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Hosted by self-made multi-millionaire, soulful business guru, and money making queen, Amanda Frances, “And She Rises” is a podcast for the woman who desires the income, impact, intimacy, and influence she was born for. Through practical advice, spiritual solutions and energetic principals, Amanda helps women to achieve their wildest dreams in business, life and love. This is a must listen for the woman who refuses to hold back, shrink down, or play small any longer.


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Hosted by self-made multi-millionaire, soulful business guru, and money making queen, Amanda Frances, “And She Rises” is a podcast for the woman who desires the income, impact, intimacy, and influence she was born for. Through practical advice, spiritual solutions and energetic principals, Amanda helps women to achieve their wildest dreams in business, life and love. This is a must listen for the woman who refuses to hold back, shrink down, or play small any longer.






S4 Ep:08 Financial OVERFLOW: Four Principles to Unlock Massive Abundance

Hello hello! And welcome to the And She Rises — the F*ck Up — the podcast! We are so over-the-moon that you are here. We have something special for you today. As you may know, my signature program, Money Mentality Makeover, comes with over sixteen hours of bonus content. Many people’s favorite bonus is the five-part Elevate into Overflow videos. Enrollment opens to the public for MMM very, very soon. If you are on the MMM waitlist, be sure to check your email as I’ve already written you with the details for the presale. If you are not on my email list, but want to know the moment MMM opens, I’d encourage you to get on my email list. (The easiest way to do that is to grab the free Wealthy Woman Meditation Series) To learn more about MMM + check out raving reviews from those who have worked the course and had it work for them: Financial OVERFLOW: Four Principles to Unlock Massive Abundance 1. Choose new beliefs. Manifesting money can feel really hard when we are holding beliefs that are not in support of us having abundance. Experiences we’ve had, things we’ve been taught, beliefs that run the show in our families — can all be in opposition of us creating abundance. Examples: You are bad with money. Money is the root of all evil. You are not worthy. These ideas are not the ultimate truth for you. You can shift them. Try on these beliefs instead: Money comes naturally and easily to me. My work is of high service and worthy of massive compensation. Spending money is safe. Don’t those feel better? It’s time to align our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs with abundance. 2. Money is responding to you. Money doesn’t have an opinion about you. Money is not approving or disapproving of you. Money is simply responding to you and your energetic state regarding money. So, if money is responding to our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs then you, my friend, have more power than you thought you did. Think of it this way: Everything that occurs is just feedback. Everything that occurs lets you know the thoughts, feelings and energy you’ve been playing in in regards to money. When you find yourself in a less than idea situation regarding money — take it as feedback. Ask yourself: Where in me was I not comfortable receiving money? Where in me was I afraid of letting things be this good? As a business owner, what in me was I not confident about my services? 3. You can’t f* it up. Many years ago I acted as though trumpets were supposed to sound, or God was supposed to get out a microphone, and tell me what I was supposed to do. This made making decisions feel… scary. Every decision felt like a big, complicated thing that I could majorly f* up. My friend once said to me: God’s Will is not so fragile that you can drop it and break it. Meaning, it’s safe to try things out. It’s safe to make mistakes. It’s safe to live. The pressure is largely self imposed. The pressure is simply our doubt and our fear holding us back and making us feel stuck and paralyzed by decisions. When we believe that one wrong decision could cause some sort of massive chaos upon us, it makes it impossible to follow our hearts and to do the d*mn thing, right? Remember: You. Cannot. F*. It. Up. 4. The energy of more than enough. How would you feel if you fully and completely had more than enough? Feel into the feelings of: There is so much, I can buy all the things. There is so much, I have everything I need all the time. There is so much, I have to give some away. Feel it: MORE THAN ENOUGH. When it comes to calling more money, I know this: We can manifest anything we can get behind, anything we believe is possible — or better yet, inevitable — for us. Play with the numbers. What amount can you truly and fully get behind? Don’t worry about the specifics or the “how” — just know that it’s yours. Like a cup that overflows: You believe, and you know, and you hold the feeling, and every moment of faith, belief, and expectation adds...


S4 Ep:07 Money 101: Three Essential Principles for Manifesting Money

Hello! Welcome to the And She Rises (The F Up) — the podcast! We are so happy you are here. These three clips were taken from a few of the *free* videos you receive when you join the Money Mentality Makeover waitlist! When you join the waitlist, you gain access to a ton of free resources to support you in developing a positive relationship with money + you receive a significant discount on Money Mentality Makeover during the next enrollment period (which may or may not be *very* soon). It’s time for transformation in your financial world, for greater flow, increased ease, and to have a relationship with money that feels good — and is supportive to you! Join the waitlist here: Without further ado… Money 101: Three Essential Principles for Manifesting Money: 1. Your desires are from the divine. Our desires were placed in our hearts by God. It is safe to trust your desires. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean any random, fleeting desire… we can have a random want that doesn’t feel like it’s coming from the depths of our soul. But I really believe in my heartfelt desires. The things I really want. (That doesn’t mean your superficial desires aren’t valid and worthy. There’s nothing wrong with getting all your desires. But you know what it’s like when you want something so bad you can’t even f*cking stand it.) I’ve gotten good at letting myself want it. Not pushing it down and saying it’s unrealistic, or impossible, or not worthy of my time. I let myself want what I want. And I let myself want it so bad, it sometimes hurts. And then I believe with everything in me that if I want it, it is literally what I am meant to do on this planet, and heaven and earth will move so I can have it. 2. Everything is energy. When I don’t like what is occurring with money, my practice is to say: Isn’t that interesting? Isn’t it interesting I had this random refund request? Isn’t it interesting that I paid off this chunk of debt, and now I have the same amount of debt again? When situations like this happen, it’s just an indication of your energetic frequency. With money, you get what you’re available for. You have energetic standards — typically an energetic minimum and maximum — in every area of your life. There’s typically an amount that you can’t imagine making more than, and an amount that you can’t imagine making less than. And sometimes this number can be a negative number. We all have standards that we would never allow ourselves to go past, but often we will go to the minimum. Know this: You can ALWAYS raise your energetic minimum and maximum. As you develop your belief in yourself and in money, money can flow through to you. 3. You decide how money works for you. What do you expect to have? For me, it’s outside the realm of possibility that I don’t make money when I sleep. I expect to wake up to thousands of dollars every day. It is so expected, that it is outside the realm of possibility that it could not be true. But that’s just because that’s what I decided is true for me. Often, we expect that there has to be suffering and sacrifice to increase. I must struggle before I’m worthy. The thing is: None of these beliefs are ultimately true. It’s all just sh*t we’re creating and dynamics we’ve played into over time… but it can be changed. The first step is always acknowledging the patterns and limiting beliefs that don’t feel good. Ask yourself: Is this ultimately true? The answer is always no. Nothing is ever ultimately true. So what are you going to choose to believe instead? We have the opportunity to change our minds every day. And through changing our minds, we can change the feelings we feel, and the vibrations that live in our being. If you loved these principles, join the waitlist for more free content (+ a special discount on Money Mentality Makeover): Qs? Comments? Concerns? We are here. Reach out at All the...


