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Curious Radio #54 Do You with Chris Cordova

Going on Tour with Wiz Khalifa, Taking the leap in to Freelance, and Content creation. This week we caught up with our buddy Director/Editor Chris Cordova. Tune in and tune out to a possibility of human experience that shares many parallels. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #53 Speaking Your Truth with Leslie Lluvet

Creating your own content, escaping from Cuba, and speaking your truth. This week Actress/Writer and Filmmaker Leslie Lluvet dropped by the studio to shine her light. The ups and down of the industry, how everything has led up to this point, and the beauty in the lessons learned, you name it its here. There's a little bit of everything for everyone in this episode, so don't miss it. Join in as we sit down with the one and only @LeslieLluvet Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter:...


Curious Radio #52 The Learning Curve with Francisco Ordoñez and Rene Rosado

We're back with another heater! This week we've got Writer/Director Francisco Ordoñez and Actor/ Producer Rene Rosado sharing their almost tandem story. The journey of coming to LA, of learning your craft, of being an artist can be an intense one, but these guys share how they've managed to make it work while having fun along the way. Come along for the ride. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube:...


Curious Radio #51 3 Peat with JJ Soria

The importance of being humbled, psilocybin adventures in Joshua Tree, and insane car accident stories. JJ Soria is back in the studio and he's been promoted to a 'Curious Radio correspondent' for his 3rd apperance. JJ and Rick make sense of the world in their own way. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #50 Balls Deep Part Deux with Denise Dorado

It's the big Five O and we've got the golden child Actress/Filmmaker Denise Dorado dropping by to celebrate. Masters of craft, reaching your full potential, and shenanigans are in store for episode 50 with @DoradoDenise Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #50 Pushing Through the “No’s” with CJ Gable

We can find parallels with almost anything in life but for some reason some of the most common analogies used for life, are usually related to sports and athletics. This week we brought on CFL Running back for The Edmonton Eskimos CJ Gable. Learning how to adjust after a devastating 'No', being confident in your abilities, and finding happiness throughout your journey. Join in as we dig deep with @CJGable2real Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook:...


Curious Radio #48 Laughing It off with Vanessa Garcia

Back with episode 48! This week Rick caught up with Actress/Comic Vanessa Garcia. Finding comfort through Comedy, bad dates, and counting your blessings. Strap in for the ride with @1VanessaGarcia Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #47 TrEAT Right with Jordan Rodriguez

We've got Model/Actor Jordan rodriguez in the studio this week to share his view on the world. Eating clean, loving people, and doing your best. Tune in as Rick and Jordan drop some gems your way. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #46 Live your life with Vivian Lamolli

This week Vivian Lamolli dropped by the studio to knock out Episode 46. Catching up, self expression, and "LIVE YOUR LIFE". Tune in as she takes us on many tangents in true Vivian fashion. @vivalivin Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #45 The Jennamal with Jenna Jimenez

Episode 45 is here and we've managed to get a real life wild Jennamal in the studio. The art of not caring, getting accidentally attacked by animals, and "breafin' & walkin' ". Join us as we have our Planet Earth special on The Jennamal Jenna Jimenez. @JennaJewmenez Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #44 Extreme EQ with Antonio De La Pena

The subject "Human Behavior" gets thrown around often but how much weight are we giving it? The behavior we exhibit comes from many contributing factors but in the end, the goal seems to be the common denominator. Antonio De La Peña is a (BIA) Behavior Intervention Assistant who specializes in breaking Human Behavior down and that's exactly what were going to do. Join us as we break it down from a not-so-common stand point and help you understand emotional intelligence along with the...


Curious Radio #43 Shinning Your Light with Alicia Sixtos

The journey of an artist is an unconventional one, it will make you question different aspects of yourself, and make you dive in to parts of your mind, that most people wouldn't dare to. What better person to crack open this can of worms with, than Actress/Artist Alicia Sixtos? The fear we share, changing the way your brain works, and wrestling koalas. Join us for our last episode of 2017! Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook:...


Curious Radio #42 Balls Deep in the Rabbit Hole with Denise Dorado

Big ass microphones, breaking humans down and ayahuasca. This week our dear friend Denise Dorado came by and took us on a journey. Join in! Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #41 Rick Meets Mother Ayahuasca

Life is a never ending journey of self discovery and realization and sometimes we want to level up. This week Rick and Albi are back with one hell of a topic and one hell of a story. Ayahuasca, is an entheogenic brew and the brew is used as a traditional spiritual medicine in ceremonies among the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin.... and Rick had to try it! Tune in as we give you a play by play of this mind blowing experience. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio...


Curious Radio #40 Getting Lost with JJ soria and Carlito Olivero

We're back with Episode 40 and it's coming in hot! This week we went on a rant with Curious Radio veteran JJ Soria and the triple threat Carlito Olivero. Tune in as we go over what these two have been busy with and literally everything in between. This was a fun one. Cheers! Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #39 Stepping your game up with the OG’s

This week we've gone triple OG on you! We have the original crew Albi, Espi and Rick coming through with some much needed advice. From relationships, to communication, and everything in between, tune in as we drop some podcast gold on how to self asses yourself before you go out in to the world. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #38 The Rockstar Bonstar with Bonnie McIntosh

From Classical Piano, to Touring with Selena Gomez, and everything in between. This week we caught up with Bonnie McIntosh who shed some light on the music industry/lifestyle. Listen in on the @Bonstarr melody! Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: YouTube: Website:


Curious Radio #37 Mexican Social Media with @mexicangueys

Growing up in the in the San Fernando Valley, making funny videos, and what social media can become. This week Bryan and Jairo of @mexicangueys dropped by and we had us a fiesta! Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: Website:


Curious Radio #36 IQ vs EQ

The OG's are back, and they've got a brain buster that you won't want to miss! Harvey in Houston, Emotional/Intelligence Quotient, & learning how to rewire your brain. Listen in, to get some podcast gold. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: Website:


Curious Radio #35 The Hollywood Gypsy Robert Paul Taylor

Adventures in Thailand, the international price reduction specialist, and deal breakers. Actor/Writer Robert Paul Taylor drops by to catch up . @StreetFameBooks Has much more in store. Enjoy! IG: @thecuriousradio Twitter: @TheCuriousRadio Facebook: Website: Youtube:


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