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What Chiropractic School Is Right For Me? with Dr. John Stenberg

Chiropractic care is growing in popularity. More and more people are discovering this alternative form of health care to treat a number of ailments. If you’re leaning towards making this practice your profession but you’re confused about what chiropractic school you should go to or which one would be right for you, there really is […]


Food, Body, And Soul Alchemy with Celebrity Chef Jennifer Iserloh

We all love food. Eating has been most people's go-to comfort on every episode in their life, like celebrations or when they're stressed, feeling down, or even when there's just nothing to do. The pleasure it brings can be too deceiving as the unhealthy side of it creeps up to us, taking toll of our […]


Don’t Be A Pig with Devon Lévesque

People are becoming more and more fascinated about health and fitness, which is a great time for entrepreneurs who are also fitness enthusiasts to venture on. This is where former athlete Devon Lévesquefound a place for his passion and purpose to fit in. His business "Don't Be A Pig" is such a hit to health […]


The Essential Gut Awakening with Maria Aparis

With all the hustle and bustle of our daily life, we tend to overlook elements that can take toll of our health overtime until it's right there staring us in our face. Maria Aparis grew up in the entertainment industry. She was in the midst of all this splendor, going from fabulous red carpet events […]


Divine Appointments with Dr. Liz Hoefer

There are different kinds of healing, and much has been discussed and proven about healing through chiropractic treatment. Dr. Liz Hoefer can attest to the kind of healing that she experienced with upper cervical chiropractic treatment. More than that, Dr. Hoefer stumbled upon a different kind of healing brought by an unexpected circumstance in her […]


The Different Upper Cervical Techniques with Dr. Ian Bulow

More and more people get curious about the upper cervical technique and its healing wonders. Blair Upper Cervical doctor, Dr. Ian Bulow, gives further knowledge about the different upper cervical techniques which can help restore health to the entire body. He explains the goal of structural alignment and neurological integrity and how this is important […]


Intuitive Intelligence with Melissa Binkley

When it comes to what most people know about the health world, rarely are the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual aspects brought up. What we commonly know are the physical manifestations of pain as well as the medical side of things. No one teaches how trauma can also cause disease. Taking us deeper into health through […]


The Breathing And Healing Connection with Jason Amoroso

Peak performance coach Jason Amoroso talks about life coaching and how it is becoming more of a norm for people. We're all at one point in our lives, when we are lost looking for our life's passion and purpose. Jason shares that the role of a life coach is really to just help us see […]


Growing And Connecting with Tracy Hazzard

Conquering the business world does not happen overnight. The business world with all its dynamics may sound glorious to conquer but it is never an answer that a little girl would give you once asked what her dream is. Tracy Hazard shares her amazing journey of ups and downs, twists and turns, wins and losses […]


Get Your Head On Straight with Dr. Tim Hartman

Growing up as a kid, all Dr. Tim Hartman knew in his life was sports, sports, and sports. At sixteen years old, he was the quarterback of the football team. Life was looking good, until the rug was pulled from under him when he got blindsided by a linebacker while rolling out for a pass. […]


What EveryBODY Needs with Dr. Ann Barter

Your health should be your biggest priority. Chiropractic and integrative care specialist Dr. Ann Barter says taking care of your health earlier is a huge gift. She sees a lot of people coming in who’ve put their health on the back burner for many years and think that they can get it back. From thyroid […]


Brain Doctors with Tyler Evans

Contact sports and even just a slight bump in the head can leave a lot of serious neurological issues. No one is immune to this. All of us can experience brain fog, headaches, difficulty in concentrating, and even depression. Getting down to finding a solution is Dr. Tyler Evans who puts forward the upper cervical […]


Chronic Neurological Issues: How To Heal with Dr. Michael Gruttadauria

Most problems that people seek neurologists for are functional problems like dizziness, headache, migraines, and all these different issues which are just symptoms. Neurologists are brilliant diagnosticians, but the challenge for neurologists is that their hands are tied when it comes to treatment. People are looking for answers. Internationally renowned clinician Dr. Michael Gruttadauria says […]


World’s Best Cup Of Coffee with Raj Jana

Having the best cup of coffee is a morning ritual. It’s the first thing somebody does before they get their day started so that they can start their day in a way that allows them to experience joy in every other part of their life. Raj Jana is the founder and chief brewer of JavaPresse […]


Eastern Medicine And Acupuncture with Roberto Andrade

Not everybody can fit into a single way of healing. Each one of us is different and that goes with what our bodies need. Talking about another side of healing is Roberto Andrande. As a true healer and an acupuncturist, Roberto shares about Eastern medicine and his field in acupuncture. He talks about the importance […]


Upper Cervical Chiropractic: What To Expect with Dr. John Stenberg

We have all been in a place where we suddenly feel pain out of nowhere; and many of us take this for granted thinking that we just woke up with it. In reality, this is probably connected to a trauma that happened ten or even twenty years ago. This is symptomatic of structural injuries where […]


Healing From Within with Dr. Alex Wolfe

Many people take for granted the fact that we are facilitators and healers in our own way. This is what Blair Upper Cervical chiropractor, Dr. Alex Wolfe, believes as he underscores the importance of healing from within. He shares his own journey towards becoming a chiropractor at Blair up to one of his biggest learning […]


The Autoimmune Intuitive Guide with Courtney Maiorino

Healing comes in different forms for different people. What might be the conventional solution might not work for others. Courtney Maiorino has known this fact to be true and believed in the power of unlearning the normal. When she was diagnosed with moderate to severe Crohn’s, she started going the standard Western medicine route. However, […]


The Art Of Healing with Dr. John Stenberg

Dedicated to healing and believing in the body’s ability to do it, Dr. John Stenberg shares his journey towards becoming a chiropractor from being a patient himself. Starting from when he was diagnosed with Group B Strep Infection and later seeing his sister develop ulcerative colitis, he found his path closer to chiropractic amidst finding […]


SHIFT with Michael O’Brien

For Michael O’Brien, July 11th, 2001 was his last bad day. It was on that fateful day that he had a head-on bicycle collision with an SUV in middle of nowhere out in New Mexico. Michael is an executive coach, professional speaker, and author of the book Shift - Creating Better Tomorrows: Winning at Work […]