S4 Ep:06 Craig Siegel Interviews Amanda Frances: Vision Casting, Money Manifesting, and Intentional Entrepreneurship

Hello! Welcome to the And She Rises (the F*ck Up), the podcast! We are so over-the-moon thrilled to have you here today! As you may know, Amanda had her baby just two weeks ago — and we are sharing some of our favorite interviews she has done in recent times… AND… We LOVE this interview from an appearance she made on Craig Siegel’s Podcast, The CLS Experience. AF and Craig discuss: As mentioned in this episode: Get on the Money Mentality Makeover waitlist + gain access to free money manifesting resources. Pick up Amanda’s book, Rich as F*ck. Pick up the NEW Rich as F*ck Planner. Check out Craig’s podcast, The CLS Experience. Qs? Comments? Concerns? We are here. Reach out at for whatever you need. All the love, Amanda + Team AF


S4 Ep:05 Krystal Nielsen Interviews Amanda Frances: Making More Than Your Man + Intentional Living + Money Mindset + more…

Hello! Welcome to the And She Rises (the F*ck Up) — the podcast. We’re so happy you’re here. As you may know, Amanda had her baby last weekend! While Amanda takes some time to rest and recover, we thought it would be a good time to share our favorite interviews she gave during 2023. This special episode is from an appearance Amanda made on Krystal Nielsen’s podcast, Reign Over Your Life. In this episode, Amanda and Krystal discuss: As mentioned in this episode: Join the Money Mentality Makeover waitlist. Check out Drop The Money Struggle. Check out the interview on Krystal’s podcast. Pick up Amanda’s book, Rich as F*ck. Grab the Rich AF Planner. Qs? Comments? Concerns? We are here. Reach out at All the love, Amanda + Team AF


S4 Ep:04 Becoming a Self-Published, Bestselling Author with Cara Alwill and Amanda Frances

Hello! And welcome to the And She Rises (The F*ck Up) — the podcast. We’re so happy you’re here. We’re resharing this special throwback episode (featuring Cara Alwill) today because Self-Published is open for enrollment! Cara and I have taken everything we know about self-publishing — from writing the book, to finding your editor (if you want one), to marketing it, and manifesting the results you want — and poured it into this course. If there is a book in you, and you know there is, let’s get it out and into the world. Details + feedback + payment options: In this episode, Cara and Amanda talk about all things self-publishing, including: If you love this episode… Self-Published is on sale for a few days only — I wouldn’t wait. And… Check out my LATEST self-published work: The Rich as F*ck Planner: Your Most Abundant Year Yet. Check out the original book this planner is based on: Rich as F*ck. Check out Cara’s most popular book: Girl Code. Qs? Comments? Concerns? We are here. Reach out at All the love, Amanda + Team AF


S4 Ep:03 BEST SELLER ENERGY: Five Tips for Getting Your Book into the World this Year!

Today’s topic: Best-Seller Energy!! As you may know, I wrote a book — Rich as F*ck — that has (so far, to date) sold over 130,000 copies. It hangs out as a best seller in its categories on Amazon, continually. This book has opened the doors to: … and (as I always joke) finally my mom knew what to tell people it is I do (lol) Today’s episode is intended to provide you with five tips to help you get your self published book into the world. And even become a… BEST SELLER! Without further ado… Write the Book You *Want* to Write.Be the BOSS of Your Book.Own Your Voice + Find Your Angle.YOU ARE ENOUGH!Marketing Your Book is an Act of Service and Love. Okay, a few time-sensitive things to share with you... Check out my LATEST self-published work, The Rich as F*ck Planner: Your Most Abundant Year Yet — available now! Check out the original book this planner is based on: Rich as F*ck. Check out Cara’s most popular book, Girl Code. And stayed tuned because Cara and my digital course, Self-Published, is going on sale very soon! This course was created to walk you through your self-publishing journey, empowering you to do things your way, and sharing with you all we've learned while becoming best-selling authors. Woot woot! Qs? Comments? Concerns? We are here. Reach out at All the love, Amanda + Team AF


S4 Ep:02 Lori Harder Interviews Amanda Frances: Designing Your Day + Making Your Money + Selling from Soul + Loving it All (with a cameo from Shoshana)

