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Boundless Body Radio explores the wide range of health and fitness! We will be speaking with our amazing guests about the lifestyle factors that keep them at the top- low carbohydrate, ketogenic, and carnivore nutrition, movement, stress management, and so much more! Please rate and review us, and subscribe to get all the latest content! Let us show you how to create your BOUNDLESS life!


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Boundless Body Radio explores the wide range of health and fitness! We will be speaking with our amazing guests about the lifestyle factors that keep them at the top- low carbohydrate, ketogenic, and carnivore nutrition, movement, stress management, and so much more! Please rate and review us, and subscribe to get all the latest content! Let us show you how to create your BOUNDLESS life!






Diving Into Intermittent Fasting: Insights from Bestselling Author Gin Stephens! 560

Gin Stephens is a returning guest on our show! Be sure to check out her first appearance on episode 48 of Boundless Body Radio!! That episode was our most popular episode that we've ever recorded. We also hosted her in episode 278 as well, all about her book Clean(ish): Eat (Mostly) Clean, Live (Mainly) Clean, and Unlock Your Body's Natural Ability to Self-Clean, written in 2022. Dive into the world of intermittent fasting with bestselling author Gin Stephens! Follow her personal journey as she shares the origins of her intermittent fasting lifestyle, the trials and triumphs, and how it's transformed her life. Listen as she gives us a preview of her latest book, 28-Day FAST Start Day-by-Day, designed to guide you step-by-step into this lifestyle. Ever wondered why some people quit intermittent fasting even when they're seeing results? Gin presents a compelling argument for the importance of a strong 'why' statement, a powerful tool to set you up for success in your fasting journey. She also delves into the concept of 'clean fasting', shedding light on its origins and its profound impact on metabolic flexibility. So, if you're thinking about embarking on this healthful path, or if you're simply curious about the ins and outs of intermittent fasting, this episode is packed with invaluable insights and tips from a true fasting expert. Tune in and begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today! Find Gin at- NEW BOOK- 28-Day FAST Start Day-by-Day: The Ultimate Guide to Starting (or Restarting) Your Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle So It Sticks Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


The Metabolic Approach to Cancer with Bestselling Author Jess Higgins Kelley! 559

Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT, ONC, is the founder and director of the Oncology Nutrition Institute! Jess is an internationally recognized and award-winning journalist, nutrition therapist, and public health educator. She is the best-selling co-author of the ground-breaking book The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet, and Nontoxic Bio-Individualized Therapies. In addition to English, the book has been translated into five other languages and is found on shelves worldwide in clinics and hospitals utilizing metabolic oncology nutrition. ​​ Jess earned an undergraduate degree in journalism from Western Colorado University, and went on to win the Alaska Press Club Award in 2000 for best breaking news coverage of the 911 attacks. She served several years as a staff writer for both the Portland Press Herald in Portland, Maine, and the Teton Valley News in Driggs, Idaho. She has been a freelance writer for a variety of publications including: Breast Cancer Wellness, Well Being, Ski, Skiing, Powder, Idaho Magazine, Trail Runner, and Natural Grocers. In 2010 Jess graduated as a Master Nutrition Therapist from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado. She has since worked with hundreds of clients in her general nutrition practice, where she specializes in oncology. She was asked back to the Nutrition Therapy Institute to instruct Clinical Nutrition, Digestion and Detox, Food Quality, and several other courses from 2011 to 2016. With her teaching and curriculum development experience, she went on to create the Oncology Nutrition Institute where she is currently the Director of the 250-Hour Oncology Nutrition Consulting certification program that trains qualified nutrition and medical professionals worldwide. Jess is a former Hurricane Island Outward Bound Instructor, licensed sea captain, trail runner, and an avid organic gardener. Find Jess at- LK- @jesshigginskelley Terrain Assessment Questionnaire LK- Jess Kelley, MNT, ONC The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition FB- @oncologynutritioninstitute Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Embrace the Positive: Letting Go of Negative Thinking with Retuning Guest Dr. John Cottrell! 558

