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Chris Wark: Cancer Proof and Thriving

Chris BEAT Cancer! But he didn't do it with harsh chemicals and suppressive therapies that "kill" or "fight" c ancer. Chris won the battle by naturally supporting his innate immune system through transforming his entire life! This transformation not only allowed him to "beat" cancer and survive, but THRIVE! Some other take aways include... This is a truly powerful conversation... I hope you enjoy! Links to learn more - Show notes and resources: -...


Autoimmunity Goes Viral

WHOOPS! Forgot to turn on the microphone! Apologies for the poor audio... This is such a HUGE topic that is very important to me. More and more people are diagnosed with more and more varieties of autoimmune conditions. In this conversation I share my thoughts on the matter, along with my take on Anthony William, the Medical Medium's perspective on the matter. Take aways... 1 - The body ALWAYS heals itself 2 - Autoimmune conditions are chronic viral infections 3 - Viruses are not much...


Stef Sifandos: Transcending Toxic Masculinity

I first connected with Stef through social media, feeling a strong resonance with his work and his message. In this conversation, we cover a lot of ground - from Stef's background and coming into the work of human transformation to what is means to be a man in this world. While a lot of the conversation was about what masculinity means in our world, this information transcends gender and social norms to discuss for purely these divine energies that manifest in our world.​ I particularly...


How to Sleep Better and Heal Faster

We hear of peoples struggles with sleep ALLLL the time. Optimizing sleep is critical to healing any physical health condition. In this episode we talk about all the reasons WHY as well as important keys when it comes to HOW to sleep better! Some important takeaways include... Enjoy, and SLEEP WELL! Links to learn more - Show notes and resources: - Get a copy of Dr. Benjamin's book: - Apply to work with Dr. Benjamin: ...


Dr. Daniel Chong: Heart Attack Proof, Beyond Cholesterol

Dr. Chong is back for round 2! After a wonderful conversation about "Healing the Heart with Food" (Alter Your Health #4) we never even touched on the massive topic of CHOLESTEROL! So, this was allllll about cholesterol, and why cholesterol alone is not the most important risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Some take aways from this conversation are... * What Cholesterol does in the body (hormones, cell membranes, plaque formation) * Different types of cholesterol transport proteins:...


The Power of Though in Orthorexia and Eating Disorders

I think this was one of my favorite LIVE episodes so far! Susanna starts us off by getting personal, sharing her experience with anorexia. Navigating the mental, emotional, and physical dis-ease that ultimately guided her into a place of deep inner peace and trusting... Powerful stuff!!! Orthorexia and eating disorders are clearly a huge sticky topic, but we talked about how underlying it all is anxiety and compulsivity. These mental and emotional disturbances need to be addressed to heal....


Dicken Bettinger: From stress and chaos to Peace and Wisdom

In this conversation, Dicken shares how understanding the nature of the human experience leads to deepened states of peace and wellbeing in addition to expanded creative potential. In such a crazy and chaotic world, people are running around pointing fingers at one another for causing suffering. Dicken shares the one true cause of all suffering, and contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with anything outside of yourself.​ Throughout this conversation, we are pointing to the 3...


A Successful Mindset For Your New Years Resolutions

Christmas is over and New Years is upon us, which means many of you may be thinking about resolutions. In this episode, we talk about creating resolutions with a proper mindset that sets you up for authentic success! In addition to creating resolutions from a clear and authentic place, we talk about the "3 C's" to a successful and sustainable resolution, which include * Commitment * Creativity * Compassion Tune in and learn how to infuse these qualities into your resolution. AND, if...


Jeff Chilton: Magical Medicinal Mushrooms

I've always appreciated fungi, and today's episode is packed with powerful information from a truly fun-gi! Jeff is an expert mycologist. Our conversation traversed all things from medicinal mushroom properties, culinary mushrooms, mushroom cultivation, as well as how sketchy the mushroom supplement industry is. I learned a ton. One big take away for me was the fact that most mushroom powders today are actually mostly GRAIN due to the fact that the mycelium is grown on grain and then the...


Holiday Health Hacks

The holidays are upon us! In this episode we talk about staying resilient and healthy through potential stressors of holiday season. So many people travel, indulge in rich foods, and face stress of family and social situations. We discuss ways to gently mitigate some of these factors as we approach the holidays. Here is a list of some of our tips When traveling Nutrition at home and Christmas parties Around family Some recipes Susanna will be cooking up over the holidays Vegan lentil...


Dillon Holmes: Well Your World

I came across Dillon on YouTube not too long ago, and instantly appreciated his no BS approach to nutrition. In this episode we talk about how he has come into living a healthy life, focusing on food as medicine. We also talk about how he has taken the steps to really "Well His World" by creating an online community where he continues to offer a regular stream of high quality content. ​Some highlights of this conversation for me include... - The value of community and support in making...


Heart Health - Food and Love

This week, a young friend passed away suddenly due to a cardiovascular event. Heart disease is the number 1 killer, and has been for some time. The crazy thing is, like most all chronic diseases, it is COMPLETELY PREVENTIBLE AND REVERSIBLE! ​We talk about the most important risk factors to consider, including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and STRESS (or disconnection). Like most talks, this was jam packed with content. Some important takeaways include... Heart disease...


Reflections and learnings from Alter Your Health interviews (part 2)

In this episode, I finish my reflection on the first 50 episodes of this podcast, covering episodes 22 - 50. I share some highlights and learnings from each episode. Here are the links to each of the episodes for you to go back and listen to any of interest! #22 - Dr. Satya Ambrose: Functional Medicine before it was cool + healing stories - #24 - Arvind Chittumalla: How to be a healthy yogi - #26 - Dr. Glen Nagel: The magical...


BRAINWEEK! Holistic optimization of cognition for longevity

In honor of brain week, we focus on how to support the health of the brain with lifestyle and nutrition! With diseases like Alzheimer’s and Autism on the rise, it is extremely important to consider how our lifestyle and food choices impact the health of your brain as well as the brains of your loved ones. Topics we cover… -The power of a diet high in fruits and vegetables! -The preferred source of fuel for the brains – Glucose -The importance of dietary fat for brain health. -Specific...


Reflections and learnings from Alter Your Health interviews (part 1)

In this episode, I take this time to reflect on the first 50 episodes of the Alter Your Health podcast. It's been a fun and exciting learning experience for me, and I wanted to reflect and share my learnings through conducting so many interviews with such amazing people. I made it through the first 14 interviews I conducted on the podcast Episode 0 - Dr. Susanna Alter: Our Healing Journeys - Episode 1 - Jere Friendman: Healing with Gong and Breath -...


Exploring a Nutritarian way of life

In this episode, we follow up on episode #50 with Dr. Joel Fuhrman ​to go into greater detail as to what the nutritarian diet really is, and more importantly, what we think about it! We love what Dr. Fuhrman is doing, and really appreciate him showing what the Gold Standard is with regard to nutritional excellence in our world today. We also appreciate how he gives freedom to individuals to choose how they want to measure up on the spectrum of nutritional excellence. ​Some things we cover...


Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Nutritional excellence is more powerful than any drug

What an inspiration it was to connect with Dr. Fuhrman at his beautiful nutritional healing retreat in San Diego, CA! I have really looked up to Dr. Fuhrman and admired his work for years. I especially appreciate the simple focus that he promotes through the Nutritarian diet; HEALTH = Nutrients / Calories. What this means is that each meal is an opportunity to flood the body with healing nutrients! Some things we covered in this talk are... I hope you enjoy the inspiration and wisdom as...


ACCEPTANCE - A prerequisite to Gratitude

This episode, recorded on Thanksgiving morning, we take the opportunity to talk gratitude. But we go beyond the classic gratitude discussion... ​ We talk about... Why family provides such rich opportunity for healing How Gratitude is a powerful predictor of health Acceptance is more than just being OK with what is ​ Wishing All a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, and a safe Black Friday! Links to learn more - Show notes and resources: - Get a copy of...


Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda): Cosmic Comedy as an antidote to stress

I LOVED connecting with our guest today, Steve Bhaerman, who also goes by his stage name, Swami Beyondanada.​ ​I've always identified myself as a serious kind of guy. I enjoy humor, but I had always judged my sense of humor as weak, often struggling to laugh, even in outright funny times! This conversation has already helped to dramatically shift my perspective on comedy in life. Some of the things we covered in this episode are... The physiologic power of a good laugh How comedy is the...


7 Immune-boosting techniques to keep your holidays healthy and happy

Holy cow! I cannot believe the holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is 1 WEEK AWAY!​​ With that of course comes "cold and flu season," a time when we all need to ramp up self-care and focus on the fundamental aspects to stay healthy. In this episode we cover... Fruits and veggies to focus on this season Why HYDRATION is key! The importance of getting sunlight and being outdoors - even if the sun is hiding most of the time! Why focusing on moving LYMPH is so important HYDROTHERAPY - what...