Hello! Welcome to the And She Rises (The F*ck Up) — the podcast. We have something special for you this week. As Amanda prepares to have her baby, we thought it would be a good time to repurpose interviews Amanda did in 2023. This special episode is from an appearance Amanda made on Lori Harder’s podcast, Earn Your Happy. Amanda and Lori discuss: As mentioned in this episode: Check out Best Year Ever — on sale now! Pick up Amanda’s book: Rich as F*ck. Get on the Sell From Your Soul waitlist. Get on the Money Mentality Makeover waitlist. Check out the interview on Lori’s podcast. Qs? Comments? Concerns? We are here. Reach out at All the love, Amanda + Team AF


S4 Ep:01 Three Tips to Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever — Mother F*ing Ever

Hello! Welcome to the And She Rises (The F*ck Up) — the podcast. We are so happy you are here for our first episode of 2024! These three clips were taken from one of my newest courses, Best Year Ever. There are a total of 4 hours and 4 minutes of content included in this course. Each video has been filled with countless business tips + techniques for creating the best year of your life, contains energetic principles + manifestation and mindset strategies, includes a meditation, is loaded with powerful energy and fresh perspective around designing a life and business you are wildly obsessed with. Best Year Ever is opening for enrollment VERY soon. Check out all the details + client feedback: Without further ado… Three Tips to Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever — Mother F*ing Ever 1. Releasing the past makes space for all you want. I believe clearing space, releasing the past, forgiving the past, and letting things go makes space for new desires to take form. It’s time to let your new desires come through. You have a mission, you have a calling, you have things you are meant to do this year. This next year is a clean, open space for tremendous possibility, where you get to create what you want, be who you want, and do what you want. It’s all there waiting for you. There is a beautiful path and so much joy, happiness, love, and abundance ahead of us. The last thing we need to be doing is reminding ourselves of a time we didn’t feel we got it right. Or a time things could have been better. Or a time we “should” have done something that we didn’t. All of that is gone. It is done. Let’s choose now. It’s a new year. There are endless possibilities. You can have, do, and be… whatever you want. 2. Expanding into bigger goals and more money. (Also — this is why lottery winners can’t keep their money.) It’s not that anything is too hard or too big ever… it’s just that we’re in process. We’re in progress. We’re practicing all the time. We’re expanding all the time. We’re able to expand into our belief that we can have whatever we want, and we can hold it and we can be it all the time. There’s no order in the difficulty of miracles. It’s all the same to the universe. It’s just… energy. It’s just what you believe you can have and what you’ve allowed yourself to practice holding. We have to practice holding the thing we want. I have great trust in myself and how I handle money because I’ve been handling it. And I know I can do it. When I’m holding space for more money, I have to stop and remind myself: I do know what to do with it. I can handle it, and anything I don’t know yet, I’ll get support around. It’s safe to have more. A lot of us fear getting the thing we want — more money, the perfect body — and not being able to maintain it. You can always maintain it, because it’s just a vibration. When you’ve hit that vibration once, you can hit it again. Just continue to hold the vibe. 3. Recognize how much say you actually have in what happens to you. So… what do you want? I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again million times in my life: If nothing were wrong, and no one would be mad at you, and you couldn’t f* it up, and nothing bad would happen if you got it, and you’d be guaranteed to get the thing, what would you want? What would you let yourself want? When you’re looking at this year, what is the amount of money you *actually* want? Be specific where you need to be specific. There’s been years where I’ve been married to the exact amount of money. I had to have it, I had to earn it, I had to make it. And there’s also been years where I’ve been like, okay, I would like to make around this much. And then I’m just going to do the d*mn thing every month, and hit my monthly goals, and the money is going to add up, and it’s going to be a f*ck ton of money, and does it matter if it’s 3.6 million or 3.5 million or whatever? No, not really. So, sometimes you can hold on loosely. There are...


S3 Ep:13 Four Principles for Freedom in the New Year: Shattering Illusions + Releasing Victimhood + Rising the F* Up + Owning Your Desires

Hello! Welcome to the And She Rises (The F*ck Up) — the podcast! We are so happy you are here. These four clips were taken from The Holiday Bundle. The Holiday Bundle contains 22 hours of inspired, motivating, authentic content in 25 videos + a few added bonuses. The Holiday Bundle is back on sale (until the end of the year only!). All the things you need to know: Without further ado… Four Principles for Creating What You Desire in Life + Business: 1. Owning your desires + being the real you. Who are you when you feel like yourself? Who are you when you’re not holding back? Who are you when you’re being your best self — your most youiest you. I’m bold, and I’m loud, and I’m confident, and I’m sure, and I trust myself, and I trust the process, and I trust the God in me. I feel anchored to the heart of God, I feel stable in who I am and what I believe. When you trust your heart and your soul and your desires, you can create offers that have no good reason to sell. You can create content just because you believe in it. You can create what’s just simply aligned in your heart and soul. You can create based on your desires when you know who you are, you like who you are, and you trust yourself. 2. Shattering the illusion. When we start saying things like: “I believe in manifestation, but it doesn’t work for me in business,” or “I believe in the principle that I can co-create whatever I want, but it doesn’t work in my relationships,” that is the illusion. When we start believing that our power doesn’t exist and doesn’t apply to certain areas of our lives, that is the illusion. When we give away our power and believe the fear, and doubt, and chaos, and anxiety more than we believe in our own selves, more than we believe in the God within us, that is when we fall into the illusion. That is when we become trapped in ideas that were never actually mother f*ing real. 3. Rising up + assuming the energy of being on the other side. The energy of being on the other side is: It’s already been done. I already have more clients. I already have more money. It’s already mine. It’s been mine since the beginning of time. It’s the feeling of, oh, that’s actually already sorted and now I’m just walking it out on the planet as a human, but it’s already been sorted in the spiritual realm. It’s already been sorted because it’s my birthright to feel good. It’s my birthright to be happy. It’s my birthright to live my calling. Our limiting beliefs tell us that there is a block, there is an upper limit, there is something we need to do. So if there’s nothing to do, and only something to walk out, and you were already on the other side, how would you feel right now? What would you do right now? Is there anything else that would be going on right now that you can go ahead and feel into and bring that energy into your space now? 4. Releasing victim stories. Sometimes we feel like we have to be in a victim story. We have to be the underdog in our own minds. We have to believe that we’re the person that it’s so unlikely for the good thing to happen to so we can then overcome. And then because we overcame, we now believe we’re worthy of the success story. But what if we were worthy of the success story all along? What if we never had to be the underdog, tell the victim’s story, or think lowly of ourselves. What if we didn’t have to have the abusive dynamic or the toxic dysfunctional situation to break out of something to let ourselves be great? What if we could just f*ing be great? What if you could just be great now because you decided? Don't get me wrong, we will always take any bad things that happen to us — because we're human beings living life, and life sometimes hurts — we will always take all those things and use them for good, but there's this misconception in a lot of our minds that the bad things have to happen to let ourselves have the good things… but what if we could just have...