Dr. John Cottrell is a returning guest on our show! Be sure to check out his first appearance on episode 2 of Boundless Body Radio! That’s right, John was the VERY FIRST guest ever hosted on our show! Dr. John Cottrell is a certified yoga instructor and holistic living expert. With a background in clinical psychology and certification as a Yoga Therapist, he merges Western psychology with Eastern yoga philosophy to guide individuals towards self-improvement and personal growth. His company MBODY also offers yoga teacher trainings, empowering individuals to become certified instructors and share their passion for yoga with the world. In a pioneering effort to bridge the gender gap in yoga, John designed MBODY Clothing, a men's yoga attire line that combines style, comfort, and functionality. John's wisdom extends to his published works, which among others, includes his books Yoga With Intention: A Yogic Journey from Awareness to Honoring, The Joy of Less: A Minimalist's Guide to Simplifying Your Life, and his latest book Embrace The Positive: Letting Go of Negative Thinking: Self Help Book: Positive Thinking, which are all available on Amazon. Find Dr. John Cottrell at- Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


BONUS! Salt Lake City Lands the 2034 Winter Olympics with 2002 Gold-Medalist Derek Parra! 557

BONUS EPISODE!! This one is in honor of Salt Lake City being chosen for the Preferred Host City of the 2034 Winter Olympics! Enjoy this bonus replay episode of Boundless Body Radio with gold-medal winner Derek Parra! Derek has been hosted on episode 31 and episode 43 of Boundless Body Radio! Interviewing gold medalist Derek Parra IN THE VERY BUILDING, the Utah Olympic Oval, where he took the gold medal on his home ice in 2002, was insane. He was getting so excited, pointing out of the office windows out to the ice, talking about the crowd and the excitement, this was electric. Most people don't know what Derek had to go through to get there, and his story is absolutely captivating, as he wrote in his book, Reflections In The Ice. Being introduced to roller skating races to win a soda because he was thirsty. Eating stale food because he was hungry. Transferring from roller to ice so that he could represent his country in the Olympic Games. Making it to Nagano in '98, only to be told THE NIGHT BEFORE THE RACE that due to a technically in timing in a qualifying race, that he couldn't skate. And then.... He stepped out onto his home ice in 2002. And...... He was the first ever Latino to win gold in the Winter Olympics. The event has been skated faster since then. But NEVER in the Olympic Games. This was a special interview. So grateful for Derek, his determination, and for his direct influence in my life, helping me learn the sport. Find Derek at- Olympic Venues today An article about Derek coaching in the SL Trib Going from roller to ice Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Melissa Lujan's INCREDIBLE Story of Healing Dementia with Hal Cranmer and Eric Collett! 556

Eric Collett is a returning guest on our show! Be sure to check out his first appearance on our last episode of Boundless Body Radio! Hal Cranmer is also a returning guest on our show! Be sure to check out his first appearance on episode 415, and more recently on episode 545 of Boundless Body Radio! Eric Collett is the CEO and founder of A Mind for All Seasons, which he started in May of 2016! Eric Collett was witnessing a need for family and professional caregivers to receive support, coaching, education and guidance in the latest dementia care techniques. Hal Cranmer is the owner of A Paradise For Parents, which includes four assisted living homes in Phoenix, AZ. They are having incredible success by implementing low carbohydrate and carnivore diets, along with engaging exercise programs with their elderly patients. We are also honored to be joined by Melissa Lujan, who was a resident of Hal Cranmer's assisted Living facilities, and has worked with Eric's company, as she has an amazing story to tell in this episode! Find Eric at- IG- @ericdcollett Find Hal at- TW- @HalCranmer FB- @aparadiseforparentsassistedliving FB- @Brainstorming Alzheimer's IG- @assisted_living_hal_cranmer/ Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Progressive Mental Care with A Mind For All Seasons Founder Eric Collett! 555

Eric Collett is the CEO and founder of A Mind for All Seasons, which he started in May of 2016! Eric Collett was witnessing a need for family and professional caregivers to receive support, coaching, education and guidance in the latest dementia care techniques. After studying interpersonal communication and psychology, Eric began a career in assisted living in 2000, first as a program director, then as an administrator. He took over as the executive director of a struggling memory care community in 2009 and developed innovative techniques that leveraged the best of social science and dementia research, practical experience, and industry training to provide a better experience for the residents of the community. As the community’s reputation expanded, requests began coming for Eric to train families and industry professionals, and after 7 years he took a leap of faith and founded A Mind For All Seasons as a solo consultant. His company strives to treat symptoms like alarm bells and works to identify what is causing the alarm to sound at the actual root cause, instead of simply trying to silence it. Find Eric at- IG- @ericdcollett Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Are The Blue Zones Plant Based? A Trip to Sardinia with Dr. Bill Schindler! 554

