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Dr. Kathryn Garforth -023

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Dr. Kathryn Garforth who offers professional expertise in Educational Psychology and a personal understanding of the frustrations children and adults with learning difficulties experience. Her story demands to be shared. As a child, Dr. Garforth struggled with reading and spelling in her primary years. A psychoeducational assessment in grade four helped her understand her strengths and gave her hope that with the right instruction and accommodations she...


Zachary Wingate -022

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Zachary Wingate. Zachary’s mission is to take what he has learned about dyslexia and “pay it forward.” He shares his experiences helping others with dyslexia understand that they are not alone and that there are steps they can take to succeed. Zachary’s is a story of hard work, a vow to never give up and an acknowledgement of the power of humor and love in living a life with dyslexia. If you have a story worth sharing on this podcast , write to...


Dan Fickes -021

A conversation between Jordan Rich and accomplished video producer Dan Fickes, owner of Boston based company Ocean One Productions. Dan is an Emmy winning video shooter, director, editor and producer who also has an extensive background in broadcast television news. Growing up with dyslexia made Dan’s school years very difficult. He found help by the time he reached college and shares what he’s done to live with dyslexia and succeed at a very high level. If you’d like to discover ways to...


Diamond Dallas Paige -020

A conversation between Jordan Rich and former pro wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer, Diamond Dallas Paige. Dallas is a best-selling author with his latest motivational book entitled, “Positively Unstoppable.” He’s a world-renowned fitness instructor who recently launched his DDP Yoga program internationally. Thousands have been getting into shape with the help of DDP. As tough as he was in the ring, his most challenging competitor just might have been dyslexia. Hear his story of struggle, hard...


Dr. Chris Menton -019

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Dr. Chris Menton, criminal justice professor and former program director at Roger Williams University School of Continuing Studies. Jordan and Chris discuss the impact of dyslexia and other learning disabilities on members of the prison population. It’s an under-reported problem but there are ways to help deal with it. Professor Menton has published a number of research articles and has focused extensively on criminal justice, public safety, corrections...


Berkley Singer -018

Berkley Singer is an exemplary special education teacher, currently employed in Colorado. Her work with students has been highly impactful. Berkley shares her own story of coping with dyslexia as a student and reflects on the motivation and inspiration offered by her grandmother Dr. Gertrude Webb, a life long leader in the field who changed the way we think of learning disabilities. If you’d like to discover ways to support and become involved with the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia,...


Kids with Superpowers -Bodhi Taylor Bragonier – 017

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Bodhi Bragonier, an 11-year old currently in the 5th grade, whose parents are also dyslexic. Bodhi has dealt with the challenges many children with dyslexia face and he shares perspectives on peer pressure, the impact of tutors, the sensitivity that adults sometimes lack when dealing with dyslexic kids and how he approaches solving problems in innovative ways. Bodhi is also a budding entrepreneur with several established online businesses and many more...


Matt Bomes -016

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Matt Bomes, Founder and Chief Innovation officer for Summit Street Medical, empowering food allergy families to live life to the fullest. The company is currently in the midst of unveiling an exciting new delivery system for epinephrine, certain to help millions with food allergies. Matt talks with us about his early struggles with Dyslexia and his determination to overcome learning roadblocks. Through determination and hard work, Matt has flourished...


Dean Bragonier -015

Dean Bragonier is the Founder and ‘Executive Dyslexic’ of NoticeAbility.org. He and his team have pioneered the development of teaching and learning techniques helping dyslexic students succeed in academics and life. Shaped by his own challenges with dyslexia, Dean became a successful college student after struggling through the traditional secondary education system. He soon discovered his true gifts as an entrepreneur opening a very successful restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard. NoticeAbility...


Taylor Mali -014

Taylor Mali has been writing and performing poetry since 2000. His poems have been described as eminently clear, relatable, humorous and touching. He has performed or taught poetry in over 50 foreign countries and throughout the United States. He is a vocal advocate of teachers and the nobility of teaching, having taught in one capacity or another since 1990. In that capacity he worked with students with varying learning disabilities, inspiring them to love learning and creativity. Formerly...


