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Inspirational Messages with Vicki Prussak

Chris and Jill talk with Vicki Prussak in episode 22 of the Fit, Strong Women over 50 Podcast for the Becoming Elli community. Vicki is a life-long learner, the eternal optimist, a certified wellness coach, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, animal lover, artist, retired belly dancer and jewelry maker. In her latest career, Vicki has developed a line of jewelry to encourage others to stay focused and positive. Vicki's previous careers have included wellness coaching and graphic design for...


Coping with Holiday Stress with Marsha Friedman

In episode #21 of the Becoming Elli community podcast for fit, strong women over 50, Jill and Chris interview Marsha Friedman, a Leadership and Personal Development Coach who is passionate about guiding individuals to their full potential. As a coach, she helps her clients find the spark to ignite their own fires. Marsha shares many excellent techniques to cope with holiday stress. For more details and examples of how to manage your expectations and reduce holiday stress, see her...


Janet Palcko - Pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago

In episode 20 of the Becoming Elli Podcast, Jill and Chris talk with Janet Palcko about her incredible journey through France and Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Janet hiked over 800 kilometers (about 500 miles) in about six weeks. In the spring of 2018, Janet Palcko took the epic journey of her lifetime when she walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. The Camino is a pilgrimage to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain, where it is said that the remains of Saint...


How We Ran a Half Marathon

In podcast episode number 19 of Becoming Elli, Jill and Chris discuss how they ran a half marathon. Today's podcast covers their thoughts and feelings before, during and after the 13.1 challenge. In this podcast you'll hear: The preparation: The actual race on Sept 29, 2018 in Akron: Immediately following the half marathon: Are you training for a run in the near future? Let us know by leaving a message so we can connect with you!


Staying Fit through Running with Loretta Harland

Loretta Harland has completed 21 marathons, qualified twice for Boston and was on a winning 8-person relay team (all women) for the Burning River 100. "Being fit and feeling healthy means everything as far as our happiness everyday and hopefully adding some longevity to our lives." She started running in high school, but it was in her 20's that she started challenging herself to run longer distances. Loretta ran her first marathon when she was in her 30's. Now that she is in her 50's,...


Pros and Cons of The Elliptical

Is the Elliptical a good workout for women over 50? Elliptical controversy was started in Episode #5 when Brian Kennel mentioned his thoughts on the Elliptical. In Episode #17 of the Becoming Elli Podcast, Chris and Jill look for answers when they interview a series of experts on their opinions about the use of the elliptical for women over 50. In this episode you will hear: the pros and cons of the ellipticalbest ways to use the elliptical to get a great workoutwhy the elliptical...


Maintain Weight Loss and Health Through Food with Karen Parrott

In today’s podcast, Chris and Jill talk with Karen Parrott, a popular blogger who writes about her weight loss journey and maintaining her weight loss. You can find her blog at Garden Girl, Weight Maintenance and Food Sobriety. In this episode, we talk with Karen about: Karen uses about 20 different weight maintenance tools with abstaining from her binge triggers as the top tool. One of her weight maintenance tools is following a low carb eating plan. She identified foods that cause her...


Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and All-Around Athlete Stacy Rhea

In this podcast, Chris and Jill discuss the 150-mile bike ride Chris rode this summer and their training efforts over the summer. They also talk with Stacy Rhea, a health coach and personal trainer, who participates in all kinds of sports. In her 20’s, Stacy was like many of us. She drank, she ate whatever she wanted, and had no knowledge about healthy living or eating. She also smoked starting at the age of 13. When her father had to have quadruple bypass surgery, Stacy decided to make...


Getting Past the Negative Voices - Women over 50 Becoming Elli

Are you ever just not “feeling it?” Struggle to stay positive? Ever had a time when the negative voices leave you with excuses and faulty reasoning? Perhaps a well-meaning comment hit you wrong? In "Getting Past the Negative Voices", podcast #14 of Becoming Elli, Jill and Chris talk through situations where voices of doubt may be creeping into your head and stop your forward motion of getting fit, strong and healthy. We discussed several ways of shutting down the negative voices. One...


Healthy Eating for Women Over 50 with Nutrition Expert Becca DeVenzio

What is Healthy Eating? In today's Becoming Elli Podcast for fit strong women over 50 Jill and Chris talk with nutrition expert Becca DeVenzio. Becca is extremely passionate about helping people to reach the goals they set for themselves and believes that living a healthy lifestyle can really change a person’s life. Her love of fitness and nutrition started at a young age when she began dancing in elementary school. Throughout high school her interest for health continued to grow, so...


