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A Deep Dive into The Kinds of Love

In this Podcast, Judi and Jasa explore the possibilities of the different kinds of love. While the one-to-one relationship we think of as “romance” is possibly the thing we think of first when we ponder what it is to share the heart, there are other kinds of connections that give us deep satisfaction and food with which to feed our souls. First we will talk about what “love” means, and invite you to think about what the significance of sharing some part of your life with another might be....


Deep Dives into Reflection... and Resilience

In winter the trees go dormant and animals go into hibernation. What about us humans? What is the best thing for us to do in winter. Often, once the holidays are over and we realize our experience of “family” isn’t really worthy of its own Hallmark card, it’s possible to fall into the winter doldrums. Judi and Jasa will discuss the phenomenon of winter, how different cultures honor it, and what it means to our spiritual growth. In a joint discussion as well as in separate segments, Judi...


A Deep Dive into Inspiration

Judi and Jasa discuss “Inspiration,” what it means, where it comes from and how you can get it. There is a connection to the source of energy that is ours for the asking. “Inspiration,” according to the Online Etymology Dictionary is derived as follows: c. 1300, "immediate influence of God or a god," especially that under which the holy books were written, from Old French inspiracion "inhaling, breathing in; inspiration" (13c.), from Late Latin inspirationem (nominative inspiratio), noun...


Deep Dives Into The Spirit of The Holidays

Judi Vitale and Jasa Johnson are giving tips on ways to focus and keep your center through holiday stress. This episode is a collection of vignettes from Judi and Jasa on dealing with individual aspects of the holidays, from family gatherings to food to focusing on your spiritual center. These vignettes include: "Hope for the Hols" - The Spiritual Options of the Holidays. Be genuine, be you. Keep your personal rituals, and remember you have the option to opt out of family...


Spirit-Road Away from Trauma

This time, Judi and Jasa welcome Dr. Jamie Marich, who will add to this discussion about the role trauma plays in our lives. Whether you were misunderstood as a child or undeniably abused in some way, the experience of being traumatized leaves its mark. If might create the right atmosphere for all kinds of undesirable things to develop. These can range from shame and guilt to phobias, dissociation, fears, anxiety, obsessions and addictions. Trauma is not a pleasant experience, but for...


A Deep Dive into Healing The Shadow

In this episode, Judi and Jasa will dive into the world of the shadow. There are parts of each of us that we might rather forget. The way we still react to disappointment like a child, or have a habit we cannot control, or be caught up in an undermining force we really need to control. Rather than sweeping the things we don’t like about ourselves under the carpet, we find that it’s possible to use these unloved aspects of ourselves as tools for healing. Jasa and Judi will each discuss how...


Letting it Out: The Blessings of Emotions

On today’s podcast, Judi will speak about the importance of understanding our emotions by facing them and processing them. Every experience we have, even those that come before we are born, are etched into our consciousness. Often, we try not to remember the things that happen, but they continue to affect us anyway. Judi will discuss hypnotherapy and EMDR, two methods for unearthing emotions, and processing them in healthy ways. Jasa will speak about working with the principles of...


A Deep Dive into the Back to Everything Season

It’s that time of year. Back to school, back to the regular work schedule. The leagues are starting, the fundraisers are planned, the homework is piling up, even for those of us who don’t have to go to school anymore! Certainly, there are a few moments in time that tell us it’s time to forget about summer’s ease, and march into autumn activities. There’s Labor Day weekend, the beginning of the fall season at the autumnal equinox… and Pluto’s station to direct motion, which this year, is...


The Times: They Are A-Changing!

There is very little doubt that the world is in a state of flux. There are serious storms, geopolitical jeopardy, fires, freak-outs, and many things that we might worry about. Some of use look at the recent Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde and notice how these activities seem to be connected. In this episode of Deep Dives, Jasa and Judi will discuss their views of the global changes we see at the present time, and how we can best cope with them. We can be compassionate without...


Staying On-Center in an Off-Kilter World

We definitely live in interesting times. So many things are changing, old wounds are being re-opened, and new ones are being inflicted, many of them simply by words. When all your friends are screaming at each other over their political beliefs and social preferences, how can you keep your cool? Hosts Judi Vitale and Jasa Johnson, and returning guest Mel Finnerty will offer suggestions about how one can maintain a sound sense of social responsibility while also staying off the emotional...