Our four-time returning guest, Dr. Bill Schindler reflects on his recent trip to a so-called Blue Zone in Sardinia! But are they as plant based as has been shown in recent documentaries like Live to 100 on Netflix? Dr. Bill Schindler is a returning guest on our show! Be sure to check out his first appearance on episode 14, and more recently on episode 223, and episode 408 of Boundless Body Radio! Dr. Schindler is an archeologist who has traveled to every corner of the globe to learn about our human roots! In his travels, Dr. Schindler has learned that our current industrialized food system is vastly different than what we have eaten as a species for millions of years. His much-anticipated book, Eat Like a Human: Nourishing Foods and Ancient Ways of Cooking to Revolutionize Your Health, was published in 2021! His goal is to help his readers find and prepare food that is as nutrient-dense as possible. Bill and his wife Christina, who we’ve also hosted on our show on episode 486, also operate the incredibly successful Modern Stone Age Kitchen, a foodery that optimizes nutrition in modern foods based on the approaches they developed to nourish their family. Dr. Schindler also founded The Eastern Shore Food Lab, which has become an autonomous nonprofit, and offers immersive classes on a range of topics, including- cheese making, sourdough bread making, nose-to-tail butchering and cooking, fermenting, and foraging. Find Dr. Schindler at- IG- drbillschindler IG- modernstoneagekitchen You can also find Dr. Schindler at the Eastern Shore Food Lab Special love to- Dannon Republic of Georgia TV Commercial from the 70's! Mega! Peak Human Podcast Episode with Mary Ruddick! The Plant Free MD Podcast- The Blue Zones- What They REALLY Eat! The Brilliant Sally Norton Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Reversing Insulin Resistance with Practitioner Roxana Soetebeer! 553

You've probably heard of the keto diet, but have you ever met someone who has truly lived its transformative power? On this episode, we sit down with the remarkable Roxanna Soetebeer, who not only triumphed over arthritis, weight gain, and sugar addiction through a ketogenic lifestyle, but also used her journey to inspire and coach others. Roxanna's tale of resilience and determination is nothing short of empowering. As we venture into Roxanna's world, we delve deep into the complexities of diabetes, the roles of insulin and insulin resistance, and how a well-managed ketogenic diet can be an effective tool in mitigating these health challenges. Roxanna's son's diagnosis with type 1 diabetes was a major catalyst for her in-depth exploration into diet and nutrition. You'll be astonished to learn how within just two weeks, she managed to reduce her insulin intake from a staggering 50 units to nil. Finally, we trail Roxanna's transformative journey from being in dire need of help to becoming a beacon of guidance for others. Through her extensive certifications as a Metabolic Health Practitioner and her successful coaching business, she has positively impacted numerous lives. And the best part? The change doesn't stop with her. Listen in and discover how a simple shift in diet can lead to a monumental shift in life! Find Roxana at- TW- @REV_Insulin_Res FB- @ReversingInsulinResistance IG- @roxana.soetebeer.mhp Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


A Metabolic Approach to Cancer Care with Dr. Charles Meakin! 552

How would you react if you were handed a diagnosis of cancer? Dr. Charles Meakin is a seasoned physician dedicated to integrating metabolic health strategies into cancer care. Dr. Meakin provides firsthand insights into his holistic journey, combining traditional treatments with innovative health strategies. Cancer management is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires a strategic fusion of lifestyle interventions and medical treatments. Dr. Meakin and I explore various health strategies such as managing insulin insensitivity, intermittent fasting, and exercising post meals to slow down cancer cell metabolism. We challenge the conventional wisdom around statins, scrutinize research on cholesterol levels in centenarians, and discuss the importance of dose customization. Lastly, we touch on the exciting advancements in early cancer detection, such as the promising blood biopsy technology. So step aboard this enlightening journey as we unravel the mysteries of cancer and the myriad ways we can fight it. Find Dr. Charles Meakin at- Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Decoding Autism Management through Dietary Intervention with Dr. John Ferrera! 551

In an enlightening conversation with our esteemed guest, John Ferrera, PhD, a seasoned neuropsychologist and certified Chris Kresser Foundation Medicine Practitioner, we delve into this intriguing confluence of neuropsychology, diet, and health. John opens up about his personal health journey, sharing how he discovered his sensitivity to gluten and occasional psoriasis flare-ups, leading him to his current specialties in integrative and functional medicine. As John elaborates on the profound impact of diet on these conditions, this episode takes you on an insightful journey into low-carb and high-protein diets and their significant role in reducing autism symptoms. We also touch upon the influence of environmental toxins on our bodies and the potential implications of the CDC's lengthy immunization schedule. Imagine a world where a few dietary tweaks could transform your child's life forever. In this episode, we share an inspiring success story of a parent who experienced a significant improvement in their child's autism symptoms through a gluten-free, sugar-free diet. Join us in this enlightening conversation, and let's together uncover the transformative power of diet in managing chronic conditions, including autism! Find Dr. John Fererra at- TW- @JohnFerreraPHD Documentary on Autism- Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


