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Get Belly Dance Moves, New Dance Music, Beauty Tips & So Much More

Get Belly Dance Moves, New Dance Music, Beauty Tips & So Much More


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Get Belly Dance Moves, New Dance Music, Beauty Tips & So Much More




Davina: DIY Belly Dance Costume Queen Dawn Devine – 071

Author of 22+ belly dance costuming books, Dawn Devine talks about current belly dance fashion trends in Egypt and Turkey, how to make assuit fabric feel good on your skin, and how to get more out of your belly dance costumes.


How to Dance Through Pain: More Lessons from Pema Chödrön – 070

Being injured is part of every dancer's life, and all dancers want relief from pain. Pema teaches how to befriend our pain, forgive ourselves for getting hurt, and turn poison into medicine.


Goddess Enabler Melodia of Melodia Designs – 069

Melodia of Melodia Designs has been designing amazing dance wear and comfortable-AND-sexy street clothes for over 20 years. But do you know about her intriguing dance past with the Belly Dance Superstars and Urban Tribal Dance Company? Listen and find out!


“The Music is in My Blood”: The Artistry of Belly Dancer Randa Kamel of Egypt – 068

World-famous Egyptian raqs sharqi dancer Randa Kamel on the importance of belly dancing to live music, feeling the music, and why oriental dance developed in Egypt.


Naimah’s Belly Dance Trip to Egypt…During Covid – 067

The nightclubs were open, famous Egyptian dancers including Randa Kamel and Aziza of Cairo performed, live bands played, and belly dance costume shopping continued. Hear about Naimah of Baltimore's adventures on Black Cat Belly Dance Tour in 2021.


Dancing Authentically to Sha’abi and Mahraganat with Natalie – 066

NYC raqs sharqi dancer Natalie of Puerto Rico shares how to belly dance authentically to mahraganat and shaabi, as well as her love for Egyptian colloquial Arabic, culture and daily life.


Highlights from 2021: Carolena Nericcio, Jillina, Ebony, Kamrah, and More – 065

Get inspired by the health, beauty and dance tips from some of the most influential belly dancers in the world who were interviewed on this belly dance podcast in 2021. Feel grateful, make a dance goal, drink some water, and dance yourself down the sidewalk.


Golden Era Belly Dance with Badriyah – 064

Learn some of the secrets of recreating Golden Era belly dance moves and costumes from Badriyah. Find out the best belly dance scenes from classical Egyptian movies with Samia Gamal, Naima Akef, Taheya Carioca and hear Badriyah's dreams of opening a Belly Dance Museum.


The Magic of the Dancer Witch Danielle Hutton – 063

New York City dancer Danielle Hutton speaks on magical intentions, powerful productions, and why washing your hair on Venus's Day is a damn good idea.


The Evolution of Jillina – 062

Belly Dance Superstars Choreographer Jillina Carlano on courage, contribution, and marinating yourself in music. From performing in prison, touring the planet and stumbling forward through the reckoning in the dance community. This is an amazing podcast interview.


Brenna on Voguing, Neuroplasticity and Unstoppable NYC – 061

Brooklyn-born belly dancer and fusion artist Brenna Crowley tells us how she went from looking down at the ground to strutting sidewalks like a runway model and dancing like a superhero.


Amanda Hart on Belly Dance Competitions & Continuous Growth – 060

Award winning belly dancer Amanda Hart talks about how "A little progress each day adds up to big results", her own growth from being part of Jillina's Belly Dance Experience, and her love for the Lebanese singer Fairuz. (Results quote from Satya Nani)


Kamrah on Swords, Back Bends, and Energy on Stage – 059

Trans masculine belly dancer Kamrah of Chicago talks about key differences in Egyptian and Lebanese belly dance and highlights a big mistake that many of us make when dancing with a sword...


It’s All Improv: Carolena Nericcio & FatChanceBellyDance Style – 058

The founder of FCBD Style speaks on the origin of ATS costuming, cultural appropriation, and the shift back to the name FCBD.


Ebony on Feeling Good and Fusing Urban Dance Styles with Belly Dance – 057

What is the difference between Popping and Locking? Find out from this amazing fusion belly dancer who has toured with Belly Dance Superstars, Belly Dance Evolution, choreographed for Zoe Jakes's shows, and is featured on Rachel Brice's Datura Online. This show is packed with deep health and beauty secrets as well as a love for festivals and shenanigans.


Go Hunting for Joy with Eshe Yildiz – 056

Hear how Eshe travelled to Turkey to study with belly dance legends Sema Yildiz and Princess Banu, why the word "Roman" needs to replace the G* word, and why Fifi Abdou's new performances on Instagram may be even better than her iconic dance performances.


Reflecting on Dance During the Covid Era – 055

Forget about writing a useless New Years Resolution. Here's a better way for dancers to prepare for the best year of our lives. Listen and find out what it is! This episode gives you time to reflect and create.


Show Musicians You Love Them: Fun Tips from Carmine Guida – 054

"Hafla Prince" Carmine Guida of NYC has played oud, cümbüs and percussion for thousands of delighted belly dancers. Hear Carmine's tips for helping the band love to play for you and for making it super fun.


Rachel on Darkness, Dance and the Medicine All Around Us – 053

Healing yourself is possible, even in rich dark nights of the soul. Find out how Ceremonial Botanical Bodywork practitioner Rachel Fisher heals, how she became friends with Rachel Brice, and hear how she got 250,000 followers on social media and then let them go.


The Dance Floors That Heal Us: A Tribute to Erin Sharp – 052

I met Erin in my first belly dance class in 2000 at Cornell. For 20 years we danced together on stages, streets and around fires. Erin passed away in May 2020 during the Covid Era, and I continue seeking a dance floor that can help heal the pain.