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The Business of Aesthetics (BOA) podcast show continues to inspire and help our community of aesthetic doctors grow their practices. We bring outstanding leaders in Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, and Aesthetics together to not just achieve more but experience fulfillment in their practice.

The Business of Aesthetics (BOA) podcast show continues to inspire and help our community of aesthetic doctors grow their practices. We bring outstanding leaders in Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, and Aesthetics together to not just achieve more but experience fulfillment in their practice.


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The Business of Aesthetics (BOA) podcast show continues to inspire and help our community of aesthetic doctors grow their practices. We bring outstanding leaders in Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, and Aesthetics together to not just achieve more but experience fulfillment in their practice.




8 things you can do online to get more patients to choose your practice.

This week, BOA brings up effective online tactics to generate new patient calls daily through your website and more to help our community adapt to this new normal of digitalization.


Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty and more with innovator Dr. Alexander Rivkin

An insightful conversation with Dr. Rivkin, who has nearly two decades of experience in non-surgical rhinoplasty.


Finding Business Success by Creating Personal Balance

Let’s discuss why it’s essential to take care of yourself to provide adequate care for your patients. Listen to Dr. Ward as he reveals key factors for business success while addressing the concerns of thousands of patients.


Innovation and creating the perfect patient experience

Protocols & concepts you must follow to provide a perfect patient experience. Artificial Intelligence in aesthetics medicine.


Combining RF Technology to Maximize Practice Success

The insights you need to know about the newest & trending RF microneedling combination for tone, tightening & texture.


Medical economics and practice building strategies

As the title suggests, we discuss medical economics and the best applications, as well as lessons learned from mistakes made when you are young and want to start your practice immediately after training.


Owning a practice versus working for a group practice

Are we all called to own practice & is it the only way to find fulfillment in our careers? Couldn't one have a better destiny & make a significant contribution to the world by being a good steward? So, in this episode, we'll find out which is best for you: practice ownership or employment.


Building Success During a Global Pandemic

Ideal for all the entrepreneurs out there! This week, we will talk about how someone can start and grow a successful practice during a time like COVID-19. We will be talking about choosing the right team, the right business name, procedures that keep patients coming in, services to offer at the initial stage, and almost everything about building a successful business and maintaining it.


Practice Transitions: The Right approach!

This podcast is primarily for, Practitioners who want to sell their practice due to unexpected events such as COVID 19, Young doctors who are considering buying or investing in established practices, Mid & late-career doctors who are considering their long-term plan and transitioning out.


How Paul and Kevin put Thermi on the map of global aesthetics!

We invited the founders of one of the aesthetic giants, Thermi, Paul Herchman & Kevin O'Brien to share their success story.


Tax changes, government programs, and financial tips for aesthetic owner

All the things you need to know about finances as we discuss how to get tax advantage, the right financial plan for your future, government programs, the right financial decisions and ins and outs of the finances for the aesthetics owner.


How to Thrive within a Group Practice

Are you someone practicing or looking to practice within a group practice? This episode will provide you insight on how you can promote yourself in the business & how you can build up your network. The simple yet strong marketing approaches you can take to establish your name & patient population!


5 Things You Need to Know About SEO to Dominate Your Market

Technology & digitalization has made the Internet become an everyday necessity for us today. More importantly, it’s changed how patients look for an ideal practice to take care of their needs. Your website & your online presence today work 24/7 to help potential patients get to know you, then grow to like & trust you to choose you! It’s essential to ensure your website is properly maintained if you do not want to lose your potential patients. Maybe you have a separate person to take care of...


How Dr. Dan Hatef Created A Thriving Plastic Surgery Practice

Starting a new venture & maintaining it or taking your current practice to the next level is always associated with risk, especially if you’re new and haven’t done this before. So how do I set up a financial backup plan? Is it a wise choice to get a loan? How do I go about building up a great team? What’s the best possible way to maximize revenue & settle off all the debts? Without the proper guidance or consultation, you’ll be treading into unknown territory. Having someone to give you...


Growing Your Practice with Botox Parties

Marketing is an essential factor in getting new patients and building awareness about your practice. But, whether you’re a new practice owner or if you’ve owned a practice for decades, knowing where, how & what to invest in to drive new patient growth & practice awareness with a lot of effort is a question we all have. Naren invites Cassie Lane, a successful & creative entrepreneur, to answer these concerns as our guest on this week’s Business of Aesthetics show. She’s innovated a unique &...


Pathway To Excellence: Lessons From An Award-winning Facial Plastic And Reconstructive Surgeon; Dr. Jason D. Bloom

As practitioners, we are all ultimately working towards perfecting our craft & our skills. Being focused on the present, understanding your strengths, acknowledging your weaknesses, and most importantly, the willingness to admit them are some of the lessons that make us who we are. The pathway to success is a journey where we learn from ourselves & others. In this episode, Naren invites Dr. Jason D. Bloom, a pioneer in the industry & a specialist in Facial Plastic Surgery, to share with us...


Treating every patient without having to turn them away

Often, it can be a challenge to give the best patient experience with the best clinical outcomes. This is because patients often have different demands that can run opposite to what you may offer as a solution - so how do we solve this issue? To discuss this and more, we have invited aesthetic industry veteran and dermatologist Dr. Sarah Haydel on our podcast to work through this question. As our host Jeff Richmond interviews Dr. Sarah Haydel, she shares valuable information about solving...


Soft Management or Hard Management: Which one are you?

Leading a well-aligned team that shares your passion for providing the best possible care to patients and your vision of practice success is not always easy to achieve. Being able to retain top talent often begins at the very top. Your “dream” team will often have two different key types of leaders: a leader with soft management skills and another with hard management skills. Balancing leadership in your practice in the right way is key to developing a high-performance team! In this week’s...


Dr. Steven Cohen's Journey as a Plastic Surgeon

Dermatologist Dr. Steven Cohen is a renowned personality in Aesthetics, and he is also the founder of He is an author, inventor, and artist and is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon. Dr. Cohen was selected as one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in America by U.S. News and World Report, Castle Connolly, and Best Doctors, Inc. We are glad to have him in this week’s episode and the Co-Founder of Business of Aesthetics, Naren Arulrajah.


Identifying the Trends and Pain Points of Patients

Dr. Anna A. Bar is an Associate Professor of Dermatology and Co-Director of Mohs micrographic surgery. She is also an expert in Special Focus on Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, Dermatologic Surgery, Melanoma, Skin Cancer Surgery. Dr. Anna A. Bar joins us in this week’s episode with Jeff Richmond, to share some of her techniques and advice from her journey so far.