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EXTRACTED features unfiltered conversations with cannabis experts and enthusiasts. Join hosts and industry insiders, Kayla and Chris as they explore the science and lifestyle of this naturally exceptional plant. There’s a whole lot to extract. Presented by Leafly.

EXTRACTED features unfiltered conversations with cannabis experts and enthusiasts. Join hosts and industry insiders, Kayla and Chris as they explore the science and lifestyle of this naturally exceptional plant. There’s a whole lot to extract. Presented by Leafly.
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EXTRACTED features unfiltered conversations with cannabis experts and enthusiasts. Join hosts and industry insiders, Kayla and Chris as they explore the science and lifestyle of this naturally exceptional plant. There’s a whole lot to extract. Presented by Leafly.






Science, Strains & CBD with Nick Jikomes (Part 1)

We’re ending Season 1 on a high note! In this two-parter, we welcome Leafly’s Principal Research Scientist, Nick Jikomes. Nick takes us for a tour inside the endocannabinoid system and drops game-changing knowledge about classifying strains – it goes much deeper than the currently categorized indica vs sativa! Find more cannabis knowledge at Leafly.ca Twitter: @leafly Instagram: @leafly Thank you to our podcast partner: Leafly.ca Connect with us at: extracted@valensgroworks.com


Growing Organic with David Bernard-Perron

What does it take to grow organic cannabis? There’s no better person to ask than this week’s guest, David Bernard-Perron. David is the VP of Growing Operations at The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) and a brilliant source of knowledge for all things organic. Listen as he breaks down the challenges and benefits of organic cultivation, and shares why he believes cannabis is the most exciting of all plants. For more on this episode visit:...


Cannabis Careers with Alison McMahon

Cannabis at Work CEO & Founder (and fellow podcaster), Alison McMahon joins us. Listen as Alison discusses the hiring landscape and high demand jobs in the space. She also shares her valuable advice for employers and employees alike. Whether you’re hiring or looking to be hired, you’ll want to hear this! For more on this episode visit: https://www.valensgroworks.com/blog/extracted-podcast/extracted-episode-14-cannabis-careers-with-alison-mcmahon/ Find more about Cannabis at Work at:...


The Future of Cannabis in Canada with Chris Fair

Let’s dig into the data! In this episode, we discuss the findings from the Future of Cannabis in Canada Report – a new research study from Resonance Consultancy and Valens. How do Canadians feel about cannabis since legalization? Where are we going next? We’re joined by futurist and Resonance President, Chris Fair, to get answers to these questions and more. For more on this episode, and to download the full report, visit:...


The View from Europe with George McBride

Extracted goes international! We’re joined from across the pond by George McBride, Co-founder of Cannabis Europa and Hanway Associates. We get George’s take on cannabis in the UK, the broader European landscape and Canada’s undeniable influence. Plus find out how the Cannabis Europa Conference came to be. For more on this episode visit: https://www.valensgroworks.com/news/extracted-episode-12-the-view-from-europe-with-george-mcbride/ Get in touch with Hanway Associates at:...


Finance and FOMO with Aaron Salz

In this finance focused episode, we’re joined by active advisor and thought leader Aaron Salz, founder of Stoic Advisory Inc. We get into the nuts and bolts of the cannabis capital markets, and why FOMO isn’t exactly a great investment strategy. Plus, special guest host Everett Knight of Valens makes his podcast debut! Read more about this episode here: https://www.valensgroworks.com/news/extracted-episode-11-finance-and-fomo-with-aaron-salz/ Follow Aaron on Twitter: @StoicAdvisory For...


Latest & Greatest with Leafly

In this episode, we get the latest insights from Jo Vos, Managing Director at Leafly Canada. Jo talks about working in cannabis, bringing the Leafly legacy to Canada, and why cannabis is all about connection. Plus hear more about Leafly’s origins and and get a super sneak peek at what’s in store for 2019. Read more about this episode here: https://www.valensgroworks.com/news/extracted-episode-10-latest-greatest-with-leafly/ Leafly is hiring! Learn more at:...