Improving Balance and Mobility with Jill Rango

Jill and Chris talk with Jill Rango, a balance and mobility expert, on Episode 12 of the Becoming Elli Podcast. She is "Fall Proof" certified instructor from the Center for Successful Aging developed by Dr. Debra Rose, who was recognized by the National Council on Aging as one of seven programs nationwide that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. "It is never to late to improve your balance... and it's never to early to work on improving your balance." Jill Rango gives us tips to...


Cleveland Half Marathon Race Recap

In Podcast #11 of Becoming Elli, Jill and Chris share their experiences with the Cleveland Half Marathon. Running 13.1 miles with less training than they would have liked, Jill and Chris found that changing expectations made for a fun event. Listen today to hear about: * expo * parking * their attitude going into it * weather and what to wear * the course - the flats, Tremont, Ohio City, Gordon Square and Public Square Chris shares some tips for maintaining a weight loss. Visit...


How Nancy Jasperse Lost Over 150 Pounds and Kept It Off for Two Years

How Nancy Jasperse lost over 150 pounds and has kept it off for 2 Years “Love Yourself more. Love yourself more to take care of yourself before others.” “My mother’s death scared me into weight loss research.” “Forgive yourself when you make mistakes and start over. Every day is a new day. Move past it.” In Episode # 10 of the Becoming Elli Podcast, Jill and Chris interviewed Nancy Jasperse about: In the tips sections, Jill and Chris share their thoughts about restaurant eating to...


Interview with Melanie Hinde - Getting Healthy

Melanie Hinde quit smoking and lost weight following a major health issue. In Episode #9 of Becoming Elli, Melanie joins Jill and Chris to discuss her journey to health and fitness. While dealing with her health issues, Melanie is working to be fit and strong. Her inspirational story provides listeners with motivating discussion. Listen as we discuss: Melanie, AKA Princess Ninja, has almost 100 videos on her YouTube video channel. She shares her workouts on video along with food ideas....


Walking Inspiration - Juel Fitzgerald

In Episode 8 of the Becoming Elli podcast, we interview Juel Fitzgerald. This is one of the most inspiring podcasts that we've done so far. In 2008, Juel Fitzgerald lost over 50 pounds and now maintains her weight loss through healthy eating habits and walking. Not just walking around the block, she is one SERIOUS walker. In fact last year, she walked 1500 miles. She has walked 6 full marathons, many half marathons and many many, many 5K’s! Juel shares with us her experience with...


Diane's Workout Secrets: An Everyday Woman Shares What She Has Learned

A few years ago Diane Berkley decided to see how strong and fit she could become. Diane is an everyday woman who works a lot of hours at her job, has children and grandchildren, and is active in her church. She finds time to work out in some way six days a week and looks and feels fantastic. In episode number seven of the Becoming Elli Podcast, Jill and Chris talk to her to learn her workout secrets:


Taking Care of Yourself When You are Taking Care of Others

In podcast #6 “Taking Care of Yourself, When You are Taking Care of Others”, Jill and Chris discuss ideas and strategies to keep eating healthy foods and squeezing in exercise when it is really inconvenient. Whether you are called out of town to care for a loved one who is ill, or waiting at the hospital while a friend or loved one is undergoing a procedure, you can stay fit and healthy. Logically we know that we can’t take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves first. In this...


Healthy, Fit and Active - Interview with Brian Kennell

In episode #5 of Becoming Elli, Jill and Chris talk with personal trainer and business owner, Brian Kennell about: He's got more than 15 years of experience, working at sports performance facilities and a medically-based fitness facility - as both a trainer and manager. With his personal training business, BKennellFit, he trains people at a location of their choice – at a park, on the trails or at their home. He said he has noticed that women over 50 are asking him different...


Personal Trainer and Gym Owner – Brenda O’Hara

In podcast #4 of Becoming Elli, we talk with Brenda O'Hara, gym owner and personal trainer. Brenda started gymnastics when she was five years old and competed at a high level for 15 years. She decided to go into exercise as a profession when she was a junior in High School. With a major in exercise science, Brenda earned a Bachelors of Science degree from Kent State University. Brenda holds the following certifications: She owns and operates Iron-Oak Fitness in Solon Ohio Iron-Oak...


Turning 50 and Getting Fit

Turning 50 and Getting Fit In episode 3 of the Becoming Elli Podcast, Chris and Jill discuss how they lost weight, got into working out and what they did when they started. They explore a variety of topics about getting stronger and getting more fit as well as what worked for them and what they learned to avoid. Discussion topics: Helpful Tips: how to maintain healthy food diet while having fun with friends.