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Birth mothers telling their stories of placement.


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Birth mothers telling their stories of placement.






58: Lori P – “I Felt Alone and Abandoned”

Lori spoke about her experience of becoming a mother as lonely and afraid. Lori talked about her uniqueness of being Jewish and the perspective of the guilt and shame placed on her. Lori experienced many traumas in her life that brought many challenges of “coping in life “. She spoke about the “voices” in her ear that determined her own voice of asking herself “ if she was worthy. Lori traveled the road of many birth/first mothers of building the courage to “ Speak “ and share her story. She has found her “ Voice “.


57: Nicole – "We are Told to Move On "

Nicole -We are Told to Move On … Not Easy Nicole exhibited strength beyond belief as many birth mothers. Nicole experienced many losses from the age of 5, she persisted. Nicole’ resilience grew stronger with each trauma. She has built a relationship with her son in her open adoption. Now, she is in the midst of one of her Biggest traumas. Listen as she shares her journe


56: Melissa – “ The Message Was Everything”

Mellisa described herself as wanting her own way as a teenager. This ‘headstrong’ attitude” as she describes it caused her to leave her home in high school. She became independent to live by her own rules. Mellisa’s life carried her through many “ dark places and lifestyles”. Her lack of family support and assistance as an expectant mother was “ Hard”. Mellisa found strength in her faith to find “ a way out of no way “. Mellisa’s journey is a testament of survival through the storms of life. A message on social media was life changing.


55: Marisa – “My Love was Overwhelming”

Marisa describes her childhood as being a “tough life” living with her single mom. There were many “ life transitions she experienced at an early age without the comfort and love to deal with her traumas. Marisa lived life on the streets and managed to stay focused towards a better life. A Friday night invitation for pizza changed her perspective on life. Marisa “Found the Ones” who were meant to be in her life. Marisa shared “words of wisdom” from her life experience and her chosen profession.


55: Mellisa – “The Message Was Everything”

Mellisa described herself as wanting her own way as a teenager. This ‘headstrong’ attitude, as she describes it, caused her to leave her home in high school. She became independent to live by her own rules. Mellisa’s life carried her through many “ dark places and lifestyles”. Her lack of family support and assistance as an expectant mother was “ Hard”. Mellisa found strength in her faith to find “ a way out of no way “. Mellisa’s journey is a testament of survival through the storms of...


54: Maddy – “The Best Two Days of My Life “

Maddy grew up with both parents and at an early age lived with both parents in separate homes. She received support as a young teenager from both parents. When Maddy discovered she was pregnant with her boyfriend, she was at a difficult place and decision. She faced the voices of others regarding "what she should do", She faced the same stigma that most birth mothers faced as an 18-year-old unmarried mother. Maddy is a strong and determined young lady who makes up her mind and gets it accomplished. Maddy wants all birth mothers to know that " they have a voice" and they are free to use it. Open adoption is Hard and may 'Shift" from the original agreement. Maddy talks about her devastation and pain when the rules changed about her seeing her daughter. Maddy shares about how she is progressing and experiencing some 'good news' about her life.


53: Yvonne – “The Journey of Reunion “

Yvonne started her reunion with her son by finding him on social media in 2015, connected to him and meeting for the first time after 45 years in 2018 and now 2023, still progressing on a path of Grace and Healing. Yvonne started BMRT Podcast in June 2021 as a “ Place of providing a safe place for birth and natural mothers to share their “truth’ of disenfranchised grief for so many years. Our moms range from 14 years old to over 40 years, from the 1950s to now, who share their adoption stories. We are all Mothers and our stories are different. This episode covers Yvonne sharing her steps, her thoughts, her journey in reunion. Reunion is Great AND Hard at the same time. This reality of facing nature versus nurture, facing the discovery of each other and growing to love her son and allowing him the space to process, accept and grow to love her. It is indeed a roller coaster journey . It is “ All about Love”. We are All in This Together. Listen to Episode 00 , where Yvonne shares her full journey with Damon Davis of “ Who Am I Really Podcast “


52: Shanae – “ Believe Your Truth – You Belong Here “

Shanae remembers the age of 9 and 1/2 so vividly. This time in her life was very challenging and brought forth many traumas that disrupted her life. This life-changing moment gave way to her ‘gift’ of writing her feelings in a journal. This was her “ coping” method. Shanae faced doubts of her ‘ truth’ by the adults in her circle. As an expectant mother, she faced challenges and vulnerabilities in her life. She faced the flop - flop of support from family. Many perceptions of adoption were from what she watched on “ TV’. She is focused on healing herself and her son. Shanae’s message to birthmothers is “ You Belong Here”


51: Cindy - “ I Didn’t Know Much “ When I Went Away “

Cindy shares her experience of being a 15-year-old birth mom living in the Midwest. Cindy had a ‘ different family situation “ as she describes her life. Cindy had a sibling with autism which translated into her being a caregiver. Family legacy was missing from both her mom's and dad's families. Cindy says she grew up on “ an island”. Her journey took her through many different scenarios with parental support. Cindy faced her fears of finding her son.