The Bestselling Author of The Dietician's Dilemma Michelle Hurn Returns! 550

Michelle Hurn, RD, is a returning guest on our show! Be sure to check out her first appearances on our podcast on episodes 80 and 150 of Boundless Body Radio! Michelle Hurn is a registered dietitian with over a decade of experience as a clinical, acute care dietitian, lead dietitian in psychiatric care, and outpatient dietitian. While practicing inpatient and outpatient care in the hospital setting, Michelle discovered a disheartening connecting between the high carbohydrate, low fat, “sugar in moderation,” nutrition guidelines she was required to teach, and the rapidly declining health of her patients. Michelle is the author of the book, The Dietitian's Dilemma: What would you do if your health was restored by doing the opposite of everything you were taught?, detailing how the current nutrition guidelines came into existence and advocating a low carbohydrate, animal-based way of eating as an option for individuals struggling with diabetes, mental disorders, eating disorders, sarcopenia, and heart disease. As an endurance athlete, she discovered the many benefits of low carb eating. Michelle won her first Ultra-Marathon in 2020, covering 44.63 miles in a 6-hour time frame. Find Michelle at- IG- runeatmeatrepeat TW- @michellehurnrd Amazon- The Dietitian's Dilemma: What would you do if your health was restored by doing the opposite of everything you were taught? Amazon- The Fox Family Food Fight Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Laughing Off the Pounds: A Chat with Ketogenic Diet Enthusiast Russ Mitchell! 549

What happens when a ketogenic diet enthusiast with a sense of humor takes on the daunting journey of weight loss? Join me as I chat with Russ Mitchell, a dude from central Ohio who has creatively used parody songs and a unique strategy to shed almost 50 pounds. We engage in an in-depth chat about his weight loss journey, the hurdles faced during the transition to a ketogenic lifestyle, and the power of setting realistic short-term goals for long-term success. Russ's journey to health wasn't a walk in the park. He faced numerous challenges from dietary adjustments to the mental struggle that comes with transforming one's lifestyle. He lays it bare, detailing his struggles with changing habits and routines. But his story is one of triumph as he shares how he used patience, determination and an understanding of his own psychology to turn the tide. Russ also shares his humorous side with a discussion about his parody songs that he uses to lighten up health and fitness topics on his YouTube channel, @Homesick Buckeye. His jovial approach towards his journey and the use of humor to spread his message on low carbohydrate nutrition showcases how laughter can be an essential element in achieving health goals. Tune in to get a dose of inspiration, practical health tips, and a good chuckle! Find Russ at- YT- @Homesick Buckeye Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Another Chat with The Posture Provider Tyler Tsujimoto! 548

You've heard of the power of posture, but have you ever considered its full impact on your wellness and athletic performance? Let's get into it as we reconnect with Tyler Tsujimoto, a fitness, health, and wellness aficionado. Tyler's story is a testament to the transformative power of discipline and the right mindset. Tyler Tsujimoto is a returning guest on our show! Be sure to check out his first appearance on episode 516 of Boundless Body Radio! Tyler Tsujimoto’s journey into fitness, health, and wellness grew out of a deeply personal experience – bullying. As an early teen, Tsujimoto endured harassment from his peers, and when he decided he had had enough, he gravitated toward sports and physical fitness as a way to prevent further pain. Tsujimoto graduated from the University of Utah in 2004 with a degree in Health Promotion and Education. Prior to graduating, he also obtained his Certification in Personal Training, and has since added several nationally accredited and impressive certifications in both movement and nutrition. The combination of his triumph over bullying, his education in health and personal training, and his desire to help others achieve their personal best led him on a career path that he feels is deeply fulfilling. Tyler believes that his clients cannot achieve their potential without a foundation of proper posture and balance. Tyler is the owner of New Star Fitness and Nutrition- a private fitness studio with a room dedicated to posture assessment and education. The NewStar Fitness & Nutrition motto is "Helping you discover your true potential." Find Tyler at- Phone- 801-857-7447 IG- @thepostureprovider Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


