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The Happy Healthy Belly Dance Podcast

The Happy Healthy Belly Dance Podcast
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The Happy Healthy Belly Dance Podcast




Khaleeji Hair Dance Moves from Iraq and More – 005 ALLAF

Welcome to the hair episode! Learn how to move your hair when you belly dance to a trance-inducing beat, try the “Khaliji Sideways Hair Sway”, and turn your next shower into a stress-relieving ritual. DANCEABLE RITUAL: Cleansing Your Hair and Mind Washing our hair is a chance to cleanse our minds and enjoy massaging and detangling our thoughts, even if it’s just a quick shower. A paraphrased Buddhist proverb inspired this danceable ritual. It is, “Remember that when you cleanse your body you...


The Gold Episode: Turn Irritation to Gold with Your Feel Good Move – 004 ALLAF

Find out why dubstep songs like “Crave You” are great to dance to. Get tips on how to mix metals in your dance costumes. Try the belly dance move “Dripping in Gold”, and discover delicious (golden) white miso sauce by dripping it on your dinner tonight. It’s the gold episode! DANCEABLE RITUAL: The Golden Touch Think of dance move that makes you feel really good. It might even make you giggle. You might remember the first time that you did this move well because it felt different from the...


The Beautiful Pause – 003 ALLAF

Breathe and enjoy the next time you are stuck at a red light, belly dance like you were hired for a wedding to oriental brass band Kocani Orkestar, try the “Hair Throw Surprise”, know what your earrings will do, and try sprinkling sesame seeds on your next meal.


The Water Show – 002 ALLAF

Enjoy sipping water with mint, dance in the rain, line dance to Ya Ayn Mawlayiten, and cut out unfulfilling calories and expenses by carrying a small water bottle in your bag. The theme of this show is water. The water in our veins, the water we seek, the water we drink while dancing around fire, the water that falls on us from above… Danceable ritual: Sipping water What is your go-to drink right now? What do you reach for without thinking? What drink do you crave? What do you love about it?...


Belly Dance to Uskadara with this Fun Veil Move – 001 ALLAF

This is the very first episode of A Little Lighter. I’m so excited to get to know you, and I hope you keep dancing with me on this podcast adventure as I become better and better at hosting. I always say don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, so let’s begin!