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Dyslexics Wanted is the podcast of the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia

Dyslexics Wanted is the podcast of the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia


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Dyslexics Wanted is the podcast of the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia




Barry Weiner -141

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Barry Weiner, a true renaissance man who has enjoyed success in movie and documentary production, business and real estate and public service, despite deep struggles with learning during his school years. Things changed in a big way when Barry enrolled in the Program for Assisted Learning at Curry College in Milton. There he met and was mentored by the late Dr. Gertrude Webb and he credits her and the Pal Program for the learning skills, confidence and...


Jessica Minihan -040

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Jessica Minihan, special educator, behavior analyst and author of “The Behavior Code: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Teaching the Most Challenging Students. We discuss Jessica’s systematic approach for deciphering causes and patterns of difficult behaviors and how to match them with proven strategies. It’s all about getting our students back on track to learn! If you have a story worth sharing on this podcast, write to...


Phil Newman, LCSW -039

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Phil Newman, licensed social worker on staff at the Carroll School in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Phil discusses the pressures faced by children with learning differences and what’s being done to help them. He is also the co-founder of Next Step Academics, a ground breaking organization that addresses students’ interrelated educational and behavioral needs. Phil and his colleagues are helping young people achieve their goals and enjoy success! If you have a...


A Tribute to Dr. Webb and the PAL Program -038

We are proud to present this very special podcast episode. The Program for Assisted Learning at Curry College in Milton recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Founded by the late Dr Gertrude Webb, a pioneer in teaching children with learning differences, PAL has changed the lives of countless students over the years. This podcast features audio from the virtual reunion where former students and educators reflected on the success of the program and thank Dr. Webb and those she inspired for...


Micki Boas -037

On today’s episode, meet the author of a groundbreaking book that is a must-read for parents, educators and anyone concerned with the education of children with dyslexia. Micki Boas has written, “ One in Five: How We’re Fighting for our Dyslexic Kids in a System That’s Failing Them.” Micki talks with Jordan about battling the system that was neglecting her own children and she shares some of what she has learned about cutting through “the invisible red tape” that can be so frustrating. If...


Rosalin Abigail Kyere-Nartey -036

Dyslexics Wanted goes international once again and welcomes Rosalin Abigail Kyere-Nartey, a trailblazing woman from Ghana who was diagnosed as a young adult with dyslexia. Since then she has worked tirelessly to help her country recognize and help those with dyslexia. She recently started the Africa Dyslexia Organization to champion awareness and advocacy in Ghana and across Africa. Hers is a tale of overcoming adversity while offering hope to others. If you have a story worth sharing on...


Jeff Tackett -035

Today’s guest is a dyslexic father of a daughter who also has dyslexia. Jeff never knew he had it until his daughter was diagnosed. Since then he and his wife have lobbied for legislation in California to recognize learning difficulties. He is also a teacher for the state of California and work as a counselor for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Jeff is also a dedicated soccer coach for youth, high school, college and pro teams. He is a great help and inspiration to young...


Sandra Carter -034

Today, Jordan introduces us to Sandra Carter from Birmingham, England. She shares her wonderful story of meeting the challenges of dyslexia during her lifetime, finally being tested and diagnosed at age 40. By age 50 she realizes her dream of becoming a published science fiction novelist. She currently has three books available with more on the way. Sandra also gives back, mentoring others while using many creative arts to explore and maximize her “gift of dyslexia.” If you have a story...


Kids with Superpowers -Abigail Steeves -033

Today Jordan introduces you to another remarkable young person. Abigail Steeves lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The 14-year old 9th grader has dealt with dyslexia for years, but only recently received her diagnosis. She hasn’t let it stop her or even slow her down. Abigail is a leading climate change and environmental activist who has led large rallies and organized events to bring attention to the causes she is passionate about. Like so many of the students we feature, Abigail focuses on the...


Steve Wilkins, Remote Learning -032

On this special edition, Jordan welcomes back to the podcast Steve Wilkins, Head of School at the Carroll School in Lincoln, an independent day school for elementary and middle school students in grades 1 – 9 who have been diagnosed with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. Steve addresses the quick transition to remote learning, the impact of Covid-19 on the educational and emotional well-being of the students and creative ways the faculty is connecting and helping students. If...