Extraction 101 with Vitalis

It’s about time! In our final Live from Lift episode, we caught up with Vitalis co-founders Joel Sherlock and James Seabrook to talk all things extraction. Follow the process from plant to oil, learn all about Supercritical CO2, and so much more. This is extraction, explained. Read more about this episode here: https://www.valensgroworks.com/news/extracted-episode-9-extraction-101-with-vitalis/ Discover more about Vitalis at: vitaliset.com Instagram: @vitalisextractiontech Twitter:...


Explosive Design with Detonate Cannabis Agency

In our second “Live from Lift” episode, we’re chatting with the guys from Detonate Cannabis Agency. Based in Toronto, Detonate designs packaging, print collateral, and trade show booths for many of the cannabis industry’s top brands. Detonate’s President & CEO, Imraan Khan and Brand Manager, Taylor Keefe join us to discuss the challenges and opportunities of marketing cannabis in Canada, and share why they believe cannabis represents change. To read more about this episode, visit:...


The Future of Horticulture with Michael Williamson

Live from Lift in Vancouver! Our guest is Michael Williamson, Director of Cultivation for Pipp Horticulture in San Francisco. Listen in as Michael takes us through the evolution of horticulture and cannabis client care, the differences between Canada and the US, and what’s next in cultivation and cannabis consumer offerings. Plus Michael shares his inspiring personal journey with cannabis, which is sure to blow you away. For more on this episode, head to:...


Culinary Cannabis with Derek Simcik

Hot on the heels of the draft regulations for edibles, we’re talking with renowned Seattle-based chef Derek Simcik about cooking with cannabis. Derek shares his process for curating seven course cannabis-infused dinners and offers some practical advice for the home chef. The salivating starts now. For more on this episode, head to: https://www.valensgroworks.com/news/extracted-episode-6-culinary-cannabis-with-derek-simcik/ | Follow Derek on Instagram: chef_derek83 | Look for Derek’s...


Investing in Cannabis with Bruce Campbell

It’s time to talk finance. StoneCastle’s Founder and Portfolio Manager, Bruce Campbell drops by to help make sense of the cannabis financial markets. We get into company valuations, what to look for when investing, and sectors on the rise. For more on this episode, head to: https://www.valensgroworks.com/news/extracted-episode-5-investing-in-cannabis-with-bruce-campbell/ | Learn more about StoneCastle’s Cannabis Growth Fund here: stonecastlefunds.ca | Thank you to our podcast partner:...


Regulation Across the Nation with Deepak Anand

We’re thrilled to have Deepak Anand on this episode! A thought-leader and renowned voice in the industry, Deepak is an expert in cannabis regulations and a global policy enthusiast. We discuss the regulations in Canada and abroad, and get a little taste of what’s in store for edibles. Read more about this episode here: valensgroworks.com/news/extracted-episode-4-regulation-across-the-nation-with-deepak-anand | Visit Canadian Compliance Inc at: cannabiscomplianceinc.com | Learn more about...


Supply & Sunlight with Tantalus Labs

CEO Dan Sutton & CFO Luke Jenkins from Tantalus Labs are live in the studio! We’re talking quality, supply and demand, and what true transparency means. Plus, hear more about their sungrown process and why they believe cannabis isn’t a commodity. Read more about this episode here: https://www.valensgroworks.com/news/extracted-episode-3-supply-sunlight-tantalus-labs/ Learn more about Tantalus Labs at: tantaluslabs.com | To support the Cannabis Substitution Project on the Downtown Eastside,...


Getting Educated with Emma Chasen

Cannabis educator extraordinaire, Emma Chasen calls in from Portland to drop some science and knowledge. Listen to her discuss terpenes, cannabinoids, and the importance of cannabis education for the industry and the people. Find out why Emma calls cannabis “The Great Illuminator.” Read more about this episode, here: https://www.valensgroworks.com/news/extracted-episode-2-getting-educated-with-emma-chasen/ Find Emma Chasen at: emmachasen.com | Eminent Consulting: eminentconsultingfirm.com...


Legalization: The story so far with Jamie Shaw

Weed did it! In our very first episode, we’re talking with writer and renowned cannabis advocate, Jamie Shaw about the first week of cannabis legalization in Canada. Listen in as she discusses the raids, the roll-out across each province, and why cannabis is a lot like carrots. Plus find out why cannabis is personal to Jamie. For more on this topic, head to: valensgroworks.com Follow Jamie Shaw on Twitter: @jamiesashaw BC Independent Cannabis Association:...