S3 Ep:12 Overwhelmed AF? Four Things to Remember as a Money Mama

Hello! Welcome to the And She Rises (The F*ck Up) — the podcast! We are so happy you are here. In today’s episode, Amanda riffs on four things to remember when you’re feeling overwhelmed AF. These four clips were taken from our newest course — Money Mama. Money Mama is currently open for enrollment and marked at a special price. All the things you need to know: Here are the riffs from today’s podcast: 1. You are always… you. When I became a mom, fortunately, I managed not to feel a total identity crisis. I never exactly felt like I lost myself. Mostly, I felt like I had myself, and my self care, and my family, and my work, and my baby the whole time and a decent balance of it all. Here is how I’ve thought of things: I have allowed parts of me to take a backseat position — they were still there, but they just aren’t running the show full-time anymore. However, those parts of me are available as I need them. And as I make space for them. I don’t feel like the Money Queen 100% of the time right now, but she has her moments. My strategy is to: Let myself evolve. Let yourself become the new you. And let the parts of you that used to be the main you, show up as needed. Every version of you gets to coexist. 2. Slow down to expand time. When I slow down, so does time. I like to move fast and I like to get a lot done. I have been in the illusion that the faster I move, the more I get done, but I have realized that that isn’t true. When I find space in the moments of whatever I have to do — space to be present and check in with myself and slow down — there is more room. I make more space as I find more space. Everything gets… bigger. In my illusion of “go fast to get everything done,” I was always frantic and overwhelmed. I was less present. Ask yourself: Are you being present with yourself? Or are you checked out? If your time is a resource and you are here to use it well, where are you using it well and where are you using it in ways that do not feel good or work for you? 3. Take the pressure off. Have you ever noticed that when you want something or think it would be really cool or fun or lovely for something to happen, but you don’t need it… it is able to show up? Like your lighthearted desire… makes the way. Which is all great and fine, until it’s time to call in something we… need. (Think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: We can’t focus on the fun stuff when we’re worried about our basic needs.) Needing it and needing it now can create pressure and… resistance. And the feeling of more space between us and what we want. However, if we can get ourselves into a space of lightheartedness and trust around the thing we need — we can move a lot more energy and make a lot more room for it to come in. But if you can get yourself to think about the thing that you’re needing from a place of, it’s possible, and it’s easy, and it’s coming, and I take the pressure off, and I know I am fine, and I know I will not die, and I know it’ll come through — more desire based and less need based — that is a much easier place to not just manifest and call something in from, but to think creatively from to find your solution. 4. Release the mom guilt. Guilt is not helpful. Guilt is not useful. Guilt is only helpful if it helps us realize that we didn’t like how we showed up in a situation and we would like to choose a new path. Guilt can be helpful to that exact degree, but past that… guilt is not very useful. Ruminating in our guilt turns to shame, and shame is an awful, awful motivator for change. It doesn’t work. Remind yourself: There’s always a new moment. There’s always opportunities to try again. We’re moving forward, always. Money Mama is only open for enrollment (and marked at the special price!) for a short time — I wouldn’t wait. If you are feeling the vibe, I can't wait to see you inside. To you and your glorious, big, bold, beautiful life. Your rules. Your way. - Amanda & Team AF