Kids with Superpowers -Rick & Joey Nurmi -013

Kids With Super Powers – Joey and Rick Nurmi – A conversation between Jordan Rich and Joey and his dad Rick Nurmi. Joey is now attending college having successfully overcome the hurdles of Dyslexia. Hear his perspective on how Dyslexia has benefited him in many creative ways. Also, Joey’s dad Rick will share his story of pride and appreciation for what Joey has accomplished. Together this father and son team exemplifies what dedication, focus, hard work and love is all about. And if you’d...


Jodi-Tattiana Charles -012

A conversation between Jordan Rich and children’s book author Jodi Tattiana-Charles, who talk about how it wasn’t until Jodi was an adult that she learned she is dyslexic and therefore as a child she just thought she wasn’t that smart. Her Haitian immigrant parents placed a huge value on education but they also encouraged Jodi and gave her opportunities to learn in unconventional ways. Watching her parents overcome obstacles and persevere encouraged her to do the same thing. Most recently...


Deb Mallin -011

Educator and literacy specialist Deb Mallin is the founder and CEO of Literacy Matters. Deb had a thriving private practice helping students, one at a time, learn to read and write. The more success she had helping her students and student families, the more concerned she became about the vast numbers of those she couldn’t help. With the encouragement and support of her husband and three sons, she leveraged the most innovative technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to replicate her...


Alex Maclean -010

Alex Maclean- A conversation between Jordan Rich and pilot and photographer, Alex Maclean, who has flown his plane over much of the United States documenting the landscape. Alex is dyslexic, and in this interview he talks about his early diagnosis in the 1950’s and how his mother, recognizing the disparity between his curiosity and intelligence, and his reading ability, read to him so that he could keep up with his schoolwork; in fact he excelled in school, and graduated from Harvard...


Carey and Cliff Cort -009

Carey and Cliff Cort- A conversation between Jordan Rich and Carey and Cliff Cort, inspired and inspiring dyslexics married to each other, and the parents of two daughters one of whom is dyslexic. Cliff and Carey talk about the joys and difficulties they’ve experienced being dyslexic, and how it has challenged and enhanced their work and family life. To discover ways to support and become involved with Decoders, the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia’s groundbreaking film project...


Steve Wilkins -008

Steve Wilkins- A conversation between Jordan Rich and Steve Wilkins, Head of The Carroll School in Lincoln, Massachusetts, a school with a national reputation that celebrates and supports the unique learning styles of dyslexic students. Steve talks about The Carroll School as an outgrowth of the civil rights movement, a time when outliers began to assert their rights, as well as its current mission to apply state of the art research to teaching students. Steve says dyslexia is hard and he’s...


Kids with Superpowers -Charlie and Mary Worley -007

Kids With Super Powers- Charlie and Mary Worley- A conversation between Jordan Rich and Charlie and Mary Worley, a son and his mother discussing their perspectives on his experience being dyslexic. Unlike the others in his family, Charlie is dyslexic. Listen to him talk about his own perspective on dyslexia, and to his mother talk about the joys and challenges she’s experienced learning from and with him as he traveled an academic path unfamiliar to her. And if you’d like to discover ways to...


Tom West -006

Tom West- A conversation between Jordan Rich and Tom West, who is dyslexic and the author of Seeing What Others Cannot See (2017), Thinking Like Einstein (2004), and In the Mind’s Eye, which has been translated into Japanese, Chinese and Korean (1991 and 1997). In addition to being an author, Tom has worked with engineering and consulting firms where he co-managed a large international renewable energy research, design and training program in Egypt for USAID, participated in and led trade...


Kurt Carberry -005

Kurt Carberry- A conversation between Jordan Rich and Kurt Carberry, President of the North Star Media Group. Kurt is dyslexic, a former student of Dr. Gertrude Webb, and a graduate of the PAL program, which she founded at Curry College in 1969. Kurt credits having dyslexia with his ability to listen carefully and focus on other people’s needs. As his dad owned several radio stations throughout New England some of his first jobs included using his strong verbal skills by working on-air...


Kids with Super Powers -Chessy Singer -004

Kids With Super Powers- Chessy Singer- A conversation between Jordan Rich and Chessy Singer, granddaughter of Gertrude M. Webb. Like many others in her family, Chessy is dyslexic. Listen to her talk about her own perspective on dyslexia, and decide for yourself whether as a child and young adult her worldview was influenced by having had a grandmother who early on recognized and celebrated her strengths. And if you’d like to discover ways to support and become involved with Decoders, a...