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Stop chasing symptoms, discover your root causes, and heal your body from autoimmune disease and chronic illness.

Stop chasing symptoms, discover your root causes, and heal your body from autoimmune disease and chronic illness.


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Stop chasing symptoms, discover your root causes, and heal your body from autoimmune disease and chronic illness.






E: 222 Ask Audrey: Tinnitus and Hashimotos

Tune in to another Ask Audrey Friday episode. Today we are answering questions on Tinnitus and Hashimotos. Get all the resources mentioned at


E: 221 16+ Tips for Combatting Fatty Liver

You know you have to take care of the number 1 detox organ in your body right? I am giving you 16+ tips to detox your liver and help combat fatty liver disease in today's episode. There are lots of resources mentioned, so be sure and head to the resources here:


E: 220 Energy Medicine Monday - Are they mad at me?

This is an extremely short BUT extremely POWERFUL bit of information to contribute to your mental and physical wellbeing. Ever wonder when someone around you (that you know) is in a bad mood - OMG, Are they mad at me? - and then stress over what you did. Good news - You don't have to worry any longer. The burden isn't on you! Resources:


E: 219 Ask Audrey, Dairy Free? Eggs? Sprouted Oats...Oh my!

Today we are answering 3 questions submitted by our listeners. You can submit your question at Questions we are answering today:


E: 218 Vitamin D Levels

You may be wondering what could be so cool about vitamin d’s benefits...well, today we are talking about the freest of the free way to regulate and balance your mood, to boost up and mediate your immune system, to protect against cancer (including skin cancer), to regulate blood sugar, to improve focus and concentration and memory too, to build strong bones, and help regulate blood pressure… What miracle drug am I talking about? You probably know better at this point, but I am not talking...


E: 217 Do I need collagen?

Have you been wondering if collagen is something that could help you? Tune in to find out how to choose a collagen supplement, what they help with, and what to watch out for to see if it works for you. Resources:


E: 216 Energy Medicine Monday, Nature Signs

Ever wondered if your encounter with a bird, or squirrel, or skunk is significant? Today we are talking about the energetic importance and significance of signs from nature! Resources Mentioned: Animal-Speak:


E: 215 Ask Audrey, Gluten Free Bread + Eating Whole Foods

In this episode of Ask Audrey, we are answering the question about is sourdough gluten-free enough for non-celiacs autoimmune sufferers. We are also talking about how to add more whole foods to your diet. Resources: Food Sensitivity Testing + Appointment Women's Wellness Circle


E: 214 How to Choose CBD Oil

Have you used CBD only to find it didn't work or worse you had a reaction? I have the scoop for you! Learn why that happened and how to choose a CBD oil in today's episode. Here are the show notes:


E: 213 Energy Medicine Monday, Pain Techniques

Tune in for 3 Energy Medicine techniques that you can implement today to help you recognize the magic in your body. Magic and power to move energy and pain using your mind and your hands + some science to let your body know that you have received and acknowledged the signal of pain.


E: 212 Ask Audrey - Collagen, Plateaus

In today's episode, we are answering questions about collagen AND about doing everything right but still not losing weight. Tune in to find the answers! If you have a question, head to and you will have your question answered on the air! Resources: Mini Case Review: Vital Proteins Marine Collagen:


E: 211 How to Heal Adrenal Fatigue

Today we are talking about How to Heal Adrenal Fatigue. Tune in to learn how to tell if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, and what the root causes are. And find out why it matters for hormone health and so many other things PLUS how to heal it. Resources:


E: 210 Energy Medicine Monday: Gratitude



E: 209 Ask Audrey, Parasites and Vitamin C

Todays's questions: Faye asked: How do I do a parasite cleanse without messing up the drainage part Anonymous asked: I have been taking 1000mg of Vitamin C, is there a better one than another? Does it absorb better with another supplement like the d3/vit K concept? Resources mentioned: Fullscript Apothecary Energy and Drainage Class Wellness Circle Root Cause Revolution Membership


E: 208 Juicing or Smoothies?

Juicing or Smoothies? I'm sure you've heard a lot about juicing and green smoothies, especially with the celery juice STILL trending. Have you ever wondered if there are any notable differences between juicing and blending, and what those differences could be? Resources and Links:


E: 207 Energy Medicine Monday: Self-forgiveness

Do you forgive others easily? What about yourself? Try this Energy Medicine exercise to stop self-sabotage in its tracks. Resources:


E: 206 Ask Audrey- Self Sabotage

This week we are answering Evelyn's question; Why do I sabotage things which would help my health? Do you suffer from self-sabotage? Tune in to find out why and how to work around it. Ask your question at


E: 205 8 Ways to Improve Low Stomach Acid

Low stomach acid, also known as hypochlorhydria, is one of the most common root causes of digestive dysfunction, gut imbalances, and chronic health/autoimmune root causes that I see in my practice. Tune in to learn about what low stomach acid triggers as a downstream effect and 8 easy steps to improve. Show notes/links/resources mentioned can be found at


E:204 Ask Audrey: CoQ-10

Have you been told to take CoQ-10? Get all the details on this supplement as well as how to make sure you are getting the most from your money. Resources: Fullscript Apothecary:


E:203 Is Your Healing Protocol Wrecking Your Metabolism?

Don't worry - it isn't likely your healing protocol's fault. But you may be making a few mistakes that slow your metabolism WAY down while you are healing, and we don't want that. Tune in to learn all the tips and tricks! Show Notes: