulfillment. If you're a coach who wants to launch their own podcast get your FREE blueprint


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Strategies for Success In Podcasting

Welcome to Podcast Profits Unleashed, where we explore the ins and outs of podcasting strategy, debunking myths and providing insights to ensure your podcast's success. We start by addressing the harsh reality: 90% of podcasters don't make it past three episodes, and of those who do, 90% won't make it past 20. This staggering statistic underscores the challenges many face in sustaining a podcast. Launching a podcast network myself, I encountered similar struggles. The misconception that podcasting is an easy route to audience reach is widespread. While it's simple to start, success requires patience, strategy, and consistency. To combat these challenges, we've developed an implementation course covering three crucial phases: setup, post-production, and promotion. The setup phase lays the foundation for success. Your podcast must align with your vision and purpose. Choosing a title that articulates your message and planning your podcast structure are vital steps. Preparing content in advance minimizes overwhelm and ensures consistency in delivery. Moving to the post-production phase, crafting quality content becomes paramount. From booking guests to researching interviews, meticulous planning is essential. Designing graphics, crafting intros, and setting up podcast feeds demand attention to detail to maintain professionalism and engagement. In the promotion phase, launching isn't enough; you must promote relentlessly. Building relationships, leveraging social media, and collaborations can amplify your reach and attract your target audience. Success in podcasting isn't one-size-fits-all. It requires honing your hosting skills, crafting compelling content, and aligning with your goals. While podcasting offers immense benefits, it demands dedication and perseverance. Before diving into podcasting, it's crucial to evaluate your goals, resources, and commitment. It's not a decision to be taken lightly. But with the right strategy and mindset, you can create a podcast that makes a meaningful impact. Launching a podcast is a journey, not a destination. With dedication and support, you can create a podcast that resonates with your audience and achieves your goals. Subscribe for future episodes and explore the possibility of launching your podcast with us Thank you for tuning in. Until next time, happy podcasting!


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Healing Through Energy

Special Guest Gabrielle Pimstone Are you a coach who wants to launch a podcast? In this captivating episode, host Karen invites Gabrielle Pimstone, an energy healer and coach, to explore the profound realm of energy healing and its transformative potential. Gabrielle shares her personal journey, marked by deep introspection and a quest for understanding, which ultimately led her to become a catalyst for others' healing journeys. Gabrielle's journey began with a profound exploration of life's existential questions, spurred by the loss of her father during childhood. Her relentless curiosity and innate propensity for personal and spiritual growth led her to pursue a career in psychology, yet she found herself grappling with a sense of stagnation and disconnection. It was a serendipitous encounter with a podcast that served as the catalyst for her own transformation, igniting a passion for energy healing that would shape her life's purpose. Energy healing, as Gabrielle elucidates, involves delving into the energetic body to uncover and release blocks that hinder personal growth and well-being. Through a blend of energy healing sessions and coaching, Gabrielle empowers her clients to confront and overcome these energetic barriers, paving the way for profound shifts in their lives. Throughout the episode, Gabrielle shares poignant anecdotes of clients experiencing rapid and tangible transformations, shedding light on the immediacy and potency of energy healing. She emphasizes the importance of openness and receptivity to change, debunking common misconceptions and addressing societal stigmas surrounding alternative healing modalities. Listeners are invited to embark on their own healing journey, whether by reaching out to Gabrielle for guidance or exploring resources for self-discovery and growth. Gabrielle's immersive 28-day healing program stands as a beacon of hope, offering participants a structured path to self-awareness and empowerment. As the episode draws to a close, Karen and Gabrielle express gratitude to listeners and extend an invitation to embrace the transformative power of energy healing. With profound insights and practical wisdom, this episode serves as a catalyst for personal growth and healing, inspiring listeners to embark on their own journey towards holistic well-being. For More Information: @Gabrielle.Pimstone Thank you for tuning in. Until next time, may you embrace the healing potential within and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.


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Embracing the Power of Now: Starting Your Podcast Journey

Your Host Karen Roberts To book a podcast strategy call Welcome back to The Podcast Profits Unleashed Podcast! and today we're diving deep into the transformative power of embracing the present moment, especially when it comes to launching your own podcast. In this episode, I share my personal journey of launching a podcast network, initially feeling like a failure as many struggled without a clear strategy and guidance. Reflecting on my own experiences starting with a weekly radio show, I realized the importance of accountability and setting deadlines. Entrepreneurship often means losing that external accountability, leading to procrastination and overwhelm. Many aspiring podcasters fall into this trap, overthinking and putting off their podcast dreams. But here's the truth: “There is no perfect moment to start. The only moment we have is now.” Successful podcasts often begin with a simple idea and the courage to take action, rather than waiting for ideal circumstances. I've learned that readiness is a state of mind. You don't need fancy equipment or years of experience to share your voice. “Every journey starts with a single step, and failure is not the opposite of success; it's a stepping stone towards it.” Through my podcasting journey, I've met incredible people and built meaningful relationships. The key is to stay present, embrace the process, and enjoy the journey. If you've been hesitant to start your own podcast, remember that you're not alone. With the right strategy and support, you can turn your podcasting dreams into reality. Join me in embracing the power of now and launching your podcast today. If you're ready to take the next step, schedule a podcast strategy call at, and let's turn your dream of launching a podcast into a reality. “Stay present, celebrate your progress, and let's embark on this exhilarating podcasting journey together!” Podcast Profits Ltd. is here to support you every step of the way. Please subscribe and feel free to leave a review, see you next week.


