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Breast Friends helps women and families deal with the emotional upheaval of cancer. Breast Friends Cancer Support Network is here to remind those dealing with a diagnosis of cancer that they are not alone.


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Breast Friends helps women and families deal with the emotional upheaval of cancer. Breast Friends Cancer Support Network is here to remind those dealing with a diagnosis of cancer that they are not alone.




The Last Episode of Breast Friends Cancer Support Network

In this final episode of Breast Friends Cancer Support Network, Host Michelle Beck is joined by Breast Friends Executive Director Allison Hancock. They will discuss what the biggest takeaways of the 368 episodes are and what it has meant to Breast Friends to have had this opportunity to come into your lives to educate, provide community and inspire. All of the 2022-23 episodes of Breast Friends Cancer Support Podcast will be available on the Breast Friends YouTube Channel to watch and some of the best past episodes audio will also be available. Thank you for your support over the past 6 years; it is our hope that you will continue to support Breast Friends whenever possible.


Big Ol’ Lemonades - Diagnosed at 30 - What NOW?

I wrote the book I couldn't find when I was diagnosed. With the sarcastic humor that often gets us through the darkest of times, Leah Cohn makes Big Ol’ Lemonades out of her breast cancer diagnosis at 30 with a memoir offering that rare look into choosing how to live a life worth living. Leah Cohn is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, educator, coach, and all-around powerhouse who used writing to process finding cancer, selecting double mastectomy with reconstruction, and enduring a year of post-surgical treatment Tamoxifen with all the side effects. She combines telling the story years later with journal entries detailing in-the-moment experiences she wrote at the time, framed by flashback vignettes that create a multi-faceted look at the decision-making processes and lessons learned when facing the tough choices and varying emotions of a young woman with early stage breast cancer. This was what Leah couldn’t find when she was diagnosed – the memoirs of women who were battling “less-aggressive” cancers before having children. You know, the “good kind” of cancer. She wanted to hear about women who didn’t do chemo, didn’t take the pills, maybe opted for one or the other, chose more aggressive surgery in support of less aggressive chemical treatments, or opted to take an alternative path than those that women often feel pressured to take “if they want to live.” Big Ol’ Lemonades exemplifies the kind of determination, courage, and faith that a woman must cultivate to make it out laughing on the other side of the traumas that life brings our way.


Kickin' Cancer - The Importance of Mentoring & Emotional Support

Baron Robison and Robin Paulissen will be here to discuss Kickin' Cancer and the importance of mentorship and emotional support for those going through a diagnosis of cancer.


How Breast Cancer Brought Beauty Into My Life

In this two topic episode, Breast Friends Mentor Glenna Cain opens up about her 2 journeys with breast cancer and how it has completely changed her life for the better! After her second round of treatment, Glenna opted for a Goldilocks closure, allowing her to retain her femininity and feel beautiful without implants or extensive flap surgeries. She also has a new found passion for art and the beauty she creates daily! Aimee Berg, Breast Friends Programs Coordinator, joins us to talk about her lifelong passion for art and how it has lead to the beloved Creative Connections program at Breast Friends where she encourages others to experience the process of art, rather than the outcome. Listen in to learn how art can contribute to healing from trauma and so much more!


Stress Relief Through EFT Tapping

What is EFT? Tapping (from the EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques protocol) is a powerful energy psychology technique that helps relieve all types problems by tapping on energy meridian points on the body while using key phrases and other protocols. Energy meridians were first “known” in Chinese medicine. In the last few years, Western medicine has developed technology to measure them, proving what we already knew: we are made up of energy! Tapping works for many different things, because it relieves and resolves old emotional disruptions in the body. And energy disruptions are the cause of all negative emotions, illnesses and diseases.


Full Circle - Mastectomy Tattoo Documentary

Host Michelle Beck welcomes Patrick Norman, Director & Producer, to talk about the amazing documentary “Full Circle.” About the film: Full Circle reveals how mastectomy tattoos empower breast cancer survivors to see past their scars to finally find the confidence to start dating after cancer, fix bad reconstructive work, and simply feel like themselves again. These tattoos change lives, and these women shared their stories to show others that breast cancer doesn’t have to leave the last mark. Why make this film? Mastectomies leave women scarred in more ways than one. Often, surgery involves removing nipples and areolae—and with them a profound sense of self. Doctors can only help so much, typically with more invasive surgeries or basic cosmetic tattoos that look like a pepperoni.


