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When bad things happen, how do people bloom? What can we learn from those who thrive when the going gets tough? Amazing life stories of resilience, practical advice, and quirky, intelligent chat from hosts Dr Steve (clinical hypnotherapist) and Susie (writer, baker, parent, cancer patient).

When bad things happen, how do people bloom? What can we learn from those who thrive when the going gets tough? Amazing life stories of resilience, practical advice, and quirky, intelligent chat from hosts Dr Steve (clinical hypnotherapist) and Susie (writer, baker, parent, cancer patient).




When bad things happen, how do people bloom? What can we learn from those who thrive when the going gets tough? Amazing life stories of resilience, practical advice, and quirky, intelligent chat from hosts Dr Steve (clinical hypnotherapist) and Susie (writer, baker, parent, cancer patient).




Be Yourself - Everyone Else Is Taken

You CAN be what you can't see, but it's harder when you have to forge your own path. Guest Cath describes building a life as a gay single parent and corporate boss. Susie and Dr Steve talk about confidence and how to find it, and for the rest of us - just what is required to get the doona off your head of a morning...


Grace Under Pressure

Hemingway's definition of guts never applied better than to Liz, today's guest. A bitter divorce is one thing, but coping with years of manipulation and emotional abuse quite another. Susie and Dr Steve talk about resilience when things are bleak and how to find it. [CW: discussion of emotional and legal abuse.]


Memories Are Made of… What?

What’s your earliest memory? Probably never happened – at least, not like that. Susie and Dr Steve talk about memory and how time changes perspectives and getting the view from the other side. In this two guest special you’ll meet Catherine, wife of Andy (who’s not an arsehole). Catherine tells us what it is to build a life with someone with ADHD. Then our second guest Brennan shares his memories of growing up in a cult, and his relationship now with his parents. [CW: violence against...


Devils and Angels

If I exorcise my devils, my angels may leave too. When the life you plan is snatched from you, how to do you get the point of being glad of it? Susie and Dr Steve meet Kenny, a remarkable man who wouldn’t have his sight back even if he could. Plus BONUS Tom Waits reference.



Belief in religion is in decline. In this episode we discuss faith, its absence from our lives and what it means to live in a secular world. Joining Susie and Dr Steve is Father Bob, a Roman Catholic priest driven to serve the poor and excluded. Steve talks about the time he very nearly became a priest himself (yes really) and Susie explains that Faith is her middle name (yes really).


Trailer - Season 3

Susie and Dr Steve are back for season 3! In the trailer we give a sneak preview introducing our first guest (world famous in Melbourne) and talk about how and why we tweaked the formula to focus on 'human stories'.


Best of 2020 - Resilience

In this final episode of season 2, Susie and Dr Steve talk resilience - what it means and how to tap into it - and review favourite tips for resilience from some of 2020's best episodes. Includes Steve's five top tips for finding equilibrium during a pandemic.


Thank You, Mind!

Are you the slave of your emotions, or the master? And if slave, what can you do about it? Guest Judy Herreen speaks about mindfulness, NLP, ACT and how she used her mind to recover from a terrible time. Plus Susie puts the cross back in cross-trainer and Steve mourns the plethora of TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) in therapy.


My Life is Compost

Is your body telling you things have to change? Can illness, stress or depression be cured by health, fitness or yoga? Steve and Susie meet Jane Mallick, who broke, mended herself and is now living the life she always dreamt of – with added compost.


PC, JKR and All That Jazz

Language is powerful - but is it so powerful that it must be policed? We hear from an expert who's written the book on balancing freedom and control in language. We chat about JK Rowling and Steve tells us his position vis-a-vis the Nazis (he's against) and why even so they should still be allowed to speak. Best of all - no one says 'political correctness gone mad'!


Inside of a Dog... The Joy of Reading

If how we perceive reality relies on the language we use, then the books we read matter. A lot. Susie and Dr Steve talk to university professor (and good egg) Beth Driscoll. Is Fifty Shades of Grey better than Jane Austen - better to read, better for you, better in general? Does reading foster empathy and help us relate or is it 'just' entertainment? And is it a good thing that cheap kids' books are for sale in discount department stores? Take a break from your Christmas reading with this...


Christmas Special

It’s Christmas! A time of joy and togetherness. But what about when it isn’t? Families, gift giving and alcohol can be a recipe for a difficult time. Join Susie, Dr Steve and very special guest Santa to find out how to make it through the festive season with your spirits and mental health intact.


Down the Rabbit Hole

How do smart, self-aware people get drawn into difficult and dangerous situations, such as cults and scams? Hear the amazing story of Sue and Gordon, an ordinary couple who became enmeshed in a cult and very nearly lost everything, including their home, each other and their children.


I Want Money, That’s What I Want

Can money buy happiness, and how much is enough? And the ordinary, extraordinary story of a man who turned a corner… and in an instant his financial world fell to pieces. Guest Royce Kurmelovs illuminates our relationship with mortgages, debt and the financial system.


It's Raining Tic Tacs!

What goes on inside other people's heads? Steve's daughter Rowena has synaesthesia, and describes what it's like when words and music have colours. Not to be outdone, Steve talks about aphantasia, which is the weird head he lives with! We chat about perception and inner worlds and the order in which you put on your shoes and socks.


Breaking Up Is Hard

Divorce: breaking up is hard, and when there are kids involved it can be hell for everyone. Lucy Mannering wished there had been a guide – so, with her sister (going through the same thing at the same time), she wrote it. Top tips on getting through emotionally and legally, and making sure you are the sane parent.


Bloomcast trailer: Season 2 - we're back!

A sneak preview of what's coming for season 2, with the medical model vs what goes on above the shoulders, Steve does a little Austin Powers and the inside story on whether Andy really was an arseh*ole before his diagnosis.


When We Are Different

The amazing story of a man who at 53 discovered something about himself that changed how he viewed his entire life. Guest Andy Hutchinson tells us about getting a diagnosis of ADHD at age 53, what his undiagnosed childhood was like, and how understanding himself and getting help has changed his life. Susie gives us the parent perspective; what it's like to have a kid who needs help and her experience of working with the system and schools to get the right intervention and support. PS. We are...


All About the Men

Are men isolated and emotionally straitjacketed? Where are the male role models, and is ‘harden up’ a negative message? How do men find pathways to emotional literacy? And why should a feminist care? Susie confesses she finds it difficult to engage in issues of men’s health and Steve is Representative Male. We meet Dave Mallard from Melbourne Men’s Group to explain why we should all care about men’s issues.


Support, Grief and Funerals

Another chirpy episode from Susie and Dr Steve! How do we offer support during tough times? We talk about flowers, food, thoughts and prayers. Is is better to do the wrong thing or nothing at all? We chat about stages of grief, the benefits of sorting through stuff and why it’s not good to discuss an autopsy in a busy café. Guest Rachael Angus opens a window on death care, supporting families and how she handles the sadness of the grief cycle.