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We talk personal wellness and business with celebrities’ and leaders. Awareness, motivation, inspiration or just some feel good talk. Inspiration for all of life. You’ve come to the right place!

We talk personal wellness and business with celebrities’ and leaders. Awareness, motivation, inspiration or just some feel good talk. Inspiration for all of life. You’ve come to the right place!


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We talk personal wellness and business with celebrities’ and leaders. Awareness, motivation, inspiration or just some feel good talk. Inspiration for all of life. You’ve come to the right place!




Dr Nancy Knows Chase Brendle

Alcohol-free, trend-setting botanical wellness beverages! Shop online, dine-in, takeout or curbside service in Phoenix and Sedona. Chase Brendle, owner of Lacuna Kava Bar joins Dr Nancy Knows to talk wellness, kava and business! You don't want to miss. Article: https://drnancyknows.com/chase-brendle/ #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor # LacunaKavaBar


Dr Nancy Knows DJ Barton

Most people already know that switching to an alternative energy source, like solar, is incredible for the environment. Watch DJ Barton and Dr Nancy Knows for Solar Info and how DJ built his businesses. You won't want to miss. #carpediempartners #CelebrityDoctor #DrNancyKnows #gosolarwithdj #momentummakers


Dr Nancy Knows Dr Ryan Starzyk

On this episode of Dr Nancy Knows, Dr Ryan Starzyk shares his passion for helping businesses through digital transformations and his perspective on LGBTQIA+ Global Issues. Dr Ryan shares tips on how to be an ally, advocate and supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. Learn more at https://drnancyknows.com/ryan-starzyk #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #bluefiregroup


Dr Nancy Knows JC Donaldson

Working with tailors around the US we bring our passion of contemporary clothing creating exceptional garments for individuals who demand the very best. Watch now! More https://drnancyknows.com/jc-donaldson #DrNancyKnows #CelebrityDoctor #HouseOfDondaldson


Dr Nancy Knows Carlos Velasco

Carlos Velasco, CEO of Novle shares how a company can fulfill its desired potential through a genuine partnership with its community. Novle connects business owners, corporate executives and non-profit organizations develop genuine relationships with the Latino community. Watch now! Connect https://drnancyknows.com/carlos-velasco #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #wearenovle #novleactivators


Dr Nancy Knows Dawn Jackson

Dawn brings wines and works with the hosting organization or individual to bring together tapas foods with the perfect wine for social and networking events. Dawn would love to come to your non-profit and host a wine pairing party with you. Learn More and Connect https://drnancyknows.com/dawn-jackson


Dr Nancy Knows Maddison Gaffney

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to restructure your LLC or Business Corporation Maddison brings years of financial experience. Her mantra is: analyze, identify, advise, execute. Watch Now! #BizCreditGuru #CelebrityDoctor #DrNancyKnows #MaddisonGaffney


Dr Nancy Knows Jodi O'Malley

Jodi O’Malley holds a Master’s in Critical Care Nursing. She was on the front lines treating Covid patients at a federal hospital for Native Americans which ended abruptly when she courageously shared her insider video with Project Veritas. The real time footage showed the extent of underreported vaccine injuries and outright corruption of the healthcare system where policy and protocol have taken precedence over the Patient’s Bill of Rights. Today, she continues to be a strong advocate for...


Dr Nancy Knows Jerone Davison

Meet Jerone Davison. Father, Pastor, Author, Speaker, Former NFL Player & Candidate for U.S. Congress. Watch Now at DrNancyKnows.com Meet and connect with Jerone Davison - https://drnancyknows.com/jerone-davison/ #jerone.republican #jerone4congress #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor


Dr Nancy Knows Justin Johanson

Building a Business is Hard Work. Protect It. These days, copycats are everywhere. In the blink of an eye, you could have your intellectual property stolen from under your nose. Justin at Innovative IP Law makes sure that NEVER happens. Watch Now & Get $250 credit towards your Trademark project. #DrNancyKnows #CelebrityDoctor #Justin-Johanson #InnovativeIPlaw


