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Breast Friends helps women and families deal with the emotional upheaval of cancer. Breast Friends Cancer Support Network is here to remind those dealing with a diagnosis of cancer that they are not alone.

Breast Friends helps women and families deal with the emotional upheaval of cancer. Breast Friends Cancer Support Network is here to remind those dealing with a diagnosis of cancer that they are not alone.


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Breast Friends helps women and families deal with the emotional upheaval of cancer. Breast Friends Cancer Support Network is here to remind those dealing with a diagnosis of cancer that they are not alone.




Cancer was NOT on My Vision Board

Dr. Ellen Albertson shares: I am the healthiest person I know, am an RD and board certified health and wellness coach, and have NO family history of cancer, yet on my son’s 21st birthday I was diagnosed with stage 1A breast cancer. I now realize that cancer can happen to anyone AND I was at a higher risk because I have a BRCA mutation and dense breasts. On today’s show I discuss how to deal, heal and reach a higher level of wellbeing. Plus, how to advocate for and empower yourself after a...


Purpose in Pain

Christine, an international print and runway model, best-selling author, speaker and breast cancer advocate will be here to tell us how to come out of trauma with a stronger sense of self and self esteem. Walking runways and accepting awards wearing a bandage for a top - Christine calls herself the Cancer Disruptor and is paving the way for models without breasts and with scars, highlighting differences in beauty.


Surviving & Portraying Cancer in the Performing Arts

Brianna Barrett had seen too much loss due to cancer even while a college student. Then she was diagnosed herself with cancer herself in her early 20's. She realized how rare it is to see young adults depicted in the media with cancer and how it feels to them and is working to accurately represent them in the arts. The long-lasting effects of being a survivor (physically, emotionally, financially) are often-overlooked subjects that are rich with the kind of drama perfectly well suited to...


Processing Grief

Helen Condon is uniquely positioned on how to process the emotions surrounding grief, whether post-loss or in anticipation of coming loss, having lost 2 adult children to cancer. She will walk us through the following steps: Learning how to cope with the loss. Learning how to process the pain. Finding light in the new reality. Creating an ongoing life of self-care. Learn more at


Adulting 101. The five “W” of basic Estate Planning.

Everyone, regardless of income or net worth, has an estate. It may include minor children, assets like a home, car, computers, websites, business, bank accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, collections and of course your online presence (Digital Property). The best way to get your Estate Plan started is to answer four simple questions: Where, Who, What and When. 1. Where will your children live if something happens to you and your spouse? 2. Who do you want to receive your things...


Single Mom Faces Breast Cancer & Finds a New Career to Give Back

Amy was a young single mother when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The love and support of her daughter provided her so much to fight for. After treatment, she wanted to give back to others and found a job in oncology sales to help others. She will also talk about her experience with the Breast Cancer Index test, by Biotheranostics, and how it helped her make a decision on the use of Aromatase Inhibitors. She loves being a patient advocate and spreading the word about awareness and...


iRise Above Breast Cancer - Improving the Lives of Young Women

Gillian Lichota, Founder of iRise Above Breast Cancer, will be here to discuss the amazing work that iRise Above does – providing young women with targeted, age-appropriate, and integrated health and wellness resources and tools that enable them to rise above the residual effects of breast cancer, so that they can heal and live well.


The Role of Liquid Biopsy Tests in Caring for Women with MBC

Significant advances have been made over the past decade in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. However, many challenges remain for patients and their clinicians who are battling this disease. During this show, a Medical Oncologist who is on the front lines of caring for patients with metastatic breast cancer will be joined by an experienced Oncology Nurse Practitioner and a Genetic Counselor to discuss a new liquid biopsy test that can provide additional information for those who are...


An Empowered Approach Towards Breast Cancer

As soon as a woman hears those four words “You have breast cancer”, her world is changed forever. While we can’t always control what life presents to us, we can control how we respond. With holistic strategies and support, it is possible to maintain good health through treatment, and then use these strategies to reduce the risk of recurrence. Join us as Carol Lourie, Naturopath, Acupuncturist, and Homeopath, talks about her decades of experience helping thousands of women move forward!

Mindfulness and Breast Cancer

Bestselling author, Sharon Brock, shares how mindfulness offers the emotional support needed after a breast cancer diagnosis. In Sharon’s book, The LOVEE Method, she shares how specific mindfulness practices reduce anxiety, anger, and depression related to having breast cancer, and cultivate the self-compassion and inner strength needed to get through breast cancer treatment.