S3 Ep:11 Best of 2023: Our Favorite AF Riffs from This Year

Hello! Welcome to the And She Rises (The F*ck Up) — the podcast! We are so, so happy you are here. As we’re wrapping up the year, Team AF and I have put together our four favorite AF riffs of 2023. These clips were taken from new modules for courses that were recorded live this year. Here are our four favorite AF wisdom drops of 2023: 1. (Money Mama Module 3) Loving Yourself Through Change. We are good enough because we are — always. Any improvements we want to make to ourselves can come from a place of I am enough. I am enough and I get to change things. I am enough and I get to shift things. I am enough and I get to create whatever I want. Not from a place of I am lacking. The place your actions come from can create many, many different results. We can always do things from a place of I am enough and I choose it, not I have to do something to fix myself, to be worthy to others or to be acceptable in the world. We are good enough because we are. 2. (Show The F*ck Up Module 10) How I Handle Haters. In this journey of showing the f*ck up and being visible online, people will see you through whatever lens they see life. (And some people are seeing life through crazy as hell lenses.) They view life the way they view it, and they’re projecting it on to you, and it’s not always fun. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it to build a community that feels safe and supportive and lets people learn and grow on their journeys. To have staying power, you keep your heart soft, you keep your skin thick, and you do what you believe you’re called and meant to do no matter what. 3. (Wealthy Woman Module 6) Knowing Your Power Even When the World is Mad. We’ve been through a lot as a society, but do we have to succumb to it? Do we have to be caught up in it? Does it have to affect our dominant vibration of expecting good things to come to us in this life? No. We still get to choose how we feel, how we be, what we expect, how we vibrate, what we create. We don’t have ultimate control of the world all the time, but we do always have power. You are a powerful being. Even when things feel crazy and out of control and we don’t know what’s happening in the world, you are a powerful being. 4. (Money Mentality Makeover Module 9) Let Your Money Desires Evolve. What I desired in the past supported me then, and what I desire now supports me now. It’s all available and it’s all possible. The nuance here is this: I don’t feel afraid to spend. I don’t think it’s wrong to spend. I don’t think I’m going to mess up anything by spending. I believe I can spend and invest at the same time. I still believe in more than enough. I still believe in overflow and spending is still joyful to me. But what wins for me today is: Does it feel worth it? Does it feel worth it to me? Is it a good use of my money? If it doesn’t feel worth it, I don’t do it, because it’s my money and it’s my job to use it well. Different things have felt like using it well pre-babies and post-babies. And I trust these phases of life to move me in the right direction as I go. Money still loves you. Money still wants to work for you. Money is still for you. I may be different with money. I may be doing different things with money. I may be different with money, but money is still the same. Money is just adopting to and responding to us. Your priorities with money and how it works for you may change. And some people in this world will tell you that you can't and shouldn't spend it in this way and that way. And y'all know that's not me. I still put freedom and desire and self trust at the center of this entire conversation. And I know and I trust that we are each being led and guided perfectly. Amen? Amen. What was your favorite AF wisdom drop of 2023? Let us know on Instagram or in the *free* Amanda Frances Money Queen App (available wherever you get your apps!) Sending so much love. - Amanda + Team AF


S3 Ep:10 Aligned AF Living: Mastering the Four Principles

Hello loves. Today, the team and I have four principles for you, for living your Aligned AF life. These were taken from the Aligned AF Bundle. 1. Attune to the Moola + Let it Flow. Listen: Money doesn’t come from our offers or our clients, it flows through them. This is how I think of it: I create what I feel I am meant to create, not to make money, but to serve. At the same time, I know what it worthy of money. Get it? Create what you desire. Know money gets to flow through those streams. Feel into this: Money flows through whatever I create. I create what I am called to. 2. Really, really want it. Try on this vibe: I want it and I want it now. This is my time. I will not play small. I will rise TF up. Now, if you don’t really want it yet, that’s okay. Let yourself off of the hook. But know this, when you do want it bad enough, you will rise to the challenge and elevate into the version of you who knows how to create it. You will do the damn thing. Q: What would it feel like to really, really want it now. Say it with me: I know what I am called to do. I rise TF up. I am always being guided. I know what’s next. I trust myself. I do the damn thing. I let myself want it. Really, really want it. 3. Let authenticity guide you. No one can do it like you. Tell the truth in all you do. Know and attune to your truth. Know that you are not right for everyone, but you are right for the right people. Love yourself so much that you can let it go when someone else does not. You don’t need approval from anyone to know you are enough, like yourself, and show up in your truth. 4. Feeling good is the whole point. What if feeling good was a non-negotiable? Ask yourself each day: What do I want? What would feel good? What do I need? When you prioritize you, protect your vessel and honor your gifts, calling and craft… information and guidance flow more easily. From the place of alignment, flow, trust, ease and living at the vibration of having all you want, I find the action steps, moves and ideas… show up. Do what is aligned. Relax into it. Let go of what you “should do” — consider doing what you… want and what would feel so good. As you tune into desire and set your goals, consider this: What if you would make it just because you would? What if it was already done? What if there was no drama around it? What if you knew it was yours? How does this feel? This is the vibe and state to return to. The Aligned AF Bundle is on sale at 55.5% off for a few more days only. Details + payment options: The Wealthy Woman Meditation Series: Amanda’s go-to sleep music: Qs? We are here: Just reach out at All the love, Amanda + Team AF


S3 Ep:09 The Energy of EXPANSION: Growing your Business with Ease & Flow

Hello. Welcome to the And She Rises (the Royal F Up) — the podcast! We are so happy you are here. These three little clips were taken from one of my favorite courses: Queen of Hearts! I have not promoted or launched QoH in a bit of time, however, it is available all year in The Vault. (The Vault is where we put things that are no longer launched or promoted, but that people often ask for, because — well — there is good sht inside.) Here are the riffs from today’s podcast: 1. It gets to be easy. We have become addicted to making things hard. We tell ourselves that it has to be hard for it to be good enough… but why? It all comes down to a big f*ing says who? The world needs your gifts. The world needs your work. The world needs you sharing your message. And we need it out there as quickly and easily as possible. Drop the idea that everything needs to be ultra professional or require suffering to have… value. What’s the path of least resistance for you getting more of your heart, thoughts and gifts into the world right now? What if it all gets to be a fun, flowy, open-hearted, next-level aligned as you share the things you desire to the world? 2. Ease, grace and flow in your life and work. Here’s a belief shift: We’re not getting away with something by creating ease and flow in our lives and businesses. This is how it is meant to be for us, if it is what we create and choose. We choose ease, grace, and flow. Not because we’re lazy assholes, but because we have to be ultimately supported and we refuse to overcomplicate our lives. So we show the f* up and do d*mn thing. So we can do work we love, take care of ourselves, support others and live our best lives. Hear me: You being supported is of the highest good. Who are you to have the most perfect clients? No — Who are you not to? Who are you to get paid for your dream offer, your creation, your art? No — Who are you not to? This is what we have to do. This is how it has to be. With that in mind, ask yourself: If you could create or teach on anything, and it would be well-received and sell out every single time, what would you create or teach? How would you show up online? How would you show up in the world if you knew what you *actually* wanted and longed to do was perfectly aligned and what you are called to do? 3. Release to expand your capacity to receive. What tasks, roles, and duties in your life or business do you dread? What are you holding on to that someone could do for you and likey do better than you? These are the things that restrict us and hold us back from growth and receiving. Releasing makes space to receive. Letting go makes room for more. The point of starting a business isn’t to be exhausted. Or to do sh*t you hate. Or to feel controlling, burnt out or restricted. The point of running your business is freedom. It’s to help people and to earn money doing it. We’re not just delegating to save time, we’re releasing things that clutter our vibrational field. It’s time to expand our capacity to receive. Okay, loves, Queen of Hearts is available to you in The Vault, where you will find some of our favorite AF Classic programs: Qs? Email support at — we are here for you.