Living The Dream

You hear it all the time. Some people say it cynically, and others say it proudly: “Man…I’m living the dream!” In this episode, Judi Vitale and Jasa Johnson will discuss the ways you can come to recognize your dream, and live it - throughout your life - with a sense of fullness, peace, and joy. Judi and Jasa will divulge the good, the bad, and the ugly about their personal journeys and speak about how finding your life’s work- the thing that wants within you - will allow you to not...


Soul Vacations

In this episode, we’ll be diving deep into the theme of soul vacations. In later July and August, many of us traditionally take time to leave our usual environment and take a trip. We might go to the beach, to visit relatives or friends, to the mountains or just have a “stay-cation,” where we stay in our homes and just don’t go through our “normal” day to day routines. It’s nice to give your workday self some time off, to be sure, but have you considered how nice it would be to give...


A Deep Dive into Mentors & Mentoring

In this episode, Judi and Jasa discuss the topic of Mentors & Mentoring, Plus HeatherAsh Amara by phone. — Why people need to find or become Mentors. — Whose life is this anyway? — Female leadership - a generation of “Girl-Women” — Jasa and Judi will discuss their Mentor(s) and the role those Mentors played in the formation and direction of their life. — So, why is it important to have a Mentor(s)? — Why it is important to seek wisdom and guidance from someone who is not in your...


Love and Marriage, Soul Mates and Twin Flames

In this episode, Judi and Jasa discuss the topic - What is the sacred marriage? What do Alchemy and Astrology reveal about our relationships? They discuss Monogamy and Serial Monogamy, how relationships run their course. All relationships have a Beginning, Middle, and End. This brings up the questions: What happens when the original reason for coming together no longer exists, and there is an opportunity to create something new? What do you do when everything that made it work before...


Finding Your Inner Rock: Father Energy

In this episode, Judi Vitale and Jasa Johnson discuss how leaving your normal environment leads you expand your boundaries and develop your inner strength and security. Jasa and Judi will discuss their trip to Sedona and how the rocks there structure create a structure that both attracts and repels. Residents say it either sucks you in or spits you out. It’s a magical place. It took us to new levels of understanding about our roles in life and our place on the planet. Antelope Canyon:...


Deep Dives into Motherhood

In this episode, Judi Vitale and Jasa Johnson are going to share with you some deep dives into the land of Mothers. With Mother’s Day soon to be celebrated across our land, we thought it would be appropriate to talk about how this “quintessential’ person in our life imprints on every day of our existence. We’ll discuss this topic from an astrological, shamanic and personal view point. We’ll share some of our “mother” stories and some of the ways we have come into balance with this...


Deep Dives Into Acceptance

In this episode of Deep Dives, Judi Vitale and Jasa Johnson are talking about acceptance. They discuss their almost-trip to Arizona, the ways they handled it, and how listeners can use some techniques to cope when it becomes necessary to deal with the disappointing and unexpected events we all have to face at some time or other. Some of the issues they cover are: Acceptance – What does that mean, really? Protecting the Energy Field – some simple techniques to create “psychic space”...


Deep Dives Into Prosperity

In this episode of Deep Dives, empowerment consultant and astrologer Judi Vitale talks Prosperity, sucess and feeling worthy of prosperity with her friend and some-time co-host Jasa Johnson, a Shamanic Energy Worker. Judi and Jasa then speak Beth Caldwell of Pittsburgh Professional Women about presenting and marketing yourself in the wellness business. Judi wraps up the show with return guest and Feng Shui expert Yvonne Phillips, talking about getting the best flow of energy for your...


It's Just Me - And That's A Really Beautiful Thing!

February 14, 2017 / Episode #002 In this episode of Deep Dives, empowerment consultant and astrologer Judi Vitale talks relationships with her friend and some-time co-host Jasa Johnson, a Shamanic Energy Worker. Judi and Jasa then speak with New York City astrologer Jenny Lynch, and then Judi is on location in Sedona, Arizona with light worker & transformational coach Mel Finnerty. How to Listen Regularly: All shows are free and available to listen 24/7/365 nationwide. Audio-On-Demand...


Premiere Episode

January 23, 2017 In the first episode of Deep Dives, empowerment consultant and astrologer Judi Vitale talks with her friend and sometime co-host Jasa Johnson, a Shamanic Energy Worker. Judi and Jasa then speak with Feng Shui consultant Yvonne Phillips, and later on with Mark Staley, a yoga instructor and the office manager at Green Heiress. How to Listen Regularly: All shows are free and available to listen 24/7/365 nationwide. Audio-On-Demand in-your-hand, on a smartphone, tablet,...