50: Cathryn - " I Need to Tell You"

Cathryn grew up in a very strict family. Her religious background shaped her youth. She described herself as a ‘ rule follower”. She felt she was “ in the way” in the home growing up. Cathryn had unconscious memories about giving birth to her daughter. Cathryn experienced PTSD while in therapy which prompted her to search for her daughter.


49: Donna – “ No One Asked Me Who – “

Donna grew up in a home of “Fear and Unknowns”. She faced the traumatic experience of molestation. Donna became a birth mother at the age of 13. Donna’s siblings escaped all the family shame, remorse, and guilt just as she went down various paths seeking healing. Keeping secrets prompted her family to tell Donna to hide in the basement or attic when visitors are not seen and bring shame to the family. Donna has realized that her life was “NOT NORMAL“ as she was led to believe. Donna now knows that she is Important and deserves compassion. “Secrets and Silence Keep You Sick “


48: Beth – “I Made It Through in Spite of My Trauma”

Beth’s journey started in a family that brought her many heartaches. She wondered how to deal with the many family losses, emotional grief, and trauma. Grief and trauma are not a simple process as Beth was told. She faced many challenges and “ She Made it Through “. Beth shares her view to society’s messaging regarding adoption. Adoption is a permanent solution to a temporary situation.


47: Alycea – “A Birthmother’s Path to Wholeness”

Alycea was a teenager at 17 living on her own when she discovered she was pregnant. Though her independence and struggle in everyday life, she realized that she could not care for herself and her child, Alycea had an older sister to teach her life skills at 17 when most only start at age 21. She knew the realities of bank accounts, paying bills, working a job and surviving in life. Alycea has traveled the path as many birth mothers of riding the ‘roller coaster ‘ of emotions in building a relationship with her daughter.


46: Courtney – “ I Found My Worth as a Mom at 17”

Courtney spoke of having a “feeling” she was pregnant and facing denial for a few moments. She quickly went into action and reached out and was “ghosted” in the true sense of the word. She found resources on the bus route, found an adoption counselor and made the life- changing decision to place her child in adoption. Courtney gave birth and within 3 days was into her next transitional phase in life. Courtney is amazing and her story shows how powerful and worthy she is.


45: Brandy – ‘ I Didn’t Think I had a Choice “

Brandy grew up in a small rural town exposed to foster homes at an early age. She was a child of teenage parents. Brandy grew up quickly with the life circumstances that she experienced. She said she spent a ‘ Summer of Love with her 16-year-old boyfriend to learn going back to school that she herself would be a teenage mother. Brandy overcame feelings of low self-esteem to learn to know “What She Wanted”. Throughout her entire pregnancy, she felt “ She Didn’t Think She Had a Choice “


44: Angie – “I Broke Through My Shame”

Angie talked about her “less than perfect” childhood which caused her to experience shame, unworthiness in her life. Angie is now working in her “purpose” in helping other birthmothers like herself. She talked about how “Important it is to be “Heard” as a Birthmother and be shown compassion and care. We sometimes see familiar family dysfunctions repeat themselves. Let’s NOT Repeat History but Change History. Angie manages to see the “positive” in various “negative” circumstances. The decision is all up to you.


43: Candace – “I Am Good Enough to Be a Mother”

Candace went through life without a tremendous amount of self-esteem. She talks about her family traditions of doing what they needed to do. She had a resilient spirit. Candace realized that she had more than she lacked to be a mother.


42: Lori – “Reunion is Hard”

Lori shares openly what we as birth moms say in silence, “Reunion is Hard”. Lori’s journey shares her desires of her heart of being in reunion with her child. Lori is a champion in helping birth moms steer through the obstacles and “roller coaster emotional rides” of being a birth mom.


41: Lynea – “I Wanted Someone to Hold My Hand”

Lynea has long been a healing force in the adoption community. She is a champion in the adoption community because her experiences becoming a birth mom. Lynea is committed to share there is “Joy through the Pain”. Lynea says “ I Needed Someone to Hold My hand”. That kind and simple gesture makes such a difference on this healing journey.


40: Rose – “Who is Talking to the Elephant in the Room”

Rose shares her story for the first time with “Birth Moms Real Talk” podcast with the encouragement from an unique situation. Rose talks about wanting to talk about her child but feeling very fearful that she will be heard. She says it was like “Who will talk to the Elephant in the Room”?