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Esophageal Cancer Awareness

Esophageal cancer is rare and complex. We believe every patient is unique and our esophageal cancer experts approach cancer treatment on an individual and personal basis. Our gastrointestinal team also treats many patients with Barrett’s esophagus, a condition that may lead to esophageal cancer. In this informative podcast, Christos Fountzilas, MD, discusses the need for Esophageal Cancer Awareness, and the promising new therapies and efforts to develop an organoid/spheroid approach,...


The Role of Neoantigens in Immunotherapy for Cancer

When cancer develops, it alters our genes in a way that leaves a permanent trace. For so long, these traces were a disguise that helped cancer to hide itself and evade our attempts to eradicate it from the body. But now, thanks to very rapid advances in technology, it is possible to sequence the entire human genome within a short period of time, yielding a trove of information that can help us to predict, understand and exploit these neoantigens through targeted immunotherapy with...


An Introduction into the Amazing World of Epigenetics

You have about 30,000 genes in your body. Every day they regulate the work of different types of cells to keep things running smoothly — repairing your bones, carrying oxygen throughout your body, fighting bacteria and managing all the processes that make you tick. Most of the time they work the way they’re supposed to. But sometimes the genes that control cell growth go out of whack, enabling cells to multiply out of control. That’s how cancer begins. In this fascinating podcast, Joyce...


Women and Men With BRCA Mutations Face Higher Cancer Risk

Men have more reason than ever to be aware of their family medical history. A recent study reveals that men who have a mutation (change) in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes have a "significantly higher" risk of getting cancer than the rest of the population. Men with BRCA mutations who took part in the study were diagnosed with eight times as many cancers as normally occur in the general population. Because those mutations are strongly linked to breast and ovarian cancer, they have been studied...

New Combination Treatment for Advanced Melanoma

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer worldwide. It is usually caused by excessive exposure to sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet light, such as tanning beds. The rarest but deadliest form of skin cancer is melanoma, which is aggressive and can spread rapidly if not detected and treated early. Newer targeted treatments like immunotherapy have emerged in recent years and appear to be not only more effective than conventional therapy but also better tolerated, because unlike...


Training for Cancer Treatment: What is Prehabilitation?

PT plays an essential part in the recovery from cancer treatment. At Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, physical therapists not only help patients with recovery but also preparation for their treatment with a process called prehabilitation. Roswell Park Physical Therapist Carolyn Miller joins the show to discuss the importance of prehabilitation,(prehab) to improve outcomes after procedures.


Cholangiocarcinoma: Understanding This Rare Disease

Any patient with cancer needs a functioning gastrointestinal (GI) tract to sustain proper absorption of nutrition and medications. Unfortunately, patients with cholangiocarcinoma often have obstructed bile ducts that limit GI tract functionality and can potentially lead to infections if they have stents or drains in their bile ducts. Cholangiocarcinoma is quite rare. However, intrahepatic bile duct cancer (meaning cancer in the bile ducts inside your liver) is actually increasing in...


What is the Prognosis for a Low Malignant Potential Ovarian Tumor?

Borderline ovarian tumors represent a small subset of epithelial ovarian tumors. Because it's an uncommon and unfamiliar diagnosis, it's often misunderstood. Joining the show to discuss the prognosis for a low malignant potential ovarian tumor, and treatment options available, is Peter Frederick, MD. He is a Gynecologic Oncologist with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.


What Does It Mean to Have Dense Breasts

When we look at a mammogram, one of the first things we look at is breast density – the amount of fibroglandular tissue in the breast compared to the amount of fat. The higher proportion of breast tissue to fat, the denser the breast. Why does breast density matter? On a mammogram, fat looks dark grey or black whereas breast tissue looks white. That white area can be an issue because many small breast cancers also appear as white, so it’s harder to detect them in dense breasts. In this...


Is It Growing Pains or Cancer?

As kids grow, their muscles, tendons and ligaments grow as well. So when they complain about aches and pains, it's often due to the rapid pace of their developing bodies. Two out of every five kids get growing pains, and it happens right around the time of their growth spurts – during the toddler and pre-teen years. It can cause achy thighs, calves and knees. However, if your child complains about persistent pain or the pain is coupled with other ailments, it might be something more...


The Facts About Colorectal Polyps

Polyps are one of the most common colorectal conditions, occurring in 15 - 20 percent of the adult population. They can occur anywhere in the large intestine or rectum, but are more commonly found in the left colon, sigmoid colon, or rectum. In this segment Steven Nurkin, MD, MS, FACS, gives you vital information on the importance of a colonoscopy for removing colon polyps before they become malignant which can effectively prevent cancer.


Stage 0 Breast Cancer

Let’s face it: no cancer is a good cancer. But if you do get cancer, being diagnosed at Stage 0 might be considered a best-case scenario. More women are diagnosed with breast cancer than with any other cancer in this country. This year, an estimated 252,710 women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, with 63,410 of those women being diagnosed with "in situ" breast cancer, often referred to as Stage 0. According to the American Cancer Society, the 5-year...


Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy

Decades ago a diagnosis of breast cancer was devastating and almost always meant that a woman would undergo a mastectomy, the removal of the entire breast. Today with regular screening mammograms, breast cancers are often caught in earlier stages, allowing women the choice between a lumpectomy (removal of part of the breast) and a mastectomy. Joining the show is Jessica Young, MD. She is a breast surgeon with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is here to discuss the difference...


Important Tips For Your Hospital Stay

Staying in the hospital, even for a few days can be unsettling. It's not your own bed, you're away from your loved ones, and when you wake each morning nothing in the room looks remotely familiar. In addition, some hospital procedures and rules can be a source of frustration if you're unprepared for them. Pamela McLaughlin, MSN, RN, OCN, joins the show to offer tips that can help you avoid surprises and make your time with us more comfortable.


Relieving Lymphedema

Lymphedema is abnormal fluid retention and swelling that typically develops in the arms or legs but may occur anywhere in the body, including the trunk, breasts, genitals, face, head and neck. It can also be a potential side effect of cancer treatment. Thanks to improved surgical techniques, today’s cancer patients are far less likely to develop lymphedema after surgery. Those who are affected by the condition may undertake a whole new set of challenges and can find help at Roswell Park’s...


Coping with Cancer During the Holidays

The Holidays are a time of joy and celebration; a time to reunite with family and friends and revel in tradition. However, the news of a cancer diagnosis can halt holiday cheer. In fact, the holiday season can prompt new questions for you, such as: How do I take care of myself and participate in the holiday rush? How can I celebrate when I have so many other things on my mind? What will my life be like next year? Sharing these concerns with friends and family can help you manage the...


New Advances in Pancreatic Cancer Treatments

If you or a loved one is facing a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, or you seek a second opinion, the oncology experts of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center are here for you. We believe every patient is unique, and we approach pancreatic cancer treatment on an individual and personal basis, treating the whole person, not just the cancer. Joining the show to discuss the latest advances in pancreatic cancer is Dr. Christos Fountzilas. He is a board certified medical oncologist in the...


The Benefits of Physical Therapy During Cancer Care

While physical therapy (PT) is more commonly thought of in relation to athletics or orthopedics, PT plays an essential part in the recovery from cancer treatment. Prehabilitation (prehab), is any type of rehabilitation before a specific event. At Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, this is typically done before surgery or chemotherapy to improve outcomes after procedures. Here to discuss the benefits physical therapy services can provide a cancer patient, is Bryan Wittmeyer, MS, PT....


What to Expect: Lung Cancer Screening

At Roswell Park, more than 70 percent of patients who are diagnosed with lung cancer at an early stage (Stage I) survive five years. Our Lung Cancer Screening Program is designed to detect lung cancer early — when it is most curable — by screening and monitoring ("surveillance") the people most likely to develop the disease, especially smokers. Here to tell us about the importance of lung cancer screening for early detection of lung cancer is Dr.Mary Reid, she is the Director of Cancer...


Breast Care and Treatment at Breast Care of Western New York

Breast Care of Western New York uses a range of minimally invasive procedures in the detection and diagnosis of breast health conditions, including mammography and ultrasound biopsies, stereotactic and ultrasound-guided staging tests, and sentinel lymph node biopsy. As a community practice of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, you'll have access to the most advanced services in breast cancer diagnosis, including access to expert pathology review by a world-class team at Roswell Park...