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Ciera Abbate – Healing Through A Soul Pilgrimage

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Ciera Abbate, Astrologer, Podcast & Online Book Club Host, Cat-lover, Tarot Master, and my friend and soul traveller in the 15-day Egyptian Odyssey that we both took in December 2022. It was an absolute delight to talk to Ciera and revisit Egypt. I hope that when you listen you get to re-live and experience our soul pilgrimage along with us. We talked about: How and why we were called to have this conversation (hint: it was a...


Cherie Burton – Healing Through Feminine Embodiment

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Cherie Burton, Mother of 6, Author, International Speaker, Podcast Host, International Business Owner, Emotional Restoration Expert, and new feminine leadership paradigm Teacher through her Stand, Speak, Shine programs and retreats. This was such a delicious and juicy conversation! Cherie is an amazing soul who embodies a lot of wisdom and light. I am excited for you to dive into this episode! We talked about: Cherie's story of...


Spirit Mamas – Healing Through The Community Of Mothers

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guests are Tiffany Wilkes and Victoria Nielsen, also called Spirit Mamas. Victoria is an Akashic Records Reader, Certified Breath Work and Inner Voice Facilitator, and an Intuitive Energy Healer. Tiffany is a Reiki Master, Certified Sound Healer, and a Spiritual Coach. Together they created a wonderful healing community for moms called Spirit Mamas. We talked about how Tiffany and Victoria came together during the pandemic to create the...


Yolandi Boshoff – Healing By Connecting With Your Divine Soul

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Yolandi Boshoff, Spiritual Coach, Akashic Record Reader, Starseed, Channel, Healer, and Author. Yolandi is such a light to be with and embodies her healing work truly. We talked about her story of discovering that she is a Starseed and the journey of embodying it, light language channeling and how it feels for her, her experience of being called to live outside of her birth place, the field of information around us and within our DNA...


Solo Episode – The Descent Of Goddess Inanna and Inner Child Healing

 In this Conversations With Healers solo episode, I am telling the myth of the descent of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna and how it relates to inner child healing (hint: this story will help you understand inner child healing on a deeper level than you ever have). I am also sharing the story of how inner child healing became a part of my healing work, a profound dream that confirmed what my soul work is (helping people see and activate the limitless potential of their inner children), and what...


Baljit Rayat – Healing Through Sacred Geometry And Embodying Your Soul Purpose

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Baljit Rayat, an Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher, Intuitive Soul Purpose Mentor, Sacred Geometry Soul Artist, and Conscious DJ. We talked about her amazing story of healing her anxiety and getting in touch with her soul purpose through Akashic Records, how she channels sacred geometry to activate a soul connection, her intuitive creative process that combines Akashic Records wisdom and guidance with sacred geometry and music,...

Genevieve Piturro – Healing With Pajamas

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Genevieve Piturro, former Marketing Executive, Founder of the Non-Profit Pajama Program, Author, Speaker and Purpose Consultant and Coach. Genevieve's passion and energy are infectious. We talked about her story of leaving her corporate job and following her intuition, how she was inspired by a little girl she met at a shelter, how she recommends leading with meaning, the power of asking for your purpose, what to do when you are not...


Christian Reifsteck – Healing Through Change

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Christian Reifsteck, Life Coach, Intuitive Card Reader, Teacher, Educator, and a Reiki Healer. Christian and I dove into a beautiful conversation about his story of re-connecting with his internal resources, the seven way path that brought him back to wholeness, the opportunity of growth that change and dismembering ourselves from familiar lands, people, jobs, and situations can bring, the most important thing you need to know and do...

Doinita Ward – Healing With The Akashic Records

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Doinita Ward, Certified Akashic Records Healer and Intuitive Life Coach. We had a lovely conversation about how to tune into your akashic records to help you heal, learning new healing methodologies and how that can open up avenues of evolution for you, and more. You can find out more about Doinita and her work at her website: She is generously offering 20% off her Akashic Healing sessions with the coupon code...


Solo Episode – Healing With Crystals

 In this Conversations With Healers solo episode, I am talking all about crystals and crystal healing, how they came into my life, why they are magical in helping you heal, and what I have been learning since. Find out more about how to add crystal healing into your life: Crystal Healing Myths FREE Mini Course Chakra Bliss Vault Crystal Healing Membership Crystal Healing Journal...


