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Welcome to EMBody Radio - a podcast devoted to educating and empowering listeners on all things training, nutrition, wellness, and growth. Host Emily Duncan is an exercise science major, bikini competitor, coach, and sports nutrition specialist devoted to bringing you nothing but the best in educational and uplifting content. This is THE show to teach you how to improve your body, expand your mind, and live your fullest life.

Welcome to EMBody Radio - a podcast devoted to educating and empowering listeners on all things training, nutrition, wellness, and growth. Host Emily Duncan is an exercise science major, bikini competitor, coach, and sports nutrition specialist devoted to bringing you nothing but the best in educational and uplifting content. This is THE show to teach you how to improve your body, expand your mind, and live your fullest life.
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Welcome to EMBody Radio - a podcast devoted to educating and empowering listeners on all things training, nutrition, wellness, and growth. Host Emily Duncan is an exercise science major, bikini competitor, coach, and sports nutrition specialist devoted to bringing you nothing but the best in educational and uplifting content. This is THE show to teach you how to improve your body, expand your mind, and live your fullest life.




EP 66 Poor Sleep and Bodyfat, and Easy Hacks for Improving Your Sleep

Sleep - it's something that we all love, but that most of us proooobably aren't getting enough of. And that's a HUGE detriment not just to our overall health, but to our performance and body composition. In today's show, we're talking sleep. More specifically, we're talking: -How poor sleep may negatively impact fat loss, -How poor sleep may potentially be catabolic (muscle-wasting), -How poor sleep may promote body fat gain, -Sleep hygiene, -Creating a nighttime routine that works for...


EP 65 Potential Mechanisms of Breast Implant Associated Illnesses/Breast Implant Illness | with Dr. Brian Lee

This episode serves as a capstone of sorts for the resources I've created surrounding breast implant associated health problems, more commonly known as "Breast Implant Illness." Today I had the pleasure of talking with board certified plastic surgeon and MY personal explant surgeon, Dr. Brian Lee, on all things breast implant issues. We talk about: -His journey into the profession, and how his own struggle with psoriatic arthritis led him down a path that blended his knowledge as a surgeon...


EP 64 Women and Anabolic Steroids, Steroid FAQs, and Being a Conscious Consumer | PT. II with Victoria Felkar

Steroids, particularly anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS), are very popular in all sports, but particularly strength and physique sports (bodybuilding, Weightlifting, powerlifting, and Crossfit). There's a huge taboo around AAS, but an even bigger taboo surrounding women and androgen use. I'm so excited to bring you part 2 with Victoria Felkar, a researcher whose research is quite literally titled, "Women and Steroids." We're diving into that exact topic in this episode. Today we talk...


EP. 63 Hormone History, the Menstrual Cycle, and Birth Control's Impact on Female Physiology | pt. 1 with Victoria Felkar

Do you take or have you taken hormonal birth control? Do you understand your own menstrual cycle? Have you ever tried to go off birth control and had an awful time trying to regain your natural cycle? Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Victoria Felkar once again. She was in some of the first episodes of EMBody Radio (episodes 5 & 6 to be exact), and she is a wealth of knowledge. Victoria is a researcher and she studies the things that other people don't seem to want to touch - women...


EP 62 Why Fat Loss Isn’t Working for You

What's up guys! Today we're back for a solo episode and we're digging a little deeper into fat loss... and more importantly, when it's NOT a good time to try and lose body fat and/or why your fat loss phase isn't going the way you'd like it to. Here's the link the the research review on metabolic adaptations I referenced in this show: https://jissn.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1550-2783-11-7 Today we talk about: -what needs to be in place before you start a cut -why previous...


EP 61 Using Food to Help Heal Anxiety | with Ali Miller, RD

Do you struggle with anxiety and/or depression? SO many of us do. Did you know that what and how you eat could help heal that? On today's show, I had to pleasure of interviewing Ali Miller. Ali is an integrative functional medicine practitioner with a background in naturopathic medicine. She is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, with a contagious passion for food as medicine developing clinical protocols and virtual programs using nutrients and food as the...


EP 60 Why I Removed My Breast Implants, My Explant Journey, and Breast Implant Illness

I've been through a lot of weird health complications the last couple of years and tried a lot of different therapies. If you had told me a year ago that it was my breast implants that were causing the problem, I'd have thought you were crazy. My health continued to decline, and then I came to realize that my implants could very well be at the root of why. Today, I talk about: -Some of the symptoms I had -What I tried to fix them/heal -What made me believe my health problems were related...


EP 59 Getting Real with Yourself, Online Criticism, and Recovery from Abuse and Eating Disorders | with Mik Zazon

TRIGGER WARNING FOR THIS EPISODE: We discuss eating disorders, physically/emotionally abusive relationships, PTSD, and mental illness in this episode, so please be aware of that before listening. Today's guest is, to put it simply, a warrior. Mik Zazon has been through so much for such a young person, and she's all about owning her story and using it to help others. Today's episode covers so many topics, including: -Physical trauma from sports that left her without college scholarships and...


EP 58 Blood Flow Restriction Training, Functional Neurology, and Vestibular System Training | with Kusha Karvandi

Blood flow restriction training, also known as occlusion training/BFR, has become increasingly popular in the fitness industry. Today's show features Kusha Karvandi, the man behind BFR Bands. Kusha has an extensive background as a trainer (over 10,000 hours with clients and over 20 nationally recognized certifications) and he also has a unique perspective given his knowledge of neurology. Today's episode is rich with knowledge from Kusha, including: -What does "functional neurology" even...


