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Project Development Guidance For People Who Help People




EPI-84: After Your Bipolar Disorder

After bipolar disorder? Yes. There can be an after. Some learn to manage or eradicate it. I eradicated it. Troy Steven shows how he manages it in his latest book "After Your Bipolar Disorder". Troy is also an aeronautical engineer and the owner of Battle Press, a private book publishing company.


EPI-83: If I Don’t Pick Something Up And Put It Down, Soon…

Without the gym, I start feeling very bad. In all ways. About all things. So, on a personal level, I simply need to be regularly training. But to also succeed as a businessperson, I HAVE TO be in the gym! It’s very simple: healthy body equals healthy mind equals successful life.


EPI-82: Gird Your Loins

Gird your loins. Protect your psyche's delicate parts. Because there's always hard shit. And there's always gonna be hard shit. How you react, or better yet, how you develop proactively to deal with the never ending hard s**t, is what separates the men from the boys. Two life-altering sources of growth helped me see this clearly, many years ago. And the fact only becomes more true, the longer I march down this personal development road. It’s not that your problems go away. It’s just that you become a more highly evolved person, one who has the tools to better handle the problems that would have normally destroyed the old you.


EPI-81: Eccentricity: Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

This is for you “way outside the box types” who may have yet to begin. You are meant to let your freak flag fly! Don’t hide what sets you apart from the rest of the world. Because your very differences are what will bring you fulfillment. And your particular flavor of eccentricity is what’s needed to save some certain part of the world, in a way no one else can.


EPI-80: Thank God For Perfection!

Perfection is a myth that keeps you from attaining greatness. You strive for it but accept whatever comes from that effort. Improve when and where you can. And give yourself grace by not punishing yourself for no good reason, every time you start to doubt in your mission's success. You got this. You're with me, for crying out loud! Relax. You're already winning!


EPI 79: Conversations With Coaches Podcast

A couple months back, I had a great interview with Kevin Stafford on the "Conversations with Coaches podcast. I'd had ample sleep, prior to our talk, which had me in a lively state. And Kevin was pure joy to speak to, right from the start! He later told me he wished I was his coach and that he was freaking out with the need to do something awesome just from talking with me! And I shared that I wished he and I were neighbors, so that we could have deep and powerful conversations at will! Part of why I do all this is so I can cross paths with people like him. They make my life more fulfilling. Kevin wanted to know what makes me so great. Yet I found that meeting him was one of the greatest things I'd done in awhile! People are funny.


EPI 78: The Fixer

I used to be called "The Fixer" while working with a fantastically deranged, evil and completely delightful lunatic of a dream builder. He used me to calm those who got overly emotional by something we did or didn't do well, under his direction. I had a way of calming the upset, of appeasing the angered, of inspiring the dejected so they'd fall back in line with our play. I still do this but for honorable reasons. Yet I never want anyone to think I can actually fix them. I can only inspire, share resources, guide and give hope. The fixing? That's on you.


EPI 77: Makin’ Metaphysical Lemonade

For many years now, I've struggled with the presence of the word "bipolar" in my brand. This was because it's critical to all I offer yet not the actual thing I offer service for anymore. And past experience had taught me that people I couldn't possibly help, who couldn't pay me for that help were what came my way the most when I put myself out there as a bipolar advocate. Well, it seems I've played with this convoluted clay long enough to realize that whatever I'm now saying and however I'm saying it, has properly defined who I am and what I offer, in a way that negates my need to worry about who it is that eventually shows up looking to do The Big Work with me. It's a relief!


EPI 76: Wouldja Just Take It Easy?

One must understand and use wisely, one's available energy reserves, based on how much there is to give in any one area, and still do an effective job. Or better, yet, to still live a fulfilling life. If you try to push too hard or too long in areas that aren't even your sweet spot, you will crash and burn. You might succeed for awhile. And it might be necessary to actually drive yourself more than is healthy for a certain amount of time. But don't make it a habit. You'll just die faster.


EPI-75: Ya Load 16 Tons And Whattaya Get?

16 tons of coal a day. Tennessee Ernie Ford clearly defined why having a job sucks. You need to dream bigger and believe in yourself more. Having said that, am I implying that running your own business ISN'T hard work? No, of course not. But the potential rewards astronomically outweigh the, honestly, heavier initial workload present upon startup. And, done well, your family will one day thank you vociferously for making the attempt in the first place!


EPI 74: Clouds Have Silver Linings, Sledgehammers Have Silver Coatings

I've had a paradigm shift in my desire to be an interviewer on my own podcast. A sledgehammer in the form of a hostile guest was the impetus. SO MUCH went wrong pre-show. The show itself went rather well, actually. On hours later did the rage start boiling up within me. I'd under-prepared, didn't handle one thing in a truly honest fashion, and compromised in embarrassingly weak fashion on more than one front. Most of this thing was my fault. All of it was my responsibility. And all for something I can't stand to do in the first place. No more. Learn from me.


EPI 73: That Extra $55,000 Sure Did Help

I generated $55,000 in services, goods and donations to rehab my Mom's house. Although I was familiar with all the pieces that came to light, I'd never managed or directed a project of this sort in its entirety before. And yet, I did it. And I did it well! This realization gave me confidence in an area that was new to me. And it made clear to me that more and more abundance is headed my way. It doesn't matter that this money came from something other than sales of my products or services. What matters is that IT CAME! I set my intention, which was to make sure my om 's needs were covered,no matter what it might take. And then I saw it all through. Uncovering more of my own capabilities in new areas, especially, is a sport of mine that I can never stop pursuing.


EPI 72: What’s Your Design, Human?

Your Human Design Chart will explain your life to you in a way few other tools, or people, for that matter, ever will. There are characteristics about you that are set in stone that your chart reveals. Go against them or ignore them, and you're missing out at best, suffering hideously, unnecessarily, at worst. And as a coach, I won't even talk with you until we know what that chart says. You should demand that I keep it this way.


EPI 71: No Plan Survives First Contact With The Enemy

Building out your vision is a fluid thing. It morphs. It evolves. You f*** up. What have you. Whatever you start with is not going to be what the end product looks like at any point of this venture. But start you must. Remain loose, you must. Get ready to iterate. Accept it. Do your best. Continue marching. One day, you'll have a masterpiece on your hands. And you'll then probably have to start over all again, in some way. It is the way of these things.


EPI-70: The Terrifying Reality Of Life Within The Circle

My marketing has been designed to bring me exactly those I DO NOT wish to work with!


EPI 69: UFOs and Family Time

Family time is no-existent in the early stages of growth. But that changes as your project flourishes.


EPI 68: Struggling With The Fish

Too much fish to pod. Kevin Smith never would have said that.


EPI 67: Eddie Pepitone: The Insane Improbability Of Silver Linings

Silver linings: when everything goes to pieces, you are frequently experiencing what you'll later see as some of your largest victories.


EPI 66: Doug Stanhope: My Dark Muse

I use the dark to draw out the light. No, seriously!


EPI 65: Salt’s Not Working, Try Pepper

Overwhelm will be your new best friend as you build. Build anyway.