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The ONE MIND that heals us ALL

THIS was one powerful conversation! I so enjoyed meeting Dr. Dossey in his Santa Fe home to record this dialogue on consciousness, health, and healing. We dove into some really great stuff, things that Dr. Dossey has been immersed in throughout his long and fruitful career, pioneering the field of mind-body medicine. Things we covered include... Links to learn more - Show notes and resources: - Get a copy of Dr. Benjamin's book:...


Are you stressed about stress?

In this episode, we use our own stressful situation as an opportunity to talk about stress and how to respond to stress in a non-judgmental or fearful way. It is true that when we become stressed about stress, the overall stress multiples and sticks around in our minds and bodies longer than it would otherwise. We talk about the physiological effect that stress has on the body that can take a toll on our health. And finally we talk about the possibility of relating to stress in a neutral...


Dr. Susanna Alter: War and peace in relationships

With over 7-months of happy (and not so happy) marriage, Susanna and I are relationship experts (JOKE!). But seriously, we are both steeped in the art and science of the principles and practice of relationships. In such, we have some unique insights that we share and explore in this episode. We cover such things as... - How the two of us met and fell in love in med school - Why conflicts are awesome - The purpose of relationships (and of LIFE!) ... and so much more. Hope you...


The PROS and CONS of ANTI, PRO, and PRE biotics

BIOTICS! We all know about antibiotics in this world, maybe a little more than we should! In fact, both Dr. Susanna and I have unique stories concerning our journeys and connections with antibiotics, along with the acute and chronic consequences they have - from short term life saving to long term chronic side effects. In this episode we covered so many things including... Tune in to learn about optimizing your health through focusing on the health of your microbes!


Dr. Joan Borysenko: cultivating resilience through mind-body mastery

I am grateful to have had the pleasure and opportunity to connect with Dr. Borysenko and am excited to share this inspiring conversation. For those who are unfamiliar with her work, Dr. Joan Borysenko has been a true trailblazer through the field of mind-body medicine, playing a significant role developing the field to where it is today, largely integrated into the conventional medical system. But, it all didn't simply come from nothing! In this conversation, Dr. Borysenko shares her part...


Is your liver sluggish? Learn how to promote a healthy liver!

I feel like it's been a long time coming, as the Liver literally plays a central role in every aspect of health and healing. If you want to experience your optimal health and heal from any chronic health condition, you are definitely going to want to tune into this one! We talk many things including... Tune in to learn some of the most important tips to living a clean and healthy life so that your liver stays happy and functions optimally! Links to learn more - Show notes and...


Dr. Joel Kahn: vegan nutrition for ageless living

I finally had the pleasure to connect with this thought leader and plant-based advocate out of Detroit, MI. We were supposed to meat in person at his restaurant, GreenSpace, but he had to postpone due to a last minute invitation to fly out and be on Dr. Oz! In this conversation, we reflected a bit on Dr. Kahn's recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast where he took part in the very popular Vegan vs Paleo debate. (We didn't belabor the point too much, but if you'd like to get a more...


Releasing WEIGHT in a sustainable and satisfying way

Today we present to you a completely different approach to weight release from the norm, that is both sustainable and satisfying! We talk about how it is not just as simple as calories in and calories out. If that were the case, those on calorically restrictive diets would have much better results than they are typically seeing! We take a deeper look at some of the underlying causes of weight gain, mainly dysfunction in the thyroid, adrenals, and liver, and we talk about the power of food...


Michael Brian Baker: Shamanism, plant medicine, pranayama for transformation

I was so happy to reconnect with Michael for this conversation. Michael served as my introduction to breath work, now 6+ years ago. I have come to know how unique and powerful his breath work facilitation is, as it is combined with so many other potent ingredients, including those passed through shamanic lineage. The most important ingredient is Michael’s consciousness. He has cultivated his presence of a healer from the trials and tribulations his own life offered him. We talk about this...


Your inherent wellbeing and self-healing power

In this week’s episode we talk about you innate super powers! Some people call this your intuition, the collective mind, the one mind, innate wellbeing, etc. Whatever you choose to call it, it is there present with you always. Maybe you have experienced your own innate wisdom in a flash of clarity or an intuitive hit, or maybe you experienced it looking into the eyes of your grandchild, or watching a beautiful sunset. It does not always show up during profound, dramatic experiences, it...


Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick: Spiritual Psychology as a tool for evolving consciousness

It was an honor to sit down with two of my beloved spiritual teachers! In this conversation, we talk about consciousness, health, and healing - which happens to be the title of a year long course offered at the University of Santa Monica, the school that Drs. Ron and Mary have co-directors for over 35 years! I have had the privilege of spending many years in the classroom with these two incredible souls, as well as 1 year on faculty during the latest Consciousness, Health, and Healing...


A fresh perspective on Vegan vs Paleo (Re: Kahn vs Kresser on Joe Rogan)

Dr. Susanna and I recently listened to the Paleo vs Vegan debate between Chris Kresser and Dr. Joel Kahn on the Joe Rogan Podcast. As the scientific claims flew back and forth, I realized the desperate need for a fresh perspective on the matter. This is a conversation about that fresh perspective. For a more in depth and articulated look, check out this recent blog post. In other news, throughout the month of OCTOBER we are offering a 25% discounts on all health programs at Alter Health....


Dr. Greg Nigh: Busting paradigms - alternative views on SIBO, cancer, and more

I’ve had the great pleasure of learning from Dr. Nigh a bit over the years. He is a true genius, and a real scientist, always thinking in working in ways to evolve thought and ideas. This conversation is a little more scientific and physical based than others, but a real demonstration of how we ought to relate to the world of science and medicine to keep the ball moving forward. We talk about SIBO, cancer, and other alternative concepts related to chronic disease. Dr. Nigh presents some...


Supporting your ADRENALS in this crazy world

Have you or has someone you know been told they have “adrenal fatigue?” If you said yes, tune into this episode where we discuss the ever-prevalent condition of “adrenal fatigue” aka HPA-axis dysregulation, what causes it, what to do to restore proper adrenal function, and what NOT to do so you don’t further worsen the issue! You will learn about what the adrenals are, where they are located, what they do, why they are SO important for your health, and basic lifestyle practices to keep...


Wilfredo Benitez: Plant powered performance nutrition

Wilfredo, who also goes by Will, is a nutritionist who focuses on supporting athletes reach their performance goals. This conversation was a great one about Will's journey as a runner, ultimately finding his way into a nutritional science program at National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, which is where I originally met Will. We talk about achieving goals in health and in life before we take a deep dive into the world of nutrition. Will shares how fueling the body with nutrient...


Yom Kippur special - Fasting and Forgiveness

In this episode, Dr. Susanna isn't able to be with us, but we are still able to get into some great stuff on the topics of forgiveness and fasting. I see both of these practices, which are central to the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, as amazing practices for cleansing and renewal. I talk about the different methods of fasting, including the ever popular intermittent fasting, bringing up some very important considerations for anyone wanting to optimize their cleansing experience. I also...


Dr. Ben Reebs: A quantum talk on vitalism and individualized healthcare

Dr. Ben Reebs was a classmate in Naturopathic Medical School who's ways of thinking and practicing always intrigued me. His "vitalistic" approach to healing was one that I have always strongly believed in as well, and his background and path into the field of naturopathic medicine is an inspiring one. In this conversation we talk about how there is no one-size fits all approach to health and healing, and how individualized vitalistic medicine is the way of the future (and past!). Even...


What does HOME have to do with HEALTH?

In this episode, we take advantage of an opportunity to check in along our journey, now in Carbondale, Colorado, talking about a topic that is extremely pertinent to us both - HOME! We have in some ways been on the search for our next home, which is inviting us both to tune into our feelings as we navigate through beautiful towns along our journey. We talk about the Blue Zones and Dan Buettner's work (check out his books - Blue Zones, Blue Zones Solution, and Blue Zones of Happiness) We...


Dr. Sailesh Rao: A solution to world hunger, climate change, and violence

After this powerful conversation, I came fully out of the closet - the VEGAN closet! For those of you who know me well, you probably are familiar with the fact that I don't eat meat or animal products. I have been teetering on the fence for several years, being fully "plant-based" for the last year or so. Dr. Rao is a brilliant individual who offers a comprehensive and unique approach to so many of the problems that plague our world today. This conversation is more about the macro...


FIBER! Why you need more of it

In this episode, we turn back to nutrition to talk about my all time favorite nutrient - FIBER! It might be helpful to go back and listen to episode 15, episode 17, episode 19, and episode 23 where we cover other macronutrients. We talk about why fiber is important for: If you are going to focus on any one NUMBER in your diet - focus on FIBER. The recommended daily minimum of fiber is 25 grams, but the optimal diet contains at least 50g of fiber! - Show notes and resources:...