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This is the podcast for women in pharmaceutical and medical device industry who want to excel in your career but without the stress and overwhelm so you can do more of what you want.. In each episode, veteran medical device sales professional, Certified Life Coach, and career mentor Michelle A. Bourque combines real-life experiences and cognitive tools to teach you how to continue to excel at your career, but without the stress and overwhelm, so you can do more of what you want. It's your time to begin making a change, to create the life you imagine - and your time is now to own your life. for more info.


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This is the podcast for women in pharmaceutical and medical device industry who want to excel in your career but without the stress and overwhelm so you can do more of what you want.. In each episode, veteran medical device sales professional, Certified Life Coach, and career mentor Michelle A. Bourque combines real-life experiences and cognitive tools to teach you how to continue to excel at your career, but without the stress and overwhelm, so you can do more of what you want. It's your time to begin making a change, to create the life you imagine - and your time is now to own your life. for more info.




Ep 240 Embracing Goal Reflection

Episode Notes: Here we are starting month 6 of the year and it's a great time to reflect on how the start of the year is going. When you have the discipline to take some time to reflect, assess and decide how you want the next couple of months to go you will be that much closer to your ultimate goals. Take a listen today as I talk about important questions to as yourself, a new recent role I'm taking on, and why you should not be waiting to feel motivated to accomplish the results you most want in life. In This Episode: :


Ep 239 Embracing Mental Health Integration

Episode Notes: Join me today as I share some ideas around integrating mental health practices for your busy life. My brother recently ran 100 miles as a fundraiser to build awareness around mental health and as we close out the month I think it's important we start looking at ways you can improve your mental health little by little. In This Episode: Click here for full notes:…alth-integration/ ‎


Ep 238 - Letting People Be Wrong About You

Join me today as I talk about the importance of letting people be wrong about you. For so many high achieving, people pleasing women the desire to have others like you runs high. This becomes a problem when others don't always agree with what you say, stand for, or do - and you take on their thoughts as truth. Check out todays podcast where I share two recent examples of needing to allow people to be wrong about me - what happened, how I responded and what you can do in the future in order to protect your peace. In this episode:…-wrong-about-you/


Ep 235 The 3 Ps to Closing a Quarter & Achieving Any Goal

Episode Notes: Join me today as I share a fun story about how we just closed down our final quarter in the year - and how you can use the tools we implemented for an unlikely outcome to achieve any of your goals. The work I teach is in the foundation of knowing your thinking is what creates your results and in this week's episode you can see how this is true - and start implementing for yourself. In This Episode:…sing-the-quarter/


Ep 236 Intentional Weight Loss to Increase Time and Energy

Episode Notes: Join me today as I discuss intentional weight loss to increase your time and energy. This episode is all about creating a life that works for you and one you will be able to live every day with less stress and overwhelm. Too much time and energy is spent on a number from the scale and in this episode I'm talking about why we need to ditch the diet industry, how we can gain more time and energy back into our lives, and how taking the next steps will have you feeling better more often. In This Episode:


Ep 235 Failing With Purpose

Join me today as I discuss the importance of failing with purpose. Many high achievers with perfectionistic thinking hold themselves back with fear of failing. Instead of going after your dreams many people will stay safe and play small out of fear of failing - ultimately failing in advance. I am sharing why we hold these beliefs, how they are not useful for us - or our children. I am talking about why you need to redefine what failing means in order to accomplish you biggest goals in life. In This Episode:


Ep 234 Exploring Magic and Trust in Your Relationships

Join me today as I discuss the importance of exploring trust and magic in your relationships - especially the relationship you have with yourself. I am sharing some recent insights from a couple of trips and talking about where we can make changes in our lives in order to get to our next biggest goals. In This Episode: Click here for full notes:…in-relationships/


Ep 233 Transformational Change with Breathwork - A Conversation with Alessandra Caprice

Episode Notes: Join me today as I share a recent conversation with Alessandra Caprice in the final installment of our Women's Empowerment series. Alessandra is an expert in breath work and today she is sharing some foundational information to help get you started. We discussed some of the basic science around breath work, how it differs and can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with mindset work, the benefits of taking a little bit of time to try it out - and simple steps to begin. In This Episode:…essandra-caprice/


Using Technology to Increase Efficiency in Your Daily Life - A Conversation with Jennie Lakenan