S3 Ep:08 Four Truths to Springboard Your Success: Utilizing Fear + Being Real + Forgiving You + Knowing Your Impact

Hello loves. As Amanda said, these four powerful riffs were taken from The Holiday Bundle. The Holiday Bundle contains 22 hours of inspired, motivating, authentic content in 25 videos + a few added bonuses. It is on sale now, but the best price of the year won’t last long: Without further ado… Four Truths to Springboard Your Success : Utilizing Fear + Being Real + Forgiving You + Knowing Your Impact 1. Fear is purposeful. Work through your sh*t. When fears come up, it’s an opportunity for us to acknowledge our worthiness and move through our limiting beliefs. Fear is normal. Fear comes up on purpose to help us move through resistance and limiting ideas and elevate to the next level. When fear comes up, I like to say: God (the Universe, Source) — help me to see this differently. Trust that the right signs will show up. Working through a new fear is hard, but without moving through fear we can’t move forward. 2. Authenticity is hot. You are your brand. You are the thing. Being your truest self attracts the right clients, students, friends and fans to you. People need our truth. People need us shining our light brightly and unapologetically. My greatest moments in life and business have come from me sharing my heart. Your truth is a part of your pitch. It’s how you connect the right people to you. When you share your heart, people feel it. Your ideal client wants to connect with you. Authenticity is hot. Authenticity is attractive. Being your truest self, unapologetically and confidently is attractive. Anyone who doesn’t want you at your best and truest self isn’t your person. 3. Love the sh*t out of yourself. In what areas are you not forgiving yourself? In what areas are you resenting yourself? Write a letter to your past self: Write out everything you thought was wrong with you at that age. Talk to your younger self about how all of those things were on purpose because they made you who you are. Sometimes the things that are “wrong” with us make us stand out. Talking to our past selves can help us heal our stuff. For all of this work to work, you have to love you. You have to forgive you, all the time. You have to look at your worst parts and love the darkness. You have to decide you’re good enough. When you believe you’re good enough, you give people permission to do the same. 4. Clarity on what you want and knowing how what you want serves the world. Ask yourself: What do I f*ing want? If there were no limits and I could have anything, what do I truly want? Why is it of high service? Why is this important? How does this improve my life, and the lives of those around me? How does this change the course of humanity and serve the world? How will it feel to get it? Be in that feeling. Feel the feelings as if the thing has already happened. Bring that feeling into your body a million times a day. What you do matters… a lot. Qs? Please just ask. We are always here in DMs or at Sending massive, massive love… - Amanda + Team AF


S3 Ep:07 Unf*ck Your Money Mentality: FREEDOM from Financial Frustration

In today’s episode Amanda shares four quick and easy tips for Unf*ing Your Money Mentality and Creating Freedom from Financial Frustration. As you listen, keep your heart open for those ah-ha moments. You know what we mean: Moments where something clicks, resonates or helps you to get something you didn’t before. Feel free to share with us what spoke to you in DMs, comments or email. Please note: These clips were taken from Drop the Money Struggle Bundle — on sale now, through Monday night only. All the details: Enjoy today’s episode: 1. Asking for what you want + co-creating it all. God isn’t mad at you. Gratitude is powerful, but know this: You can be grateful for what you have and still want more. This is possible. If asking “God” is holding you back from wanting more, let’s change it up. (God truly doesn’t care what name we use as we sort our religious nonsense out.) Ask yourself: “What do I want from the world? From life?” Let’s get clear. Let’s get honest. Let’s decide, request, declare, become a match for and f*ing go. You can make it happen with your own human effort alone, but why would you? We can tap into the power of all that is available to us and co-create the life of our dreams. When you co-create a beautiful life for you, you have the resources to help and inspire others too. Tap into what’s available for you so you can change your life and change the mother f*ing world. 2. Unf*ing your money beliefs. Nothing is ultimately good or bad. Anything you put negative energy toward, you give negative power to. Anything you put positive energy toward, you give positive power to. We can use debt for good OR we can let ourselves feel buried by it. It all depends on the stories we tell ourselves and the power we let things have. Focusing on anything with the energy of “not enough” creates more “not enough.” It’s all a process of unf*ing ourselves. Feel me? 3. Releasing money guilt. You don’t have to know the “how” of all you want to occur, but you have to be clear on your desires. You have to be willing to do the work. You have to tell yourself new stories (and believe them). And you have to live in a place where you expect mother f*ing abundance. Where you expect God to be on your side. Where you expect life to have your back. Where you have the confident expectation that you can set your financial goals and know they’re yours without guilt or shame. Money is not bad. There is nothing wrong with making money. Money represents freedom, and opportunity, and choices. 4. Rewriting your money stories & overcoming limiting beliefs. What you learned about money from your family doesn’t have to be the ultimate truth for you. You can always change your mind and tell a new story around money. Get out your journal: What are your earliest memories around money? List them out. What did each of these experiences teach you? Is each of these things ultimately true? Begin to tell a new story.


