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Ep. 005: 5 Keys to Setting Boundaries and Cultivating Loving Relationships (Part 2)

Do you ever feel guilty about setting boundaries — as if doing so is somehow unkind or unloving? In this episode, we explore five aspects of interpersonal boundary setting that help you not only honor yourself, but also cultivate loving relationships with those you care about. And here's easy access to the two previous episodes mentioned: Episode 3 (on paradox), and Episode 4 (Part 1 of the boundaries conversation with Licensed Professional Counselor Susan Cadley). © 2018 Being and Doing Now...


Ep. 004: How Boundaries Preserve Your Sacred Space and Deepen Relationships — An Interview With Susan Cadley (Part 1)

If the thought of setting and maintaining interpersonal boundaries brings up a variety of emotions, ranging from relief to fear to dread, you’re not alone. In this episode, I talk with Susan Cadley, a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Alpharetta, Georgia. Susan offers simple, practical examples of what healthy boundaries look and feel like — and how you can be gentle with yourself as you establish effective boundaries and create a safe, sacred space. © 2018 Being and...


Ep. 003: Being Genius and Staying Sane

Genius exists in many forms. Typically, we think of intellectual capability. But there's also emotional intelligence, skill in the arts or a craft, business mastery, and much more. In this episode we talk about one particular way genius shows up, and how you can choose to be genius. Listen to hear, too, how you can bring a greater sense of sanity and well-being to your life, even amid the roller coaster of your own thought processes, daily life, and the seemingly never-ending news cycle. ©...


Ep. 002: Living the Questions — An Interview With Chad Brown

In his roles as life coach, filmmaker, husband, and dad, Chad Brown is committed to living his family's motto: Love Always, Adventure Often. In our wide-ranging interview, he shares down-to-earth and practical yet timeless wisdom about life, love, and adventure. You can connect with Chad via his website, Instagram (@lovealways_adventureoften) or on YouTube (#LoveAlwaysAdventureOften). © 2018 Being and Doing Now | Kristen Quirk All Rights Reserved. -- Note: The content of this show is for...


Ep. 001: On Happiness, and the Stories That Shape Our Lives

Stories are powerful. We all have them — about what has happened to us, that make us feel happy or sad, and that inspire, teach, or motivate us. Stories literally have the power to shape our lives, from the ones we’re told to those we tell. This episode focuses on three types of stories, including a common one many of us have heard about how to be happy in life. But is it true? And, more importantly, is it true for you? Listen to hear more, and to discover what it looks and feels like to...



Do you feel like you're standing on the sidelines, waiting for life to begin? Or do you long to make a greater impact in the world, but don't quite know how to get out of your own way? Being and Doing Now is about exploring what it means to know yourself better, love yourself more, and share from the heart. We dive beneath the surface, into the underlying patterns that shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions — and connect with our infinite, limitless nature — to discover the untouched and...