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Stop chasing symptoms, discover your root causes, and heal your body from autoimmune disease and chronic illness.

Stop chasing symptoms, discover your root causes, and heal your body from autoimmune disease and chronic illness.


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Stop chasing symptoms, discover your root causes, and heal your body from autoimmune disease and chronic illness.






E: 153 Symptoms of Toxins Leaving the Body

Have you ever started a diet and immediately felt like crap? Maybe it took a day or 3 but you have about 48 -72 hours of ick feeling. Sometimes we don’t make it thru that - but you get what I am saying...those are symptoms of toxins leaving your body. It is a similar process as what happens when you use food, supplements, energy work, or a combination of those to detox things like heavy metals, viruses, chemicals, pesticides, plastics, parasites, molds, and all the other things that cause...


E: 152 Proton Pump Inhibitors

PROTON PUMP INHIBITORS Hey friend, are you taking proton pump inhibitors? Maybe antacids are your solution of choice? Did you know that you cannot take those things long-term without MAJOR consequences? If that is a surprise for you, this will really knock your socks off… you were likely to have been misdiagnosed when you were placed on those meds to begin with. Yep. So today, talking about proton pump inhibitors, often abbreviated PPIs, and other similar medications. You will find all...


Episode 151: Drainage Pathways 101

Hey friends! Today we are diving into Drainage Pathways with a little 101 information. This is critical because although we talk about it routinely, we have never just talked about what drainage pathways are or how they are important to you. You may be thinking this only applies to autoimmune disease, but this same drainage pathway is one of the roots of almost all chronic illnesses AND the inability to lose weight. In this episode, I am covering: RESOURCES Show Notes:...


E: 149 How to Stop Spring Allergies Immediately

Hey friends, It’s that time of year again. Are you ready to talk about spring allergies? If you have them you are most definitely wondering how to stop allergies immediately. Today I am going to do you one better, and also tell you how to get rid of allergies forever. Things are starting to green up, and temps are rising if you are in the northern hemispheres. When spring (or fall) is in the air - so are spring allergies. I am beginning to get those questions about what can be done about my...


E:150 UTIs Prevention, Remedy, Healing

Today we are talking about UTIs - I know, it's so not fun to talk about this kind of thing. But if we don't talk about the embarrassing stuff - like UTIs - then people just continue to suffer in silence. In today's episode, you will learn: As usual, you can find all of the resources and show notes Additional Resource Links: CircleInstagramFacebook


E: 148 Autoimmune Disease Root Causes: It's not what you think

Hey friends, Today we are diving a little deeper into autoimmune disease root causes. Last week we talked about what some of the symptoms are and my unpopular opinion on diagnoses. So often I hear -"I am inflamed. That is my root cause." I’m sorry to tell you - inflammation is not an autoimmune disease root cause. And so anything you are doing to reduce inflammation that isn’t treating the autoimmune disease root cause IS making your condition worse. And that goes for all chronic illnesses...


E: 147 Autoimmune Disease Symptoms: At What Point Do You Suspect Autoimmune Disease

Today we are talking about autoimmune disease symptoms. More specifically, at what point, should you suspect an autoimmune disease? Is it the same thing as a chronic illness? Does it even matter? We are covering all of that today. Before we dive in, I have had to shift everything back a week thanks to good old Texas weather so this episode is officially your last chance to jump on the Autoimmune Revolution waitlist - I will be opening up a second registration round and the waitlist gets...


E: 142 Invisible Illness

Hi friends, today we are jumping in on invisible illness. I had a question recently about “what do I do when the doctor says I'm fine and I know I'm not?” and I’m going to really have to reel myself in for this one because it can really put me on my soapbox - not at the victim of this but at the conventional medical community and their view on all of this invisible illness - and really on our current broken medical system in general… What this is phenomenon is often referred to is an...


Episode 145: Plant Based Foods that Fight Inflammation

Hey friends, inflammation is a beast, right? That’s why I am gonna give you 4 plant-based foods that fight inflammation in today’s episode, but that's not all we are talking about. I also want to talk to you about inflammation because a lot has changed since the last time we talked about this topic (over 100 episodes ago - including some of the ways we look at how, why, and when we should be fighting inflammation and the depth of information that I want to share with you about it here. Even...


BONUS: USDA Dietary Recommendations + New Study

This is a special bonus episode, just for YOU! Here's what we are talking about: And then, we are also talking about the largest nutrition study to date and what It says about the best and worst foods to eat. Over 49,000 people were studied and there is 1 category to avoid for the best health and if you don't then you are raising your chances of morbidity and mortality. Resources Mentioned in this...


E: 144 Do Detoxes Work

Hey friends, today we are tackling a tough topic, do detoxes work. This time of year I am normally running my annual nourishing detox, this year we are running them exclusively in the Autoimmune Revolution membership, but the question still comes up - do detoxes work? This is a tough topic because the answer is a little complicated. Detoxing your body DOES work, but not in the way you are probably thinking! Therein lies the tough part. Many conventional medicine practitioners would have you...


E: 143 How to Lower Inflammation without changing Food and Supplements

Hey friends, we are back with season 5 of the Autoimmune Revolution podcast - it has always been my dream to be able to reach as many people as possible and to help empower you to understand the options available to you - so thank you for all of the emails and questions and love over the last 4 seasons. I am excited to be here with you for season 5 and beyond! In today’s episode, we are going against the New Year grain and talking about clinically proven ways to lower your inflammation, so...


E: 142 Manifesting with Author Stef Caldwell

Join me as I chat manifesting with author Stef Caldwell. Stef is the Chicago-based founder of Manifest and author of Manifest-Her. Her organization's mission is to help ambitious women get unstuck, claim their power & move toward their big purpose by creating spaces online and offline for women to connect, exchange ideas, get unstuck and step into the women they were born to be. Today we are talking about her book that has been called the "Self-love book of the year. Period." I have to...


Episode 141: Parenting with Autoimmune

Parenting with Autoimmune DiseaseHey friends, you are going to love this episode. I am so honored to feature Rachel Bailey, Parenting Expert as a special guest. I found Rachel originally on The Purpose Show with Allie Casazza, and then I binged listened to all of Rachel's Podcast episodes on driving on a long car trip.When I returned I tried just 1 of her tips to reduce sibling fighting, which had popped up recently for us, and saw an 80% reduction in fighting between my 10 and 12-year-old...


Episode: 140, How to Practice Gratitude

How to Practice GratitudeHey friends, if you are listening to this while doing your traveling for the holidays - safe travels loves! Today we are talking about how to practice gratitude.Gratitude is a practice that turns meals in to feasts and houses into homes. It is a healing practice that is best repeated daily but this time of year is a beautiful time energetically and spiritually to start a gratitude practice regardless of if you have had one in the past.RESOURCES AND LINKS MENTIONED IN...