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America’s Healer with Dr Jason West breaks down the barriers to healing by challenging the accepted medical treatments for chronic illness and disease. Included are stories of hope.


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America’s Healer with Dr Jason West breaks down the barriers to healing by challenging the accepted medical treatments for chronic illness and disease. Included are stories of hope.




Natural treatments for heart rhythm, stomach conditions and more

Welcome to America's Healer with Dr. Jason West, the radio show that brings you the latest in health and wellness. Tune in every Friday at 1pm MST for informative and insightful discussions on natural treatments and remedies for various health conditions. On our upcoming shows, we will be discussing natural treatments for loose ligaments using the mineral manganese, as well as natural treatments for heart arrhythmia. We will also be exploring ways to treat stomach indigestion, heartburn,...


Riding shotgun on a cancer diagnosis

Welcome to America's Healer, the radio show that brings together experts in the field of health and wellness to discuss the latest research and treatments for various health conditions. On today's show, we have a very special guest, Rebecca, who will share her experience as the spouse of someone diagnosed with cancer. Join Dr. Jason West, a nationally known doctor, author, and 2x Doctor of the Year award winner, for Riding Shotgun on Cancer. In this episode, Dr. West will interview Rebecca...


Natural treatments for pain, chronic fatigue and stomachs

Welcome to our radio show featuring one of America's most sought-after healers, Dr. Jason West. In this episode, we're excited to dive into natural pain supplements, how to increase energy naturally, and natural treatments to improve stomach health, digestion, constipation, and diarrhea. Dr. West has been practicing natural healing for over two decades and has helped countless individuals achieve optimal health through his integrative approach. He has a wealth of knowledge on the benefits of...


What's wrong with health insurance? What should you do?

Join me with my guest, Carl Stoddard, as we talk about what's wrong with health care; what you can do to manage costs; and why the mistaken belief that health insurance is your friend. Carl has a unique insight to the back end of doctor's offices and sheds light on the problems so many doctors face. If you are struggling with health care experience, you are not alone. Carl Stoddard is an accomplished Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 20 years of success across the medical,...


What We Wished Sick People Knew (You Can Beat Your Disease)

Welcome to What we wished sick people knew Dr Jason West here with a new radio show episode, “What we wished sick people knew” Radio Show segment for every sick people who want to learn about treatment options that work and at home therapies that will change their lives. I am joined by a special guest, Misty Hopkins, a vital part of the West Clinic. This radio show is for people that are sick and tired and feel like they have no medical treatment options. Many feel that they are doing the...


Levels of healing - body, mind, and soul. Healing acceleration

Energy: the biology of beliefs that accelerate healing. America’s Healer, Dr. Jason West here with our radio show announcement. This week I am joined by my guest, Kelly Wathne, an amazing energy healer, who also works with me at The West Clinic. But, it’s more than just “energy medicine.” It’s using multiple levels of healing – physical, emotional, energy, and of Letting Go. It’s a show about energy, molecules of emotion, and overall healing (mind/body/soul) in the healthcare journey. This...


Bursting with energy; Beating Chronic Illness

Welcome to Bursting with Energy; Treatments most people don't know about I'm your host Dr. Jason West, and joining me this week is a special guest, 2x doctor of the year award winner, Dr. Scott Nelson, with a new segment “How energy affects health and illness.” This program is for every chronic illness sufferer who wants to learn about the 4 breakthrough treatments for sickness - acupuncture, chiropractic, neural therapy, and energy therapeutics (laser/magnet/ultrasound). You can get healthy...


The road back from Covid

Dr Jason West here with a new covid long haul breakthroughs Radio Show segment for every Covid Long Haul Sufferer who wants to learn 6 medical breakthroughs for covid and get their life back after infections without having to think their life is over, take a lifetime of pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, or feel hopeless. Let me tell you what I mean... Seven Relatively Unknown Secrets To Getting Your Health Back #1 - Nerve Reprogramming • Why nerve treatments (Neural...


Supplement Simplification - Getting rid of confusion

Every day people ask me, “Dr. West, what supplements should I take? Which supplements work? What dosage should I be taking of vitamin D, fish oil, and vitamin C?” Are there supplements for anxiety, depression, arthritis, hormone balance, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, and brain health? We help people beat their diseases. Every day. People. Just. Like. You. Don’t be confused with supplements any longer. Let me get you the information to make educated decisions on supplements - what I call...


Rusty Hinge Arthritis; Treatments doctors don't know; Dr West

Every day I treat people that are beating arthritis. I love it when they say, “My doctor tells me that treating arthritis is impossible.” Well, someone forgot to tell the West Clinic. Most doctors are not taught how to restore function; to heal the body; and to give the body instructions on how to heal. So, today’s show is about osteoarthritis. That’s the bone-on-bone rust hinge arthritis. This typically occurs after the age of 40; it’s accelerated by trauma; and exacerbated by lifestyle...


The Arthritis Cure with Americas Healer, Dr Jason West

Arthritis is treatable. Ask medical questions See different viewpoints and discover new medical breakthroughs or treatments people may not know about! If someone has a arthritis problem or their current treatments just aren’t working, then here’s a solution. I’m excited to welcome you to my radio show, America’s Healer, where we take questions, interview medical experts, and where we break down the barriers to healing by challenging the accepted medical treatments for chronic illness and...