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Life In Spite Of: A Solution For Méniére’s Disease with Shawn Finnerty

Shawn Finnerty has been suffering with Méniére's Disease. For people unfamiliar with Méniére's Disease, it can be an extremely debilitating inner ear disorder that can leave people with loud ringing in the ears, ear clogged or ear fullness, extreme vertigo and drop attacks, loss of hearing, nausea, headaches and/or migraines, digestive issues, and extreme fatigue. […]


Applied Kinesiology And Network Spinal Analysis with Dr. Tony Ly

Dr. Tony Ly is a doctor of chiropractic out of Santa Ana, California. Dr. Tony practices Applied Kinesiology and Network Spinal Analysis to heal his patients. Applied Kinesiology and the Network Spinal Analysis technique are different forms of chiropractic that may look different from an outsider's perspective, but they are both very powerful techniques and […]


Dr. Bradley Maestas on Athletes, Cupping, And Sports Chiropractic

A chiropractor with a specialty in sports medicine, Dr. Bradley Maestas talks about his field and experiences. He shares when he first started his journey towards being a chiropractor and his love for sports. Putting the two together, he went on to specialize in sports chiropractic. He shows his expertise while mixing in acupuncture practices […]


Upper Cervical to the World with Dr. John Hilpisch

Dr. John Hilpisch shares his story on when he started his journey as a chiropractor. Recovering from broken bones and a broken football career, he saw an opportunity to do better and pursued chiropractic. Dr. Hilpisch breaks down the difference between a “straight” chiropractic and a “regular” chiropractic, covering his own experience on shifting to […]


The Neck Hammock with Steve Sudell

Due to our busy lives, we can’t help but forget to take care of our bodies. We sit in chairs all day long, typing away for a living. Then we arrive home and just fall into our beds, sleeping the night into day to start another routine. This puts a lot of stress on us, […]


Automatic Pattern Interruption with Dr. Bob Levine

Most physicians go into the right orientation wanting to help people and make contribution to the world and just make a decent living. However, it’s hard for them to do that because their main tool is pharmacology. When Dr. Bob Levine had back and hip pain back in 1994, he started exploring alternative therapies. He […]


The Art Of Mastery: Taichi and Hapkido with Dr. Chad Billiris

Aside from being an extremely talented upper cervical chiropractor, Dr. Chad Billiris has an amazing life story and has some very impressive credentials in the world of martial arts. Dr. Chad spent ten years in Korea and studied with the top masters in hapkido and taekwondo, earning himself a fourth-degree black belt in hapkido and […]


Precision Chiropractic with Dr. Alfred Tomp

When it comes to chiropractic and spinal correction, people always think the adjustment is what gets them better. It doesn’t. It's only when your body is in a state of not needing to be adjusted that it will heal and get better. Upper cervical specialist Dr. Alfred Tomp says that’s what separates upper cervical chiropractors […]


Plant Based with Ian Cramer

If you look at things as a whole, this country is unhealthy. We do a lot of things in our daily lives that are based on emotion. When it comes to something that is as important as your health, if you base things on emotion, you're going to stick to your ice cream, pizza, and […]


Regenerative Musculoskeletal Procedures with Dr. Fawad Mian

There is obviously a time and place for surgery. However, it is nice to go over all of your options, especially the noninvasive ones, before having a major surgery done. Dr. Fawad Mian is a neurologist who specializes in regenerative medicine and sleep disorders. Within the field of neurology, we see a lot of other […]


Wait For The Dawn with Sachiko Tiana

We do great things in the world. There may be a lot of breakdowns and breakthroughs, but everyone is so much more capable of happiness, contentment, joy, and service when we're doing and connected to our passions. Looking back at her life, entrepreneur, singer, and host of the Wait for the Dawn podcast Sachiko Tiana […]


Fasting with Dr.Nathan Gershfeld

Your body can heal itself almost everything if given the right conditions. The right conditions are diet, sleep, exercise, sunshine, laughter, appropriate response to stress, and a loving social circle. If we add upper cervical care to that from different traumas or any other things, we have a complete picture of how we can create […]


Health is Wealth with Dr. Anthony Dinonno

A lot of people can't connect the dots with a trauma they've had in the past. They think once the symptoms show up, that's when everything started happening, but the body has probably been out of alignment for many years before the symptoms show up. Dr. Anthony Dinonno had the very same case when he […]


Upper Cervical Vitality with Dr. Ian Bulow

The miracle of life is within the brain stem anatomically. The upper cervical spine, the upper neck, has such a big influence on the brain. Looking at brain scans of the changes of the frontal lobe before and after spinal adjustments, we're seeing changes in brain function when we work on the neck. If you […]


10 Holistic Health Hacks with Mike Mills

If you’ve ever been that nerdy kid who never gets picked for team, then you know what Mike Mills felt like as a kid. Mike is a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, nutrition coach, and also has a BS in Kinesiology. Before he became all of these and developed his ten holistic health hacks, […]


No Bad Days with Dr. Kevin Pecca

Dr. Kevin Pecca’s health journey started on day one when he was born two and a half months early, weighing only two pounds and fifteen ounces. He was about sixteen years old when he started asking the questions about where health comes from and how healthy do we truly think we are. In spite of […]


Farm A Yard: Biodynamic Farming With Linda Borghi

With the state of the economy as it currently stands, families need to rethink better, cheaper ways of sourcing your own food. Now with Farm A Yard, enterprising homeowners are learning how to turn lawns into food using BioEnergetic methods. Farm-A-Yard was started by Linda Borghi back in 2015, when she felt the strong desire […]


Cultivating A Motivated Mindset With Jamal Früster

If you were living at your highest potential what would your life look like? What would the world look like if communities strived to tap into their highest potential together? We as a species are the product of the collaborative efforts, achievements and experiences of the generations who've walked this Earth in front of us. […]


Mission Accomplished with Steve Gonzalez

Ever thought about enlisting in the army? It is a noble pursuit to serve your country, but not a lot of people consider the implications that joining the military would have on their personal lives. Steve Gonzales shares his experiences with his Iraq deployment, the career highs and lows, and how being away for months […]


Unlock Wellness With Dr. Kasey Johnson

What do you during those couple times in a year when the rates for strep throat, colds, and sinus issues are skyrocketing? Do you go to the doctor right away and get antibiotics – like so many families in America? Here’s the thing: chiropractic can take care of a lot of that, along with eating […]