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How This Travel Blogger Gets Her Stories On Major Publications

Amrita is the travel writer behind Our Little Travelbook where she captures her travel experiences. She's blossomed her travel blogging into writing for huge brands like Expedia. We sat her down to ask how she did it and her advice for other travel bloggers.


How To Go From Freelancer To Social Influencer

Meet Justin, the author of the Social Media Rocket Series. He evolved from freelancer to Digital Business Advisor and Speaker. He's also now a Social-Media Influencer and founded iboommedia. He's been featured in Forbes and Huffingtonpost. He can teach you how social media can take you from freelancer to founder or influencer and how that translates to financial success. He held nothing back in our interview. It's jam packed with specific strategies to find success.


Insider Scoop: The Truth About Parent Blogging

Today, you meet Alena. She's a writer, mother, and educator on her blog, Soul Mamma. Her blog has been growing since 2009 with the express purpose of sharing what she's learned on her parenting journey. She loves supporting moms to help them feel more organized, simplify things, and be more soulfully present.


Can You Financially Profit From True Love?

Alexis works with women who are fed up with dating. She explains "They don’t understand why dating has become so hard and frustrating when it used to be so fun and easy in their early 20s. They’re beginning to lose faith in love and wondering if it will ever happen for them, as they see all their friends beginning to get married." After completing a graduate program at Harvard, she found herself with similar feelings, but she found the way out. She's now a Dating Expert and Results Coach for...


Getting Advice On Being Honest About Money & Music

Yamica was born in Portsmouth, NH. She is the oldest granddaughter of the late Jean M. Jones, Portsmouth’s ‘Lady of Song’ and she is great-neice to local jazz legend Sharon “Brown Sugar” Jones. At age 3, she gave her first performance and has been singing ever since. This singer/songwriter can be found performing all over the seacoast with her father, also a local legend in blues, R&B and funk, Pete Peterson


Advice For Growing A Career You Love

Terrence “Esquire” Huggins is a phenomenal producer with a new-age sound and a unique array of music compositions. Esquire's soothing chords along with experience in production makes this young producer bound to bring original flavor into this world of music! His inspirations include production from Virginia’s own Pharrell and Timberland. “Hailing out of the Washington, DC area and in being surrounded around such amazing talent in the DMV has only inspired me to want to excel in this...


Truth About Money, Music, And Motivation

DJ AD is an up and coming hip-hop artist in the UK. He collaborates with artists all over the world, but what really sets him apart is his music has profound purpose. He speaks on women's empowerment, ending youth violence, and suicide prevention. We had to sit down with this passionate musician to ask him what motivates him and how he makes a career out of his inspirational music.


How To Land Your First Client

Sam Olliver left school at sixteen years old to start working. He had a great experience in the property industry with leadership training. He realized that there was a more fulfilling career for him in helping people with cognitive behavioral coaching. On today's episode, he tells the story of his journey and gives his advice for how coaches can take the leap and land their first clients. You can find him...


How To Say No To Reach Your Goals

Laura is an International Online Marketing Coach, Consultant, and Trainer, as well as a Professional Speaker, Author, and College Instructor. She's an expert in social media marketing and she's super fun. Her passion leaks through with every answer she gives. Her episode is packed with useful advice for everything from how to use Twitter to when to say "no" in order to grow your business and reach your goals. You can find her online...