Dr Nancy Knows Mark Warlick

Beneficiary Deeds have some pro's and a few things to consider. Benefits include avoiding probate and a quick transfer of property upon the death of the grantor. Considerations include that the property may be taxed and if the beneficiary dies before the grantor, it is not part of their estate. Learn more today on DrNancyKnows.com! #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #nationalrealestaterecyclers #markwarlick


Dr Nancy Knows Dr Brenda Combs

Brenda grew up in a middle-class family, but fell into a bad crowd, began using drugs and dropped out of school. During her darkest days on the streets, she endured unspeakable trauma, including being beaten, shot, stabbed, raped and burned with cigarettes. It took hitting rock bottom for Brenda to find the strength to turn her life around, praying and seeking forgiveness and help. As an overcomer, Brenda’s life work focuses on empowering others. As an author, publisher, Event Speaker and...


Dr Nancy Knows and NG Cares Network

Sit in with Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard of Dr Nancy Knows and Shasta Broadus on this Coffee Chat. Learn how you could have an online show and increase the reach of how you do good in the world. #drnancyknows #ngcaresnetwork #coffeechat


Dr Nancy Knows Larry Witherspoon

Dr Nancy welcomes Larry Witherspoon. Larry's passion and business is creating minority ownership in the next generation of TV & radio. Founded by Larry Witherspoon, Connect To Your City, LLC (CTYC) is a Phoenix, Arizona based company focused on providing leading edge broadcasting platforms for the traditional broadcaster seeking to amplify their audience and develop distribution channels for local podcasters looking to become broadcasters. Learn more and connect...


Dr Nancy Knows Eliot Tabron

The wealth shift is here! Eliot shares that bitcoin is the grandfather of cryptocurrencies. As an investor and financial coach, Eliot has years of full-time research and personal experience winning in the cryptocurrency market. Watch Now at DrNancyKnows.com and get to know more about Eliot Tabron at https://drnancyknows.com/eliot-tabron #CelebrityDoctor #coedbillionairesclub #DrNancyGainesDillard #DrNancyKnows #drnancyknows #eliottabron


Dr Nancy Knows Donna Williams

Navigating conflict in your professional and professional life is not easy but it is necessary. For almost 20 years, Donna Williams has been dedicated to helping individuals, families and organizations resolve conflict and get back on track. Ms. Williams mediates a variety of issues, including employment discrimination, sexual harassment, housing discrimination, and special education disputes as well as divorce, custody, and parenting time issues. She also mediates and investigates workplace...


Dr Nancy Knows Kurnita Wallace

Laser hair removal can be used to remove hair from all over the body. Most people treat the under arm, legs, upper lip, back and the bikini area. With 18 years of experience Kurnita provides individualized care for all people, especially of color. Join Dr Nancy and Kurnita Wallace to talk Laser Hair Reduction. Connect and learn more here -> https://drnancyknows.com/kurnita-wallace #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #laserhairreduction


Dr Nancy Knows Kaneka Trotter

Senior and Elder Care. Whatever the elderly are facing, Kaneka takes joy in helping them and their families navigate services to assist. Depending on the seniors needs, Kaneka can connect and walk along side families on everything from moving assistance, veterans solutions, home care help, skilled nursing and rehabilitation to memory care or assisted livings. Connect! https://drnancyknows.com/kaneka-trotter/ #drnancyknows #senioronesource #seniorone #eldercare #kanekatrotter...


Dr Nancy Knows Iysha Wedderburn

New is the Oxygen facial. Join Dr Nancy Knows for a chat with Iysha Wedderburn of Sparkle-n-Shine on skincare, the Oxygen Facial and to learn about Skincare Bootcamp! Watch now More info and to connect: https://drnancyknows.com/iysha-wedderburn/ #CelebrityDoctor #DrNancyGainesDillard #DrNancyKnows #IyshaWedderburn #sparklenshine


Dr Nancy Knows Shasta Broadus

31.7 million Small Businesses are the lifeblood of the US economy. They create two thirds of the net jobs that drive innovation and competitiveness. Small Business entrepreneurs matter. Shasta and her team at Capital Stewardship partner with leaders to help them develop and scale their business. Scaling your business starts with the leaders personal and professional development. Shasta summarizes “Better stewardship of your wealth starts with you. It benefits your business bottom line and...