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Getting High (on air) in Float Tanks – DSP 329

Graham and Ashkahn light one up to honestly answer what they think about people coming into float centers high. The guys share their experiences having Float On share a wall with a dispensary and the number of problems (or lack thereof) that it has caused over the course of many years. Sit back, grab some munchies, and enjoy the ride with these guys.


What you Need to Know about UV – DSP 328

Have you ever wondered why the UV light on a float tank needs to be replaced so often? If the light is glowing, doesn't that mean it's working? Ashkahn and Graham tackle everything you need to know about UV light, how it works in a float tank, and most importantly, how it can go wrong. This episode is dense with information useful for anyone who uses UV in their float center.


What’s going on with the MAHC? – DSP 327

The Model Aquatic Health Code is a document released by the CDC and has made waves throughout the float industry as this year it included a section on the ideal health department code for float centers as well as pools and spas. Some folks are worried about this because it may mean more rigid and unruly regulations in certain areas. It's been a few months since its release, so Graham and Ashkahn give an update to how it has impacted the industry and what it means going forward. Also,...


Logo Copycats – DSP 326

If you've ever looked at a collection of logos from various float centers, they can start to look a little similar. How do you avoid this when designing your own float center logo? Is it a big deal? Graham and Ashkahn dish on logo design, the importance of simplicity, and a not so subtle reminder that the "don't be an asshole" rule exists for a reason.


How to Build your Mailing List – DSP 325

Graham and Ashkahn consistently emphasize the importance of mailing lists, but today they dive in deep to talk about how to build a mailing list, giving their best tips and tricks to collecting emails and how to make sure you're getting the right people signed up.


How to Deal with Employee Conflict – DSP 324

Graham and Ashkahn address the unenviable task of dealing with disagreements between staff members as a small business. This is an area that Float On has needed a lot of help with in the past. The best practices of Human Resources aren't very intuitive in interpersonal relationships, so hiring a professional is almost always a good idea.


Float Tanks in the Military – DSP 323

The military is famously tight lipped about the research it does in general. No less so than when researching seemingly benign practices like float tanks. Graham and Ashkahn give their scoop on what they know about the military's use of float tanks in their research and training programs.


Best Cleaning Practices without Burning Out Employees – DSP 322

Every float center has to compromise somewhere on how much cleaning to do between transitions. Where do you draw the line and how do you make sure that you're keeping your employees happy without sacrificing sanitation? Graham and Ashkahn remind everyone that "perfect" sanitation doesn't exist and that making solutions collaborative in a work environment can do wonders for morale and problem solving in situations like this one.


Good Website Copy for Float Centers – DSP 321

Most websites you visit are filled with words. And that may seem simple, but if you build a website, you're going to have to be the one to come up with those words. How do you decide what to put up there and how much is too much? What should you focus on? Graham and Ashkahn tackle the elusive web copy problem for float centers and provide some helpful tips for anyone who's feeling a little overwhelmed at the concept.


Being the First Float Center – DSP 320

What's it like to be the first float center to open in an area? How do you handle it? Graham and Ashkahn explain what it was like opening Float On, being one of the first dedicated float centers in the United States. The exciting thing is that creating awareness is really fun, but it can be a little stressful since your float center will represent floating as a practice for people. Many of the tips here are the same for anyone opening a center: focus on awareness, be prepared to educate,...


Are Light or Dark Colored Float Rooms better? – DSP 319

Is it better to have a light colored room that hides salt, or a dark colored room that easily shows it? Graham and Ashkahn dish out some strong opinions on this idea, especially the idea that dark colored rooms and tanks are good for maintaining employee accountability.


What you Need to Know About Algorithms – DSP 318

Ashkahn and Derek talk about algorithms, those pesky bits of code that push your posts up or down on social media and search engines and leave you scrambling for ways to get likes and clicks, constantly mixing it up to just be seen. The duo discusses how algorithms affect everyday posts for small businesses and how to keep up on information about the constantly changing nature of these systems. The main takeaway is, if your content is fresh, non-repetitive and you aren't trying to game the...


Commissions for Memberships? – DSP 317

Any sales related business knows that commissions are the gold-standard incentive program for drumming up business, but how does it work in a float center for memberships? Derek and Ashkahn talk about the mixed success they've experienced at Float On each time it's been tried.


Getting Members to Float More Often – DSP 316

Single float memberships have become increasingly more common in the float industry, typically with the option to purchase additional floats for the month at a discount. But how do you properly incentivize those members to float more than a single time per month? Ashkahn and Derek talk marketing tips to keeping your float center top of mind and making sure your members are active regularly.


Benefits of a Free Float Giveaway – DSP 315

Float On has been known throughout the years for pulling off outlandish marketing stunts with mixed success. For example, we ran a giveaway on social media back in 2014 for a full year of free floats to our lucky winner. Derek and Ashkahn provide a follow up on the success of that campaign and talk about the primary, secondary, and tertiary benefits that came from doing such a major giveaway.


The Importance of Social Media – DSP 314

Social media seems to be the only marketing platform that anyone talks about anymore. How to do facebook ads, when to post on Instagram, how to improve Google SEO... it's a broad topic that seems to dominate the conversation in marketing. Ashkahn and Derek explain not only why it seems this way, but the misconception of relying too heavily on social media in marketing strategies, as well as a defense of social media as a platform.


How to not be salesy selling memberships – DSP 313

Derek and Ashkahn give the low down on pitching memberships to customers. A lot of float center owners don't want to come off as pushy sales people after people get out of their floats. Ashkahn sympathizes with this a lot, since that's exactly how he felt when he first started selling memberships for Float On. He and Derek suggest a perspective shift on the idea of memberships, as lots of customers end up being appreciative of the opportunity, and don't feel like they're being overly pitched...


Why is Water Treatment Important? – DSP 312

If float tank water is safe, in part because of all the salt, then why is there such a huge emphasis in the industry for water treatment? After all, there haven't been any reports of anyone getting sick because of floating. Ashkahn and Graham tackle this question and challenge the idea on its face, because, well, just because something hasn't been reported doesn't mean it doesn't happen, and given how little is known about water treatment in float tanks, it's a good idea, as an industry, to...


Soundproofing Windows of Your Float Center – DSP 311

Graham and Ashkahn discuss soundproofing windows of a float center, but first they talk about which situations may even warrant soundproofing in the first place. It may be that soundproofing is better prioritized elsewhere. If you do decide to soundproof your window, the guys give you some tips on how best to do it and what to look for when picking out which type of glaze you may want along with a few other options.


How to Handle Reopening? – DSP 310

If there's one thing Ashkahn and Graham have learned, it's reopening. Float On has had to shut down for repairs so many times over the years that they've got the process down to a science. They share their secrets for making sure you have a full week after opening, build momentum, keep your members happy in the downtime and throw a kickin' reopening party!