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This is the place where busy ambitious women are inspired to embrace a simplified, authentic and happier life - so they can FEEL their best and go after their GOALS! New episodes drop weekly - solo shows with Kirsti and real, raw conversation with experts - covering topics like wellness, relationships, money, business, career and even parenting. Together we are going to simplify our life!




This is the place where busy ambitious women are inspired to embrace a simplified, authentic and happier life - so they can FEEL their best and go after their GOALS! New episodes drop weekly - solo shows with Kirsti and real, raw conversation with experts - covering topics like wellness, relationships, money, business, career and even parenting. Together we are going to simplify our life!



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Whisper - Readings from latest book

Whisper launched in April 2022 and hit bestseller in multiple hot new release categories. Today I am sharing a few short passages from the book and celebrating all of the authors for sharing so bravely. You can buy Whisper on Amazon OR you can still order a signed copy from me directly. Thank you all for your support.


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How are Moms Really Doing?

Michelle and I are opening up the conversation around working moms, mom guilt, balance, life since lockdowns and other important things that relate to HOW WOMEN ARE ACTUALLY DOING right now. There was a ton of exchanges and articles in advance of this convo and we are sharing them all here for you to check out and weigh in on too! Canadian Chamber of Commerce press release: https://chamber.ca/news/working-women-are-not-ok-job-numbers-commentary-from-the-canadian-chamber-of-commerce/ Wall Street Journal - Boost Your Mental Health by saying No: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-ultimate-self-care-strategy-saying-no-11651529315 Globe & Mail: Opinion - Don’t worry working Moms, your kids are going to be alright https://www-theglobeandmail-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/opinion/article-dont-worry-working-moms-your-kids-are-going-to-be-alright/ The Star article on quitting rather than returning to the office https://www-thestar-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.thestar.com/amp/business/2022/06/16/nearly-half-of-canadian-working-women-would-rather-quit-than-return-to-the-office-full-time-survey-finds.html Connect with Michelle on Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-reidel-537b15b/


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Heal Your Space, Heal Yourself

I know first hand how impactful your physical space can be on your ability to heal and so when Ala from MindfulSpacesbyAla connected on Instagram I wanted to learn more! She teaches women how to simplify and how to do far more than declutter their spaces although that is a priority. I loved our conversation on mindful spending, emotional healing and simplifying and I think you will take something away that you are meant to hear today. Connect on IG with Ala at https://www.instagram.com/mindfulspacesbyala/


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Trusting Yourself

This episode is a very special one - Allie works with entrepreneurs helping them sink into their essence and higher selves - I have had the pleasure of working with and interviewing some of her clients here on this podcast and its a stellar client list trust me! I believe there is so much power for women who don't run their own business to take these messages of trust, belief in yourself and using tools like manifestation, surrender, meditation and human design to find momentum and ease in their careers! I hope you take away a juicy nugget from this episode and decide to share it with me and Allie. Link to connect on with Allie on IG and learn all about her amazing programs and be inspired weekly by her living her fullest life - https://www.instagram.com/allietymo/ Information on Tellent + The Propeller Experience Unleashing the power of women! We are changing the landscape for women and work to create more equal access to opportunity for all! Job Board, Community, Networking, Events, the Propeller Experience, Skills and Mindset training + Unleash your power! Visit for details on Propeller here - https://www.propellerexperience.com/ Book a call with Jenny (Founder of Tellent) completely free to learn if Propeller is right for you! https://calendly.com/tellent/15min


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Life > Career - NEW COACHING

Today I want to share with you a new offer for 1:1 coaching like nothing I have ever offered before - this is the therapy for your career you have been asking for and we are getting ready to kick off asap so DM me on Instagram or email kirstistubbs@gmail.com if this is something you want to learn more about! Don't forget to leave a review for a chance to win a self care package in the mail this summer! Check out Women in Progress Media - Shows in our network to check out! The Now What Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-now-what-pod/id1559319776 Honest as a Mother - https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/honest-as-a-mother/id1516360281 Inner Child Inner Wild - https://innerchildinnerwild.buzzsprout.com/ Balance and Bliss Podcast - https://linktr.ee/balanceblissblog


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What it really takes to Get Sh!t Done!

