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Ms. ComPlexiTieS discusses her healing journey as a survivor of 28 years of abuse. This podcast is focused on raising awareness and healing strategies for Complex Post Traumatic Stress (disorder) Season 3 airing early 2020!


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Ms. ComPlexiTieS discusses her healing journey as a survivor of 28 years of abuse. This podcast is focused on raising awareness and healing strategies for Complex Post Traumatic Stress (disorder) Season 3 airing early 2020!




Episode 34: Continuing to Heal

This week, Ms Complexities and Pattyface discuss what they're each doing to continue healing and becoming their best selves. Send us an email and we'll share what you're doing to better yourself! IG: @mhnrnetwork IG: @complexitiespodcast Pattyface's Personal Podcast: IG: @morethanjustbacon


Episode 33: Sessions with Sarahf #2

This week we talk to our bestie Sarahf (Farrah) about how mental illness is portrayed in pop culture. Lots of great things discussed in this episode and Pattyface does his best to play a little bit of devil's advocate... Enjoy! IG: @mhnrnetwork IG: @complexitiespodcast


Episode 32: Tense Situation

This week is an update on our current situation. TRIGGER WARNING - Our situation is tense and this episode gets a little intense. It is an unfiltered glimpse into how we confront conflict. You get to meet Ms. Complexities' other half... IG: @mhnrnetwork IG: @complexitiespodcast


Episode 31: Small Change, Big Impact

This week, we talk about our current relationship parameters and how making one small change has had a huge impact on our marriage. We truly want each other to live our best lives and didn't feel that tearing everything apart was what we needed to do. Supporting each other's growth is the name of the game! @complexitiespodcast


Episode 30: Sessions with Sarahf #1

Welcome to Sessions with Sarahf! This may or may not become a regular event, we'll see! We talk about a lot of stuff in this episode. You know like, how to save the world and the concept of consent.. Farrah is a wonderful human that we are so excited to call our dear friend. She is an incredible person and we dare you to try and keep up with her! Along with owning and operating several businesses, she is a Certified Master Herbalist/Medical Botanist, Reiki Master Teacher, Natural Health...


Episode 29: Independence

This week, Ms. Complexities goes at it alone. A solo episode! She talks about her journey to independence and what the next steps in her life are. IG: @complexitiespodcast IG: @austinhhoward


Episode 28: Cope Notes & Why You Need It

This week, we have very special guest! He is the founder of Cope Notes and he's such an awesome, motivating, and positive person. We had a blast talking with him about trauma and his amazing new company. Please enjoy this interview with the one and only Johnny Crowder! IG: @copenotes IG: @complexitiespodcast


Episode 27: Mental Health News Radio Interview

This is our interview/guest episode on Mental Health News Radio's flagship podcast! We're the ones being interviewed for once! We adore Kristin and are so proud to have found each other! Joining the Mental Health News Radio Network was definitely the right move. Enjoy the episode! IG: @mhnrnetwork IG: @complexitiespodcast


Episode 26: The Shamanic Episode

Ms Complexities and Shaman Ashley discuss what Shamanism is to them and why they chose the Shamanic Path. Pattyface asks the questions and decodes the "woo woo" like he does and even shares a bit of his own dealings with Shamanism. IG: @ashley_yogini IG: @complexitiespodcast


Episode 25: Drama Therapy with Jamie Kelly

This week we speak with Jamie Kelly who is an HCPC registered Dramatherapist. For all of you listeners in the UK, she's got two locations in London. This is a seriously interesting healing modality that not a lot of people have heard of! Thanks again Jamie! North American Drama Therapy Association The British Association of Dramatherapists IG: @ytherapyuk Twitter: @ytherapyuk


Episode 24: Decluttering with Miss Jacqueline

This is not episode 22! When we recorded this back in December of 2018, we weren't sure where it was going to land in this season, but here it is! Miss Jacqueline is a uniquely talented and extra-qualified Clutter Clearing Coach! She's wonderful and an absolute joy to have in the podcasting studio. Let's face it, she's at our house often because we love her! Living a simplified life can definitely help you in your life, whether you're recovering from trauma or just kind of a messy person! We...


Episode 23: All the Shit I've Tried

This week, Miss Complexities goes through a history of all of the healing modalities that she's tried. What worked for her, what didn't work, what she still does, all the things! We went a little longer than normal, but it was too interesting to cut short. Enjoy! IG: @mhnrnetwork IG: @complexitiespodcast


Episode 22: Hindsight is 20/19

Welcome to season TWO of Complexities Podcast! This episode centers around what we did last year in 2018 that fed our souls and made us happier, healthier people. We hope that we can inspire you and give you some ideas on looking at your own life and finding great things you did for yourself. IG: @mhnrnetwork IG: @morethanjustbacon **Also, you can find More Than Just Bacon on...


Episode 21: The Story of My Story - Nanowrimo Edition

In this bonus episode of Complexities Podcast, we discuss Ms Complexities' novel and how it all started. Don't worry, we don't spoil much of anything, but its a very emotional and eye opening conversation on how writing your own story can be healing. IG: @complexitiespodcast


Episode 20: Season One Finale

This week, we talk about Ms Complexities' trip to New Mexico to begin her journey as a Shamanic Practitioner. Also, this is the end of "Season One". We didn't really plan on doing seasons, but hey, here we are. Nevertheless, we will be back, doing at least one episode next month (November) so stay tuned! We love you all, and definitely want to hear from all of you so we can prepare for next season!


Episode 19: The 20th Episode - The Future of Complexities Podcast

This week, Ms Complexities and Pattyface discuss the future of the podcast (don't worry, we aren't going anywhere!). Since its our 20th episode, we decided to take a look at what we've done and how we'd like to continue providing great content for you! IG: @complexitiespodcast


Episode 18: Learning to Know Yourself

The most important thing no one ever taught you.... Knowing yourself! This week, we talk about learning knowing yourself and we do it from three different viewpoints: First, we discuss encouraging children to find themselves early on so that they can have a solid understanding of themselves once they're on their own. Then, we talk about learning who you are after trauma. Finally, we touch on what its like and what to do when you used to know yourself and you've lost a little bit of it. Great...


Episode 17.5: The Fabled Complexities Podcast

!!!Bonus Episode!!! This week we did a crossover episode with our good friends Billy & Blake at The Fabled Broadcast. We talk about being Texans in New England, a little about what each of our podcasts are about, and of course… The Infamous and Glorious Schnoz. It was a great chance to kick back and change the pace of the podcast and we’re lucky to have great podcasting friends so early in our “On Air” careers! Thanks again Billy & Blake, it was a blast! Search for “The Fabled Broadcast”...


Episode 17: Intentions & Abandonment

This week, we're both recovering from seasonal allergies and colds, but we tackle two topics: Setting Intentions and Abandonment. We definitely refer to our "hymnals" (CPTSD: From Surviving to Thriving, by Pete Walker) so get them out and be ready! IG: @complexitiespodcast


Episode 16: Limiting Beliefs, Toxic People, & the "Should" Word

This week, we talk about how your limiting beliefs can interfere with your life and perpetuate your abuse cycle. Also, we discuss ridding your life of toxic people and who exactly is a toxic person. Finally, we get into a very interesting discussion about the word "should". IG: @complexitiespodcast...