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Barbell Shrugged is the leading CrossFit based podcast and web show online! Every Wednesday the Barbell Shrugged crew sits around and talks CrossFit, Strength, Conditioning, Weightlifting, potty humor.... you name it.

Barbell Shrugged is the leading CrossFit based podcast and web show online! Every Wednesday the Barbell Shrugged crew sits around and talks CrossFit, Strength, Conditioning, Weightlifting, potty humor.... you name it.
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Barbell Shrugged is the leading CrossFit based podcast and web show online! Every Wednesday the Barbell Shrugged crew sits around and talks CrossFit, Strength, Conditioning, Weightlifting, potty humor.... you name it.




Friendships Forged Through Suffering, Sensory Deprivation Training, and Learning w/ Josh Trent — Barbell Shrugged #356

Josh Trent is the founder of Wellness Force & Wellness Force Media. As a top-ranked iTunes host of the Wellness Force Radio Podcast with over 15 years in the health and wellness industry, Josh leads the global Wellness Force community in discovering the physical and emotional intelligence to help men and women live life well. As the host of Wellness Force Radio, Josh interviews world-class experts in the fields of physical and emotional intelligence, mindset, behavior change,...


The Path from CrossFit Coach to Marine, Finding a Mentor In Your Gym, and Mental Toughness for Marine Training w/ Jessica Woods — Feed Me Fuel Me #113

When Jessica Woods came to CrossFit PHX life was not going her way. Back in Arizona and going through divorce, she was lost in a fog of indecision. It took almost a year to get back on her feet. Along the way, she had convinced herself that fitness was her life path, and made every attempt to prove that story true. Although she was having an incredibly positive impact on those she served as a trainer and coach, she still felt empty inside. As we've proven time and again through the stories...


Is CrossFit a Great Way to Get Fit, Joint Friendly Strength Training, and Being a Certified Nice Person w/ Ben Bruno — Barbell Shrugged #355

Ben Bruno lives and trains clients in West Hollywood, California. He's known as a celebrity and professional athlete trainer, who helps some of Hollywood’s biggest names get in shape. In this episode, we talk to Ben about the one piece of equipment you need in your gym, landmine training, celebrity training plans, working with professional athletes, learning from Mike Boyle, and much more. Enjoy! - Doug and...


Finding Purpose in Prison w/ Eric Bassett — Real Chalk #49

Eric Bassett is the brain behind EB30X, a 30-minute workout that changes lives. His brick-and-mortar gym is located in Illinois, but he trains people around the country and he won’t turn anyone down no matter what their physical limitations are. Everyone wants to train fit people, but Eric is working hard to bring fitness and health to the people who need it most. The videos of him training with clients (or “teammates,” as he calls them) who have upwards of 100 pounds to lose have gone viral...


How to Stop Outsourcing Your Health to Doctors, Understand Gut Bacteria, and the Importance of Mushrooms to your Diet w/ Adam Ian & Christina Afentoulis from Elemental Wizdom — The Bledsoe Show #108

Adam Ian is an herbalist, educator and successful entrepreneur with twenty seven years experience in the natural products industry as an herbal formulator and Director of Operations for multiple business lines, both domestically and internationally. Currently cultivating custom genetics in both Hemp and Cannabis categories. Adam is also the founder and alchemist of Elemental Wizdom, a natural line of high end functional foods and essential oils, informed by years of personal nutritional...


How to Gain 10 Pounds of Lean Mass, Intermittent Fasting, Supplements, and Eating for Performance w/ Anders Varner & Doug Larson — Barbell Shrugged #354

This is a special episode, where Anders Varner and Doug Larson talk about eating for performance, eating for mass gains, cutting weight for weightlifting and MMA, supplements for lifestyle and performance, learning how to eat for wellness, and more. Enjoy! - Doug and Anders ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Show notes at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ►...


Losing A Father and Learning Forgive Doesn’t Mean Forget w/ Kory Cook — Feed Me Fuel Me #112

Before Kory launched Korporate Wellness, he was tested numerous times. Life attempted to derail him or test his commitment in every way imaginable. The greatest test came by way of his father leaving him and his mother when bottom fell out of the economy. To say he's lived a life of constant transition since then would be an understatement. We caught up with Kory not long after he reconnected with his father. His outlook on their relationship will leave you with a breath of hope. He has...


AMRAP Mentality for Fitness, Business, and Personal Success w/ Jason Khalipa — Barbell Shrugged #353

Jason Khalipa is a former CrossFit Games world champion, author, and lifelong competitor. Jason is also the CEO and Founder of NCFIT, a global company aimed at making fitness effective, fun, and accessible. In January 2016, Jason and his family were faced with a parent’s worst nightmare. Jason’s daughter Ava was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of four. As all things in life, Jason and his family embraced Ava’s diagnosis, and faced it with unyielding positivity. Cancer, especially...


Memoirs of My Ex-Girlfriend (A Model, Mom, & Entrepreneur) w/ Nikki Leonard — Real Chalk #48

Nikki Leonard has been in the social media and fitness industry for over 10 years. She has been the face of massive supplements brands, a figure champion, a CrossFit athlete, and currently a mom/entrepreneur. Having been part of her life for a little over 2 years, I had the opportunity to watch and learn so much from her in terms of social media and business building. Nikki also happens to be beautiful and hilarious which as we know is a rare combo in this day an age. In this episode we...


