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The Itchy and Scratchy Show All About Eczema, Episode 41

There are endless creams, ointments and treatments for eczema that can have some serious side effects. On this episode, we dig into those treatments and as well as some more holistic alternatives while sharing our personal experiences with eczema. DISCLAIMER: The views in this podcast are our opinions based on personal experience and our research and are not intended to substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Links mentioned in this episode: Drink Recipe: The Last Word Eczema...


400 Lbs. to Nutrition Coach and the Keto Diet with Jon Dobzelecki, Episode 40

How does one go from the corporate world to nutritional coaching? What exactly is the Keto diet and is it good or bad for you? Plus, stick around to the end to find out Jon's quirk about brushing his teeth. All this and more on this week's episode with special guest Jon Dobzelecki of Performing Nutrition! Jon Dobzelecki Jon has a long time background in management consulting and business transformation (where he met Larisa). Growing up overweight, Jon was active and heavily involved in many...


The Not So Funny Stuff on Larisa’s Newsfeed, Episode 39

The news you don't hear is sometimes the most important. This week we dive into two important ongoing topics that are actively impacting our health. Links mentioned in this episode: Drink Recipe: Pineapple Margarita How Larisa Reads the News: Flipboard - grab the app for Apple or Android and customize to your preferences Nut Milk Attack Dairy Pride Act Summary Dairy Pride Act Status in the Senate Booker-Lee Amendment American Academy of Pediatrics growing concerns about food additives AAP...


Myth of the Multivitamin, Episode 38

Alison FINALLY made Larisa a Bloody Mary! To celebrate we've partnered with Stu's Kitchen to give away Larisa's favorite Bloody Mary kit to one lucky winner! Head to our Instagram to enter and scroll to the bottom of this page for an amazing discount across their entire site! Multivitamins are a myth - there we said it! Come listen to the episode that had Alison purchasing new vitamins before the episode was finished recording. DISCLAIMER: The views in this podcast are our opinions based on...


Greening Up Our Skincare Routine, Episode 37

After our last skincare episode, Larisa did a deep-dive on Alison's skincare to assess how clean and green the ingredients were. Spoiler alert: they needed some work. Tune in to see what she's changed and how she's liking it! Links mentioned in this episode: * Larisa approved products NOTE: Not all products are genuine when purchased through Amazon. All products below are linked to authorized retailers. Drink Recipe: Cucumber Gimlet Think Dirty Mobile App Environmental Working Group Skin...


Larisa Begs Alison to Stop Using Teflon & More, Episode 36

All cookware isn't created equal. Listen in as we break down the pros and cons of the most common types of cookware and as Larisa gives her best shot at prying the non-stick pans out of Alison's hands. Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Peach Bellini Follow us on social (Instagram, Facebook) to check out our products of the month, stay on top of giveways, and just see what we're up to! Earth911 Recycling Search for responsible disposal of old cookware. If disposing of non-stick...


Kids Sleep, Episode 35

We all need sleep, but sometimes our kids just won't get with the program! On this episode, we talk through what's worked for us and what hasn't in trying to get some much needed ZZZZs. Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Blood Orange Martini Products Mentioned: Halo Bassinet Alison's Sound Machine Favorite Books: Bringing Up Bebe Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child Twin Version Sleep Lady Shuffle Tips and Tricks: Don't let kids sleep longer during the day than they do at night...


Algae: Protein of the Future, Episode 34

Is algae the food of the future? Maybe! Why would we eat it and why do we care? Listen in! Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Algae Martini Recommended Products DISCLAIMER: Consult your physician before starting any supplement regimen, especially if you are taking any medications, are pregnant or nursing. Algae Omega (pill): Nested Naturals Omega I was disappointed to see that many reputable brands I would normally lean towards for supplements had carrageenan in their supplement...


Self-Care, Episode 33

Taking care of yourself is absolutely critical to being a happy and healthy you. Especially as moms! As they say, you can't pour from an empty cup. Join us as we talk through a more holistic approach to self-care, going beyond the typical manicure/massage treatments. Although, that's pretty important too. Self-care Wheel via Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Coconut Slushie Larisa's Book Recommendation on not being the 'yelly mom': Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids The...


Getting the Markle Sparkle, Episode 32

Now dubbed the ‘Markle sparkle’, women all over the world are trying to recreate Meghan Markle’s signature perfectly polished everyday look. Hang with us as we talk through her essential products and find out how they stack up to Larisa’s clean makeup rules. Featured image courtesy of Vanity Fair. Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Strawberry Berryoska The ingredients to look for first: Silicones Fragrance Parabens Phthalates (often hidden within ‘fragrance’) Retinyl Palmitate...