Covid really messed up our plans and we don't talk about that enough! Rachel owned a thriving co-working space pre pandemic in Toronto and she had to pivot massively - which she did and gracefully I may add. Now, this girl is Getting Sh!t done in new ways and she is helping others do it too. I loved this convo... past, present and future Make Lemonade stories and updates. Everything you need to connect, follow and take part in what Rachel is up to can be found here https://www.makelemonade.ca/ Tag us both online from whereever you listen!


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Getting friendly with Emotions + Play

Amanda Evans is passionate about supporting children and families to be their happiest and healthiest selves! Her own healing journey taught her so much about the extraordinary healing powers of play, love, and connection. She is dedicated to helping people take their health and happiness into their own hands, believing in their own magic and the power to heal from within. Her work as a Kindergarten teacher (and recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser) taught her so much about how we need to be able to fill our own cups and feel safe, loved, accepted and connected in order to help children to do the same. She uses her teaching background, her experience supporting children with exceptionalities along with her own personal experience healing from a brain injury to help support others with invisible “disabilities” (or better yet...SUPERPOWERS!). Her first book - Eat, Play, Love - is out now and can be purchased here Everything about Amanda's services and how to follow her is here - https://www.mindbodysoulmiracles.com/


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Diary of an Honest Mom joins Kirsti!

The QUEEN of relatable motherhood reels is joining me on todays episode and I am so excited to bring you this honest convo. Libby was a teacher before the pandemic began and she took to tik tok + IG to start sharing what she called Diary of an Honest Mom... her real honest and relatable content went viral .... over and over and over again! She now works with big brands, is a keynote speaker and content creator who is making moms feel seen and understood every dang day!! Hope you like this episode, let us know by tagging me and Libby online and sharing it with your other kickass mom friends. @diaryofanhonestmom @kirstistubbs If this episode and other Embrace Simplified shows are providing value in your week I would love for you to leave us a review where you listen - it helps me so much and I appreciate your time in leaving it!!


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Human Design to Unlock Ease

I have been having so many conversations on Human Design lately and I was so excited when Laura said she was in for the podcast as I knew I needed to bring this discussion and knowledge to all of you. Laura is a mom, a corporate professional and an entrepreneur. She is HD certified and she has a talent for helping women integrate their unique Human Design blueprint into how they operate at work orin their own business. This is next level stuff – this is how you feel seen and understood on a deep and profound level. Things you do that irritate someone close to you or even YOU – will suddenly seem to make more sense and through digging into this work you will know how to leverage them and use them for good! I cannot wait for you to lean into this and hope that some of you reach out to Laura directly and give yourself the gift of learning about your design profile. Find her on IG – @lauralorentzcoaching | Check out ways to work with Laura – https://www.lauralorentz.com/link-in-bio


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New World of Work for Women- Part 2

We are back for Part 2 with Jenny Hargraves, the founder of Tellent. In this episode Jenny gets vulnerable with us about her mental health journey as a mother and entrepreneur - including a very difficult low point in the pandemic. She was brave enough to let us hear her story and shared what she feels helped her get back to a healthier place. If you want to learn more about Tellent and the Propeller Experience I hope you will go back to Episode 71 and listen to Jenny share more. Visit wearetellent.com for all the details Anyone struggling with mental health issues please reach out to a friend or health professional to get help - you are not alone! BetterHelp.com is a great resources for finding therapy online and AbilitiCBT is free therapy online for those living in Ontario.


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New World of Work for Women- Part 1

Jenny is a firecracker and woman on a MISSION! Ever since I have known her she has been passionate about advancing women in the workplace. She is a public speaker, founder and expert in the issues that are holding us back in workplaces and in building our businesses. She is also a personal friend so this episode is a juicy one because I knew the questions to ask ;) We go there with mental health, pandemic stress, homeschooling while building massive projects professionally, changing our minds on things in our life ... enjoy the listen and make a big coffee this is a longer than usual episode! Please consider taking a close look at The Propeller Experience - it is a program packed with value whether you are returning to work, starting a business or wanting to get to the next level in your career. https://www.propellerexperience.com/ Follow Tellent online @wearetellent and please tag us online when you are listening to this.