10X Your Coaching Business Through Instagram and Authenticity w/ Ross & Rachel from Trill Media — The Bledsoe Show #107

If you want to grow your Instagram following, pay special attention to this is episode with Ross Johnson and Rachel Bell, co-founders of Trill Media, an Instagram marketing agency that helps brands increase their audience engagement, create a tribe of millennial/GenZ buyers, and become highly influential on Instagram. In this episode, you’ll learn what’s the drama triangle and what role might you be, how to create organic and authentic following on Instagram, how to generate sales on...


Creating Great Apparel for Functional Fitness Athletes w/ Joe Kudla — Barbell Shrugged #352

Joe Kudla is an entrepreneur and founder of Vuori Clothing (@vuoriclothing), an active lifestyle apparel brand that draws inspiration from the aspirational coastal California lifestyle, an integration of yoga, surf, sport, art and a strong visionary spirit. In this episode, Joe shares the history of Vuori, what it’s like to establish a brand in a saturated market, how to establish a culture that shines through in the product, the process of creating a great experience for male fitness...


The Strong Coach w/ Mike Bledsoe — Feed Me Fuel Me #111

Round two with Mike Bledsoe on the Feed Me Fuel Me Podcast. Since our last conversation, Mike had journeyed around the world and embraced a nomadic life for a while with his wife Ashley, who was featured on the last episode (#110). Now that we've caught up with Mike got the chance to sit down with his undivided attention, we get into right away. Newly 37, and another year wiser, we get a sneak peak into what he's brewing for the year to come. Buckle up for this one, as we discuss what...


Why Your Training is Leaving You Injured and How to Fix It w/ Dr. Sean Pastuch of Active Life Rx— Barbell Shrugged #351

Dr. Sean Pastuch is a doctor, coach, educator, coach to athletes, and founder of Active Life Rx, which he founded with a belief that the world deserves better solutions than the current modern medical model. For programs with Active Life Rx: Active Life Rx is the only company in the world helping thousands of people to get out of pain without going to the doctor or missing the gym. They also educate health care providers and fitness professionals on how to provide...


Becoming a 10 Time Bodybuilding Champion w/ Lauren Powers — Real Chalk #47

Lauren Powers is a force of nature. After graduating high school as valedictorian, she got a business degree from the University of Hawaii, owned a surfing academy, and served as a firefighter before making her mark on the fitness industry. Lauren competed in her first bodybuilding competition in 2001 and has been unstoppable ever since. With ten championships under her belt, Lauren now offers posing clinics, coaches current bodybuilding competitors, and hosts competitions with her...


Develop a Fight IQ and Becoming a Coachable Athlete w/ Rick McCoy — The Bledsoe Show #106

Ricky McCoy is owner and head coach of MMA Institute. He was the first professional MMA fighter in Virginia, who turned into the top MMA trainer in Virginia, and became a nationally sought after MMA fighting coach. Rick has over 30 years of experience in martial arts, a second degree black belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu, first degree black belt in judo, fifth degree black belt in sambo, third degree black belt in American open style karate, and full kru in muay thai. In this episode, Rick...


Why Your CrossFit Coach Is Not Chasing Excellence w/ Kenny Kane — Barbell Shrugged #350

Kenny Kane is co-host of The Body of Knowledge, a serialized podcast on the Shrugged Collective network that features stories from the intersection of science and fitness. Kenny is also a former comedian and lifelong human performance coach. Kenny was raised in fitness. The house he grew up in was literally less than 50 yards away from his family’s business: a fitness club. Working out, playing sports and constant movement were not just part of life – it was the only life as a child....


Fix Your Marriage and Relationships w/ Ashley Bledsoe — Feed Me Fuel Me #110

There is a point in everyone's life when they realize that they have been playing it small. On the other side of that moment you have to make a decision: Continue life in the shadows of others or start playing to your fullest potential. Our guest this week made that choice and is playing it bigger than ever! Ashley Bledsoe crushes this episode of Feed Me Fuel Me. If you are in a relationship this one’s for you. If your relationship isn’t yummy, this one’s for you. If you find yourself...


Electrical Brain Stimulation for Optimal Performance w/ Dr. Daniel Chao — Barbell Shrugged #349

Dr. Daniel Chao, CEO of Halo Neuroscience and creator of Halo Sport, dedicated his whole life to understanding the brain and its function. Specifically, how electrical stimulation can help the brain more rapidly improve physical performance, cognitive function, and overall happiness. Halo Sport is the first-ever brain stimulator used to accelerate movement-based learning. In other words, it speeds up the development of skill, strength, and endurance, depending on the type of training that...


Testosterone, Sex Hormones & Hormonal Health w/ Laurie Christine King — Real Chalk #46

Laurie Christine King (@lauriechristineking) is a dietetics grad, nutrition coach, educational blogger, and total badass in the nutrition and fitness space who utilizes social media as a free educational platform and specializes in hormone health. Not only that, but she has a way of saying things that’s much more untraditional than most. Don’t get me wrong, it's always incredibly accurate, insightful, and well researched... It’s also hilarious, witty, and kind of truck driver-ish which...


The Steel Mace Practice and How The Strong Coach Helped Leo Make $20K in 2 Months w/ Leo Savage & Serena Elizabeth — The Bledsoe Show #105

Leo Urquides, a.k.a. Leo “Savage”, is the creator of MaceMovement and founder of Steel Mace Flow. Leo is a Steel Mace Flow coach based in Austin, TX that travels across America teaching his Steel Mace Flow system. His unconventional approach to training is based on his belief in function over muscle. This philosophy has lead him to the use of tools such as kettle bells, battle ropes, sandbags, body weight, and his favorite- steel mace. Leo is also a certified trainer through the ONNIT...