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Why You Should Stay Away From Energy Drinks with Christine Alongi

It's no secret that athletes today love downing energy drinks before a big game. But whenever you take a stimulant, such as caffeine, to give yourself that energy boost for the day, it causes your heart to beat faster for a long period of time — and consuming high concentrations of caffeine can cause serious damages to your heart. Today we have Christine Alongi, director of our StrongHearts cardiac rehabilitation program, to talk about what too much caffeine looks like and what effects it...


Understanding Your Weight Loss Surgery Options with Dr. Samuel Bledsoe

Weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, has become a common path many Americans take to help manage their weight and reach their health goals. But did you know weight loss surgery can also help treat more diseases than obesity, such as diabetes? Dr. Samuel Bledsoe, a bariatric surgeon from Arkansas Heart Hospital's Bariatric & Metabolic Institute, is here to talk about the different weight loss surgery options patients have, what occurs during those surgeries and how they've...


It’s Hypertension Month So Know Your Numbers with Dr. Mehmet Cilingiroglu

Regardless of your age or health, it's important to check your blood pressure regularly — preferably daily or twice a day. New guidelines now state that the new benchmark for hypertension (commonly known as high blood pressure) is anything over 130/80. For Hypertension Month, we've brought in expert cardiologist Dr. Mehmet Cilingiroglu to discuss the dangers of hypertension and how it carries little to no symptoms, which means you need to take the initiative in your care.


Treating Congestive Heart Failure with Dr. Michael Huber

5.7 million people have heart failure in the United States. But there is hope for recovery for those who suffer from it. Cardiologist Dr. Michael Huber from Arkansas Heart Hospital's Congestive Heart Failure Clinic is in to talk about the different types of congestive heart failure, the symptoms and causes, the types of treatments, and the great work the CFH Clinic provides to patients to help them on the road to recovery.


How Hyperbaric Therapy Works with Dr. Mark Myers

Hyperbaric therapy is an amazing treatment that helps facilitate wound healing by using 100% oxygen in a pressured atmosphere. Dr. Mark Myers from Arkansas Heart Hospital's wound care department dives into how a hyperbaric chamber works and how this comprehensive approach to patient care aims to address the underlying cause of wounds and symptoms, helping patients live their best lives.


Ten Steps to Intuitive Eating with Dietician Shelby Pierceall

A lot of people talk about mindful eating and intuitive eating — but there is a difference. Intuitive eating is getting away from the diet mentality and focusing more on why you eat certain foods, allowing yourself to have foods you enjoy with moderation and a more healthy mindset. Dietician Shelby Pierceall dives into the ten guidelines for intuitive eating, such as taking time to savor what you eat, honor your hunger and respect your fullness, to help improve your relationship with food.


Using Telemedicine To Reach More Patients with Dalana Huckaby

73 out of 75 Arkansas counties are medically underserved. Arkansas Heart Hospital's telemedicine program bridges that gap and helps bring healthcare to more people across the state, when and where they need it. Dalana Huckaby, director of outreach clinics, is in to tell us how telemedicine works and how the hospital is using cutting edge technology, such as Bluetooth stethoscopes, to provide their expert care to more patients.


Treating Venous Insufficiency Syndrome with Dee White

The vein and vascular system is an amazing network that works like a mechanical valve to keep blood flowing through the body. However, several things can occur to interfere with that circulation, leading to venous insufficiency syndrome. This happens when the leg veins are not working as they should and making it difficult for blood to reach the heart from the legs. Regardless of your occupation, whether you're on your feet all day or sitting at desk, you could be at risk. Join us as we talk...


Erectile Dysfunction and Why Communication is Key

It can be a sensitive topic to discuss, but erectile dysfunction is an important conversation to have. ED can be a sign for oncoming diabetes and heart disease — which is why it's so vital to discuss ED with your physician. Today, we're discussing the options men who struggle with ED have for treatment and why constant communication with not only doctors but also spouses is so crucial.


Treating Lymphedema with Dee White

Lymphedema is a chronic, progressive, non-curable condition that disrupts the body's lymphatic system. It first appears as swollen limbs and can result from injury, radiation treatments, obesity, genetics and a wide variety of other causes. With a strong lack of lymphedema therapy in the region, Arkansas Heart Hospital trained its experts to help lymphedema patients live fuller lives. Dee White, nurse practitioner and clinical director for the Vein and Vascular Institute, is in to talk about...