S3 Ep:06 Selling Is Of Service: From Limiting Beliefs to Endless Possibilities

In today’s episode, Amanda talks about selling as a sacred act and how you can turn the process into one of ease and flow. The truth is, there’s not one exact, perfect formula for success. How you desire your business to flow, the lifestyle and business culture you want to create, and your overall needs determine how you set up your sales processes. Know this: The way everybody else has done it doesn’t have to be the way you do it. Key moments include… 1. Co-Creating Your Process: Amanda shares how she makes a “laundry list for God” of all the things she desires help and support with as she creates her offers. From the way the offer looks, to the timeline that it will be launched. She follows her inspired guidance and allows the “path of least resistance” to guide her. 2. Hold on to Your Desired Outcome: In a launch or selling process, you may encounter many ups and downs. We have to know where we are going despite how things look. When in a practical sense, it looks like it’s not going your way, faith comes in. Let go of the “shoulds,” ignore what others do if it does not resonate with you, and decide what you are a match for/what you will now call in. 3. Why Selling is SACRED: We must let go of restrictive ideas when it comes to selling. Selling is simply giving people the opportunity to do a thing with you. It’s letting them know about what you have for them and how it can help them. Selling is not evil, wrong or greedy. It does not need to be manipulative or forceful. It’s not taking anything from anyone. It’s presenting them with an opportunity that could ultimately change their life. 4. How to Sell-Out Your Offers (or Get Anything You Want): This is how Amanda deals with any question that starts with the word ‘how.’ How does she do it — by becoming a match for it. She shares a little trick for assuming the energy of what she desires when she doesn’t yet know ‘how’ it will occur. 5. Faith in Something Greater: To sell well, you have to have faith in something greater. If you believe that money comes from the humans who you hope will buy from you, rather than flows through them… they will feel PRESSURE. And pressure is a repellent. When we know money flows through people and not from them, we can take the pressure of all potential clients, trusting them to do what is right for them. And know that it is up to us, our energy, our expectations, our actions, and our belief… to create all we will receive. The clips in this episode were taken from Sell From Your Soul. Sell From Your Soul is opening VERY soon. Get on the waitlist here:


S3 Ep:05 When Money Feels Maddening + Other Manifestation Mishaps

In today’s episode Amanda digs into some of the most common things that make us feel crazy when it comes to money... 1) Overcoming anxiety and fears around money. We are often have fears around money. Both around not having money and having it. What if the money doesn’t come? What if get it, but then I don’t fit in with my friends or family? What if I loose the money? What if I can’t handle having it? Know this: Avoiding our fears makes them appear… bigger and scarier. Acknowledging your fears takes the power away from them. You’re human, it’s ok to be afraid *and* always know, you can move through and work through these fears. We reduce the power the fear holds, so that the fear isn’t enough to keep us from wanting it, going for it and knowing we are safe to have it. The work is knowing you are safe to have the things you desire. When you know it is safe to use and have money, you are able to stack and build it up. This is what we call overflow… and this is where the fun starts. 2) Making your money goals feel… real. And getting your heart, soul and mind fully behind them. When you first start thinking about a new goal, it might not seem possible. We have to get cozy with it. As you imagine it, journal on it, look at it, work through your fears concerning it, and feel the feelings of what it would feel like to have it, it starts to feel more… possible. In this way, you normalize it. You calm your nervous around it. You reduce your anxiety around it. You get more comfortable with it. And from there you know it’s not just possible, but inevitable. 3) How to raise your financial standards. Your “energetic minimum” as Amanda has coined the term, is the amount you can never imagine making less than. Know this: Something in you is available for money going that low. Something is okay with it to some degree. Something in you is allowing it and, dare I say, creating it. We must ask ourselves: If money is infinite, and everything is available, why on God’s green earth would I be available to settle for this minimum amount? Amanda walks you through an energetic exercise to demonstrate for you *exactly* how she raises the minimum number she receives each month. How she feels into it. How she sees it. How she literally moves this number up and up and up. How she solidifies the bottom number so it lands at a higher place at her choosing. And how we do this inside of ourselves knowing all the action steps that make it real (bring it into our physical reality) will follow. SO GOOD! 4) Finding financial gratitude even when you aren’t happy with moolah. You don’t have to feel happy with the amount of money you have if it isn’t the amount of money you want. But it will benefit you to get into some gratitude as you interact with money. Every time you spend to eat, shop, buy groceries, pay a bill… what state are you in? Can you release money with love and gratitude? Can spending money become a beautiful ritual for you? Take a moment to be grateful for both what you spend and what comes in. The direct deposit, the check, the payment notification. Gratitude takes us out of the vibe of “it’s not enough” and puts us in a better energy with money. Creative inspiration does not come from a “nothing is working” and “nothing is enough” place. You can be grateful for what you have while being in the vibrational frequency of what you are choosing is next for you. All the love, - Amanda + Team AF


S3 Ep:04 ULTIMATE MONEY TRUTHS: Co-creative power, dominant vibration and endless possibility.