The Importance of Fitness for Long Term Survivorship

After a late stage 3 diagnosis nearly 16 years ago, Cary has made it a priority to incorporate some form of physical activity and movement into every day. She believes that the intersection of cancer and fitness is a place where great healing can be found, and this led her to take a leadership role at Handful, a Portland, Oregon based activewear brand with a mission to support the 1 in 8 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the US each year.


I am a Fighter with Faith

Catrina is a BRCA1 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor. She was diagnosed at the age of 37 with no knowledge this gene mutation ran within her family. Instead of feeling defeated, she immediately turned to her faith to get her through the upcoming days ahead of this journey of breast cancer. As this journey started to where she is today. she told herself she would lean on and depend on her faith. Because Catrina decided to lean on her faith, she knew this was a fight she was going to win,...


Create to Heal - Tools for Overcoming Life's Challenges

Creativity gets you out of your head and into your heart where healing begins. Patricia Varga, writer, author, artist and transformational therapist will be here to talk about how she has witnessed, through her time working with patients affected by a variety of traumatic experiences, including cancer survivors and thrivers, the healing power of creativity. Her Create to Heal program provides of series of exercises and tools that build upon each other to unlock your emotions and tun them...

Flat and Happy: A Conversation with Author Katrin van Dam

Did you know that choosing to NOT have reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy IS an option? More and more women are choosing to remain flat after a mastectomy for a variety of reasons, physical and emotional. Katrin van Dam will tell us her story about why she chose an Aesthetic Flat Closure, what it is, how it effects clothing choices, sexuality and more. We will also discuss Katrin's book Flat and Happy: Mastectomy and Flat Closure - A Personal, Practical Guide.


Fit Alliance - Connection & Fitness Through Community Support

Join Jordon Hice and Lisa Rhoades, co-owners of Fit Alliance in Tigard, Oregon on Breast Friends Cancer Support Network. They are here to discuss how important community is, whether it is in supporting other local businesses or in overall health and physical fitness. Jordon and Lisa are huge supporters of Breast Friends, hosting the 2nd Annual Community Fundraiser for Breast Friends on October 1, 2022. They also use this same philosophy in their personal training gym - longevity and...


When Boobs Attack: A Girlfriends' Guide to Breast Cancer

Jen and Stephanie wrote When Boobs Attack to provide information and hopefully a laugh to fellow people battling breast cancer. Jen and Stephanie went to high school together and then graduated and didn't talk for over 20 years. Then out of the blue their mothers, who still live in their hometown, spilled the beans that they were both battling breast cancer. Can you believe the coincidence? They were diagnosed within a month of each other and both finished active treatment in April of 2018!...


AnaOno - All Boob Inclusive Intimates

Dana Donofree, CEO and Founder of AnaOno will be here to talk about her own diagnosis of breast cancer and how and why she founded AnaOno. AnaOno recognizes that not all breasts are (re)created equal. They embrace different breast shapes and surgery outcomes and intimately understand your unique needs. Their bras are designed to fit YOU. It's not just about your body – it's about your story. Maybe you’re a breast cancer patient or survivor. Maybe you’re asymmetrical or have other needs for a...


I am The ONE!

Viki Zarkin – cancer thriver, advocate and author. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and refused to take that as the answer. She is here today to talk about her journey, fighting for her life, advocating for herself, navigating through the healthcare world and following her gut. Today, Viki is a beacon of hope for others, she’s a motivational speaker and coach on a national level and a successful author. More info can be found at


AiRS Foundation - Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery

Morgan Hare, Co-Founder of the AiRS Foundation to be here to discuss the importance of reconstruction options for women who undergo surgery for breast cancer. The AiRS Foundation is an advocate for restorative breast surgery, a vital part of total physical and emotional healing for many breast cancer survivors. Up to 70% of the survivors who desire this surgery do not have sufficient insurance or other resources to cover it. The foundation offers funding for breast cancer reconstruction, as...


You Are Enough! Life Lessons about Cancer, Career and Life!

Charlene Wheeless used to describe herself as the “typical type A personality.” That changed, however, after she was found to have breast cancer in February 2017 and had nine surgeries in three years. When she left her corporate job, she didn’t know what she was going to do but then realized she had a story to tell. She started off writing a blog, which quickly turned into her book, “You Are Enough!” Her book tells the story of lessons she has learned through her job, life and cancer...