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Unleashing Professional Happiness

Special Guest Paulie Skaja - Register for our next Podcast Profits Unleashed 2 Hour LIVE event Today's episode features the inspiring Paulie Skaja, a seasoned life coach and author of the recently released book, "Next Stop Your Dream Job: Navigating Your Journey to Professional Happiness." In this captivating conversation, Paulie shares the origin story of her book, detailing how her extensive experience as a recruiter led her to become a coach, helping individuals overcome obstacles in their careers. The turning point came last summer when a surge of messages from people seeking her guidance prompted her to host a transformative event, eventually inspiring the creation of her book. Paulie's book serves as a comprehensive guide to identifying and overcoming the factors holding you back from achieving your dreams. Filled with insights, practical exercises, and words of inspiration, it acts as both a guidebook and a workbook, offering readers a step-by-step journey toward clarity and fulfillment in various aspects of life. What sets Paulie apart is her proactive approach to turning ideas into reality. Her ability to swiftly transform inspiration into action, evident in the rapid release of her book just a few months after conception, becomes a focal point of discussion. Paulie attributes this trait to her upbringing, emphasizing the importance of taking action to effect positive change. The podcast delves into the challenges people face when pursuing their goals, addressing the often-overlooked internal barriers that hinder progress. Paulie shares valuable insights on how to get out of one's own way, emphasizing the significance of clarity in understanding personal desires and the importance of measuring progress. Listeners gain a glimpse into Paulie's podcast plans, where she intends to delve into each chapter of her book through interviews with contributing writers. These episodes will offer deeper insights and actionable advice, encouraging listeners to take tangible steps toward their goals. Additionally, the podcast will feature guest interviews every other week, providing a diverse range of perspectives on navigating professional and personal challenges. Paulie's overarching goal is to provide a resource for those undergoing career transitions, offering practical guidance during a time of increased job uncertainty. Her evergreen podcast aims to empower individuals to take action, make incremental changes, and realize their potential. The episode concludes with Paulie emphasizing the value of coaching and mentorship, encouraging individuals to seek support on their journey. She invites listeners to connect through her website, where they can explore her blog posts, access the podcast, and learn more about the services she offers. As the podcast unfolds, it promises to be a beacon of inspiration for anyone seeking to overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and take decisive steps toward their dream career and life. Tune in to discover the transformative stories and actionable insights that will propel you forward on your journey to professional happiness.


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How to Turn Your Guests into Advocates Nurturing Podcast Promotion

3/19/2024 Welcome to today's episode! Today, we're diving into the crucial topic of turning your podcast guests into advocates for your show. As podcasters, we understand the value of guest appearances in expanding our reach, but often the promotion process can feel like a one-way street. In this episode, I'll share six actionable tips to nurture your episode promotion process and build stronger relationships with your guests. Tip 1: Prep Like a Pro Before the recording, ensure you're connected with your guest on relevant social media platforms. Communicate your promotion process during the recording session, and set a release date as soon as possible. Over-communicate if needed, as clarity fosters collaboration. Tip 2: Express Gratitude Send a personalized thank-you email or DM to your guest after the recording session. Acknowledge their contribution and express genuine appreciation for their time and insights. This simple gesture goes a long way in fostering goodwill. Tip 3: Create Shareable Assets Take the initiative to create promotional assets for your guests, including images, social media posts, and blog content. Craft these materials from the guest's perspective to streamline their promotion efforts. Providing ready-to-use assets saves time and demonstrates your commitment to mutual success. Tip 4: Utilize Live Streaming Schedule a live stream a few days after the episode release, inviting your guest to join. This collaborative effort amplifies your reach as you both engage with your respective audiences in real-time. Share insights from the episode and direct viewers to listen, boosting downloads and visibility. Bonus Tip: Leverage Guest Influence For guests with substantial audiences, propose a sponsorship or shout-out exchange. Don't hesitate to ask for promotion on their platforms, including links to your episode in their show notes. This reciprocal arrangement benefits both parties and maximizes exposure. Bonus Tip: Embrace Organization Stay organized throughout the promotion process by maintaining a checklist and scheduling reminders. Block out time each week for promotion-related tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Clarity and consistency are key to successful episode promotion. Remember, guesting on podcasts is more than a transaction—it's an opportunity to build lasting relationships. By implementing these strategies, you'll not only increase your podcast's visibility but also cultivate a network of advocates invested in your success. If you're seeking comprehensive guidance on podcasting, join us for our monthly workshops and implementation days. Gain clarity on every aspect of the podcasting process, from prep to promotion, and watch your numbers soar. Thanks for tuning in! Join us next week for more insights and tips. Bye for now!