BONUS! My Appearance on The Evolved Man Podcast with Steve Cutler! 547

Today we are releasing a bonus episode! This is my appearance on The Evolved Man Podcast with Steve Cutler! As always, it was a fun chat, and I'm always so grateful to be a guest on someone else's show! Find Steve at- The Evolved Man Insta: Steve Cutler Insta: EVOLVE Coaching: W Myles Reilly Insta: Web: Check out my episodes with Steve on our bonus episode 93 and episode 142! Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Transforming Health through Detox, Diet, and Lifestyle with Adam Parker! 546

How many times have you wished for a roadmap - a guide to achieve an ideal day, the one where you feel powerful and ready to conquer the world? Here's your golden chance! This episode can be your guide as we've got detox specialist, Adam Parker, who not only shares his transformational journey towards health but also his insights on detoxification, diet and lifestyle habits. Adam's story is one of determination and overcoming struggles with his physical and mental health. His journey to wellness led him through various paths until he discovered the importance of detoxification and a holistic approach. Adam's diet philosophy, deeply rooted in our ancestors' traditional way of eating can be a game changer for many. He brings in the perspectives of Western A Price, a pioneer in studying primitive cultures and their diets. However, the conversation doesn't stop at diet alone. Adam takes a deep dive into the impact of our toxic environment on our health. He emphasizes the importance of detoxification, not as a standalone practice, but as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The latter part of this episode focuses on daily habits towards detoxification. Adam shares practical tips, ranging from the importance of organic foods, trace mineral supplements, regular exercise, and even how the content we consume influences our energy and overall health. It's a deep and insightful discussion that leaves you with actionable advice to navigate your journey to health and wellness. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to take control of their health and wellbeing. Find Adam at- IG- @youridealday Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


AMAZING Low Carb and Carnivore Results in Assisted Living Homes with Hal Cranmer! 545

What if you could transform lives, increase cognitive health and even reverse the effects of dementia through nutrition? Join me as I dive into an enlightening conversation with Hal Cranmer, the owner of A Paradise For Parents assisted living homes in Phoenix, Arizona, who is doing just that. Hal himself has implemented low-carbohydrate and carnivore diets in his own life, then decided to try it in his homes, leading to amazing weight loss and improved health among the residents. Glean from Hal's own experiences with nutrition, including the benefits he has seen from the carnivore diet at 56. Hear Hal's thoughts on this, exploring the science behind the carnivore diet, including the concept of gluconeogenesis. We also discuss Hal's journey in the assisted living industry, the challenges he's faced, the opportunities he's seized, and the positive changes his staff have experienced after adopting the ketogenic diet. Ultimately, Hal's dream is to see the assisted living industry become obsolete because everyone has become too healthy to need it. Isn't that fascinating? Tune into this episode to hear the inspiring success stories of Hal's residents, learn about the transformative power of proper nutrition, and discover how Hal's approach to nutrition is not only transforming lives but also redefining the assisted living industry. Find Hal at- TW- @HalCranmer FB- @aparadiseforparentsassistedliving FB- @Brainstorming Alzheimer's IG- @assisted_living_hal_cranmer/ Special love to- IG- @cherubsipes Julie Marie Sipes!! Keep up the great work!! IG- @Daniel Magyar Julie's trainer Daniel Magyar! Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Understanding the Therapeutic Potential of Ketogenic Diets with Dom D'Agostino, PhD! 544

Dominic D’Agostino, Ph.D., has maintained involvement in a vast array of professional, academic and personal endeavors related to ketone research. As an Associate Professor with tenure at the University of South Florida, Dom teaches students of the Morsani College of Medicine and the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology, with a focus on such topics as neuropharmacology, medical biochemistry, physiology, and neuroscience. The primary focus of his work is the human state of ketosis, ketogenesis, and developing and testing metabolic-based therapies, including dietary therapies, nutritional supplements and a variety of metabolic-based drugs. In this episode, we explore the benefits of the ketogenic diet and consuming exogenous ketones. We unravel how ketogenic diets can not only reduce inflammation and prevent seizures, but also potentially showcase anti-cancer effects, and the fascinating role of metabolic physiology in tweaking gene expression for optimum health. We also address the potential of exogenous ketones in ramping up athletic performance and the crucial role of continuous glucose monitors. We dive into the intriguing synergy between ketogenic diets and cancer treatments, the impact of ketogenic diets on metabolism, and fat oxidation. This episode is truly a must-listen for fitness enthusiasts, ketogenic diet followers, and anyone interested in the burgeoning field of nutrition and biology. Find Dom at- Blog- Podcast- The Metabolic Link | Podcast on Spotify Metabolic Health Summit 2024! TW- @DominicDAgosti2 Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Mastering Menopause and More: Hormonal Health with Returning Guest Dr. Jay Wrigley! 543

