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Healthy Boundaries Can Protect You From Emotional Abuse

Boundaries. Everyone has them, they just don’t realize it. Some boundaries are healthy. Some aren’t. Some boundaries keep us safe. Some don’t. Some are easier to set and hold. Some are more difficult. When an emotional abuse victim first learns about boundaries, she may have a difficult time setting and holding them. She may feel like she’s punishing her abuser, but she desperately wants to feel safe. At first, she doesn’t understand that healthy boundaries can protect her from the emotional...


America May Be Closed For Business, But Abuse Is Not

During this crisis, it’s important to remember that one out of three women are in an abusive relationship or has experienced abuse in her lifetime. For women in emotionally or psychologically abusive relationships who aren’t aware of their situation, a time like this is particularly dangerous. The abuser may lie, gaslight, manipulate, or play mind games with his victim, as a way to entertain himself or to feel some semblance of power in a world that is increasingly out of his control. For...


Finding Light In The Darkness Of Emotional Turmoil

When emotional abuse leaves you feeling lost in the darkness, where do you turn for comfort and peace? Anne shares how the scriptures and God helps her.


Abusive Behaviors To Watch For During A Crisis

Cancelled flights. Falling stock prices. Closing schools. Quarantine. On the verge of a global crisis, many people are demonstrating their ability to handle emergency situations. In some cases, stores are being emptied of basic necessities, like toilet paper. In others, people are calling for a closure of schools and other public gatherings. Betrayal Trauma Recovery will leave the handling of the national emergency to the authorities and focus on helping women everywhere learn what abusive...


How To Deal With A Narcissist During Divorce

Being married to a narcissist is hard, but divorcing one can be a nightmare. How do you survive? June shares her 7 Tips For Dealing With A Narcissist During Divorce.


How Healing From Emotional Abuse Can Empower You

Healing from emotional abuse may seem impossible at times, but can healing be empowering? June shares her story of healing and how it has empowered her.


Surviving Financial Abuse At The Hands Of A Narcissist

Many believe divorce will end abuse. Victims know that's not true. June shares her experience of discovering how her narcissist ex used their divorce to financially abuse her.


How To Heal From Emotional Abuse Without A Disclosure

When an addict chooses not to change, his wife may be left without the complete truth. Jeanne Vattuone is back to talk about healing without a disclosure.


3 Important Things You Need To Know About Disclosures

One of the most difficult realizations of a betrayal is finding out that you've been living a lie. Jeanne Vatuonne talks about what you should expect through the disclosure proce


How To Get Back To Yourself After Emotional Abuse

Many betrayed and abused women have lost their identities. They've lost the passion to do the things they once loved. Anne shares how she's getting back to herself.


“My Only Crime Was That I Trusted The Lies”

When a woman finds out her life has been a lie, it changes everything. Find out how Julianne Cusick is using her experience from 25 years ago to help other women heal from betrayal and abuse.


The Ugly Truth About Pornography And Sex Trafficking

We've all heard about the dangers of pornography and we know about the abuse that comes with it. A sex trafficking survivor shares with Anne how deep the abuse really goes and it's a lot deeper than you think.


Is It Possible To Make Amends For Abuse?

The damage an abuser causes seems beyond repair, so when he starts to change, how does he make amends. Anne continues her discussion with two abusers about making a living amends, what it looks like, and how boundaries are vital.


How To Help Abusers Recognize Their Abuse

Can abusers change? BTR believes all people can change, even abusers. Anne talks to three abusers about 4 ways they've learned to recognize their own abusive behaviors.


The Kill Zone: How To Protect Kids From Pornography

Parents worry about their kids being exposed to pornography. How can they arm themselves and their kids? Justin Zufelt talks about how the pornography industry uses The Kill Zone.


How Spiritual Bypass Can Be Helpful To Abuse Victims

Spiritual bypass can be harmful to abuse victims, but can it also be helpful? Tracy and Anne are back to discuss how spiritual bypass can be used effectively for healing and how an abuser might use spiritual bypass.


Why Spiritual Bypass Can Be Harmful To Trauma Victims

When a betrayed wife rushes to forgive her husband, can it lead to real healing or is it only coping? Anne and Tracy talk about spiritual bypass and healing from trauma.


5 Ways To Help The Child Of A Narcissist

Being married to a narcissist is difficult, but the damage it can do to a child is long-lasting. Learn 5 ways Rose is trying to help her children heal from the affects of their father's narcissistic abuse.


How To Endure A Custody Battle With A Narcissist

Marriage to a narcissist is difficult. The divorce and custody battle that follow may seem impossible. Isabelle shares her story with a miraculous twist when the divorce is finalized.


Coming Out Of The Fog Of Marital Rape

Years of physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse can cause more than just mental trauma. Anne visits with Isabelle about abuse, faith and marriage vows.