Pelvic Health: Common Doesn’t Mean Normal

Have you ever been told that leaking while laughing, coughing, sneezing or exercising is “just normal”? Or, has your pain with intimacy been dismissed or shrugged off because other people experience too? Mendwell Health’s Dr. Eryn Kirschbaum, DPT, PRPC breaks down pelvic anatomy, pelvic floor dysfunction and symptoms that may seem common, but are definitely not normal. Join her for an honest conversation on the pelvic floor and resources, education and help to return to full function.


Breast Cancer - Facts & Fiction

Do you think you know a lot about breast cancer? On this episode of Breast Friends Cancer Support Network, I get to quiz my friends and co-workers about how much they really know. Join me as I question Allison Hancock, Executive Director, Alyssa Beyer, Community Engagement Coordinator and Liz Brown, Events and Social Media Coordinator on what is true and what is fiction about breast cancer!


Transformation & Healing Through Vibrational Medicine

Living each day with connection to Presence allows us to ride the waves of change with greater skill and a deeper capacity to trust the flow of life's dynamic play. As a sound healer and meditation teacher, Elizabeth will share about her personal journey of healing trauma through vibrational medicine. Since the voice is the closest instrument to the heart, it has the greatest capacity to shift energetic patterns and awaken transformation in ways that are sometimes surprising, powerful, and even humorous! Elizabeth will offer simple tools for clearing and grounding into the present moment, by using the vibration of our own voices and mindful awareness.


A Warrior's Story - Finding Destiny After Breast Cancer

Kelley was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer after being told that she was too young after fighting to be heard at age 22. She endured challenging treatment protocol, a high risk pregnancy during treatment and then the loss of both her sister and her mother to cancer. Despite these challenges, Kelley will share how she made it through with her faith and determination. The air date for this episode, December 21 is Kelley's birthday so wishing Kelley a very happy day! As we pre-recorded this episode, Kelley wanted to add some additional information: Season's Greetings Breast Friends Listeners, I am grateful to be given the opportunity to elaborate on a few topics I believe may have been unclear. First & foremost, when I mentioned my mother being gay it was not to be interpreted as anything less than factual. As a child of the 70s, we were not allowed to speak the word let alone tell our friends. Along with our unique upbringing, it was yet another way for these new kids in town to feel different, isolated from their peers. My mom had two girls who supported her without judgement, loved her no matter what. Not long after I awoke from my 18 day comma, I made-up a joke I intended to share while on the air: Q. Why do you think I had to have a mastectomy A. Because a lumpectomy just didn't cut it Lastly, I lost my train of thought when talking about one of many reasons why it was such a miracle to get pregnant when I did. I was hospitalized for a total of 25 days. Thankfully, I do not remember 18 of them. LOL!! I was so excited to get released on that Friday evening only to learn that I had to resume Chemotherapy on Monday morning. UGH!!! That very morning (28 days without Chemo) right before I was to be hooked up, I started feeling a weird. I asked to used the ladies room and viola there it was...I was bleeding vaginally. I was menstruating. Now ladies, we know our monthly cycles can be delayed if we get a cold. Imagine having months of weekly, aggressive Chemo, enduring a 2.5 week comma, fever of 106.5 and somehow on day 28 (my usual), my body somehow thinks it's time to resume normalcy. Not likely. Only God. Turns out, Destynie, was born in the city of Destiny aka Tacoma. We lived in Bremerton at the time. As long as their is breath in me, I will not quit my plight to change the minds of physicians who think along the you're too young spectrum. My hope (and dream) is to have turned what was an incredibly challenging experience into one of encouragement, of hope, and of course, how God has created every person to have their own individual journey. Or shall I say, destiny? I feel incredibly blessed to be here at 51, providing a into the glimpse of my breast cancer experience. Without God's grace & mercy I wouldn't be here today. Thank you for welcoming me as a guest and to Mrs. Beck for having me. Love + Light, Kelley


Reaping the Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Time in Nature

What is forest bathing and why is is good for you? We’ll discuss what a forest bathing experience actually is. We’ll talk about the scientific research on the benefits of time in nature. And we’ll offer suggestions about how to use forest bathing to de-stress during this hectic holiday period.


The Balm Box - A Self-Care & Gifting Site for Cancer Patients

After surviving 4 different cancers over the course of 8 years Liz Benditt knows a thing or two about cancer treatments. She channeled that experience to curate premium, elegant and functional, cancer care packages. On this episode we will talk about her personal journey with 4 different diagnosis of cancer in just 8 years, the importance of self-care both during and after treatment, the why and how to meaningfully support and care for cancer patients and how all of this turned into The Balm Box.


