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Welcome to Everyday Extraordinary Healthcare!

Welcome to Everyday Extraordinary Healthcare!


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Welcome to Everyday Extraordinary Healthcare!




Episode 6: Flexible Buildings

An estimated 164,500 hospitals around the world are expected to stand for 70-100 years. For owners and operators, buildings with older or even newer systems that aren’t flexible present many challenges when it comes to meeting sustainability requirements, efficiency parameters, and ever-changing clinical needs. A truly modern building will flex with changing demands. The building’s infrastructure will adapt and accommodate new systems and devices.


Episode 5: Protecting Your Assets

Facilities teams must maintain extraordinary operations, so their clinical teams can continuously deliver extraordinary care, every day. But a reactive approach to asset performance management exposes hospitals and clinicians to critical risks and uncertainty. Digitization drives real-time, data-driven decisions through predictive analytics and while proactive maintenance optimizes asset availability and performance, keeping your operations more productive and profitable.


Episode 4: Holistic hospital IT-OT cybersecurity

The IoT revolution can help to improve the reliability and comfort of hospitals’ electrical and environmental systems, while making them more efficient and helping control costs. Potential cybersecurity risks associated with digital IoT systems can be largely outweighed by the benefits, if managed properly.


Episode 3: Power Reliability - The Essence of Resilience

Power reliability is literally a matter of life and death in medicine. As healthcare providers know, a power outage or interruption affecting an ICU, surgical theater, procedure room, vaccine storage area, electronically locked drug-dispensing unit or long-term care facility can do more than disrupt care and work flows; it can cause harm and cost lives. Listen as our guest speakers discuss methods to ensure power reliability and resilience in healthcare: Chris Roberts: Moderator, Global...


Episode 2: Think Remote Operations

Health systems can benefit by increasing their remote service capabilities to control costs, minimize risks, and maintain operations with reduced resources. Today's digitized technologies can help optimize power and building management systems. Listen in as our guest speakers discuss today's challenges and solutions for remote management in healthcare: Chris Roberts: Moderator, Global Solutions Architect, Schneider Electric Judith Sands: Clinical health IT professional, author Paul...


Episode 1: Driving Resiliency in Healthcare

Tune in to the new Schneider Electric Podcast for Everyday Extraordinary Healthcare focusing on Resiliency! In our first episode, Chris Needham, solutions lead for the UK and Ireland, and Chris Roberts, Global Solutions Architect, discuss the importance of robustness, redundancy, and reconfigurability of electrical systems in response to the need for greater resiliency and better contingency planning to meet the surging demands for healthcare facilities.