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Inspiring, supporting, and bring awareness to your parenthood journey.

Inspiring, supporting, and bring awareness to your parenthood journey.


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Inspiring, supporting, and bring awareness to your parenthood journey.






S02E09 – Self-care Strategies for New Parents

Many new parents are focused on the baby and forget to prioritize their own self -care. Did you know that neglecting your own care can have significant impacts on your health, mental health—and even the well-being of your baby? This is why counselor Vanessa De Jesus Guzman and I decided that this podcast was a must to produce for you! We’ll give you the tips to taking care of yourself in this new parenthood season!


S02E08 – What Happens To Your Baby In The Nursery After Delivery At The Hospital

Every parent wants to know what exactly happens to their baby in the nursery. In this episode of the podcast, I reveal exactly what goes on behind the scenes in the nursery. Delivery day is a day full of excitement and between labor and delivery so much goes on in the minutes’ right after birth. You’ll learn what a baby experiences in the nursery after delivering at a hospital.


S02E07 – The Top 5 Questions Every New Dad Asks Himself

In this episode we're discussing the 5 most frequently asked questions that I get from expecting dads about pregnancy and about moms. As a matter of fact, some of them are pretty provocative! So, stay tuned because this is a pretty interesting episode, lol. If you are a dad and have questions submit them directly on my website: https://drdivinalopez.com/. I love hearing from you, and I am always at your service!


S02E06 – 15 Things Partners Should Do To Support A Pregnant Mom

You can still be a team player when it comes to pregnancy, mama does not want to do this alone. Nothing makes a new mom happier than witnessing how excited her partner is for this new adventure. Your role is to provide support and be her cheerleader, and yes you got this! Stick to the 15 ways partners can support a pregnant mama, and she will be forever grateful to have such a great partnership with you! Remember that she is looking for validation and love from you. Her body is changing...


S02E05 – 15 Things You Must Do In Your Third Trimester Of Pregnancy To Have A Smooth 4th Trimester

15 things that you should be doing before your baby arrives. This is a fantastic episode that will get you prepared for the fourth trimester. Dr. Lopez loves to help parents prepare and plan for the arrival of their baby, and you will learn exactly what you need to do in this episode to make the transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible! For more guidance from Dr. Lopez visit her website: https://drdivinalopez.com/digital-program/


S02E04 – Prevent Injury by Babyproofing Your Home

Need babyproofing tips? Use our babyproofing checklist to make sure your home is ready for baby's arrival. Download your checklist at www.drdivinalopez.com and use it to ensure that your home passes inspection when it comes to your baby and safety.Watch, listen and learn important safety measures you can take to babyproof your home. In week two of the Dancing Into Parenthood Digital Course for new and expecting parents, you learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that new parents make....


S02E03 – Heal The Parent, Heal The Child

In this podcast episode Dr. Lopez explains why as a caregiver, it is so important to understand our own attachment styles. Your baby’s first relationship is with you. We all want our babies to have healthy relationships in their lives, but we must understand our responsibility in this milestone. As parents we have to provide three things for our child to feel loved, secure and confident. Pay attention to this very powerful episode! You can always connect with Dr. Lopez on...


S02E02 – Everything Starts With The Family

In this episode of Dancing Into Parenthood we are going to dive in a little deeper to help you understand why I consider this such important work for me to do. Everything starts with the family, doesn't it? If you think about your own life, think about your past, everything that had a big impact on you most likely came from your family. That's regardless of whether you were brought up with your biological parents or not. So many adult wounds and traumas that we talk about often come from...


S02E01 – Dancing Into Parenthood – My Story

Hola Parents! In this very personal episode I share the story of how Dancing Into Parenthood became my passion project. It was through my life experiences that I decided to virtually support parents. It started with a podcast, then a digital course and now a monthly membership. Everything I create for you is a labor of love. You know that I am at your service to inspire and prepare you for your baby! I do this by creating fun educational content, by reminding you that you need to take care...


S01E24 – We Are Pediatric Single Mamas (with Dr. Catricia Tilford)

About Dr. Catricia Tilford: Dr. Catricia is a successful board-certified pediatrician, fellowship trained in pediatric urgent care medicine, parent coach, speaker and blogger. She has been practicing medicine for over 10 years. She bilingual in English and Spanish. Her professional passions include public health disparities, early childhood development, newborn care, pediatric asthma and maternal mental health. As a parent coach, she empowers single moms of faith, with small children, to...


S01E23 – Difficult Feeders (With Doctor Eva Cesnek)

Hi, I'm Doctor Evka! I’m a board-certified family physician and the mother of a young child who fed very reluctantly! Yet very few individuals believed the extent of the problem or knew how to really help! I started this website when I realized there is an enormous gap in knowledge and resources not only on the different aspects of early childhood feeding especially when feeding is hard but also in how caregivers and their young children get the appropriate help. Because of my medical...


S01E22 – Consent Parenting (With Rosalia Rivera)

About Rosalia Hi, I’m Rosalia Rivera, Consent Educator, Sexual Literacy Advocate, Speaker, change agent, founder of CONSENTparenting, host of the AboutCONSENT Podcast, creatrix of CONSENTwear and child sexual abuse survivor turned thriver. I help child sexual abuse survivors who are now parents learn how to educate their children on body safety, boundaries and consent so that they can empower their child to prevent abuse. Unlike safety education programs by non-survivors that can’t relate to...


S01E21 – Return To School (With Eileen Carter-Campos)

Hi, I’m Eileen, an educator, mom of two, and proud Boricua! Here on “MommyTeaches,” you’ll receive real insight from a teacher of more than 15 years and a mother of two boys who love to explore the world around them. But “Mommy Teaches” isn’t just the name of the blog, it’s my life! I’m teaching every single day, whether in the classroom or at home with my own kids. As mothers, we know just how important our role is, as we become our child’s first teacher. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New...


S01E20 – Supportive Fathers (With Cameron Foster)

Cameron is originally from Ashtabula, Ohio, and currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. He is a high school counselor and creator of the blog Supportive Fathers. He created Supportive Fathers as a way to help explore topics other dads encounter in everyday life. Cameron is very passionate about being a father to a two-year-old daughter as well as being the husband to his wife. Visit Cameron’s blog at: https://supportivefathers.com/


S01E19 – 10 Essentials For Your Baby’s Nursery (With Bonnie Barrios)

Bonnie Barrios has spent the last 10 years organizing people’s homes, lives, and helping them get rid of clutter. As the “go-to gal” behind B-Organized B-Inspired, she is one of New York City’s most sought after organizational experts. With passion and drive, she helps, inspires, and empowers people to live their most authentic lives. With B.A.s in both Psychology and Theater, she quickly understands her clients and gets to the heart of the matter. She then creatively provides functional and...


S01E18 – Infant Massage (With Disha Gehani)

Disha Gehani is a Certified Instructor of Infant Massage (IAIM – International Association of Infant Massage) and Educator on nurturing touch and bonding for new and expectant parents. She is the Founder of TinyTouch, and works towards educating parents and caregivers on the importance of nurturing touch and secure attachment for newborns and toddlers. She conducts sessions for expectant and new parents in private as well as group settings. At TinyTouch, we believe babies are aware human...


S01E17 – Breastfeeding Basics (With Tracey Jedrzejek )

Tracey Jedrzejek is the author of the illustrated book “Latch Baby”. She is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and offers virtual and phone consultations nationwide, as well as home visits in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this podcast she explains how moms should prepare before the baby arrives, and offers tips such as what to do in case breastfeeding is too painful or the baby is having trouble latching, suggestions for diet while nursing, and much more! Tracey Jedrzejek...


S01E16 – Let’s Talk About Sex! (With Gidget Smith)

When it comes to sexual life in the couple, most parents have no clue about what’s to come during pregnancy and after the baby arrives. Issues such as lack of time and energy, or simply not knowing how to resume sexual life with your partner can lead to great struggles in a relationship. Family Therapist Gidget Smith offers some valuable guidance as she explains how most advice revolves around motherhood but little is addressed towards sex, even during pregnancy. About Gidget Smith: She is...


S01E15 – Tips On How To Get Your Infant To Sleep (with Nicole Cannon)

Certified Sleep Consultant Nicole Cannon remarks that babies don’t always follow a sleep pattern, which is biologically normal, and gives practical advice on what to do to set yourself up as a parent for success once the baby starts to outgrow the newborn stage. She discusses factors such as the environment, timing and setting up a bedtime routine.


S01E14 – The Truth About Vaccines

From her years of experience as a pediatrician, Dr. Lopez understands the fears and anxiety parents face when it comes to vaccinating their child. Are vaccines effective? Are there any side effects? In this podcast, she approaches the subject of vaccines from the point of view of history and science and clears up some common doubts parents have.