One more bonus in the Empowerment Interview Series! Today I am introducing you to Jennie Lakenan - she is a Certified Digital Business Consultant and Certified Life Coach. When she discovered coaching in 2018, her life transformed for the better and Jennie quickly saw the need in the coaching industry for website services for coaches, and founded her design agency. Her mission is to get more coaching into the world by helping other coaches to promote and grow their businesses via extraordinary websites and strategic marketing You don’t have to be a coach to learn some great ideas from Jennie and I think she had some great information around how technology can help you be more efficient in your day to day activities sales activities, why doing b- work is important, and how letting go of trying to control everything can help you achieve more goals in your life. In This Episode:


Perfectionism, Setting Boundaries and People Pleasing - A Conversation with Angela Veesenmeyer, MD

I'm so excited for this weeks March Women's Empowerment series. Today I am sharing a recent conversation with Dr Angela Veesenmeyer. Angela is a pediatric infectious disease doctor and physician life and career coach. She still practices full time while having a thriving coaching business, enjoying hobbies and family, and getting 9 hours of sleep a night. Dr Veesenmeyer coaches physicians who are tired of grind culture, tired of sacrificing their well-being, and just plain tired. She shows them how to take back control of their career and create one that works for their lives without having to leave clinical medicine. You can also find her reading Nordic noir novels, watching college basketball, hiking in the winter (she lives in AZ), and dreaming of ways to deprogram the patriarchy from her psyche. In This Episode:


Bonus: Creating and Planning the Life You Want - The NO BS Way - A Conversation with CEO and Master Certified Life Coach Corinne Crabtree

I am so thrilled to share this BONUS episode in the March Women's Empowerment Series. I think of it as a gift I am giving you on this special birthday of mine - the last one in this decade. (No need to guess which decade 😉😂). Please take a listen to a recent conversation I had with Corinne crabtree. Corinne Crabtree is a Master Certified Weight and Life Coach with a mission to help every woman break generational curses in order to improve their personal health and wealth. Corinne lost 100lbs 15 years ago and ever since, she has dedicated her life to teaching women how to do the same. Corinne Crabtree is one of the leading voices in the weightloss and business industries. We talked business, weightloss, changing generational curses, planning and creating the life you want to live - and so much more around the power women hold in your life. Click here for full notes and to listen: Connect with Corinne: Facebook - losing100podcast/ Instagram - @Corinne_Crabtree No BS Business Women Facebook - NoBSBusinessWomen Instagram - @NoBSBusinessWomen Listen and Subscribe to the Losing 100 Pounds Podcast id1233384453 Link to Corinne’s Free Weightloss Course & Website Link to Corinne’s Advanced Weightloss Coaching Certification Link to Corinne’s No BS Business Women Membership 💫💫💫 - Please listen, share and tag @corinne_crabtree and @michellebourquecoaching by 3/29/23 and you will be entered into a free give away of the book we mentioned - Atomic Habits.


Ep 230 Organizing Your Life to Decrease Your Stress and Increase Your Energy. A Conversation with Becky Blackburn AKA The Hoss Lady

Today I have the privilege of sharing a recent conversation with Becky Blackburn. Becky is the HOSS Lady and in this weeks episode we discussed how organizing your life can help you decrease stress, increase your energy, increase time efficiency, and help build the relationship you have with your present and future self. Tune in to gain a new way of looking at how doing the simple things daily can change your life. In This Episode: * The importance of setting realistic systems in your life * Having compassion as you find ways to separate life and work * Every space has a function * The connection between mindset and organizing * How organizing in advance allows your freedom to do more fun things in your life * 3 Rules - No judgement ,don’t cheat, don’t give up * 3 Steps - Clear the space, commit to a function for the space, Reset * Contact Becky - The Hoss Lady podcast and the_hoss_lady on IG Link to full notes:


Ep 229 Self Care, Intentional Living, Your Future Self and The Importance of Skin Care with Ki Huo, MD and Life Coach