Dr. Jay Wrigley is a returning guest on our show! Be sure to check out his first appearance on our show on episode 418! Get ready to demystify the world of hormones with Dr. Jay Wrigley, an expert in functional medicine with almost 30 years of experience under his belt. Uncover the often-ignored significance of hormonal imbalances on weight fluctuations and overall health, with a special focus on women going through perimenopause and menopause. Armed with the knowledge of your body's hormones, you'll learn how altering your diet, making lifestyle changes, and incorporating natural supplementation can help restore hormonal harmony. We're taking a deep dive into the benefits of low-carbohydrate diets and how they can be an integral part of your health journey. Dr. Wrigley shares valuable insights on the holistic approach to manage chronic diseases and reinforces the importance of lifestyle coaching in healthcare. To wrap up, we're shining a light on menopause and the impact it has on a woman's dietary needs. We'll discuss how a low-carb diet can be tailored to meet individual needs while still providing essential nutrients. Tune in and take control of your hormonal health and sail through the changes that come with age with confidence and wellness! Find Dr. Jay Wrigley at- TW- @hormonedietdoc IG- @hormonedietdoc Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Challenging the Status Quo of Healthcare with CrowdHealth Founder Andy Schoonover! 542

Have you ever felt that our healthcare system is impersonal and profit-driven? Today, we have a fascinating discussion with Andy Schoonover, founder of CrowdHealth, who shares his journey of creating an alternative solution to traditional health insurance. Andy tells us a compelling story of opting out of his Obamacare plan due to sky-high costs and taking innovative steps to secure his family's health. He shares his vision of forming a supportive community that can assist each other financially in times of need. We also explore the historical evolution of health insurance and its influence on escalating healthcare costs. CrowdHealth, in stark contrast, aims to manage expenses while allowing doctors to focus primarily on providing care. Towards the end, we engage in an enlightening discussion about CrowdHealth's approach to dealing with hospital bills and promoting transparency in costs. We also touch upon how fostering a sense of community can regulate behaviors and cultivate trust. Join us for this eye-opening conversation about redefining healthcare, where you'll surely gain valuable insights. Find Andy at- TW- @joincrowdhealth IG- @joincrowdhealth Special Loe to- My new favorite gym! The Refinery in Sandy, UT! Thank you John and Jess! Garrett Gunderson, author of Disrupting Sacred Cows Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!


Part One- A Journey to Discover Ancestral Eating with Researcher Suzanne Alexander! 541

Get excited for a sneak peek into Suzanne Alexander’s upcoming Pacific Islands Research Expedition 2023! Welcome to a riveting conversation with the esteemed Suzanne Alexander, a multi-award-winning educator, health and nutrition researcher, and co-author The Ancestral Diet Revolution: How Vegetable Oils and Processed Foods Destroy Our Health- and How to Recover! with renowned physician, author, nutrition researcher, and speaker Dr. Chris Knobbe, MD, who we have hosed on our show twice, first on episode 73, and more recently on episode 459 to discuss their amazing book. Suzanne’s journey is a fascinating one. From her childhood tomboy days, to participating in the Miss America pageant, transitioning from a vegan to a raw vegan, and finally gravitating towards a carnivorous diet, Suzanne’s life is a testament to constant learning and evolving. Suzanne brings to light her own remarkable physical and mental transformations, crediting her interactions with former guest and oxalate expert Sally Norton and Dr. Paul Saladino as instrumental in her health journey. We explore and challenge the concepts of sentience, the cycle of life, and our connection with the earth, offering a unique perspective on where to draw the line. To wrap things up, we take a look at Suzanne’s ground-breaking research on the impact of seed oils and the substantial health difference when eliminated from diets. Our discussion also focuses on the impact of traditional and ancestral diets on health, the dangers of processed foods, and the urgent need for a health revolution. So join us, to gain some powerful insights and perhaps a fresh perspective on health and wellness! Find Suzanne at- IG- @ancestoralhealthfoundation Amazon- The Ancestorial Diet Revolution YT- @chrisknobbemd How It's Made - Canola Oil! UNBELIVABLY DISGUSTING. Find Boundless Body at- Book a session with us here!