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Build a Beautiful Biz with @BrittneyCEO

Juicy convo with a badass Brittney Jones CEO who's helping women build beautiful businesses online! This entrepreneur gives women permission and KNOW HOW to earn more money than they ever dreamed of. The conversation around DESIRE and getting to your next level financially in your career or business is one you do not want to miss! Follow Brittney on IG @BrittneyCEO or listen weekly to her podcast https://www.brittneyjonesceo.com/podcast For all information about coaching and programs wth Brittney please visit brittneyjonesceo.com


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Real Motherhood with @theblondeandthebabe

Jenna from @theblondeandthebabe is joining me to discuss mom life in 2022 - we chat entrepreneurship, juggling multiple jobs, mat leave in a pandemic, kids parties, her hobbies and more! This episode will inspire you to think BIG about what you could do as a small side business or even giving you permission to start a hobby or a creative project for YOU. Jenna is creating beautiful + real content online which drew me in AND she helped me through my hair dilemmas last year when I embraced the curls and the grey all at once. If you need some hair help or want to fill your feed with more women keeping it REAL on all things self care and motherhood then Jenna is one to follow! Tag us while you are listening and I would be so grateful if you shares the show for more moms to find it. To connect with Jenna find her here - https://www.instagram.com/theblondeandthebabe/


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Redefining Work, Beauty and Life

Andria from @building.our.beautiful joins me to talk about allllll the things - motherhood, business, health and beauty! She authentically shares her career story, her ah ha moments, her hardest points and how she is embracing life and simplifying. Andria is a true leader, building a beautiful business and community and I love being inspired by her raw and truthful content online - follow her on IG and visit https://linktr.ee/buildingourbeautiful to learn more about clean beauty and everything Andria has to offer!


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Permission with Kristi

Kristi is a Energetic Activator & Consciousness Expander who offers coaching and luxury retreats. This episode is all about PERMISSION - what do you need to give yourself permission for? How powerful could this be the most ultimate act of self love and self care? This is what we are talking about... the perspective and rituals we can be embracing to welcome in permission and expansion. We talk about barriers vs boundaries and the masculine and feminine energy balance. Visit Kristi on IG @KristiKingPerras to discover amazing ways to work together.


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Purpose + Advocacy

Please consider sharing this episdoe and tag myself and Tara Wood so we can bring even more awareness to this important campaign - making fertility treatments and support acessible and affordable for more families in Canada! conceivabledreams.org is where you need to go to learn more and help advocate. There is currently board positions open and maybe one of our listeners would be suited to help this amazing campaign succeed!


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Style, Social Circles + Success with Susan

I just couldn't help myself with the alteration on this weeks episode title! You all caught that right?! Today you will get to listen in while Susan and I catch up and dig in to life as entrepreneurs pivoting in pandemics (or not) and doing things our own way (no matter what). I love the journey and growth that Isla Pearl has taken in the years I have been following along and I think Susan has built a brand that feels very aligned to who she is and what she loves. We call all take something away from this lady and her story! For all things visit https://www.islapearl.com/ and on IG @islapearllife Note - no video footage of this episode being recorded will ever surface but you are correct in the knowing that Susan looked AMAZING in a ruffle sleeve and I had just gotten out of the shower and was in a tie dye hoodie I am almost certain ;)


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Capturing Life's Moments

You will leave this episode inspired to take the chaos that is your photo situation and start creating beautiful keepsake photo books for you and your family. Plus we talk all things motherhood, health and how we became fast friends. Everything you need to work with Emily, book her for family or brand shoots and learn more about the beautiful books she makes is at emilydphotography.com


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Your Kids Their Money

Clifton was introduced to me online through a mutual friend and I was excited to bring him on the podcast as MONEY + PARENTING are two topics I want to dig into more this year. Clifton is the perfect teacher of helping us raise more financially literate kids - he just released his first book, he is also a father and he had a difficult time financially that he knows he can help other people avoid. In this episode he candidly shares his tips for parents and how owning our money stories can help us move forward with new habits. Link to order Cliftons new book OR give a review if you have already read it! https://www.amazon.ca/Your-Kids-Their-Money-Financially/dp/1777869501 Learn more - cliftoncorbin.com


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Mental Health + Motherhood

This was a wonderful episode - Carly boldly shares how is her business has evolved and grown significantly while allowing her to build her dream life and live her purpose. Carly opened a virtual health clinic in the pandemic and as a business woman what she has accomplished is amazing! Along with her practice she coaches women in becoming the best version of themselves and shedding their shoulds to live from a place of less anxiety and more clarity. As a mother of twin 5 year old girls she knows first hand what the role of motherhood can do to change a woman's mental health and she candidly shared her story with us. Her clinic, podcast, book and programs can all be found on carlycrewe.com