Building Stronger Hearts Through Innovative Research with Mary Catherine Faulkner

The work of every great hospital is supported by great research. Arkansas Heart Hospital is proud to house a team of top-notch researchers who run trials, conduct tests and lead innovation to support our physicians and patients. Today we have Director of Research Mary Catherine Faulkner in to talk about her team's cutting-edge work that makes Arkansas Heart Hospital one of the best leaders in heart health.


What To Know About Fad Diets with Dietician Shelby Pierceall

Our culture is oversaturated with fad diets that promise weight loss and body change. But how do you know which diets work — and which ones don't? Dietician Shelby Pierceall is in today to share her expertise on the good fad diets, but more importantly, how to establish a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle when it comes to food.


Heart Disease — The No. 1 Killer of Women with Dr. Monica Lo

Heart disease kills more people than all cancers combined. And while it's well-known that men commonly suffer from heart disease — it is still the number 1 killer for women as well. In fact, one in three women will experience a heart attack or stroke in their lifetime. We have Dr. Monica Lo, an interventional cardiologist, who is in today to talk about what symptoms to look for — and how they differ from what men might experience — and why you shouldn't ignore those symptoms or leave them...


Making Wise Choices For A Healthy Heart with Dr. Andre Paixao

Today we're excited to have Dr. Andre Paixao, a renowned expert in preventive and interventional cardiology, in the studio. He shares his insights for how you can make wise choices to prevent heart disease and maximize your health, including how intense you need to exercise regularly. Dr. Paixao also talks about his favorite diets, for health and for taste, and other foods that make a great impact on your heart.


Could You Have A Silent Heart Condition with Dr. Vijay Raja

Did you know 30% of the world’s population has a hole in their heart? Most are silent and never cause an issue, but for some it could lead to a stroke. Today Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Vijay Raja joins us to talk about adult congenital heart defects, what you should know and if you might be at risk. He also provides some additional information on A-fib and some of the new procedures being performed at Arkansas Heart Hospital.


Tips To Minimize Your Risks For Heart Disease with Dr. Gary Nash

Know the risks that lead to heart disease — and the lifestyle choices you can make to prevent it. Today, we have self-professed "heart plumber" and Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Gary Nash in the studio to share his top tips to minimize your chances for heart disease, such as quitting smoking and losing weight, and how to recognize the symptoms of poor heart health. He also breaks down misconceptions about heart disease and cholesterol.


How ‘Keep the Beat’ Empowers Your Heart Health with Lindsay Roberts RT(R), RCIS

Knowing the state of your cardiac health — and where that health is headed — can empower you to make better decisions for your life. With the Keep the Beat program, we've developed a comprehensive screening involving nine diagnostics and nutritional counseling that only takes around two hours to perform. Lindsay Roberts RT(R), RCIS, director of Arkansas Heart Hospital's Clinic Cath Lab and CT and Keep the Beat departments, is here to tell us more about the benefits of this screening and how...


Improving Employee Wellness with Dr. Eric Martin

Resolutions. Goals. Lifestyle changes. Making good habits. The new year brings a renewed focus on health, wellness and living more actively. That renewed focus, however, can be difficult to maintain when so many Americans spend their 8-5 jobs sitting in a chair, staring at a screen. We've brought in Employee Wellness Director Dr. Eric Martin to share his recommendations for wellness programs aimed at keeping that renewed focus on health for the whole body.


Anxiety, Depression And How To Know The Symptoms with Dr. Urmi Jani

Let's talk about anxiety and depression, two disorders with a lot of overlap that affects millions of Americans. We've brought on the hospital's Director of Psychology Dr. Urmi Jani, to lead our discussion — talking about symptoms, misconceptions and treatments.


Getting Back On Track With Healthy Eating This New Year

If you started the new year on the wrong foot food-wise, don't be hard on yourself. Instead, set yourself one good goal to accomplish for 2019. Today, we're talking about new years resolutions, especially as they pertain to health and weight management, and how just one good, attainable goal for the year can be more effective than multiple resolutions.