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Get Belly Dance Moves, New Dance Music, Beauty Tips & So Much More

Get Belly Dance Moves, New Dance Music, Beauty Tips & So Much More


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Get Belly Dance Moves, New Dance Music, Beauty Tips & So Much More




Rachel on Darkness, Dance and the Medicine All Around Us – 053

Healing yourself is possible, even in rich dark nights of the soul. Find out how Ceremonial Botanical Bodywork practitioner Rachel Fisher heals, how she became friends with Rachel Brice, and hear how she got 250,000 followers on social media and then let them go.


The Dance Floors That Heal Us: A Tribute to Erin Sharp – 052

I met Erin in my first belly dance class in 2000 at Cornell. For 20 years we danced together on stages, streets and around fires. Erin passed away in May 2020 during the Covid Era, and I continue seeking a dance floor that can help heal the pain.


Helen Blondel on The Best Workouts for Belly Dancers – 051

Singing belly dancer Helen of South Florida gives us some tone-at-home fitness tips we forgot about and shares how she moved past fear to create her own online dance program and write "Belly Dance Business 101".


Dance Lessons Learned from Pema Chödrön

Tired of feeling tight and stressed? One of the world's most down to earth Buddhist teachers shows us how to soften, relax, create space, and find meaning in our dance lives and daily lives.


Maëlle on How to Dance for a Middle Eastern Audience – 049

Veil poi innovator Maëlle shares belly dance secrets from the Lebanese night clubs of Brussels, palaces of Dubai, and Suhaila Salimpour's dance studios. Hear her story.


Designer Costumes & Belly Dancing in the Middle East: Sabriye Tekbilek Interview – 048

For 12 years Sabriye performed all over the Gulf and North Africa. Hear her tips for keeping the soul in Saidi and how to do Khaleeji hair throw moves safely.


Ciana Ariel on Art, Athleticism, and the Future of Belly Dance – 047

Flashy Floridian Belly Dancer Ciana talks about the difference between dance cardio classes and straight up belly dance classes, the importance of foundational strength for preventing injury and aiding expression, and how much fun it is to wear big drag lashes when you dance.


Can Belly Dancers Still Use the Word “Tribal”? Thoughts from Abigail Keyes – 046

What should we call tribal fusion now that Indigenous leaders have spoken? Professor Keyes from the Salimpour School hashes out what educated belly dancers should know.


Iana on Being an Artist AND Making Money as a Dancer – 045

Find out how podcast host Iana Komarnytska has made her passion for Middle Eastern dance into an abundant business, get tips for creating a clear website, and hear why it is so important for belly dancers to study folk dance styles.


Suhaila: Popping & Locking & Birthing her Belly Dance Format – 044

Find out how Suhaila, Jamila and The Salimpour School have shaped the history of belly dance and fused elements of hip hop dance with traditional Middle Eastern Dance.


Art of the Belly’s Naimah on Goth & Modern Belly Dance – 043

Hear Naimah's tips on great eye makeup and how to get your dance costume to stay in place. And find out how modeling and studying burlesque can help us belly dancer better.


Kaeshi Chai on Bellydance Superstars and Bellyqueen – 042

New York City Belly Dancer Kaeshi talks about touring the world as a dancer, screaming when dancing, and Beauty Reimagined. And her doumbek playing husband Brad Mack gives us tips on how to become a better performer.


Isabella Salimpour on Body Empowerment & Legacy – 041

Third generation belly dance star Isabella shares what she learned from Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour, talks about the magic of Bal Anat, and reflects on dancing illegally in Egypt at 8 years old.


Sexy Floor Work with Belly Dancing Mom Zobeida – 040

New York City belly dancer Zobeida on Anahid Sofian's floor work, how to dance to 9/8 Turkish Roma style and how to find time to dance when you have kids.


How to Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Body – Cera Byer – 039

California belly dancer and twerking instructor Cera Byer talks about fearless improvisation, clear choreography, and taking "exquisite care" of ourselves.


Suhaila Salimpour on Bal Anat, Jamila, and their Legacy – 038

Find out why Suhaila walked off the nightclub stage at 28, how we can show respect for the cultural origins of belly dance, and how her mother Jamila Salimpour danced her cooking.


How to Dance Through Coronavirus Chaos – 037

Here's some treatment for Coronavirus depression: Join the Dancing with Myself Movement, try Belly Dance Chi Gong, and relieve stress by laughing like crazy Laughing Yoga style.


Suhaila Salimpour’s Former Assistant Anna on Dance Secrets & Snuggles – 036

Suhaila's student and friend Anna Horn shares some of the surprising elements of Suhaila's format, reminisces about Jamila Salimpour's finger cymbals, and shows us how the pets we love can inspire us to dance.


ITS Instructor Jo Boring on Authenticity & Contagiously Fun Shows – 035

Hear how murder mystery writer Jo loves the process of preparing for a performance even more than the show and values sharing experiences with other dancers more than perfection in the spotlight. And she likes to set drinks on fire...


BellyEsque Musings from the Voluptuous Tessa True Heart – 034

Want to feel beautiful and juicy in your body? Listen to this. Let's reveal what belly dancers can learn from burlesque culture and find ways to take exquisite of ourselves.