EP 57 Do Body Positivity and the Health Industry Mix? Healing After Hormones and Traditional Foods | with Victoria Myers RD/N

The body positivity/#BOPO movement is becoming increasingly popular... One question that health professionals, myself included, have asked, is "Does promoting body positivity mean promoting obesity or unhealthy behaviors?" There's also a myriad of fitness influencers/personalities beginning to use body positivity hashtags and claim the movement as their own... which can be problematic. Today's guest, Victoria Myers of Nourishing Minds Nutrition, is a Registered Dietitian who also speaks...


EP 56 How to Be A Smarter Content Consumer | FRIDAY 5

Social media essentially runs our current world... And I don't really think it's going anywhere. To be honest, there are a TON of positives to social media! But, put it in the wrong hands, and it can go south reeeeeal quick. It gives anyone with a smartphone/computer/tablet the ability to speak freely, without filtration or regulation. That can be a breeding ground for misinformation, especially in the fitness industry. I don't know about you, but there have been many a time when I found...


EP 55 Diet Mindsets, Why Willpower Doesn't Work, and Self Sabotage vs. Self Protection | with Dr. Kori Propst

Do you struggle with your diet? Rather, do you struggle with STICKING to your diet? Today's guest is Dr. Kori Propst. Kori is a health psychologist at the Diet Doc and the Mental Edge program, where she works to uncover the motivation(s) behind and the mindset of eating. She helps clients work on what and HOW we think, tendencies we have, triggers we have, and developing emotional agility. In today's show, we had some amazing conversations about diet, the mindsets/tendencies we have...


EP 54 WHYdentity, Raising Your Frequency, and Leaving Toxic Relationships | with Drew Canole

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Drew Canole, author of the book "You Be You" (available for preorder now) and founder of Organifi. This episode started as a talk on all the benefits of greens and took a turn for the spiritual. Get ready for this one, we went deep here! We talk about: -How Drew got into this whole situation through his own health transformation, where he discovered the power of green juice, -Defining yourself, -Focusing on not just identity, but...


EP 53 Food Sensitivities and Healing Reproductive Hormones | with Sarah Clark

Today's episode features Sarah Clark, a fertility coach who has been through the ringer with her own reproductive health. Sarah was diagnosed with ovarian failure at 28 and had her two children via in vitro fertilization. It wasn't until later that she realized her infertility was actually caused by various food intolerances. She has now dedicated her life to coaching couples through infertility challenges and helps women conceive naturally. In today's show, we talk about: -Sarah's...


EP 52 Victim or Protagonist?

Today's episode is a solo episode from yours truly! Adversity, struggle, sadness, hardship. Ubiquitous across the human experience. But what happens when tough times strike? Do you fall into the victim mentality? Is everything that happens to you "just bad luck," or make you feel stuck/like you're destined to live a crappy life? Or are you the protagonist? Do you KNOW there's a way, and do you find it? We're all one of those two people. Learn which script you're reading to flip it out of...


EP 51 Genetics and Dieting, Hacking Your Genes, and the Endocannabinoid System | with David Krantz

I hope you're ready for an information-packed episode today! David Krantz is a health coach who specializes in genetics, including epigenetics, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, and even the genetic component of CBD/THC/and other cannabis-derived products. You'll want to grab a pen and paper for this one! Today, you'll learn about: -What epigenetics is/what it means, -How we can change our genetic makeup throughout our lifetime with diet, exercise, and lifestyle, -What happens when our genes...


EP 50 Optimizing Aging with Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle | with JZ Zerling

On this episode of EMBody Radio, I talked to Jennifer “JZ” Zerling. She’s earned a master’s degree in Kinesiology, maintains multiple certifications (personal training, biomechanics, spin, nutrition, yoga), and has helped develop several fitness-related businesses. JZ is an age-management and aging specialist and also develops the High School fitness program for Matthew McConaughey’s non-profit foundation, Just Keep Livin. You can also catch JZ’s fitness and nutrition knowledge in many of...


EP 49 Being a Uniqorn, Empathy in Business, and Sacrificing Your Ego

Welcome back to part 2 of my interview with Grant Dziak. Last week, we talked about all things masculinity and body image from the male perspective. This week, we’re talking about all sorts of different things that are just as valuable. Some of the things we talked about were: - The idea behind Uniqorn Apparel and what it means to be a Uniqorn, - Being an entrepreneur of your own life, - How to figure out who’s full of shit vs. who knows their shit in the fitness social media world, -...


EP 48 Masculinity, Mindset, Body Image, and Fitness After Athletics | with Grant Dziak

On today's show, I had the honor of interviewing someone very near and dear to my heart. Grant Dziak is not only the love of my life, but he's also a brilliant man with incredible perspective and life lessons to offer anyone out there. Today we had (part one of) a very interesting discussion, where we zeroed in on: -body image and eating disorders from the male perspective, -the common insecurity among all humans, -the pressure of trying to "look the part" as a man in sports (in this...


EP 47 Why Your Haters SHOULDN'T be Your Motivators | Motivation Monday

Where does your motivation come from? What kind of energy are your feeding off of and projecting back into the world? On today's episode, I talk about the concept of, "Let your haters be your motivators," and why I think it's flawed. If you're one of those people who lets negative comments/people fuel your actions, give this episode a listen. -------------------------- Find me here: Instagram Twitter YouTube My Website - be sure to sign up for my email list if you want to be part of...