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Beyond Success: Unleashing the Creative Power Within with Liam

Special Guest Liam Naden Are you a coach who wants to launch a podcast? In this transformative episode, Karen hosts Liam, a seasoned entrepreneur currently in Spain, who shares his journey of self-discovery and overcoming the pervasive feeling of inadequacy that often hinders success. Despite external accomplishments, Liam found himself questioning why, despite his efforts, he couldn't shake off the feeling of inadequacy. The turning point occurred when he unexpectedly lost everything in his mid-forties, prompting soul-searching questions and a profound rebuilding journey. Liam discovered a different approach to success – one where success began chasing him. Synchronicities, unexpected opportunities, and a stress-free life unfolded as he aligned with a more natural way of living. He challenges the constant hustle narrative, advocating for a more intuitive, calm approach. The discussion explores moving from an ego-driven, constantly-thinking mindset to a state of inner knowing. The podcast delves into the intricate workings of the human brain, emphasizing its role in achieving the optimal state for survival and fulfillment. Nature has equipped every living organism, including humans, with a brain designed to make us the best versions of ourselves. The speaker introduces the four-part brain model, simplifying complex scientific concepts. The survival brain, activated during perceived threats, is identified as the primary culprit for struggles and stresses. The podcast challenges listeners to shift their focus from managing problems to understanding and utilizing the creative brain. It advocates for aligning with the brain's innate design for a more fulfilling existence. In the final part, the speaker explores the profound connection between faith, neuroscience, and the teachings in the Bible. The Bible guides individuals to overcome fear and stress, emphasizing the need to activate the creative brain. Stress is linked to physical health, and an analogy of a Ferrari illustrates the potential of the human mind. The speaker provides practical steps to eliminate fear and stress, urging listeners to retrain their brains. An analogy of drinking hydrochloric acid emphasizes the high price of allowing fear, stress, and anxiety into one's life. The episode concludes by directing listeners to Liam's website for free resources and a deeper understanding of living life on their terms. The overarching message encourages a shift from a survival-oriented mindset to one allowing natural creative energy to guide individuals towards a more abundant and rewarding existence. Liam's story, scientific insights, and practical guidance make this episode a compelling exploration of success, fulfillment, and the profound connection between the human brain and a life well-lived.


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Networking Nuggets: Unveiling the Power of Connection

Special Guest Jackie Groundsell Are you a coach who wants to launch a podcast? In this episode we welcomed Jackie Groundsell, a seasoned networker and super connector. Jackie shared her journey from IT training to becoming a networking powerhouse, driven by a realization of the need for stronger connections in the business world. She recounted the pivotal moment when attending an eye-opening networking event led to the creation of her own networking community. Jackie emphasized the importance of warm welcomes and supportive environments in networking events, highlighting the value of relationships over transactions. She encouraged listeners to overcome fears and uncertainties about networking by focusing on offering solutions and benefits rather than just describing services. Collaboration over competition was a key theme in Jackie's discussion, as she urged business owners to see the value in working together and simplifying messages to resonate with potential clients and partners. She extended an invitation to explore the offerings of 1230 TWC Business Beat Radio Show, both locally and globally, with upcoming events and virtual networking options available. In closing, Jackie reflected on the transformative power of networking and the rewards of building meaningful relationships in business. She invited business owners seeking support and connection to join her community, promising a warm welcome and valuable opportunities for growth. Tune in next time for more insightful discussions on entrepreneurship and networking. Listen in to her podcast


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Healing Grief Holistically: Dr. Karen Kramer Unveils Insights for Balanced Living

Special Guest Dr. Karen Kramer - If you are a coach/expert who wants to launch a podcast, register for our next Podcast Profits Unleashed 2 Hour LIVE event Welcome to an insightful episode featuring Dr. Karen Kramer, a grief recovery expert with over 30 years of leadership development and coaching experience. Dr. Karen shares her journey, revealing a transformative moment triggered by unprocessed grief. The conversation explores society's inclination towards quick fixes for emotional pain and the need for a holistic approach to healing. Dr. Karen introduces her three-step process for grief recovery, emphasizing the importance of identifying desires, releasing subconscious triggers, and empowering individuals for lasting results. The hosts discuss societal conditioning, highlighting the reluctance to face emotional pain and the necessity of self-awareness. An analogy of life as a stage unfolds, emphasizing the need to recognize patterns in relationships, careers, and personal growth to lead a fulfilling life. The hosts delve into toxic positivity as a barrier to seeking help, acknowledging the sensitivity of grief beyond death. Dr. Karen's new book, "Healthy Grief," is introduced as a valuable resource, providing a framework and 30 grief survival case studies with accompanying audio. Listeners are encouraged to embrace a healthy grief process for life's transitions. The hosts stress the book's universal applicability as a lifelong companion, offering support for those experiencing grief and their allies. The episode concludes with information on accessing the book and upcoming virtual launches, reinforcing the mission to provide hope to a world collectively facing pain and loss. Tune in for valuable insights into holistic grief recovery and balanced living.