Raising Good Eaters, Episode 31

Ah, picky eaters. As moms (and dads) it’s something we all desperately want to avoid. Making multiple meals, fights at the dinner table, worrying about nutrition. It’s no fun. On this episode we get into some tips and tricks for raising good, adventurous, healthy eaters – or at least trying to! Announcement: We are switching to an every other week release schedule. Miss us? Head over to Instagram or Facebook! Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Blackberry Rosemary Sparkler Alison’s...


Ladycamp Recap and Bug Season, Episode 30

We are freshly back from Ladycamp! We are chatting takeaways from our experience and talking all about how we plan to battle tick and mosquito season – in the healthiest way possible! Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Spicy Margarita Rise Gatherings Beyonce Yoga Experience (Philadelphia, PA) plantbasedblonde Ladycamp Podcast Episodes Episode 4: Ladycamp and the Importance of Female Friendships Episode 23: Health and Happiness Life Hacks with Tami Astorino CDC Zika Map DEET...


Beauty Products: Bodycare, Episode 29

We’ve talked skincare, we’ve talked about makeup, but what about the rest of us? On this episode, we go head to toe and share our favorite products for bodycare. Links Mentioned in the Episode: * Larisa approved products NOTE: Not all products are genuine when purchased through Amazon. All products below are linked to authorized retailers. Drink Recipe: Mocktail Mojito Hair Health: Crunchy Cocktail Hour, Episode 12 Shampoo and Conditioner Larisa Function of Beauty ($5 off your first...


Sunscreen, Episode 28

It’s finally spring! UV rays are going strong no matter what time of year and daily sun protection is essential. Chemical vs. Physical. Lotion vs Spray. The case for not wearing sunscreen – what?! Let’s discuss! Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Coconut Lime Mint Cucumber Cooler The case for not wearing sunscreen (not CCH endorsed) Vitamin D deficiency soars in the U.S., study says Study: Prevalence and correlates of vitamin D deficiency in US adults Think Dirty Mobile App...


Crunchy on a Budget: Grocery Store Edition, Episode 27

Is eating healthy expensive or is eating unhealthy cheap? Either way, we all could stand to lose a few dollars off our grocery bill! Stick with us as we talk through our best tips for getting the most health for your buck while roaming the grocery store isles. Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Watermelon Margarita Harvard Study: Do healthier foods and diet patterns cost more than less healthy options? The Tips – Check out the episode for more details Plan Prioritize Buy Whole...


Food Allergies, Episode 26

Food allergies are serious business, especially in small children. Alison shares the highs and lows of managing her daughter’s allergies and what has worked for her family. Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Moscow Mule, Mocktail Series Top 8 Allergens: milk eggs peanuts soy wheat tree nuts (such as walnuts and cashews) fish shellfish (such as shrimp) Resources for Parents: FARE: Food Allergy Research and Education Allergic Living Magazine Diagnosing Food Allergies Great recipe...


Healthy Pregnancy, Episode 25

The Crunchy Cocktail Hour is growing! We share an exciting update and talk through how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible (while still treating yourself, of course) and dive into some interesting crunchy pregnancy trends. We also share a few of our own stories from our pregnancies. Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Pineapple Fizz CDC Recommendation for Weight Gain During Pregnancy Alison’s birth story for her first daughter Public Cord Blood Banking Recipe for Glucose...


All About Coffee, Episode 24

On a daily basis, 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide. Let’s dig into one of the world’s most popular beverages and talk through the good, the bad, and the delicious. Links Mentioned in the Episode: Drink Recipe: Toasted Marshmallow Coffee Martini Acrylamide in the news Proposition 65 Coffee consumption and increased metabolism Coffee consumption and decreased rates of type 2 diabetes Coffee consumption and decreased risk of cirrhosis Coffee consumption and decreased risk of...


Health and Happiness Life Hacks with Tami Astorino, Episode 23

Everyone strives to live a healthier and happier life, but often life’s responsibilities can get in the way of our goals. On this episode, we are joined by Tami Astorino as she shares her hacks for sticking to your health and happiness goals. Tami Astorino Tami is a national speaker, yoga instructor, educator and plant-powered nutrition enthusiast who facilitates transformational experiences to empower women and girls. Her current work creating the organization Rise Gatherings is a result of...


The Nitty Gritty on Natural Deodorant, Episode 22

Let’s talk all things natural deodorant! Why should you switch to a natural product? What ingredients should you avoid? What happens when you still stink? We’ll give you our best tips for making the switch and touch on which products are out star favorites! Links mentioned in this episode: Drink Recipe: Blue Hawaiian Our favorites: PiperWai Paste and PiperWai Stick (Larisa’s current; prefers the paste) Tom’s of Maine (Alison’s current) Primal Pit Paste and Primal Pit Paste Stick Schmidt’s...