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Curious Radio #71 Full Circle with Albion Sabani

We're finally back from hiatus and we've got one of the originals in studio today. Filmmaker / Producer Albion Sabani brings his story full circle for us today as we explore what it took for him to find his passion. Moving to Hollywood to be an actor, working terrible side jobs, the irony of successful hand models, and much more. Welcome back @Albions by tuning in to our latest episode. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook:


Curious Radio #70 It takes a village with Hugo Medina

Raising a child of artist parents, directing and creating your own content, and the importance of having a solid circle to fall back on. This week we've got another one of the good guys on, Actor/Director Hugo Medina stops by to share his two cents, and as usual there were no disappointment here. Tune in with @HugoFunkyColdMedina IMDB: Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook:


Curious Radio #69 I can do this with Eddie Martinez

It's Monday and we're back with episode 69. This week, Actor Eddie Martinez ('Narcos' to 'A Better Life' to 'Bel Canto' and everything in between) shares how he's managed to carve out his own lane in the entertainment industry the last decade. We question spirituality, religion, ideas, and even dabble a bit in powerful psychedelic plant medicines. Tune in with an open mind as we sit down with @EddieMartinez11 IMDB: Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter:...


Curious Radio #68 When you know, you know with Andrea Sixtos

Doing the work, Giving your craft your full effort, and Diversity in Hollywood. This week we've got Actress Andrea Sixtos in studio to share the journey she's been on. Trust us, you won't want to miss the heat that @DreSixtos brings to Curious Radio.... IMDB: Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #67 Live Your Best Life with JJ Soria

Collaborating and creating at the highest level, massive head trauma at a young age, growing up super awkward, and SO much more. Curious Radio Alumni, Actor JJ Soria, is back from filming season 2 of 'The Oath' on Crackle to continue sharing his journey and what hes learning. Join @JJSoria for your dose of Curious Radio Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:...


Curious Radio #66 Find Your Place with Carlito Olivero

Curious Radio Alumni Carlito Olivero drops in from Atlanta to bring you one of the dopest episodes of 2018. Creating an environment that is supportive of your inner child, the true definition of love, and what this entire existence means, plus much more. On this episode we covered anything and everything in between; you definitely want to tune in to this one. @Carlitosway89 isn't pulling any punches! Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook:...


Curious Radio #65 Super Moms with Sofia Yepes

It's Episode 65 Espi returns from the land of rajneeshies, and we've got Actress/Producer Sofia Yepes here to bring that fire. Producing as a mother, making people, 'pump and dump', and the dopest wedding; this one goes out to the hard-working people making women out there. Tune in as @SofiaJYepes shares the journey. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:...


Curious Radio #64 Get Your Mind Right with Vannessa Vasquez

It's Episode 64 and we've got the most Chingona of all Chingona's in studio today, Actress/Comic/Producer Vannessa Vasquez. Jumping in to things that scare you, Growing up in the hood, and doing the spiritual work on yourself. This one has been a long time coming. Straight from the source: @VannessitaV Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #63 Get it done with Reko Moreno

Film making can be one the most challenging endeavors to get off the ground, mainly because there can be so many moving parts. This week our buddy Actor/Director/Film Maker Reko Moreno joins us to break down his method. Content creation in an ever changing market, guerilla movie making, and pulling a production team together after a melt down. This is one episode all you creators need to tune in for, @RekoMoreno might be exactly who you need to hear. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter:...


Curious Radio #62 Find Yourself with Nova Gholar

Pursuing excellence in any art form can help reveal your deepest inner truths aka "Finding Yourself". This week Artist/Musician Nova Gholar drops by the podcast to share his perspective on Growing up making music, separating the art and the individual, and the duality that exists in today's society plus the world of psychedelics and so much more. Tune in for your dose of @NovaGholar Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook:


Curious Radio #61 Do Your Part with Vivica Menegaz of The Nourished Caveman

The debate about proper nutrition has gone on for decades but it seems today, in the digital era, with so many different opinions, there's more confusion than ever. It's episode 61 and we have Holistic Nutritionist, Author of multiple cookbooks, and Keto Paleo expert Vivica Menegaz here to make sense of it all. The Nutritional Debate, the missing link, and making conscious life choices. Join in as we go deep with @thenourishedcaveman Keep up! Enjoy! IG:...


Curious Radio #60 The High’s and Low’s with Gloria Garayua

It's episode 60 and Actress Gloria Garayua joins the podcast. Being a woman in Hollywood, finding love in teaching, and learning to adapt to an ever changing industry. Join us as we see what's kept this power house consistently killing it from "Fun with Dick and Jane" to "Grey's Anatomy" to "How to Get Away with Murder" @gloriagarayua hasn't stopped. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube:...


Curious Radio #59 The Fight Game with Vinc ‘From Hell’ Pichel

Fighting in back yard brawls, ups and down of a fast emerging sport, and fighting at the highest level in the world. This week UFC Lightweight contender Vinc 'From Hell' Pichel drops in to share his story. Its a long one, here's your dose of @fromhellpichel Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #58 Getting Out of Your Own Way with Octavio Pizano

The paradox of letting go, the lessons of fatherhood, and learning to navigate in uncharted waters without fear. Actor Octavio Pizano joins us this week to catch up and share his insights. Strap in for a nice little ride with @OctavioPizano Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #57 Protect Ya Neck with Alicia Sixtos

Girls in Jiu-Jitsu, learning how to properly read labels, and the importance on taking care of your avatar. Actress/Artist Alicia Sixtos joins us back in studio for yet another edition of Curious Radio. Alicia might be known for her work in TV & Film but she has a few tricks up her sleeve you wouldn't suspect. Join in as we sit down for a second dose of @aliciamariesixtos Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube:...


Curious Radio #56 Your Inner Child with Nick Ineck

Climbing the corporate ladder, music as a form of therapy, and keeping that inner child inside all of us alive and healthy. This week Drummer/Musician, Nick Ineck joins the podcast to marinate in these ideas. Tune in to catch our buddy @nickineckdrums break it down. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #55 From Eating Death to Chocking Necks with Jorge Garcia

We've all heard the cliche "The point of no return" especially when attributed with fitness and health. Here at Curious Radio we choose to dismiss that flawed thought process and replace it with a much healthier frame of mind. Human beings are ever evolving and ever changing; the only time we reach a point of no return is when we reach death. Today we have our good friend Jorge Garcia sharing his personal story with us. From swimming in the deep waters of no return, at just under 500lb., to...


Curious Radio #54 Do You with Chris Cordova

Going on Tour with Wiz Khalifa, Taking the leap in to Freelance, and Content creation. This week we caught up with our buddy Director/Editor Chris Cordova. Tune in and tune out to a possibility of human experience that shares many parallels. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #53 Speaking Your Truth with Leslie Lluvet

Creating your own content, escaping from Cuba, and speaking your truth. This week Actress/Writer and Filmmaker Leslie Lluvet dropped by the studio to shine her light. The ups and down of the industry, how everything has led up to this point, and the beauty in the lessons learned, you name it its here. There's a little bit of everything for everyone in this episode, so don't miss it. Join in as we sit down with the one and only @LeslieLluvet Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter:...


Curious Radio #52 The Learning Curve with Francisco Ordoñez and Rene Rosado

We're back with another heater! This week we've got Writer/Director Francisco Ordoñez and Actor/ Producer Rene Rosado sharing their almost tandem story. The journey of coming to LA, of learning your craft, of being an artist can be an intense one, but these guys share how they've managed to make it work while having fun along the way. Come along for the ride. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube:...