In today’s episode, we dig into Ultimate Money Truths. Amanda breaks down: 1. Living your ultimate money truth. Listen, the principles of money are always true. When you open yourself up to more and move through your limiting beliefs, you transcend all other circumstances. We can make anything true for us. Ask yourself, are your limiting ideas about your life the ultimate truth for you? Of course they are not. 2. Let a season be a season. Slow seasons are just that. Do not perpetuate, accentuate and intensify what it means to be a season. Over identifying with a limiting belief calls in more of what you don’t want. When you recognize that you aren’t aligning with the thing you want, ask yourself: Who am I being that is available for this? We have so much power over our lives. Everything is happening in co-creation with us and for us. Let’s stay in and choose our power. Amen? 3. Upgrading your dominate vibration. No one feels good all of the time. We’re human. Fluctuation in your mind and emotions is… natural, but evolution is required. You will be required to redefine what faith is to us, what money is to us, who god is to us and choose who we will be from here. I believe you’ll find that when you do this work, your dominant vibration increases over time and you are creating and attracting, naturally, from a higher level place. Hallelujah. 4. Everything is possible. There’s always more available to you. Ask yourself: What do I want? What do I really, truly, really really want? And what *else* do I want? Staying in the place of knowing it’s never over, it’s never too late, it’s still all possible… opens you up to new phases and outcomes. There’s ample space, time and resources to keep going bigger, even when it seems like you’re stuck, complacent, going no where new. This is not your ultimate truth. It is all possible for you. All the love, - Amanda + Team AF


S3 Ep:03 MONEY VIBES: Overflow, debt elimination, and the energy of increase

1. OVERFLOW! Let’s feel into the state of overflow, which is simply having more than enough. Imagine the sensation and reality of receiving money; being paid on time or early; receiving the raise, advancement, or increase; having the best clients, or whatever it is you desire. Feel into that. (Notice this is very different than expecting to come up short each month, having just barely enough, or scraping by. We have all been there, but this is not the only option for you. It’s important you know that.) Feel into surplus, overflow, and abundance. And ask yourself this: What beliefs and visions must you hold for this to become your reality? What would you be saying and believing if you knew this was where you were going? Perhaps journal on that today. Say it with me: My wealth is in a perpetual state of expansion. I am always experiencing increase. I raise my standards and expect more. I am here for more. 2. DEBT. Debt isn't inherently good or bad; it is a deliberate decisions to pay something off over time. You haven’t fucked up by having debt, you have simply opted for gradual repayment. I have many times chosen debt, intentionally. I’ve used student loans, credit cards and mortgages as catalysts for expanding my wealth, choosing my paths and improving my life situations. I believe my debt has served me. It was what I had to work, and so I worked it. Forgive yourself for any and all debt. And know you are worthy of all you used debt to buy, receive, etc. Let it go. Know this: If you view debt as a burden, you will feel burdened by it and buried under it. If you view it as a choice, you stay empowered with it. Let’s release the idea of the burden and hold on to the vibration of more than enough. As your financial situation improves and as you move into the state of more than enough, you will find that the the debt no longer serving you will become irrelevant and unnecessary. Overflow will eliminate debt. 3. ENERGY. Everything is energy and everything has energy. Money possesses its unique vibrational frequency that you can attune to, resonate with, and while calling more into your life. But it’s not as simple as just tuning into it. There are, of course, complexities. We did not all come from the same place and we do not all have identical traumas and fears to overcome. And each of our paths to abundance will be unique. (There are, however, common fears and beliefs many of us go through. You are not alone in what you are experiencing. And you do not have to stay stuck in it.) As you move though your fears, melt unhelpful memories, remove beliefs that don’t serve you… all of this will get clearer and easier for you. And overtime you will find, it is very simple. And with nothing in your way, simply tuning into money will be the vibe for calling more in, at your choosing. As you redefine money’s role in your life and reorganize your relationship with it, you’ll find that you have more power than you knew. Money had no mind of its own. In many ways, it was always responding to you and you thoughts, feelings and expectations around it. You are in charge of how you think and feel about it, how you work with it, what you expect from it and how you organize and create the whole damn thing. And as you move down this path, trusting yourself more and more, you’ll trust yourself to have and use money simply as you desire, and require. And that’s a whole vibe. Money Mentality Makeover is now in pre-sale. That means there is a special price available exclusively for everyone on the MMM waitlist. Join the waitlist here to receive the special $1000 off pre-sale price. Once the pre-sale is over, it’s over. The special price will go up and the course will open to the public. If you are feeling the vibe, put your name on the waitlist and let’s go. If you have Qs, please email I love you.


S3 Ep:02 Bring Your Soul Alive + Create Your Best Life

Hello my loves! We have a new episode for you. Here are Five Principles to Live By to Bring Your Soul Alive and Live Your Best Life: 1. Unleash Your Quantum Leap: A simple method for embodying the version of you who's already living your next-level life. Let’s tap into the desires you didn’t even know you had and attune your energy and vibrational state with the you who's already living her best soul-alive life. Let’s do this intentionally in a way that will bring your fully formed desires into your reality faster than you could have imagined. 2. Take Your Authentic Desired Action: Your desires are your compass, always pointing you in the right direction. No need to wait for a lightning bolt of inspiration—your desires are the inspiration. Bow to the wisdom within you, and let your actions follow suit. 3. Slow Down Your Inner World: (And speed up your external results!) Amid life's hustle, find stillness within. Embrace the stillness and tap into the wisdom of your soul. This inner calm will guide you through the external chaos with grace. 4. Know Who and What Supports You: What if God, the Universe and all that is, was good with you having a good life? What if the permission was already granted and approval had already been given? What if the trick was *agreeing* with them and allowing yourself to finally receive it all? 5. Embrace Your Role as the Creator: Life's events are neutral; we're the ones who assign meaning. Remember, a stumble doesn't define you. We tell ourselves that if we don’t do the thing, it means we are bad, but you are a magnificent creator. Negative experiences don’t negate your abilities. You are capable of manifesting your desires despite any perceived failures, flaws or setbacks. These five little one minute moments were taken from the Soul Alive Bundle. The Soul Alive Bundle contains five hours and ten minutes of content over nine videos. This is a little taste of the vibes inside. If you are feeling this, and I know you are, please check it out. You'll find success stories + client feedback + video descriptions + more: