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How to Help Float Research – DSP 300

With the push from Justin Feinstein at LIBR to get more float centers involved in research, many float center owners are chomping at the bit to push studies forward on the benefits of floating. But where do you start and how do you make it happen? Graham and Ashkahn discuss this idea and how to do research right, as well as some of the things that might be helpful OR harmful to the world of floating in the eyes of the scientific community. There's a lot of nuanced things to know about proper...


Tips on Running Power to Float Rooms – DSP 299

Graham and Ashkahn offer some helpful tips to keep in mind when planning out the electrical framework for your float rooms. How many circuits you should plan for, where to place outlets, GFCI compliance, just to name a few. Definitely an essential episode for anyone to listen to before going into their build-out phase.


Floating in National Media – DSP 298

Seeing float tanks in the national news and culture has increased in regularity within the last few years. Graham and Ashkahn discuss how these things get on such a large platform. The guys briefly go over some of the major stories that have been all over the media and how those stories happened. Mostly it comes down to luck, but there are a few things that can increases the chances of your float center getting on national TV.


The Real Tips on Building Your Own Float Tank – DSP 297

Someone wrote in and asked, again, despite the repeated warnings of the previous episode covering this topic, how to build a float tank properly. Graham and Ashkahn try their best to restrain themselves and offer some practical advice about how to build your own tanks while also repeatedly warning about things to look out for when going forward with the process.


How to Handle Other Float Centers Spying on You – DSP 296

Graham and Ashkahn talk about how they deal with other float centers spying on Float On. Basically... they don't. The float industry is a really open community and a lot of information is generally freely available. If someone is spying on a float center, that could be a result of poor communication skills or a lack of awareness of what information is actually out there. The guys share their advice on how to talk to someone who might be in that situation and how to move forward, hopefully as...


Common Float Tank Issues – DSP 295

Graham and Ashkahn give the skinny on the foibles one my encounter when purchasing a float tank. These aren't specific to any one manufacturer, but they are useful things to look out for when shopping around for a tank.


What is Float On’s North Star Metric? – DSP 294

Graham and Ashkahn talk about the guiding principles and metrics that dictate how they run Float On and what they measure for success. While they don't have any float center secrets, they do provide some useful advice in how to look at numbers, when to pay attention to them, and perhaps more importantly, when to ignore them.


What Can you Say About Float Centers Closing? – DSP 293

It happens every once in a while that a center you knew closes down and it can seem like a dark omen for the rest of the industry. The reality is that these are individual circumstances that are brought about not because of a major trend as much as just life events coming up. Graham and Ashkahn share their take on other float centers closing and what they know about it and how frequently they think it's occurring.


How to Build a Green Float Center – DSP 292

Graham and Ashkahn talk about the options available for sustainable options when building a float center, or more accurately, the lack thereof. Unfortunately, the materials necessary to make a float room saltproof and waterproof tend to be very unfriendly for the environment. The guys break down the specific options available and what to consider when adding green technology to your own center.


How We Financed Float On – DSP 291

Graham and Ashkahn are asked about how they financed Float On. As the guys explain how they started, they go along slight detours to talk about all the mistakes they made along the way and how they're unsure that Float On could even start today like it did back in 2010. They then go on to explain the pros and cons of the extreme bootstrapping they did to make Float On happen.


What’s Floating Like Around the World? – DSP 290

Ashkahn and Graham break down the wild world of floating, well... worldwide. They share what they know about the industry in different countries, continent by continent, and gauging which ones are the most float centric vs. those that are the least (hint, it's definitely Antarctica).


Replacing Filtration Parts for your Float Tank – DSP 289

When it comes to replacing a filtration system for a float tank, there's sadly no easy answer. There isn't a one-stop shop place to get replacement parts for float tanks (yet). Most systems are piecemealed together by manufacturers to work specifically for their systems. In addition to all that, they also often use internal customized materials to accommodate the specific needs of float tank solution. So without some serious internal knowledge of how those systems work, it's nearly...


How to Handle Customers Wanking in Tanks? – DSP 288

Graham and Ashkahn tackle the uncomfortable issue of handling customers that may be using the float tank to do things in the tank wasn't designed for. They discuss the social aspects along with the sanitary aspects of dealing with ejaculate in the tanks.


Basics of Opening a Business – DSP 287

Graham and Ashkahn take creative license in this episode to talk about the basics of what everyone should know before starting a brick and mortar business. They want to help others not make the same mistakes they did. This includes everything from getting a legal entity and hiring bookkeepers to making sure you have the correct labor law posters displayed and follow proper hiring practices.


Should People with Ear Tubes Float? – DSP 286

The format for this episode is a little different this time. Graham and Ashkahn received an anecdote about someone who floated with ear tubes in. The float ends with extreme discomfort and pain when the floater gets epsom salt water in their ears. The guys highlight this issue as a warning to the industry that this is something that can happen with floating.


How do you Start Opening a Float Center? – DSP 285

For people just starting out, it can seem really daunting to start a float center. They may not even know where to begin. Graham and Ashkahn tackle this idea head on. The most important thing is to do a lot of research (definitely check the resources) and to make sure you have people that you can call and refer to for support when you need it.


What to do When Floaters Interrupt Intros? – DSP 284

Ashkahn's back and on form. He and Graham take on the question of how to handle first time floaters interrupt the pre-float intros explaining the process. There's a lot of information that first time floaters need, and if they aren't paying attention, it can cause messy floats or unnecessary difficulty or confusion. The reunited duo provides some great tips while going over different customer scenarios.


When is the Best Time to Open a Float Center? – DSP 283

Graham takes the helm again without any co-captain to steer the SS Daily Solutions through the rugged storms of float industry questions. Today he answers a question about when the best time of year to open your float center. The important thing to remember is that, whenever you choose, you should plan for even earlier, as float centers are more likely to get delayed in construction.


Tips for Choosing Contractors – DSP 282

Graham the Lone Podcaster takes the reigns on answering how to pick a contractor for float center build out. It's the kind of big decision that every float center owner hopes to only make once, so getting as much information ahead of time is extremely useful. Graham breaks down some useful tips and explains how to ask for a bid, specific skill sets to look for, and general advice on knowing when to walk away.


Starting your Pumps Early – DSP 281

In this episode, Graham goes solo again to answer a particularly loquacious listener who sent in a question about how to logistically handle your changeover when a floater comes out early. It can be tempting to start your changeover as soon as possible, especially if you have a few of them to get to, but Graham lays out some helpful things to remember before flipping that switch and running your pumps before the allotted time.