Cancer was NOT on My Vision Board

Dr. Ellen Albertson shares: I am the healthiest person I know, am an RD and board certified health and wellness coach, and have NO family history of cancer, yet on my son’s 21st birthday I was diagnosed with stage 1A breast cancer. I now realize that cancer can happen to anyone AND I was at a higher risk because I have a BRCA mutation and dense breasts. On today’s show I discuss how to deal, heal and reach a higher level of wellbeing. Plus, how to advocate for and empower yourself after a breast cancer diagnosis and make Self-compassion your superpower.


Purpose in Pain

Christine, an international print and runway model, best-selling author, speaker and breast cancer advocate will be here to tell us how to come out of trauma with a stronger sense of self and self esteem. Walking runways and accepting awards wearing a bandage for a top - Christine calls herself the Cancer Disruptor and is paving the way for models without breasts and with scars, highlighting differences in beauty.


Surviving & Portraying Cancer in the Performing Arts

Brianna Barrett had seen too much loss due to cancer even while a college student. Then she was diagnosed herself with cancer herself in her early 20's. She realized how rare it is to see young adults depicted in the media with cancer and how it feels to them and is working to accurately represent them in the arts. The long-lasting effects of being a survivor (physically, emotionally, financially) are often-overlooked subjects that are rich with the kind of drama perfectly well suited to theater or film. Not only that, but in not telling these stories we are overlooking a large and growing population of young people who share this experience. When we talk about diversity, and bringing more diverse perspectives into the world of arts and entertainment, there is a conversation to be had about how we depict people with chronic illnesses or people who might be differently abled. I’m not talking about the “look how hard some people have it” angle that is inspiring to people who don’t have to deal with the same problems. I’m talking about the stories we can all relate to: our friends who are hilarious and messy and complicated and face uncertainty and insecurity and occasional moments of levity like everyone does. Brianna will tell us her experiences and how she is working to change how the media and arts portray young cancer patients, even by using comedy to deal with incredibly stressful times.


Processing Grief

Helen Condon is uniquely positioned on how to process the emotions surrounding grief, whether post-loss or in anticipation of coming loss, having lost 2 adult children to cancer. She will walk us through the following steps: Learning how to cope with the loss. Learning how to process the pain. Finding light in the new reality. Creating an ongoing life of self-care. Learn more at


Adulting 101. The five “W” of basic Estate Planning.

Everyone, regardless of income or net worth, has an estate. It may include minor children, assets like a home, car, computers, websites, business, bank accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, collections and of course your online presence (Digital Property). The best way to get your Estate Plan started is to answer four simple questions: Where, Who, What and When. 1. Where will your children live if something happens to you and your spouse? 2. Who do you want to receive your things (either cash, tangible personal or virtual property)? 3: What things are your family going to receive and 4: When would you like your family to receive those things? Do you want your children receiving everything at 18 years of age? And once you have answered those questions it might be a good idea to think about a fifth W. Wondering… I wonder what would happen if you or your spouse suffers a temporary incapacity. What types of legal document can be drafted now so you can stand in each other’s shoes to make medical or financial decisions. A new W that just happened Jan 1 2020. Will the Secure Act Impact Your Retirement Plan? Several provisions of the Act are worth highlighting, as they could have an impact on your ability to grow assets, manage taxes and protect retirement assets for your children. (503) 490-4020


Single Mom Faces Breast Cancer & Finds a New Career to Give Back

Amy was a young single mother when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The love and support of her daughter provided her so much to fight for. After treatment, she wanted to give back to others and found a job in oncology sales to help others. She will also talk about her experience with the Breast Cancer Index test, by Biotheranostics, and how it helped her make a decision on the use of Aromatase Inhibitors. She loves being a patient advocate and spreading the word about awareness and treatment options!


iRise Above Breast Cancer - Improving the Lives of Young Women

Gillian Lichota, Founder of iRise Above Breast Cancer, will be here to discuss the amazing work that iRise Above does – providing young women with targeted, age-appropriate, and integrated health and wellness resources and tools that enable them to rise above the residual effects of breast cancer, so that they can heal and live well.


The Role of Liquid Biopsy Tests in Caring for Women with MBC

Significant advances have been made over the past decade in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. However, many challenges remain for patients and their clinicians who are battling this disease. During this show, a Medical Oncologist who is on the front lines of caring for patients with metastatic breast cancer will be joined by an experienced Oncology Nurse Practitioner and a Genetic Counselor to discuss a new liquid biopsy test that can provide additional information for those who are fighting metastatic breast cancer.