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Our Live Show Finale – DSP 367

Our final episode of the Daily Solutions Podcast. Join us as we take calls from the float industry and Graham and Ashkahn answer your most pressing questions. Watch the video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/wpTYbPAOg9E or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FloatSolutions/videos/267233400579454/


How to Open Salt Tank Business? – DSP 365

Graham and Ashkahn finish up their penultimate episode by answering the most important question of all, "how to start a salt tank business?" They answer this question with the thoroughness and severity it deserves.


Float On’s Membership Change – DSP 364

Earlier this year, Float On changed its membership structure along with its prices. It was mentioned on the podcast a little while ago, but it was still too early in the change to extract any meaningful data from it. The guys promised to get back to it. Before it's too late, Graham and Ashkahn fulfill their promise to divulge how their single priced membership structure is going.


How Detailed are Your Finances? – DSP 363

It's possible to have a nearly infinite recursion of productivity vs. financial data. You can break down how much you could save per float by switching to a cheaper q-tip, but in the end, is it worth it? Ashkahn and Graham discuss how they handle financial details at Float On and where they emphasize detail over broad strokes and convenience.


Groupon Revisited – DSP 362

In a previous episode, Graham and Ashkahn shared their experience running Groupons with Float On from like... 6 years ago. Groupon called them up and offered them an opportunity to try Groupon again and see what they thought of the experience. So here's their updated review of the modern Groupon process.


Some Other Common Objections to Floating – DSP 361

Graham and Ashkahn roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty dealing with objections to floating. To shake things up a bit, they're ignoring claustrophobia and talking about some of the other things people bring up when they say they're hesitant to try floating.


What’s More Important than the Podcast? – DSP 360

It's no secret that Graham and Ashkahn are shutting down the podcast (check out the resources for details on how to call in for the finale), but why? Today, Graham and Ashkahn talk about all their projects that they'll be dedicating themselves too now that they don't have a daily podcast to rush to, everything from the mundane to the insane.


How to get your Water Tested – DSP 359

Every once in a while during float industry events, during this podcast, or talks given by health department professionals and the like, they'll say something like "if you get your water tested and...". But how does a float center do that? Where should they look? Is there just a lab that they can send their float solution to? Are all labs the same? How much does it cost? Ashkahn and Graham take on the difficult task of making sense of microbiology testing laboratories, regulatory...


A Few of Our Favorite Things – DSP 358

Graham and Ashkahn take a break from all the doom and gloom of the float world to talk about the amazing things that floating has brought them. What they love, the things that surprised them, and the many ways in which they're inspired to stick with it and pioneer in this wild and crazy industry.


Learning to Trust Your Gut in Business – DSP 357

Sometimes, the hardest part of starting any project is to just take the leap of faith complete step one. With some words of encouragement and caution, Graham & Ashkahn channel their inner Tony Robbins and encourage a highly knowledgeable aspiring float center owner, to trust their gut and start their float center.


How Long to Run a Filter Between Floats – DSP 356

How long should you run the filtration system for between floats? It's an eternal question that has plagued float center owners since the dawn of time (Or at least until 1978 when the first float center opened up). Ashkahn and Graham break down the science behind why you should filter for as long as you do and how to properly plan for it. This densely packed episode is filled to the brim with a summary of knowledge on water dilution, filtration, flow meters, and water sanitation brought over...


How to Reward your Employees – DSP 355

Recognizing that your employees rock is one of the most valuable traits an employer can have, but only as long as said employer is able to properly acknowledge that appreciation. Graham and Ashkahn share their take on rewarding employees for their hard work and how to make it count when you want to give them a gift. The duo has no shortage of examples of how they've shown their appreciation at Float On, and this episode is dense with examples of nice gifts and rewards to provide staff, from...


Problems with Free Floats – DSP 354

The question asker today calls out Graham and Ashkahn on their most common marketing tip: giving away free floats! The guys are put on trial and forced to defend the practice from someone who has experienced some major fallout from giving out floats to people. They offer some solid advice on how to make sure your free floats reach maximum effect and reassurance in the fact that it's a relatively low risk practice.


If Money were No Object – DSP 353

Graham and Ashkahn have some fun and talk about all the crazy things they'd add to Float On if money were no object. They cover everything from the impractical to the insane. And Ashkahn reveals his love of robots... and sandwiches.


Accepting Insurance for Floats – DSP 352

There are rumors everywhere in the float industry about float centers billing insurance for floats and how they pulled it off. This podcast is no exception! Listen to Graham and Ashkahn opine on the hypothetical and the barely confirmed tales they've heard about the possibility of float centers getting that sweet sweet insurance payout, and then listen to the guys talk about the realities of accepting insurance and how it's not all it's cracked up to be.


Surviving a Recession – DSP 351

Graham and Ashkahn take on the unenviable task of talking about the harsh realities that the float industry will likely face in an upcoming recession, as well as how to be prepared for it. The guys discuss what it was like for Float On opening during 2010, and the pragmatic view of the things most likely to get cut and who will and likely won't survive an economic downturn.


How to Talk to New Float Enthusiasts – DSP 350

One of the most amazing things about the float industry is how open and friendly everyone is. Every float center we've ever talked to has stories about receiving help, advice, or information from another center or offering it themselves. It makes sense that float center owners would want to pass this goodwill on to the next enthusiast who comes knocking, but it can get a little time consuming talking to everyone. Graham and Ashkahn share advice on how to enthusiastically and efficiently talk...


Staff Doing Tasks Differently – DSP 349

If you run a business, one of the benefits is that it's run exactly the way you want it, right? If the "millennials" that you hire don't do the job exactly the way you want, they're wrong, right? Well, maybe. It could just be that the people on the ground doing the day to day operations have their own ideas about what works best. Efficiency is a big deal when running a float center and if there's something that takes 20 seconds longer per room, that could be the difference between a late...


Dealing with Entrepreneurial Dread – DSP 348

Opening a float center is stressful, and when you first get started, there's a lot of uncertainty involved. Will people keep coming in to floating from one month to the next? Will it be enough to cover costs? What happens if surprise expenses rise up and throw your center underwater. Graham and Ashkahn discuss the existential dread involve in being a small business owner and what they do to not worry so much about the future of Float On. And also self-immolation.


Leasing Float Tanks – DSP 347

Recently, the float community has been introduced to some companies willing to lease float tanks for businesses. These are usually different from manufacturers and come with a small fee associated with it. Graham and Ashkahn discuss the issues to consider when looking at these companies and in what situations they might be a viable alternative to purchasing tanks outright.