Wes Hamilton -031

Jordan had a chance to connect with Wes Hamilton, who shared his incredible story of how he’s living his best life after being paralyzed in a shooting. Wes reminds us that within our uniqueness lies our greatness---an inspiring message shared by all of us at the Webb Center. If you have a story worth sharing on this podcast, write to jordan@chartproductions.com. If you’d like to discover ways to support and become involved with the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia, please visit our...


Curry College PAL Program -030

Jordan Rich, recently sat down with Laura Vanderberg, Director, and Lori Lubeski, Professor, of Curry College's PAL Program to hear about how it continues to grow while fulfilling Dr. Webb's mission of helping students "challenge strengths and strengthen challenges.” If you have a story worth sharing on this podcast, write to jordan@chartproductions.com. If you’d like to discover ways to support and become involved with the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia, please visit our website at...


Kids with Superpowers -Christianna Alexander -029

Today Jordan meets a remarkable young entrepreneur named Christianna Alexander. She’s the oldest of three children and faced many learning challenges early on in school. Struggles continued into the 2nd grade and she was forced to repeat the year. But, it didn’t take long for Christi to develop more confidence and better grades when she transferred to a school that focused on helping kids with learning disabilities. She not only did well in school, she caught the business bug early and after...


Andy Magdanz -028

A conversation between Jordan Rich and master glass blower Andy Magdanz of Almost Perfect Glass, a hot glass studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Powered by solar energy, the studio is home to a fantastic array of glass artists, sculptors, and jewelers. Because of his dyslexia which resulted in poor reading and writing skills in school, Andy was ridiculed by some and often told he wouldn’t have the stuff to succeed. But like so many featured on these podcasts he gravitated toward his calling...


Dr. Rhoda Bernard & Larry Rothstein -027

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Dr. Rhoda Bernard, managing director of the Berklee College of Music Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs and Larry Rothstein of No Limits Media. Both guests focus on the impact of art, music, theatre and dance on people of all ages with special needs and learning disabilities. Neuro-diversity is now being recognized understood and promoted with the help of caring educators and advocates like Rhoda and Larry. If you have a story worth sharing...


Dr. Sara Renzulli -026

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Sara Renzulli, visiting Assistant Professor, Counselor Education & Counseling Psychology Program with the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut. Much of her time is dedicated to helping exceptional kids with learning differences navigate school and social life, helping them grow into confident, capable adults. Sara shares her own story of childhood struggle and what she has learned in achieving balance and success. If you have a...


Jonathan Mooney -025

Meet Jonathan Mooney, a dyslexic writer, speaker and self-described do-gooder who is speaking the truth about difference vs. deficiency and people are listening. As a young student battling low expectations and feelings of failure, Jonathan came close to ending his life. He ultimately overcame despair (thanks to meeting up with the right teachers and mentors) and fought his way to becoming a college grad from Brown University. Jonathan earned an honors degree in English lit and wrote his...


Heather Caska, Way to Grow -024

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Heather Caska, Dyslexia Specialist, Director of Speech-Language and Dyslexia services at the Way to Grow pediatric therapy practice in Arizona. Heather recently joined the team at WTG and she loves the work she is doing to help children. She has experience working with a variety of communication disorders; however her passion lies in working with kids with dyslexia and helping their families. She is totally dedicated to bringing more awareness to the...


Dr. Kathryn Garforth -023

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Dr. Kathryn Garforth who offers professional expertise in Educational Psychology and a personal understanding of the frustrations children and adults with learning difficulties experience. Her story demands to be shared. As a child, Dr. Garforth struggled with reading and spelling in her primary years. A psychoeducational assessment in grade four helped her understand her strengths and gave her hope that with the right instruction and accommodations she...


Zachary Wingate -022

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Zachary Wingate. Zachary’s mission is to take what he has learned about dyslexia and “pay it forward.” He shares his experiences helping others with dyslexia understand that they are not alone and that there are steps they can take to succeed. Zachary’s is a story of hard work, a vow to never give up and an acknowledgement of the power of humor and love in living a life with dyslexia. If you have a story worth sharing on this podcast , write to...