Haley Lusk – Healing With Plant Alchemy

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Haley Lusk, Vitalist Clinical Herbalist, Fertility Awareness Educator, The Founder of Becoming Sovereign Herbal Apothecary and a Healer. Haley works with the magic of the plants and cosmos through herbal alchemy to help you create the life and health you deserve, unapologetically. We talked about what plant alchemy is, what plants and crystals have in common, how to begin connecting and healing with plants and herbs (what to do and...


Nina Kaiser – Healing Through Friendship

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Nina Kaiser, Co-founder of Mind Gourmet (a company dedicated to contributing inspiration and uplifting to the world), Public Relations Specialist (Resonance Connector helping professionals from the fields of personal development and spirituality in their visibility journey), Book Editor, Translator, Energy Reader, Consciousness Explorer and my really good friend! If you were wondering if it is possible to start a friendship during the...


Julian Crosson-Hill – Healing Through Answering Your Unique Calling

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Julian Crosson-Hill, Spiritual Life Coach, Human Design Specialist, Yoga Instructor, Tarot Reader, and Teacher of Goddess spirituality. Julian has a grounded and compassionate presence and a deep wisdom about helping people find and live their unique calling. We talked about the twists and turns of Julian's spiritual journey, the Goddess Inanna and her journey into the underground, Human Design and what this modality can offer you for...


David Brower – Healing By Igniting Your Alivefulness

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is David Brower, best selling author, poet, speaker, life coach & super connector, also called The Sensorial Guy, who is all about making living itself a pleasurable art. It was an absolute pleasure talking with David and I hope that you'll feel the same as you listen to this delightful conversation. We ran into a tiny internet issue at the beginning but the rest of the conversation is smooth sailing, so keep listening! We talked about...


Gracy Obuchowicz – Healing Through Self-Care

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Gracy Obuchowicz, Washington DC-based Self-Care Consultant, Group Facilitator, and Retreat Leader. She is also a Certified Integral Facilitator, 500-hour Yoga Teacher, and a continuing scholar of Ayurveda. She is the author of the beautiful book Selfcarefully and a mom. Gracy and I met during our 200 hour Yoga Teacher training and have been in touch ever since. I am so glad to have had this amazing conversation with her. We talked...


Tracey Miller – Healing Through Alignment

 In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Tracey Miller, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Organizer, and the Founder of The Women's Wellness Exchange, which is a professional member alliance of women wellnesspreneurs with a mission to promote, connect, and support their members. Tracey and I had a heart-felt conversation about what it means to live in alignment and how to honor our changing healing needs with and without help. Her way of honoring her own healing...


Anielle Reid – Healing Through Your Magick

In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Anielle Reid, Psychic Medium Channel and Author of oracle card decks Magick & Mediums Oracle, The Slavic Oracle, and The Golden Light Oracle. Anielle and I had a really interesting conversation about: Her creation process for the oracle decks and how each deck corresponded to a special transformation in her life, What you can do with oracle decks and how different decks can help you with life's questions, How to better get in touch with...


Andreas Goldemann – Healing Through Self-Love

In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Andreas Goldemann, Healer, Intuitive and Spiritual Advisor, and the creator of online courses such as The Power Of Your Ancestors and Back To The Origin. Andreas and I talked about: His rediscovery of his healing gifts, His ability to create vibrational healing through channeling old druid soul language and a mini healing session, What type of energy burdens might affect different nationalities, How self-love is the key to deep healing,...


Laura Christine – Healing Through Fierce Boundaries

In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Laura Christine, Healer, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Rune Reader, and the host of The Boundless Heart Podcast. Laura and I talked about: her healing story and what it feels like to be swimming in the winds of change, being authentic in setting boundaries and what it takes to be able to set boundaries, the ancient art of Rune reading and some of the myths you won't find in Marvel movies, her podcast The Boundless Heart, which explores...


Emily A. Francis – Healing Through Partnering With Your Body

In this Conversations With Healers episode, my guest is Emily A. Francis, Bodyworker, Healer, Host of the All About Healing Radio Show and the Author of Healing Ourselves Whole - An Interactive Guide To Release Pain And Trauma. Emily and I talked about: Her story of learning to leave her previous programming and anxiety behind, and re-building herself and her body, How your body stores energetic information (what Emily calls carrots) and how to dig into this information, What our bodies have...