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032 | Quarter year check-in!

It's time to pull out your notes from January, and take a moment to seriously consider your progress when it comes to achieving your dreams! Before you set out to do this though, keep in mind one important fact: the goals you set for yourself – they are yous and yours alone. No one else… The post 032 | Quarter year check-in! appeared first on Action For Wellness.


031 | Deadlines

They say the average millionaire has 7 different income streams. I think those who are rich in happiness also have many income streams. The post 031 | Deadlines appeared first on Action For Wellness.


030 | Laughter is the best medicine!

How do you react when a relationship you’re in ends? Personally, I have been known to mope around with my friends Ben and Jerry. Not today’s guest though. Sasha broke up with her boyfriend at the time and found inspiration.She decided to use her dark sense of humor, and make herself a break-up card to cheer… The post 030 | Laughter is the best medicine! appeared first on Action For Wellness.


029 | Blowing Off Steam

Want to know first about our next episode? Want to get special bonuses and free content? Subscribe Here Sometimes everyone needs a little break from life. Be it a short getaway overseas or to a local hotel, be it having a drink and letting go. It's there, whether we choose to ignore it or not.… The post 029 | Blowing Off Steam appeared first on Action For Wellness.


028| Get inspired!

You need to find a way to do things that inspire you every single day. Seriously. Look for flowers, play with your kids, watch the sunset, listen to music, cook, knit, dance... whatever it is that allows all the crazy ideas questions and thoughts to pop into your mind. It's what feeds your soul. The post 028| Get inspired! appeared first on Action For Wellness.


027 | Circles of influence

We have so many things in our life to be thankful for and happy about =) In today’s episode we discuss our circles of influence, which are always around us and for better or worse, have a substantial effect on how we see ourselves, our lives, our achievements… We discuss the two types of people… The post 027 | Circles of influence appeared first on Action For Wellness.


026 | Thriving over surviving

Sometimes in life you are forced to make a choice- are you going to survive this or are you going to try your best to thrive with this. That's what we're talking about in this interview with Gemma Boak, from with you. Gemma was diagnosed at six years old with psoriasis and spent her life getting… The post 026 | Thriving over surviving appeared first on Action For Wellness.


025 |The simple joy of decluttering

In this episode, we talk about how decluttering can help you get more than just your possessions under control, but also how to turn that process of refining your life into a journey of self-acceptance and love. The post 025 |The simple joy of decluttering appeared first on Action For Wellness.


024 | Going all-in

Today we’re discussing how we can make the most out of things in our lives, invest more of ourselves into the things we’re doing and pushing up the glass ceiling. So often we, unconsciously, set our own limits at a place where we feel comfortable although we can easily break these and go so much… The post 024 | Going all-in appeared first on Action For Wellness.


023: Positive affirmations

Are you hoping that 2018 will be the year you finally stick to your goals and make your dreams come true? To get this year started in the best possible way, Maya and I have decided to start a free challenge, with a month of positive affirmations!! We will publish a new positive affirmation every single… The post 023: Positive affirmations appeared first on Action For Wellness.


022: Having better conversations

As we said, this podcast idea came after listening to this Ted talk by Mariano Sigman and Dan Ariely, who were talking about how groups can make better decisions. It got me thinking that we can only arrive at a group decision if we talk to one another, something we seem to be doing less and… The post 022: Having better conversations appeared first on Action For Wellness.


021: learning from the past year

Towards the end of the year, it’s time to stop for a moment and take a look at the year we’re about to finish. Have we accomplished what we’d hoped to? What was it that worked and what didn’t, how can we use this to our advantage? In today’s episode we review all this and… The post 021: learning from the past year appeared first on Action For Wellness.


020: Eidetic imagery

Eidetics is easier to experience than to explain, don't worry- Wendy does take us through this journey in the episode! But here's what we can say: an eidetic image is a type of vivid mental image, not necessarily derived from an actual event or memory, which is used as a vision, as a source of new thought and feeling. Eidetics allows us access to what's beneath the surface. The post 020: Eidetic imagery appeared first on Action For Wellness.


019: Creating goals and expectations that work for you

We all know that goal setting is important, but how can we set goals that motivate us instead of sending chills down our spine and making us feel unworthy? Well, we've all encountered both goals. When I started out my Master's degree I was terrified and was experiencing a whole heap of "I'm not good enough"… The post 019: Creating goals and expectations that work for you appeared first on Action For Wellness.


018: Gratitude

So what does it mean to give thanks for what we have? How does being appreciative make things change? What is it in our mindset that can be so easily changed and have such a huge impact on our lives? In today's episode, we discuss how impactful it can be to stop and give thanks for ALL the things in our lives, whether they feel good or not! The post 018: Gratitude appeared first on Action For Wellness.


017: Living the Dream

Today we interview Jamie Michaels, author (Canoe Boys, Christie Pits – click the links to back the project today!!), cage-fighter and helicopter firefighter, located in Winnipeg Canada and who also happens to be our cousin 😊 We decided we had to interview Jamie because he is one of the few people we know who actually,… The post 017: Living the Dream appeared first on Action For Wellness.


Episode 016: Preparing Yourself For Winter

Preparing yourself for winter – making sure that now the days are shorter and you’re getting tired earlier, you’re still actually making sure that you are eating properly, that you’re doing what you can to avoid the winter blues (well, some of us may think that’s not really possible- but at least make it more… The post Episode 016: Preparing Yourself For Winter appeared first on Action For Wellness.


015: Conflict resolution

We all come across different types and scales of conflicts, on a daily basis. In this episode we will discuss different techniques and ways of dealing with conflicts – although we may not be able to resolve or stop all conflict (not quite world peace yet (: ), but will certainly help you handle and try… The post 015: Conflict resolution appeared first on Action For Wellness.


014: Getting unstuck

I think we all know the horrible feeling we get every once in a while, the feeling of just being stuck. We all meet times when we feel the burden is too much to carry, no matter which way we look all we see are closed doors. That’s what we’re talking about in this episode:… The post 014: Getting unstuck appeared first on Action For Wellness.


013: Out with the old and in with the new…

Every once in a while, having a good clean up is the best thing to uplift your spirit. Sometimes, out possessions can weigh us down like long to-do lists that never get done. It’s too easy to get bogged down by possessions! Be it the pile of unread magazines (you still intend to read someday,… The post 013: Out with the old and in with the new… appeared first on Action For Wellness.


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