Today I am sharing a recent conversation with Li Huo a board certified Gynecologist who pivoted to her lifelong passion of running a med spa aesthetics practice. She has always loved empowering women in different ways and now devotes her energy to helping women create and maintain a no fuss wallet friendly skincare routine so they can have healthy glowing skin. Her unbiased opinions and suggestions are backed by scientific medical knowledge, experience, and straight up passion. She wants every woman to buy skincare products adapt at home methods and facial rejuvenation procedures with confidence and intention you you no longer fall prey too marketing ploys viral videos from influencers and celebrities. In This Episode: * Skincare as selfcare * Being intentional with your goals * Understanding the process of cell turn over process * The importance of knowing what your are doing in your daily routine * Needing to be consistent and how to save time * It’s never too late and starting today for your future self * Connect with Li: IG: @coachingwithli,


Ep 228 Making a Great Ask & Listening to Learn - A Conversation with Lynn Hardin Leadership Coach and Mentor to Principals

Today I am sharing a recent conversation with Lynn Hardin. Lynn is a retired principal from public education. She served over 20 years in a large urban school district in Southern California. She built 3 award winning elementary schools - in fact - Americas Best Urban School 2019 and she is the recipient of the National Principal Certificate for Equity and Excellence from NCUST. She is a certified life and leadership coach for school administrators and today she shared some really great nuggets on how to make a great ask, listening to learn, and the importance of communication in your work and personal life. In This Episode: Making a great ask to get more of what you want in lifeAsk better questions get better answersThe importance of listening to learnKeys to ensuring clear communicationConnect with Lynn: IG: _LynnhardinLink to full notes:


Ep 227 A Conversation with Melissa Rohlf -Certified Health & Life Coach: The Importance of Holistic Approach To Your Life for More Empowerment

We are starting out the month of March and I have planned a treat for you. This is my birthday month - and - my last year in this decade - so I’m making the month extra special by giving you a gift every week. I have an amazing line up of powerful women who have great information to share with you and the theme that runs through it all is empowerment - living your life in a way that works for you. Today I am kicking it off with Melissa Rohlfs. Melissa is a certified holistic health and life coach helping busy women find freedom and feel at peace with food, their bodies and their lives. She is committed to empowering women to break free from dieting, emotional eating and self-image issues so they can ditch the diet mentality, and feel empowered in their own skin. In This Episode:…more-empowerment/


Ep 226 Leadership Change & Personal Empowerment with Melynda Benlemlih

Today I have the privilege of sharing a recent conversation with Melynda Benlemlih who is a coach, facilitator, speaker, trainer, consultant for organizations and Founder and President of Cognitive Agility LLC. She has over 20 years of experience in organizational development in the private and federal sectors applying solutions across the workforce development spectrum. She has built programs in higher education, International business, and federal human capital management and shared so many great tips and techniques on leadership change and what you can do to feel more empowered in your role - at any level. She shared so many great ideas around change management, controlling your life, your time, your habits and how to gain clarity in your life. She has a free resource for you as well so be sure to listen all the way through. In This Episode:…elynda-benlemlih/


Ep 225 The Knowledge is Power Lie

Join me today as I discuss how “knowledge is power” is sometimes a lie we tell ourselves. This came up on a recent consult call and I see so many women looking to external sources for the “right” answer. Looking outside yourself can keep you stuck if you are not making decisions, taking action, learning, and moving to the next step. Listen now as I talk about why this often holds you back from your biggest goals and what you can start doing today to change it. In This Episode:


Ep 224 The Top Key to Expanding Your Life

Join me today as I talk about the top key expanding your life. Self love seems like a soft topic for some and yet it can be the most challenging work you do. This is not about buying yourself flowers, massages and bubble baths. Today I am sharing simple, quick important steps you can do in order to expand what is possible in your life. Click here for full notes:…anding-your-life/


Ep 223 - Conversations with Dr. Stacy Heimburger Smalley: Weightloss for High Achieving Women

Today I have the privilege of sharing a recent conversation I had with Dr. Stacy Heimburger Smalley, an Internal Medicine doctor and Certified life and weight loss coach. Stacy helps high achieving busy women find the time they need to focus on their health goals without sacrificing any of their high performing rolls. Weight loss is about so much more than the number on the scale and the information Dr. Smalley shared is a refreshing take on how to do it in a way that brings lasting change to your life. In This Episode:…-achieving-women/


Ep 222 Burnout & Self Care

Episode Notes: Join me today as I discuss burnout and self care for high achieving women in sales. Listen in as I talk about a recent work meeting, some questions you can ask yourself along the way and how to find new ways to take care of yourself in the process of advancing your career. In This Episode: