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Ep 009 - Postpartum Depression

When to book a boudoir Photoshoot, the new ELLE Beauty Advent Calendar, & A peek into my personal postpartum story. Become a supporter of this podcast:


Ep 008 - The big "V"

-Ways to Ease your Boudoir Session Anxiety -Green Tea Baths -Vulnerability and how to step into vulnerability without feeling completely naked. Become a supporter of this podcast:


Ep 007 - Are you a total turn off?

Things I still learn from Cosmopolitan lol Don't be a turn off by 1.) Not being honest 2.) Being on your cellphone all the time 3.) Trying to get him to act jealous 4.) Lying about your wants 5.) Not being real (playing games) Let's talk about how being a turn off to your spouse means you are being a turn off to your self first. Once you start becoming a turnoff to them, what boundaries have you not set in place to pull you into that place of distastefulness? We are women before we are wives...


Ep 006 - Staying strong in the midst of adversity with Wellness Coach Farah Snowden

As moms, we go through a LOT. Farah talks through her struggles which most of us couldn't imagine adding to our plate. As a mother of a handsome little boy with ADHD & ODD and a beautiful baby girl, wife, & aspiring personal trainer who is balancing all the things, she sheds some light onto the judgement and feelings of failure she faces everyday. You can find Farah on social media and she welcomes messages from anyone looking for someone to just understand.Facebook:...


Ep 005 - SKINCARE | Get Glowing Skin for your Boudoir Session

Any photographer you go to for your boudoir session should obviously be exercising the use of proper lighting, flattering poses, & photoshop but the REAL weapon and determining factor of your portraits is, that’s right, you guessed it girlfriend…. YOU! And allow me to let you in on another secret…. Radiant, glowing skin can completely bump up your photos to a whole new level. Not only will amazing skin make your portraits absolutely flawless, but the steps you’ll take in achieving radiant...


Ep 004 - BODY CONFIDENCE || 3 Easy Steps to change the way you feel about your body right now

This episode is inspired by women who have felt like they needed to lose weight or that they needed to have some kind of crazy transformation before they went through with something like a boudoir session. Although inspired by my boudoir session inquiries….this is diving into a much deeper problem. When I hear a woman say “I need to lose weight before I can do a boudoir session”, what I am really hearing is “I need to lose weight before I can love myself”. Become a supporter of this podcast:...


Ep 003 - BOUDOIR || Lingerie for your body type

When I first began shooting boudoir, it was all about the client’s experience and comfort so I would tell every woman to bring what she felt sexiest in. Sometimes what we feel sexy in, isn’t really a big enough celebration for a photo session, or look sexy from an outside perspective (aka probably the reason you are having a boudoir session to begin with). After my -obviously without ill intention- feedback from my husband, I started to really dive into the art of lingerie. Become a...


Ep 002 - SENSUALITY || Increasing your Feminine Energy || How too much can lead to you being taken a

Power of Feminine Energy -In touch with intuition -openness to receive -healthier relationships -balance (people won’t take advantage of you) -deal with situations in healthy way -sexiness and attraction Become a supporter of this podcast:


Ep 001 - SENSUALITY || Sensuality vs. Sexuality // Disconnect lingering shame

I have found that today’s modern society has somehow linked the two to be of the same concept, causing us to feel ashamed to partake in any of our important sensual feminine rituals. If you have ever felt shame around dressing up too much, buying cute lingerie just for yourself, taking extra time to fix your hair, or even posting a selfie you felt gorgeous in…’re in the right place. I am going to break down the differences in Sensuality and Sexuality so you are able to disconnect from...



Welcome to the BOUDIE TALK podcast! Inspired by recurring conversations around Boudoir & Beauty, get a sneak peek of behind the scenes discussions, hilarious motherhood misfortunes, & challenges real everyday women & mothers face, silently, & often alone. BOUDIE TALK is the official GIRL TALK all grown up. Still fun & full of spunk, but this time sexy & unfiltered. A place where moms can be WOMEN first. So, pull up a seat girlfriend. You’ll always have an invitation to sit here. Recording...